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PokerStars has a weighted average rating of 2.1 out of 10 from a total of 900 reviewers

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Rating:2 / 10
Date:Thursday, September 25, 2014
Title:Cashout and Support Issues6 out of 6 readers found this review helpful
The support sucks so bad that they don't care to reply to even 10 mails. They will just that you are in the Q and will be dealt in the order. They took more than a month and half to find out where the funds were after I have initiated a cashout and they don't even care to provide a reason as to why that happened. Sent a few emails after that but as usual there is no response.
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Rating:2 / 10
By:Beach Player
Date:Saturday, June 21, 2014
Title:Warning : Pokerstars Will Cause Cancer21 out of 23 readers found this review helpful
im writing this review about my personal experiences on pokerstars and those of a 5-10 and 10-20 no limit casino poker player. i am 50 years old. financially successful as a real etsate broker. i have played cards my entire life. sure ive had some statistical bad beats and tough streaks periodically in live games and learned by age 30 when to get up and leave. quickly and without hesitation. cut my losses. play another day. but nothing like what i experienced on jokerstars. as other reviewers/online players have stated. i have not given them a penny since june 20 2008. between late 2007 and the date mentioned i won 25k early on but lost 100k afterwards in 7 months. what happened ? i became hooked due to early success that could not be repeated. and of course utterly ridiculous all ins and rivers that fkkd me quite regularly. its been awhile but nothing has changed at jokerstars. on the other hand, my live casino play is by the numbers with a very good margin of winning. sure ive played with many pros, so called pros, hustlers, every walk of life businessmen, and one trick ponies. i've been part of and witnessed many big cash game hands, 500-10k pots where probability is KING. and always will be in the live game play. so take my advice, stay away from online play. it is a cancer that can't be beat.
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Rating:1 / 10
By:cabo rob
Date:Sunday, December 22, 2013
Title:Is this really a poker site?35 out of 37 readers found this review helpful
Complete joke. Quads over quads, full house over full house, set over set. The statistical probability of these hands is just too high to be believed. I was just felted 3times in 44 minutes with quads over full houses. 3 TIMES! Statistically improbable. The bad beats just keep on coming. $130 bucks I lose. This sh-- has happened over and over and over. I have been playing poker for over 30 years, have won 2 good sized live tournaments and play regularly, and do OK at the local casino, and I have never lost as often or as badly as at this site. DONE, DONE, DONE.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Title:11119 out of 21 readers found this review helpful
People listen to me: don't you ever fell sorry or try to learn something with someone that when they see you broke they start to joke with you. this type of people that laughs with the others misery should be hanged and bleed to the death. This is the type of people that takes your money daily in online poker tables and you think your getting unlucky... Online poker is a true robbery, they fill entire tables with moderators to clean your money and make you angry its just if they want or not clean you at that time. I have my experience and i wouldn't be here wasting my time just to tell you this... Don't fell sorry for people that jokes with your misery... make them suffer the triple that you are suffering. That's what they normally do when they fell you are putting them against the wall.

The world is getting dumb and sicker every day because dumb people are feeding the tie pigs every day. in the day that the tie pigs don't have dumb arses to feed them i want to see then................... Really friends get another place and thing to waste your time and money. Online poker wont take you further in life believe me... you won a tourney you think ur a pro already? thinking of quitting your job just because some good results??? careful your life could b already in the down spiral... don't you even think to give time of your life to sites and people like this pig down my comment.

I waste my time because i passed so much time addicted to online poker and i free myself... now i want to help everyone of you to realize that online poker is crime disguised... stay cool brothers.
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Rating:No rating
Date:Sunday, April 20, 2014
Title:Is it really rigged?55 out of 61 readers found this review helpful
I have some questions:

1. Why is it that whenever i start playing on a new site, i hit nearly all flops in a big way, make most of my draws, and my big hands always hold up?

2. Why is it that when i've played a new site for a few days, i start getting a larger than normal sample of bad beats and coolers, until my bank roll has all gone?

3. Why is it that i get my money in with the best hand the vast majority of the time, yet always end up broke?

4. Why is it that i nearly always get sucked out on when i'm way ahead, yet i never win when i'm behind?

5. Why is it that there are so many eastern Europeans on sites such as PokerStars and 888, who speak perfect english?

6. Why is it that whenever you mention that these eastern europeans are defying mathematical probability by calling with nothing and hitting one or two outers with alarming regularity, that they always leave the table almost immediately?

7. Why is it that whenever you either withdraw money or complain to the site, the bad beats increase?

8. Why is it that whenever i leave a table on some sites, all of the other players leave too?

9. Why is it that i run all over these so called winning online players in live play, yet cannot sustain any sort of success in online play?

10. Why is it that certain well known pro's stink at online poker, yet as soon as they sign with that site they become unbeatable?

Just a few things to think about there..........

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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Title:Riddle me this.61 out of 68 readers found this review helpful
Why do unknown Russians constantly place in the biggest tournements on Pokerstars?

Why do accounts that play like once or twice a year always ship or go deep in tournements at buy ins and sunday majors?

Why are there perfect one outs on Pokerstars?

How come the Russians appeared from no where in mass numbers when the USA were denied online poker play to take up this major loss of rake and player pool?

Why are there shills on the biggest Pokersites 24/7 defending Pokerstars if there is nothing to hide?

There are house players who know the pre-determined algorithm of the board the amount of players who risk everything on nothing and i mean only two perfect runners ships the pot they hit perfect cards over and over at power ball odds this is beyond chance and luck.

Why do you have to wait two days to cash out on Pokerstars? On some euro networks you deposit on line and can cash out 1 minute even at a customer facing shop if you desire.

Why do players ignore graphs on message boards showing players 100s of buy ins under expected value on Pokerstras this in itself proves its rigged.

Why are there constant big pair distributions pre-flop AAvsKKvsQQvsAK nothing to do with rake i suppose on Pokerstars?

Why are you told this does not make Pokerstars more money when the simple fact is action hands create rake and the more players to the flop the more rake is paid these pots do not even have to be "BIG" pots.

Why are there never any overlays on Pokerstars this applies to .Fr .It .Sp .Eu on every other network there are overlays. This can only be Pokerstars houses players bulking the player pool and thinning the prize money. Another point is some of the overlays on other networks are a lot "softer" than Pokerstars so why do all these players chose to play the biggest and hardest tournement fields for less money and more variance?

Why are you beat so often on the river? Nothing to do with the rake action algorithms or do they just love to stamp on your balls?

Why do i need to play a trillion hands on Pokerstars for my pocket Aces to hold 82%,
The law of big numbers do not apply at Pokerstars this is why so many players never run above expected value in hundreds of thousands of hands.

The safest way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket not on corrupt fraudelent Poker networks.

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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Monday, March 31, 2014
Title:I'm done17 out of 19 readers found this review helpful
I've played on every poker network on the internet and i can tell everyone, as a fact, that the cards do not run true on any site. It's got to the point where poker makes me feel bad because it is just so wrong.

It's a scam and and it's not even a well concealed scam. In fact, it's so bloody obvious that i'm not prepared to be gullible any more. Bad beats run so thick and fast that i'm tilting every 2 minutes and i have to turn it off. I've now removed all poker sites from my laptop and i will not be re-installing them.

Today, it's been constant bad beats every fcuking time i get my money in the middle. AA in the cut off, i raise 4xbb and get called by sb and bb. Flop comes 2,7,T rainbow. I figure that i'm still ahead so i overbet the pot. SB raises and bb calls. I shove and they both call. We all turn over and they are both holding 66. Gravy. You'll never get a better spot. Turn is an 8 and river is a 9, giving them both straights.

A little later, on the button with KQ. Early raise and i call. Flop comes T,J,A, rainbow, giving me broadway. I'm putting him on a big ace and hoping that he's flopped 2 pair, as i feel i can get all of his money in the middle. He bets half the pot and i smooth call. I'm now convinced he has AJ or AT. Turn is a blank and he bets 3/4 of the pot. He's now pot committed so i raise. He shoves and i call. He turns over AJ for 2 pair. River comes a Jack, giving him a full house.

These sort of hands happen so often to me online that it's completely sick. I play a lot of live poker but i'll have more bad beats in an hour online than i'll have in a year playing live. Quite frankly, it's making me hate the game and i'm becoming very nervous in my live game.

I've therefore decided that i'm not putting up with it any more. I will never play online again until it's properly regulated and i am 99% confident that the game is honest.

I will shortly be opening a poker forum. I want everyone who is as sick as i am about this crap to join. If we can get a few thousand members, then we have power, and i intend to use that power to negotiate with poker sites to offer a fair game. A few thousand members can generate a lot of rake for a poker site, rake that they won't get if they continue to offer this rigged bullsh--.

If anyone is interested, then please contact me at
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Monday, March 24, 2014
Title:POKERSTARS=CRIME41 out of 46 readers found this review helpful











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Rating:No rating
By:Joke to End 2013
Date:Thursday, December 12, 2013
Title:Rafa Nadal23 out of 25 readers found this review helpful
Can someone please tell me what does Rafa Nadal , a professional tennis player all his life got to do with pokerstars and why we must see his face on the advertising? It does not make any sense!Might as well have a porn star with her Cu-nt out and showing 6 9 off in her hands, just saying..

Maybe Im wrong, but the way I understand tennis all these years, Nadal was always 2nd best to Novak blablabla whatever his surname is, perhaps its just brilliant irony at pokerstars to see Rafa Nadal holding AA to let you know that your AA at Pokerstars is always 2nd best, Ty pokerstars, i feel much better now!
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Rating:1 / 10
By:Truth Teller
Date:Monday, March 24, 2014
Title:JOKERSTARS22 out of 25 readers found this review helpful
Ok, I'll make this real simple. I've been playing Poker for 10 years, and I've played OFTEN in those 10 years. What I've seen happen in an hour or two at Jokerstars is unbelievable. Things I won't see over the course of MONTHS... NOW, before anyone jumps on me about "variance" or thinks that was just an unlucky session, I'd like to let you know this is a consistent occurrance for years! I'm stubborn and foolish because I have that fantasy that sitting in the comfort of your own home playing Poker so conveniently is something I'd really like to do. So I've continuously bought in on there over the past 6 years now, and I've continuously lost with some of the worst sh-- beats you can even imagine. I'm the firt one to understand that bad beats DO happen. And I've taken my fair share throughout the years. I've written into Pokerstars so many times about the sh-- that's happening. At first I was convinced they cared because of the e-mails I would get back from their support. The e-mails were long and detailed, and always had a prompt return. Then I began to notice they were the same sh-- over and over again. They actually have generic e-mails they just send out depending on what the topic is. So I began e-mails telling them the RNG is terrible or that I believed there were action inducing algorithms in the RNG, THEN I would talk about how the person reading the e-mail has a donkey for a mother and is a c---sucker etc. etc. etc.... and once again I'd get a generic e-mail detailing the RNG lol. My point is clearly they have non-stop complaining about their bullsh-- rigged software that they've gone and created generic messages lol. OK, NEXT... I want to say, although I'm not the champion of the world when it comes to Poker... I do win enough to know how often I lose on Jokerstars. Jokerstars might let you get a winning session in here or there, but then you'll get stacked 15 times in a row on the most unreal odds of hands I've ever seen. Strange part is when you bet a hand HEAVY when you're ahead or even push all in... you'll get called with some real suspect bullsh--. I remember raising with AA another guy reraised with KK and someone called with 73 offsuit for their whole stack preflop and it came down two pair on the flop with 73 and me and the other dude got stacked. That's just one example. But it turns out this "person" was from Russia. I noticed the one's who make those kinds of calls are always East Europeans. And NONE of them talk. I'm convinced it's bots on behalf of Jokerstars just taking your money. There's also the guys who bet into you with nothing on the flop and you call with a winning hand, then the turn they get rewarded. It's all about building pots. I'm 100% sure something is up there. Anything is possible with computers, and there's NO END to one's greed. ESPECIALLY when the last name of the owners is Scheinberg.
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