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PokerStars has a weighted average rating of 3.2 out of 10 from a total of 332 reviewers

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Rating:8 / 10
Date:Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Title:The world's largest poker site.221 out of 323 readers found this review helpful
Poker Stars has emerged in the post-UIGEA playing environment as the largest, most popular poker site. Stars works as hard as any site to maintain their reputation as being a safe, fair, customer friendly place to play. The software is fast and stable. Player funds are safe and secure. Customer service is polite and responsive. Stars goes out of its way to listen to customers and make changes for the better.

The good: Beyond the high level of service and the safety of player funds, game selection is a major advantage of playing at Stars. For a hold 'em player there may be a dozen or more games available at the level one wishes to play. A tournament player has a vast array of offerings from which to choose ranging from very high stakes to micro limits or freerolls. Stars offers an array of games unmatched by other sites. Among the games offered 2-7 Triple Draw, 5 Card Draw, HOSE, HORSE, Razz and 7 Stud Hi/Lo.

Tournament players who want to challenge themselves in the biggest, richest online events are going to find the Stars is the place to play. Stars also offers a wide variety of satellites to major live tournaments both in the United States and abroad.

Stars is very mindful about battling artificial intelligence programs (bots), collusion and multi-accounters. Stars seems to care as much or more than any site about the integrity of their games. Poker Stars has been free of major scandal, something that is increasingly rare for online poker sites.

The bad: Stars is one of the more expensive places to play for the recreational player. Stars marketing touts the generosity of their VIP Club, but for most players Stars is actually much less generous than most other competing sites which offer a player rakeback. For even a Gold and Platinum level player the level of generosity is generally lower than that which can be had at other sites. Only when a player reaches the highest levels, levels attained by player hundreds of thousands or millions or hands annually does the Stars VIP program make sense. Another downside to Stars is the large population of multitabling, software aided, high volume players. In even the lowest stakes a significant portion of the opponents in a game are players with 12+ tables open who tend to make the games quite tight.

The ugly: None. Stars works very hard to make sure they maintain their status as the world's largest site.

Stars is perfect for:

Players who want to play many different non-hold 'em games.

Players who don't want to wait to find a game.

Players who want to play high dollar amount tournaments.

Players to whom safety, security and customer service is important.

Players who want to take every opportunity to satellie their way into a major live event, like the WSOP.

Players who intend to play very high volumes to take full benefit of the highest tiers of the Stars VIP program.

If you are a mid-volume player who badly wants to make money at cash games but will most likely never play hundreds of thousands of hands annually, you'll be better off at another site. Stars is outstanding in many ways. It is a shame that the level of rake is such that it can't always be the top choice for serious players.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Monday, April 11, 2016
Title:Rip off2 out of 4 readers found this review helpful
Rip off and scam. Do not buy play chips. They take and take and take.
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Rating:2 / 10
Date:Monday, April 04, 2016
Title:Looks good but no!!2 out of 4 readers found this review helpful
I have tried out a lot of rooms.

Party Poker and Absolute Poker is my 2 first rooms, playing with some no-deposit free money. It was fun. Until I moved on to Fulltilt, I felt a bit strange because good hands and crazy hands happen often, I thought it was just variance. And then when I tried out ipoker and 888, the I saw a lot of bad beats too, more often than at Party Poker. By then, I started to think its the norm.

And then 2 years ago, I joined Pokerstars for its huge player base and great promotions. So let me give you a few remarks:
(+) Stable software with a clean, pro (albeit dull) look
(+) A lot of settings so we can adjust everything to our liking
(+) Good, reliable mobile software
(+) Fast cashouts

So why I give Pokerstars a 2??
(-) Action flop, runner up turn and river to push up action
(-) A lot of donks (or bots) calling with anything and they often get a miracle out at the river
(-) AA vs 55 all in and AA probably only wins 60-65% of the times...
(-) SnG table have ante right at the start, to (again) push up the action
(-) PS is a private company, they do whatever they like
(-) Their managers and employees all look like thieves and villains

So after wasting several hundred dollars on Pokerstars, I decided to quit and went back to Party Poker. Man I was shocked, much less bad beats, less suck outs, less psychic Russians.. It felt like real poker again.

So stop playing at Pokerstars. I regret wasting my money there. Pokerstars is as big a scam as Communism. Do you guys think you get away with all the free $$ from Pokerstars' promotions?? NO WAY! THEY WILL STEAL ALL BACK FROM YOU.

PLAY AT PARTY POKER! It is a genuine poker rooms. I feel really sad about Party Poker not having more player than it deserves, just because it does not have action flops and ridiculous promotions!

Be smart!
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Friday, December 30, 2016
Title:killing the dream0 out of 0 readers found this review helpful
as doug polk said

if you as a player cannot start something minor and turn it into something of a high stakes nature the dream will die, and if the dream dies so does online poker.

this is the result of higher rake, wanky rewards, taking away supernova elite, and so it goes on, this is stock market idiots for u. total sabotage of the game
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Rating:2 / 10
By:João Carpinteiro
Date:Monday, December 05, 2016
Title:AMAZING LOW QUALITY OF REALITY0 out of 0 readers found this review helpful
Este site é uma bosta nao tem trafego, mente no numero de jogadores e ainda se dão ao desplante de usar contas falsas para limpar o pessoal nas mesas. Jogadores sem localizaçao, calls estranhissimos como se conseguisem ver as maos de todos. Só um agarrado ao jogo em negaçao consigo proprio consegue jogar este estranho poker. COITADOS DOS TRISTES QUE DEPOSITAM NESTE SITE, TENHO PENA DE VOCES
Gostas de poker? Vai ao casino.

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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Friday, December 11, 2015
Title:Margin Call1 out of 2 readers found this review helpful
Yip, margin call everyone . Things are really going downhill at Pokerstars. Cannot quite understand how these big companies work really but its not going well at all with the new 2016 changes. Every poker player on the planet knows a recreational player is 90% of the time going to join 888 or Unibet because thats what they specialise in period. Playtech or iPoker the second biggest network in online poker is now offering weekly cashback, not every single skin but some of them and Winner poker probably has one of thee best vip programs according to VIP Status. As well to mention iPoker skins are marketed in so many sports boards which you see live on television. Back to pokerstars, they are trying to attract recreational players now and use signings of sports stars which actually represent zero in online poker, not one bit and launching massive freeroles. When I started online poker years ago I felt like someone who could stand a chance to start something from small fields, why the hell would someone want to play freeroles with 20000+ people, it makes zero sense. Freeroles should be under 4 hours max but pokerstars knowing the way they do things would make it this sensational race, really i dont see the fun in all of this.

Pokerstars forgets that networks like iPoker are recreational and sports book / casino specialists where the main holders of traffic recreational players are likely to join. 888 as well without a doubt because they have funky graphics which in my opinion going years back I would definetely join 888 if I was new to poker, recreational players do not know what rakeback is and all the in depth stuff so why does this make such a huge difference to pokerstars by removing supernova VIP RB etc, People have been saying for years now pokerstars is going to slip up at some point with bad decisions and I would confidently say Amaya is taking pokerstars to the ground, it actually gives people like Isai Scheinberg more credit for when he was still running the site sore to say.

Pokerstars new changes you should really take note if you a low limit depositing player or any limit really is you cannot withdrawal 1-2 Im sure its 2 days / 48 hours after a recent deposit, this is Amaya people not Isai Scheinberg, that alone saw my closure from this place 6 months ago. You cannot find another site on the net that does this. Except WPN network, caution note : WPN after you deposit whatever amount only allow you to withdrawal after you have raked 10% of the total deposit which I could not find in the terms and conditions and left that hole network as well, avoid that place as well.

Given that 888 cannot offer a weekly RB system because of their traffic and could dump their business, iPoker is in my opinion probably head strong at the moment in online poker and Is probably the few networks that dont need Ronaldo and neymar signings to bloom traffic because for some good reason iPoker generally sells themself. Choose your sites carefully from now!
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Rating:1 / 10
By:peed aff
Date:Tuesday, October 07, 2014
Title:SHAM7 out of 11 readers found this review helpful
Never even got to play! They held my money for 3 months while they `investigated` me. I only got my money back because I was constantly on the phone to the `investigators`. No explanation has been given even though I asked. This is a common thing with pokerstars so watch out folks!!!!!
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Rating:No rating
Date:Thursday, November 29, 2012
Title:con not see2 out of 3 readers found this review helpful
i can not access past poker stars review no 21, yahoo does not know
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Rating:No rating
Date:Saturday, September 13, 2014
Title:Not Surprised5 out of 8 readers found this review helpful
PokerStars is due to come to NJ next month, but with these reviews it seems just as bad as all the others. Are these sites regulated at all? I really have to wonder why no one is looking into this.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Sunday, January 10, 2016
Title:Because I dared question Pokerstars they withheld my $450 in winnings 01/163 out of 7 readers found this review helpful
I have to first start by saying that back in 2005 I won $5000 on an $11 re-buy on PokerStars.
I withdrew $4400 and left $600 on there to make an attempt at making it rich. I had been playing very frequently in live games with friends, the odd tourney and even a weekly free 80-100 person tourney that was held every Wed at a small pub in the Annex in Toronto. Daniel Nagraneau even hosted the event on a couple occasions. I was feeling very good about my abilities as a poker player. I also simply loved the game. I would play everyday if I could.

Two things happened that are worth mention after I won and withdrew this money from PokerStars. One was that I never came close to winning another $1 on PS no matter how I tried; The bad beats were incredible...going into the river with A high flush and losing to a rivered full house etc etc. It was constant. I finally sent an email to Pokerstars support to which they replied that their cards are examined by whatever body and that their algorithims are checked often blah blah.
The second thing i did was move out to Calgary from Ontario that same year. I began playing on party poker and Full Tilt as i wasnt too sure about PS anymore but I inevitably went back to PS because no-one else's software could compare. So i started up under a different screen name and account.
An aquaintance of mine transferred me $10 one day to repay a poker debt from a home game. His screen name was keenbrad on Pokerstars.

Well as it turns out keenbrad had somehow managed to scam 20 or 30 bucks out of Pokerstars through some sort of debit transaction. I never seen the guy after that period but Pokerstars managed to trace my new account back to keenbrad a year or so later and froze my account until i provided them with proof that i was not him...they forced me to send them a copy of my licence which i finally did after a few months of not playing on their site.
The problem was I really wanted to play poker whenever i wanted and so i finally caved and send them proof of ID. Account was eventually freed and I played off and on for years.

Fast forward to today where i had began to play a bit more frequently again and again under a new screen name. I again sent a email to Pokerstars expressing displeasure with the constant loses when going into the turn and river with the higher hands. Again a massive explanation as to why their cards are fair and it takes thousands of hands..blah blah blah

Guess what? Suddenly my account was frozen again due to my association with keenbrad!! I have an entire email chain to share if anyone can help me spread this around as POkerstars is as corrupt as I thought and then some. I have $450 American in my account and they simply tell me to tell keenbrad to resolve his issue with this is somehow my fault that the lost 20 bucks 7 years ago..what a JOKE. I am sure they are just fking with me and have no intention of giving me my money..Is this legal for them to do?? - ungerwear

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