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888poker has a weighted average rating of 1.9 out of 10 from a total of 434 reviewers

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Rating:7 / 10
Date:Friday, April 06, 2012
Title:Exchange rate differences1 out of 8 readers found this review helpful
Just reading posts and mull47 (?) caught my eye -

if the ex rate is like 65.5p to the $they round it up when you deposit. they pay 60p to the pound when you withdraw.

When you look at F/X rates - the buy/sell are always different. My Natwest bank has a shocking buy/sell rate so the discrepancies come from these -


1.5187 Sell Rate

1.7304 Buy Rate

So as annoying it is to lose money to this Cr&p, you cant blame 888 for it.
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Rating:8 / 10
Date:Monday, February 27, 2012
Title:Push or Fold = Juicy :)1 out of 8 readers found this review helpful
Not sure why everyone is bitching, I have been a profitable player for 4 years and came to 888 from pokerstars for a change. I have acheived platinum star (18% rakeback) and am pretty happy with it, I'm also well on my way to acheiving vip for the 27%. The push or fold games are an absolute gold mine (for players, and 888)
Buy in is 5bb and you have people limp-calling shoves with 78 :)even at 10/20.
All the people bitching about being "rigged" are simply muppets who lose on all sites because they are "rigged". Look in the mirror, you suck at poker. 888 you rock! Only downfall is pretty small player base for tournaments, but even those are extremely soft so I can't complain. Made my first cashout for 5k, didnt need to send documents or anything until you cashout over 5k in a month. It was wired directly to my account within 5days. But ya, go 888
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Rating:No rating
Date:Friday, June 06, 2014
Title:Its random0 out of 6 readers found this review helpful
All you people remember this the cards are random got it.Remember this the cards are random on every site.All there is a random number generator producing 7 cards.Got it.Stop reading patterns when they are not there,its all random got it.Maybe read "Fooled by randomness" it might help.Lotteries are balls selected randomly in a machine, poker sites have cards represented by random numbers generated by computer got it. You can read every book going but remember the cards are random got it.It is two random numbers which are your hole cards plus five random numbers on the table which connect randomly.It is random got it.

ran┬Ědom 1. Having no specific pattern, purpose, or objective: random movements. See Synonyms at chance.

Its random got it.
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Rating:10 / 10
Date:Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Title:very nice site!32 out of 166 readers found this review helpful
i am playing at pacific poker right now and i've noticed that the RNG isn't as bad as the other sites... i used to play at pokerstars and FTP then i decided to give pacific poker a try... i have been playing here ever since and i am not gonna leave this site... the new upgrades look clean and sleek and they have very good customer support. 10/10 for pacific poker!
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Rating:8 / 10
Date:Monday, August 29, 2011
Title:Blowyourload9 out of 72 readers found this review helpful
I've had bad beats on a lot of sites including FulLTilt, where I used to play most. But most of my bad beats where on Entraction. I've learnt not to blow my load too quickly though. :) It's all about playing safe. On 888, I love the software. I have made money on this site. I used also make money on Fulltilt. It's always the case that a bad trades man always blames his tools.

I agree with a previous poster, the webcam is a lot of fun.
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Rating:7 / 10
By:Easy Cash
Date:Tuesday, May 27, 2014 its because you're sh--.0 out of 3 readers found this review helpful
Thought I'd pop on and amuse myself reading some of these reviews. Not withstanding some general complaints about customer service etc the rest of the reviews are hilarious.

Its not rigged you stupid muppets its because your sh-- and have no understanding of variance. Of course you'll get hit with runner runner straights or get AA cracked by some retard with a sh-- hand it happens.

The argument "I used to win in 2008 and can't win at all now therefore its rigged"....LOL guess what? A trained chimpanzee could win then.

Wake up and smell the coffee peeps, there's something wrong here and its not the site.
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Rating:10 / 10
Date:Sunday, April 06, 2014
Title:Awesome0 out of 1 readers found this review helpful
Great site!
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Rating:8 / 10
Date:Friday, March 14, 2014
Title:nothing wrong with online f---ing poker for the last f---ing time!!!!!!!!!0 out of 1 readers found this review helpful
online poker is not rigged

complaining about getting it in good and leaving your fate to luck is for donks, thats just plain donkey poker, in fact its not even poker, its called bingo, going allin preflop or on the flop is bingo. Even if you allin on Preflop or the flop with AA or KK its still bingo you donkey!

winning players like myself play to the river and decide if im beaten , ahead, shutdown, or value, its commonly known if any donkey does not know evaluating the hand postflop to river. sometimes i wonder how fish found this forum cause they are just so f---ing annoying and a rash close to my asshole with their "Its rigged, stay away, its a scam" , you are complete tossers! excuse the pun because yes, you toss for victory and blame a site on your bad decision making, so dont come with with donkey attitude thinking you know better cause if you did you would be making money.
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Rating:8 / 10
Date:Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Title:YOUR mother is a scam0 out of 2 readers found this review helpful
learn how to play poker donkeys. theres nothing wrong with online poker or 888 for that matter. youre just nothing but sore losers who suck as hell in poker and you turn to a forum for attention. shame, life must be so hard for a loser lol. then again, somebody has to lose, might as well be people like you stacking me up. Donks!
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Rating:8 / 10
Date:Monday, March 03, 2014
Title:Bad players whine0 out of 1 readers found this review helpful
Bad players always cry rigged .. Work on your game. Site is soft, easy to print $
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