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888poker has a weighted average rating of 1.6 out of 10 from a total of 554 reviewers

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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Sunday, October 05, 2014
Title:Crime On Line !7 out of 7 readers found this review helpful

This site is a money recycle bin, Big Funnel for the Rake.!!!
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Rating:2 / 10
By:Honey Tea
Date:Saturday, May 24, 2014
Title:Skrill moneybookers 67 out of 72 readers found this review helpful

My complaint is simple, and its 2/10 at best because you do get your money. I play a lot on Pokerstars and Fulltilt . When I request my withdrawals at Pokerstars or Fulltilt , I usually get my money within 20 seconds along with emails and confirmations of payment. At 888 Poker I wait days, firstly a request goes through , then it must be checked and cleared which takes almost 2-3 days in order for it to be processing which in this period theres always this option over 2-3 days to reverse withdrawal. If me the customer would like to withdrawal, why in the heck would I want to reverse withdrawal my funds? Besides, then while its in process theres still an added waiting period . Hows This, if its a weekend it usually takes longer. With Skrill being the leading deposit and withdrawal method for online poker , and to get a snail slow service of wthdrawal delivery from 888 poker is really poor. Quite frankly its pathetic and its shocking service. And my point is that 888 given that while you always have to check on the status of your withdrawal with the constant option of reverse withdrawing makes this a taking the piss with customers to lure them into playing on, and the worst part about it is that if you do decide to reverse withdrawal. I have to rewait the full period of 2-3 days etc etc etc. Thats just bullocks mate. And to make things even worst by far is the fact the exchange rate jumps up and down on a daily basis, so by the time you get your money I am always getting a lower exchange rate payout after monitoring everyday since I process my withdrawal which draws my conclusion that 888 poker cashier and withdrawals department is doing this deliberately and intentionally to score extra bucks which is not fair , thats scamming people. weather it be cents or a couple of $, if the site does this with all the traffic and lets say processes lets say for example 10000 withdrawals a month, the site is actually scoring top dollar over its customers. This excludes all the rake 888 poker players are making for the site before making withdrawals. Easy come easy go in the cashier box to ask me how much I would like to deposit , and my deposits and bonuses get added on within 30 seconds, but when I want my money out, I am getting F'd around on a piss hunt waiting and waiting. I will not tolerate this suicide service from 888 poker no longer because I have drawn conclusions that this is a scam and lets not look into 888 pokers marvelous Random number generator where my results are not really holding up as they should due to obvious fish protection. I would not recommend 888 poker to another buddy and am telling all my friends my story and to leave 888 poker. It would not be the end of the world leaving 888 poker anyway. Its not all that special, I don't even get weekly cashback, I just get status upgrades to play freeroles. Now thats some joke! All that rake to retain a status to play weekly and monthly freeroles. Get the F out of here. godspeed peeps.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Thursday, December 12, 2013
Title:If your a winning player on this site you are a pro17 out of 18 readers found this review helpful
Anybody else have unbelievable bad-luck on this site?
For example I had K-J and the flop came K-J-J and my opponent raised me, and honestly the way things go for me on this site i was thinking of folding considering the fact that the bad-beats happen to me almost every-time i have good hand. So i went all-in and this was a cash game my first few hands after i deposited $250.00 Canadian and my opponent quickly called he showed A-J the turn came an ace and the river also came an ace. My bankroll quickly vanished with these bad beats constantly. If you don't believe me play on 888 poker and you'll see for yourself. The only way you can possibly win on this site is if you have a massive bankroll so you can take a-lot of risks other-wise don't deposit. I played only premium hands waited for spots waited to see the flop. If i had anything strong i would lose most of the time and i'm being 100 percent honest.
Just today i deposited again 12/12/2013 I was playing a cash game i had 10-10 I raised about $20.00 two opponents called me one player had 2-2 the other player had A-9 off-suit the player with 2-2 went all-in and so did i and the player with A-9. The flop came Q-9-9 turn came an 8 and the river came a 9 I lost once again, and the hand i played a few hands later i had A-A i went all-in with the rest of my bankroll my opponent called with K-7 offsuit wtf? the flop came 9-6-5 and the turn came 4 and the river came a 3 and i lost again :( if you played on this site for a while you can honestly predict what cards are gonna come when your all-in. these few examples are nothing compared to what happens to me on this fishy poker site i get some of the most ridiculous bad beats every-time i sit down to play on 888 poker.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Friday, April 04, 2014
Title:Avoid avoid avoid 15 out of 17 readers found this review helpful
If you deposit 100 they'll add 20, but Ben they say deposit 200 and you get 50,,,,

More money hungry than this does not exists.

House Players and not run this site

Avoid them and keep your sanity.

By far, the most crooked game online.
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Rating:1 / 10
By:Honey Tea
Date:Monday, July 14, 2014
Title:Honey Tea - My Final 888 poker review11 out of 12 readers found this review helpful
Hello Me Mates

My country has officially been banned from 888 poker, and some coincidence I closed my account 2 weeks before this ban came into play which was last beginning of last month.
I have 2 popular voted posts about 888 poker about titles "Skrill Moneybookers" and "GOLD status Player".

I am just really surprised within a short space of time how 888 poker is actually been bombarded on a regular basis with negative reviews. 888 poker must really be going downhill. I have noticed just on observations without logging in that the traffic has steeply dropped and like I said reviews are just bad bad bad. Then 888 poker pulled out there sponsorship deal with Saurez because of a biting incident. Its a funny thing really because Suarez bit that Chelsea player not so recently, so what made this world cup incident so special? Now all of a sudden Suarez moves to Barcelona, that is like having Messi, Ronaldo, Van Persie, or any major recognised sports player on the cover of your site which is good promo for recreational players.

Its just seems 888 poker management and promo teams are making countless bad decisions one after the other and its bringing down their poker world. People were saying two or three years ago 888 poker was going to plummet somewhere along the line and this is most probably the right time for 888 poker to drop. They have lost a major ambassador, S.Warne was the first, and now theres an epic fail on the second. 888 is also known for its sportsbook and casino - I really do not think hardly anybody made money on the sports side of life and most likely lost a few quidlickin dollars, and the casino - well the casino will just kill the players anyway but it just adds more losses to players. I am sure a few countries besides mine have been banned from 888 poker so the company overall can not be doing well at all.

My take on all these latest reviews is that 888 is going through a panic station, yes some sites are not 100% perfect and all, but 888 poker has a couple of illegal business ways of doing things. The chat is not really friendly and I cannot actually recalling feeling one bit comfortable in a chat room on 888 poker. my email replies took donkeys ages and sometimes I waited up to 2 weeks for a reply. 2 weeks! Thats crazy! The only time 888 gets off their Arse is when it comes to the ching ching deposit factor. Other than that 888 poker service is outright appauling!

If you read my previous titled posts, I spoke about the currency exchange fraud issue and time delays of withdrawals. Overall peeps, if you have read all my posts, you have to agree there are a lot of illegal business tricks happening at 888 poker. People thought iPoker network was up to no good illegal things, well I think 888 poker puts all sorts of toppings on the cake.

Lastly Fish, there will be fish on any online poker site. Thats 888 pokers selling point - Fishys.Unfortunately I see 888 poker as the king of all sucker online poker sites out there. Adios
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Saturday, November 30, 2013
Title:Easy to defeat 88827 out of 31 readers found this review helpful
The only way to defeat 888 is to stop depositing money on it. I have not deposited in nearly a year and I am in much better shape both financially and mentally. I finally defeated them and they have prooved to me that they are an irresponsible gambling site as they have sent so many e-mails offering free money if I deposit such an amount. Deleted them and then they got desperate by giving me money without depositing. LMAO cant believe how they call themselves responsible.

The only person who can dig you out of the hole your in at 888 is yourself.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Thursday, November 28, 2013
Title:Bots and bots of bs50 out of 58 readers found this review helpful
As you all know me by my poker site investigations and my CNN iReports on corrupt poker sites, this review will come as no surprise. Utilizing unique software, i run what is known as live profile scanning which specifically searches for, highlights, and downloads the IP address of any Bots it hits on. On 888 Poker, i ran such software during a Cash game tourny by incorporating an account via VPN. Not surprising, at a table of 9 my software hit on 4 bots. Once this took place i began filming the live game play, which lasted slightly over 48 minutes. Of the 9 players, only the 4 bots gained the majority of winning hands, thus winning to pot (Cash). Obviously 888 Poker will tell everyone this is not true. etc. etc. Please join me on my upcoming CNN iReports which will take a detailed look into the use of bots on online poker sites. This series will cover 888 Poker specifically. Please be aware in advance our footage and discussions will be turned over to Law Enforcement Agencies as part of a legal expectation.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Saturday, March 30, 2013
Title:proof 888 are cheats16 out of 17 readers found this review helpful
right people your gonna say I souldnt moan about freerolls, but I thought its the only way you could prob catch 888 cheatng ? oh they give out free money strange just like that ? anyyone with a 888 acount check this out make up your own mind ? 10.000 vip freeroll and 7.000 mouthly played on the 30 march ? go to completed games on rewards. same player wins both ? hmmm strange or not ? then look up his stats on sharkscope his never even come close to winning anything his graph shows a straight line at the bottom doesnt even move up and down ? then bang straight up after his freerolls ? player artyom0001 ? now make up your own mind ?
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Wednesday, December 05, 2012
Title:bet or fold tables76 out of 79 readers found this review helpful
As a player who used to play the nosebleeds on 888, it is extremely obvious that something is just not right. 2 flushes, then 3 straights followed by fullhouse. Yeah right that happens. Once you also become chip leader on these tables there's no point in even trying to chase them down. You'll just keep donating $ after $. When you begin predicting the outcomes more often than not you know its time to stop. This is not a sour review. I won big and lost even bigger and had some fun until the ball finally drops on your mind and you say ' what the fck' am I doing. I emplore all of you boycott these dishonest companies. Their life line is their rake so hitem where it hurts and stop making others rich from your or your family's money. If only 1 or 2 people take this advice then that's money that these crminals don't get.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Tuesday, February 26, 2013
Title:had to play for myself32 out of 34 readers found this review helpful
My son has been complaining for months about bad beats on 888 and I was sick to death of telling him that a company that big has no reason to do anything untoward. In the end I set up an account and played for a month.

30 years in poker and all I can say is 'what a load of tosh!' This has to be the worst site I have ever played on, in the end I captured the games and started putting up predictions for the river. I could call the river time and time again, this is just so bad. Players have to start waking up to what is going on at 888. take your deposits elsewhere this is downright fraud.
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