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PokerStars has a weighted average rating of 2.2 out of 10 from a total of 865 reviewers

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Rating:2 / 10
By:Beach Player
Date:Saturday, June 21, 2014
Title:Warning : Pokerstars Will Cause Cancer42 out of 47 readers found this review helpful
im writing this review about my personal experiences on pokerstars and those of a 5-10 and 10-20 no limit casino poker player. i am 50 years old. financially successful as a real etsate broker. i have played cards my entire life. sure ive had some statistical bad beats and tough streaks periodically in live games and learned by age 30 when to get up and leave. quickly and without hesitation. cut my losses. play another day. but nothing like what i experienced on jokerstars. as other reviewers/online players have stated. i have not given them a penny since june 20 2008. between late 2007 and the date mentioned i won 25k early on but lost 100k afterwards in 7 months. what happened ? i became hooked due to early success that could not be repeated. and of course utterly ridiculous all ins and rivers that fkkd me quite regularly. its been awhile but nothing has changed at jokerstars. on the other hand, my live casino play is by the numbers with a very good margin of winning. sure ive played with many pros, so called pros, hustlers, every walk of life businessmen, and one trick ponies. i've been part of and witnessed many big cash game hands, 500-10k pots where probability is KING. and always will be in the live game play. so take my advice, stay away from online play. it is a cancer that can't be beat.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Title:11123 out of 27 readers found this review helpful
People listen to me: don't you ever fell sorry or try to learn something with someone that when they see you broke they start to joke with you. this type of people that laughs with the others misery should be hanged and bleed to the death. This is the type of people that takes your money daily in online poker tables and you think your getting unlucky... Online poker is a true robbery, they fill entire tables with moderators to clean your money and make you angry its just if they want or not clean you at that time. I have my experience and i wouldn't be here wasting my time just to tell you this... Don't fell sorry for people that jokes with your misery... make them suffer the triple that you are suffering. That's what they normally do when they fell you are putting them against the wall.

The world is getting dumb and sicker every day because dumb people are feeding the tie pigs every day. in the day that the tie pigs don't have dumb arses to feed them i want to see then................... Really friends get another place and thing to waste your time and money. Online poker wont take you further in life believe me... you won a tourney you think ur a pro already? thinking of quitting your job just because some good results??? careful your life could b already in the down spiral... don't you even think to give time of your life to sites and people like this pig down my comment.

I waste my time because i passed so much time addicted to online poker and i free myself... now i want to help everyone of you to realize that online poker is crime disguised... stay cool brothers.
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Rating:10 / 10
Date:Friday, March 07, 2014
Title:pokerstars is rigged... dont put money in28 out of 33 readers found this review helpful
pokerstars is rigged... dont put money in, U can allwqays go all in, it doesent matter, if they gonna let U they give to you, if not, U R f*****. they give it to you a little to hooked U up and dhen drain u the last dollar U have... My advice is to stay avay from them, they ar cheaters who look for them selfs, F*** them, go find a live table and see the differrence, I experiance that... incredibile change, and actually make monney... POKERSTARS SUCK, DONT PLAY THAT FUC*** RIGGED GAME CHEATERS AND LIARS... Sorry for my bad english and missspelling, i+m too frustrated for thinking about that... POKERSTARS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Rating:1 / 10
By:cabo rob
Date:Sunday, December 22, 2013
Title:Is this really a poker site?39 out of 44 readers found this review helpful
Complete joke. Quads over quads, full house over full house, set over set. The statistical probability of these hands is just too high to be believed. I was just felted 3times in 44 minutes with quads over full houses. 3 TIMES! Statistically improbable. The bad beats just keep on coming. $130 bucks I lose. This sh-- has happened over and over and over. I have been playing poker for over 30 years, have won 2 good sized live tournaments and play regularly, and do OK at the local casino, and I have never lost as often or as badly as at this site. DONE, DONE, DONE.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Monday, December 16, 2013
Title:NOT randomly generated84 out of 95 readers found this review helpful
I have played poker for the better part of 6 years, and have been profitable every year. I have made over $40k on stars and around $30k on tilt.

I'm saying this not for an embaressing brag but to highlight that I am a winning player and I'm taking this time to right on here for a good reason.

I wouldnt be stupid enough to give my username

Pokerstars is in no way random. I have seen things that I didnt genuinly believe were possible this year, I have won 37% of races over a 7000 game sample, I have been coolered to the other players favour I would say 8/10 days that I log on and play. I have had situations where I have played a 10 hour session and I have had the guy flop top pair against me flopping 2nd pair I would say maybe 20/21 times in a row. For every time I obv call at least one barrel.

Then the one time that you get top pair over second pair, it goes in on the flop only for you to obviously lose.

At times I have genuinly felt helpless, like i can't not play because the players are as bad as ever, but I dont want to play because I dont feel like I am getting a fair deck.

There are too many moments when you just 'know' its coming. You get it in on the turn and they have 2 outs and I'm sitting there intently waiting for him to bink the river, its not normal to get so nervous when they have 2 outs going into the river.

Honestly one day this will all come to light, about how stars rig flops to create action to induce rake and to keep players on the site. I just cant believe its come to me even typing here, I'm starting a job after the new year and as far as I'm concerned my time will be spent on more enjoyable ventures.

As for the pokerstars reps that come on here and try and disregard these posts, just bear in mind I have made over $40k from just stars, I am not an average recreational player, I have seen it all, but I will tell anyone that stars is rigged because it is, in no way ever should players be given an unfair disadvantage. This isnt fair, and the sooner more and more people realise this the better.

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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Friday, February 07, 2014
Title:Great site, if you love to play slot machines16 out of 19 readers found this review helpful
After years of active playing online, I don't have words, to describe Pokerstars, you don't have 0 rate on the scale, it's not even zero, zero is not negative after all. One and only rule, BEST HAND IN KEY MOMENTS, NEVER EVER WIN ON THIS SITE. Simple advice, play for fun, play from hobby, that's only way. Today on turbo SnGs, I saw 8 quads in last 2 hours of play. My last 300 all in perflop, with somebody involved. I lost 113 out of 179 hands all in perflop with statistical chances on my side, I won 77 of 121 hands with better statistical chances on opponent side, so conclusion is, junk cards made me money, not good cards. Somebody says "that's only variation" ??? Maybe it is, it's same variation as winning lotto, so I'm probably very lucky guy to saw that at all, and thousands of other with similar reviews about PS, we are actually that small percent of lotto winners :). I personally know and play live cash and tournaments with some popular European players, some of them even won EPT tourneys, they have millions in cash prizes on live poker. They play just for fun on stars, or because they are paid to play there. Many of them know truth about this rigged site, but nobody won't speak publicly about it, it's very dangerous and big money is in the pot, and PS is good employer too. They are paying very good monthly salaries, free airlines ticket, hotels, clothes, varieties of expensive things. Organizers of big live tournaments are receiving large amounts for marketing, media and internet company too, forums, many individuals form world of poker and many others, PS spending millions to have good reputation, but actually, it's one big lie.
I wish you luck on live tables, and don't give lot of money to these thieves. Play just for fun.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Monday, June 23, 2014
Title:Ecosystem maintaining9 out of 10 readers found this review helpful
With the issue of maintaining the software ecosystem is manipulated. At the time you do all the time cashout are badbeats. To come to a point that is too obvious
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Monday, March 24, 2014
Title:POKERSTARS=CRIME47 out of 56 readers found this review helpful











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Rating:1 / 10
By:pissed the f--- off
Date:Sunday, December 22, 2013
Title:enough is enough44 out of 51 readers found this review helpful
After reading so many reviews I'm feeling a bit better that so many others agree. I mean if it was just stupid play or a few bad beats that pissed people off that would be different but a lot of people posting here seem to be regular decent players.

I cannot f---ing believe the run I've been having on pokerstars. Every time it's all in pre-flop in tourneys (1 table SnG and 180 player turbos) I'm losing 95% of the time. You get these f---ing idiots shoving from first position with K7 os and you're in the BB with A9 suited thinking...hmm this is a lil loose but it's only costing half my stack and so call and are happy to see the piece of sh-- he's got and then bang his king hits...this has happened 9/10 times. I'm either calling or shoving ahead pre-flop and getting f---ing owned. I can understand if it's 1 in 3 or a lil less than 1 in 2 but it's so f---ing often it just sucks. I've been chasing my losses like a dickhead for weeks and am in for about 3000 in pokerstars now.

But if you pay attention to others it's so similar, guy raises early with A4, guy shoves him with 99, hits A. Anytime there's a flush or straight draw against me I feel so uptight coz I just know it's going to hit 90% of the's supposed to come 1 in f---ing 4! A straight is supposed to come even less. I lost a tourney recently with a nice first prize (10K) in 80th position with a double the average stack. I raised from middle pos with QK spd. BB calls K6C flop is K 2 4 (1 club) I raise half the pot and he calls. Next card is a 3 of clubs, I put him all in and of course he calls and gets his 10clubs on the river. I'm ahead, pre, betting hard the whole way, get him all in with a draw and he's f---ing brutal the way it happens.

Just lost a SnG when I guy min raised my blind and had a gutshot on the flop against my top pair, of course he turns the straight. In live poker you don't see as many hands and people will rarely play so stupidly but the number of terrible beats you see on pokerstars has actually changed my view of poker. I seriously doubt it's a game of odds and percentages. It's a game of stupid f---ing luck for at least 75% of it. I found one way to take this element out of it. Play different to the rules.

I did the following a few days ago...for 1 hour I raised every single hand in a cash game 10c 25c. and re-raised all suited connectors, pairs and k10 and above. I c bet 75% of my flops and if got strong resistance backed off. I basically stopped playing my cards at all and started playing on the principle most of the time no one has anything. I won so many pots it was ridiculous, I would re-raise guys with 2 8 and the flop comes 44 6 and I c bet and they fold their AJ AQ etc. Or the guy calling from early pos with a small pair gets raised, calls and when high cards come he folds.

You can win on pokerstars but you have to take the cards out of it as much as possible because if you play sensible poker you will lose.
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Rating:10 / 10
Date:Wednesday, February 19, 2014
Title:poker* sucks 32 out of 39 readers found this review helpful
These bastards know greed will prevail no matter how much they rigg the thing up.

I am playing for 2 months and I laugh...I can only imagine how experieced players feel.

My observations:

- I was second best the first time I played the MTT and I think it was like second day I registered. I even didn't learn the rules properly. Seriously. I was getting such premium hands and winning all-ins and had great time and what is worse I was tired after playing so long I didn't even bother to fight for first place (forgot but more then 1.000 players were there). I am now playing 5-10 hours each day...reading books..developing some strategies...improving in every way. Nothing. Can hardly enter the bubble anywhere. And I am like 100x the player I was. I CANNOT get the SAME cards even for 5 minutes I was getting for hours on that first MTT. Cmoooon maaaan...who are they fooling around?

-they use bots to cause this abnormal behaviour ->each tournament from the very first start all-in..all-in...with poor or average cards and no strategy or sense at all...they caused this panic aggressive senseless syndrom to spread on other players it is not cool to play .

- I was watching some supernova guys loosing 2-3.000 $ in 1 day in 10 hour game span. Don't f---ing tell me they cant play and get to the bubble with not even 1 game out of 10 they played that day. And then some rookie with 300$ profit per year wins the biggest tournament. Yea right.

- as total novice I already know this: All-in in preflop->FORGET ABOUT IT. I need to see the flop and if it is not three of a kind then I am dead no matter the AA or whatever I have. This way I try to avoid this rigged bullsh-- and it is working well. But to get there is riggidly hard.

-I was surprised at insults between players but the trend is getting worse cause the system is a joke and you cant have any strategy or rhythm in your play. They want the craze to dominate. I assume there will soon be more bots than real players so they will produce fictional champs and getting all the money before somebody close them down.

- a compatrion supernova wrote last year in his blog that he has no desire to play anymore...his loosing streaks were 2-3 months long and sometimes 50K deep. This is a guy who earned more then a 1M $ in 3-4 years...cmon...what the f--- are we gonna say that he cant play anymore? No..they destroy you cause they don't need that. They need nobodies to win and spend all that soonest.

- I will not even start with combos that could happen once in a month in real life that happen each day here. That tells all.

- AS ALLWAYS IN LIFE..check who the top guy is. I don't mean his religion or whatever. I should be smarter and I will only occasionaly invest ONLY couple of $ to have some fun without any expectations...cause the top guy at PS has other plans.

good luck and be smarter
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