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888poker has a weighted average rating of 1.9 out of 10 from a total of 435 reviewers

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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Saturday, December 11, 2010
Title:Pay back bonus111 out of 144 readers found this review helpful
In three years of playing online poker this is the first time I had to pay my bonus back before I could withdraw my own money, beware signing up to this site, the bonus is not free.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Title:Understand Online Poker and Deal with It Holmes4 out of 5 readers found this review helpful
You gotta crawl before you can walk. People are depositing at 888 without doing research on forums and getting opinions. Its there own fault why they got suckered at 888.

Rules for online poker:
1- Do your research
2- Research backround of RNG and certificates
3- When you sign up contact support immediately and verify your account with ID or whatevers needed.
4- Look for a proper rakeback system or good point system
5- If anything seems suspicious for example - Abnormal consecutive badbeats, colluding of players or nationalities, chip dumping, donk bet leading fish protection runner runner below 8% chance post flop, support or chat deposit harrasment over personal queries, leave the site and destroy it through facebook, twitter and sms/phonecalls to friends family and make external contact with other human beings.
6- Do full backround check on current owners and previous owners of the site (criminal / religion history / financial / hidden public information)
7- Leaving a poker site won't cost your pocket, but will boost less stress and peace of mind
9- Never auto top up on cash tables or auto rebuy or auto add on, do it manually
10- The games not as easy , you'll need a HUD, extended training and must be willing to plan ahead to make profit.

Other than that players will never see what happens behind the scenes of every poker site, sites make tons of cash through rake so expect no site to be this guardian angel. We love in an internet generation full of spam, corruption, fraud, bribery, money laundering and poker has already seen a black friday incident. Your faith in a site solely depends nowadays on your deposits and withdrawals getting processed, if your money is not getting paid out like LOCK POKER then these are the things to be concerned about because after all, you are playing poker with your own money right?

Lastly people like poker pro's, training youtubers are killing the game slowly, these people that show you how to play all become sellouts sooner or later for poker e-books, promoting the sites, claiming commisions for sign-ups through their own links which this also applies to independant forums of advertising and spam. These people don't care at all about you not one bit, these people understand its more difficult to make money online nowadays than 10 years ago, and these fools made poker exactly like this before someone else used this idea. The result is a high increase of players understanding the game and table rake is far higher because players have the self belief they are outsmarting their opponents . This is why community boards will brick at certain points, its all hollywood on the tables.
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Rating:1 / 10
By:Tried and True
Date:Saturday, January 10, 2015
Title:Likes and Dislikes of 888joker4 out of 5 readers found this review helpful
Dislikes : False and misleading advertising riff cvvvv
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Thursday, April 05, 2012
Title:be aware6 out of 7 readers found this review helpful
I just started playing online on 888poker, but after a few hours i loged out, when i loged back in the following morning I realized that someone had played as me and emptied my bank account!! they can easily access to your profile and bank account, be carefull, I don't suggest you to take that risk
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Thursday, April 05, 2012
Title:Dont pay6 out of 7 readers found this review helpful
Warning!!!!!!!!!!!!! 888 do not pay up in full. Cashout and see for yourself then go to support where they will try fool you with a rubbish excuse that wouldnt work on a monkey.

Seriously these morons should be investigated for what is daylight robbery. 5 times cashed out and they have taken €150 from me.

Only site I know of where even when you win you lose.

Regulator where the f--- are you, shut this corrupt crap down.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Tuesday, April 03, 2012
Title:Jokers6 out of 7 readers found this review helpful
If you post on 888s forum criticising the site in any way even without swearing they ban you from playing. What happened to free speech?

No player search feature which makes it impossible to find friends. Their graphics are good but the server disconnects alot lately.

Doesnt feel like a poker site much closer to bingo. All about max rake. ashouts are regularly missing significant amounts which they try to explain as exchange rates but when you compare the data it doesnt add up.

My honest opinion having being there for 18 months is that if its poker you want play live or at party or stars. Even the crappy ipoker site paddypower gives 888 a run for its money.

Oh and they dont punish bot users or collusion even when given proof of collusion.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Thursday, December 11, 2014
Title:theft @fraud4 out of 5 readers found this review helpful
I was doing well on 888 nickel dime player playing a freeroll amonth ago a 55$ buyin game came onto my screen under my name. Inotified 888;they said it was not them. that's its impossible... so they kept 55$ of mine... froze my account..,which still has $49 in it.@ will not release my money to me...888 poker r not be trusted
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Wednesday, June 04, 2014
Title:so heres a diddy5 out of 6 readers found this review helpful
so i have spent thousand of hours and dollars on 888 poker and finally i have realized there is no winning on this site no matter how well you i decide to write to the online cashier and ask if i can get my deposit limits set to zero.... the operator tell me i can't set it to zero and that i have to restrict my account...I write thank you, so at this time I am still playing in two tournaments and I have over 70 tournament tickets which I have accumalated and as I am, of course in the money and doing quite well, they decide at this time to disable my account and not let me play anymore....I never asked for an exclusion from the site, only to not let me deposit any longer and the f---ers, just shot me out....I say don't play here ever!
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Rating:2 / 10
By:Takes NO BS
Date:Monday, April 28, 2014
Title:Attention Daniel Wade (Manager at 888 poker)1 out of 1 readers found this review helpful
This better reach your eyes.

I am complaining to a forum because you never reply to emails or theres some other staff member answering my queries and not you!

Your cashier support. Whatever you do in a training module is f---ing sick! When I get asked how much I would like to deposit and I say for eg. $100, every single support member in the chat always tells me, Deposit 120 and get $2 extra free, or deposit 150 and get $4 free, what the f--- is this? If I tell your support I have X to deposit, that means I have X to f---ing deposit, not to get pushed up for negotiations!

It happens everytime, which means your support teams is on a bonus payroll and they are in for the kill, that my friend is not service, its f---ing greedy! I can enter a chatroom on 20 other sites and not once is there to mention not 1 bit of greed! This 888 poker is taking the absolute piss when it comes to greed, and you can look into past posts about 888 poker, and exactly what I am boasting about now has actually been going on for years now. Its truly disgusting what kind of service level you are providing here at 888 poker! Out of Pokerstars, Fulltilt, Ipoker, 888 has the worst service level in the entire history of online poker. And not just deposits, as a whole and in general. And Im sorry to say that if your service level is not up to par and not professional, that really raises questions to how the entire 888 poker platform is running.

I will never ever come back or deposit another dime at 888 poker. Cause junkies that sell crack on the streets operate push up marketing, not online poker sites, show some f---ing integrity and respect to your customers!
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Rating:7 / 10
By:Who may I say is asking?
Date:Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Title:Back on 888 Poker vs Party Poker1 out of 1 readers found this review helpful
Well its been about a 9 months, but back on 888. Play on Party as thats just my baby. Just came off a 3 hour session 4 tabling, not bad to say the least. Must say the games are not soft, its actually trash, would rather play people that have half a clue in poker than depend on luck, I think its harder to read trashy players and some of those hands are real sitters. Will probably get back into the swing after the HUD runs for a good 50 sessions and stats show, but its not all that bad. Put it this way, VIP programme wise its not great on 888 or Party but theres money to be made on both. But if one can get used to 6 tabling on 888 and at least 6 tables = 12 combined, hourly rate will be all smiles. Prefer Party for cash games in all honesty and 888 poker for SNG's purely based on the rake, Party's rake is pretty phenominal when it comes to SNG's and 888 is really a luxery. 888 SNG's are I feel much looser and finish faster than Party.

Although I really enjoy both sites, its pretty awesome to play both sites, just would be really nice of Party Poker to drop that 3% withdrawal fee, or lower that rake. Played on practically every major site and can say that I still today have not found a site I am 10/10 happy with, I don't think there will ever come a time . But I will take what is given and make the most of what is available on the internet market for online poker.

Funny enough I have nothing bad to say about either site because there pros and cons combined altogether I feel makes up for 1 complete site although its 2 if you understand what I'm saying. The ONLY thing that 1 or both these sites need is an excellent VIP programme/rakeback, I'm no top of the level VIP player as I don't have the funds for the stakes but its unfortunate that players that play lower than the highest stakes don't reap the benefits which makes sense in all aspects but you know somethings could be better to make a players experience just slightly more comforting.

This is my review , like it or don't like it, doesn't really matter, its just my fairshare of experience on these 2 sites. Both are good sites. 7/10 for both. Cheers
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