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PartyPoker Network has a weighted average rating of 4.1 out of 10 from a total of 118 reviewers

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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Title:Highest rake in the business68 out of 100 readers found this review helpful
If you want to pay really high tournament rake - 25% instead of 10% - then this is the site for you ! There is no reason at all to play here, no more reason than to go the most expensive store in town and buy your goods ...
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Saturday, January 02, 2010
Title:PartyPoker Ain't Sh**30 out of 44 readers found this review helpful
Starting hands after 34k of low stake MTTs look strange (52o dealt more frequently, AKo&AQ0 dealt less frequently). Because of attached casino expect many idiotic calls. Expect bad or non existing customer service. FT or PS are much better and around 4 times as big as party. On party you cannot find 25NL/50NL games at times or only a few tables. Larger MTTs can only be played if you are willing to wait for ages.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Monday, October 31, 2016
Title:Avoid this network0 out of 0 readers found this review helpful
I applied for the bonus of HM2 but after 2 month play they reject it. I tried to contact them but no answer and reply. I think they reject that because I won a tournament and they expect me to keep the money in their site.
Very very disappointing.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Sunday, August 09, 2015
Title:Tried to withdraw my winnings and they won't allow it. 5 out of 8 readers found this review helpful
Have been playing on this site for a couple years but never withdrawal. Just play with my winnings or add more money to it. I won just over $2000 and when I tried to withdrawal the money I entered the wrong bank swift code but everything else was done right. They said because I entered the wrong swift code there was no way to get the money back and couldn't trace it after they dragged out the response for 6months. I have spoken to 12 different people but apparently there is no manager or supervisor there. WTF.
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Rating:10 / 10
By:King of Chess
Date:Monday, August 15, 2016
Title:Perfection1 out of 3 readers found this review helpful
I came back to PartyPoker because there is a big difference - good software design, like mobile app,and the players are good enough,for cash games players is very good TonyBet poker site - sorry PokerStars, 888 Poker, iPoker...
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Rating:8 / 10
Date:Sunday, September 18, 2016
Title:good enough0 out of 0 readers found this review helpful
Good site,
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Rating:6 / 10
Date:Saturday, August 01, 2015
Title:withdrawal fees1 out of 2 readers found this review helpful
i just read about the abolishment of withdrawal fees and find it funny that it was only a $1.50 charge on a transaction. If what I have heard is true that 888 bought party all of you who complained to get rid of this charge will have even worse to contend with. As you know party offered choice of which currency you have your account in but 888 does not so if they implement these changes you will be mugged on the currency exchange. I played on 888 for 7 years and can tell you that 888 knows how to pull a fast one on its customers.

Party is a great network in terms of software look and feel. It offers currency choice. The software feels fair and not overhyped for action.
The downsides are the stability of the network and lack of freerolls both which 888 could easily solve as 888 offers best freeroll structure and very stable network connection.
I recently stopped playing on party because of connection issues but if its resolved ill go back. Ill never go back to 888 because of the currency exchange rip off its just not worth playing and winning to have a chunk of it effectively stolen.
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Rating:5 / 10
Date:Sunday, July 17, 2016
Title:Not even close0 out of 0 readers found this review helpful
Before I joined Partypoker I had played poker on a few other sites. Because Partypoker is one of the bigger sites out there, I figured it would be a good place to play poker. Sadly I was mistaken.

The starting package I received with a 10 dollar deposit seemed pretty good. 15 bucks worth of tickets and 10 dollars for cash games. While the tickets were pretty nice, the 10 dollars required a lot of playing to unlock at specific tables. The system they use for this isnt at all beneficial to players. While the tickets were a welcome addition, I accidently used several of them, due to the way the client works. I tried to open the lobbies of a few of the sit-n-gos that I had tickets for, but apparently a single(!) click on these sit-n-gos led to an instant sign up. So be careful when you're new to the client.

As far as the rest of the client goes, it's alright. I'm not a huge fan of the looks the client offer, but I've talked to others that seemed to appreciate it. The hand history tool is quite poor though. Something else I thought was worth noting is the fact that hands arent turned over when players go all-in.

After playing on Partypoker for over a month, I have come to the conclusion that there's really no point in playing there. The software works, but not as well as other sites. The playerbase is large enough, but not nearly as large as Pokerstars. And the bonusses it offers are not that great. It's not that there is a lot wrong with Partypoker, it's just that it's worse overall than the other big sites.
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Rating:5 / 10
Date:Thursday, September 05, 2013
Title:Fock PartyPoker4 out of 7 readers found this review helpful
I'm not that impressed with the new software. The new table images in my opinion suck.
I like the old grey and black table image way more then the new ones. And whats the point in having achievement anyway? I'm not playing Grand Theft Auto five, this is not a video game this is poker. The only achievement I care about is building my bankroll and winning money. Unless I get paid for reaching achievements I really don't give a fock. I think PartyPoker has lost touch with their client base along time ago and it keeps on getting worse and worse. Terrible rake, withdraw fees. I just don't know what to think anymore.
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Rating:1 / 10
By:that guy
Date:Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Title:good luck getting paid2 out of 4 readers found this review helpful
I've never had an online account (of any type) which made it so incredibly difficult to get your money back out.
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