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iPoker Network has a weighted average rating of 1.5 out of 10 from a total of 347 reviewers

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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Sunday, January 12, 2014
Title:dont play poker at ipoker its a scam38 out of 40 readers found this review helpful
the sites owner is a criminal form Israel.his name is teddy sagi (google him)

dont trust these filthy swines with your cash

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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Title:iPoker might go down quite soon38 out of 41 readers found this review helpful
The complaints concerning the iPoker-Network are constantly increasing in number by the hour, it seems. I have played using the Titan-platform as well as the W.Hill-Platform for quite some time now. Both platforms are experiencing incredible Problems as far as the server connections are concerned. Players lose their buy-ins due to frequent log-outs and sensible gaming is, as it seems, impossible. The so-called "customer service" answers complaints not only late and without interest, - Customer Service seems to have been ordered to lie: iPoker-Network sees the cause for those interruptions in a loss of connection to the provider (which is a technical impossibility as only the iPoker Network is affected). I have tried 3 different providers within a week, - same result. Astonishingly, nobody at iPoker Network seemed interested. Therefore I am going to start a process of trying to get their license evoked as fair gaming is no longer possible.
All players would be well advised to consider their gaming on these sites with utmost caution. There is no sense in paying a fee for an unfair game. iPoker might save some money whilst denying neccessary maintenance; But they might learn that doing so will have cost even more.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Friday, May 30, 2014
Title:ipoker is a scam22 out of 24 readers found this review helpful




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Rating:1 / 10
By:feel that rig coming
Date:Friday, May 23, 2014
Title:-10 out of 1025 out of 28 readers found this review helpful
iPoker destroys lives
No integrity
Do not deposit or accept no deposit bonuses
Owner is a criminal
All results are - EV
Deals are random, community cards are fixed
Its unheard of that theres winning players
iPoker has worst reputation online
Google Teddy Sagi
Same player names accross iPoker network which is not allowed which are house bots
support dont care about players
rake is high for a rigged software
glitchy software
nothing nice to say. take this advice 6 years online experience
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Rating:1 / 10
By:No escaping me
Date:Saturday, June 07, 2014
Title:iPoker ( THE KING OF CON'S ) ; Rigged14 out of 16 readers found this review helpful
I have spent the last 2 hours reading every single Review on iPoker, This is just a recap of everything over 25 plus pages. Pokerscouts has taken off my iPoker most popular liked and exposed reviews. So please be advised there are certainly paid drones to Pokerscouts to bring up better reviews on iPoker , but that should not be necessary because vast amounts of people know about every single con that ipoker is to the world. Heres the list of highlights below.......

*Did not Pass badbeats test
*Found out for using Bots on network
*Currency exchange fraud on cash tables
*All players negative EV Sng players (But win on other major sites)
*Majority of players say iPoker is cheating customers
*Disgusting and rude service
*Offers for 1 Freerole tokens for big depositers who have not played in a while @iPoker
*Cashout problems especially with Titan (Documents required that were sent already)
*Enormous amount of collusion of players
*No location of players on tables and fakes
*Delayed RNG finding cards for suckouts
*Overfish protection against Over EV players to bring down winning players EV
*iPoker lost large amounts of traffic after finding out who Teddy Sagi is. players were scared off financially and a significant amount of problems from players withdrawals and Fee's occured as players reported this and fled to Pokerstars and Fulltilt and other trustworthy brands with their bankrolls.
*Players report colluding and support does not attend to matters at all
*Players insist Police or governments shutdown entire iPoker network
*Casino lobby and games is rigged. Impossible bonus clearing rates.
*Players have reported iPoker carries Trojans after scans were done on PC's
*Proffesionals are reporting under EV results due to losing with just good cards
*Rake is excessively high , yet vip is pathetic
*Players agree everything is good at iPoker except players are getting robbed by RNG
*iPoker is cheating the tournament pools with a lot of rebuy tournaments and bots are knocking out high balance rebuy players.
*Handicapping of first depositer players and unreal badbeats to break under EV after clearing bonuses.
*Drones reported to disliking prime posts on iPoker sites on all forums and defending sites with over-exagerated positive reviews.
*Players reported some accounts were blocked on an iPoker tier due to players winning

Here is iPokers most popular review on all the pages below.....

* Rating: 10 / 10
By: Mastermind
Date: Monday, January 21, 2013
Title: No complain at all! 0 out of 156 readers found this review helpful

Excellent site, I recommend!
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Rating:1 / 10
By:Pissed off Donk
Date:Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Title:Proven Rigged.14 out of 16 readers found this review helpful
F--- you I-poker you think we are all gambling addicted loser that you continue to f--- over with your f---ing rigged RNG.

STAY AWAY from this site they do not even try and hide the rig they don't give a f--- about you and William hill is the worse customer service on any poker network.

Unstable software beats beats set over set AAvsAkvsAJ all the standard juiced f---ing bollocks bot f---ing idoits who call with nothing and hit runner runners 3 suited flops all the time.

This software is now deleted from computer and never again will I play this unfair excuse for poker that is so unreal and manipulated.

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Rating:1 / 10
By:Rigged number generator proven
Date:Saturday, March 22, 2014
Title:Lock up teddy sagi27 out of 31 readers found this review helpful

IPOKER is proven that its the only site / network that has been proven to be rigged worldwide, how can online poker allow this teddy sagi to operate a gaming platform for online ??????????????????????

He has corrupted every result in the online poker scene with EV, because its rigged so EV stands for jacksh--!!!!!!!! If teddy sagi is operating this and people fall victim you are just getting f---ed over, killing your online poker results, freezing software to determine results, you play the casino and watch how those slots lands! fast , slow immediately, glitches, support teams to offer wager bonuses that cannot be accomplished becaused its rigged against every player on the planet, find me a player that has wagered a casino bonus except for ones who have lost mass amounts of money to prove me wrong, but you wont, because its rigged. how can people support teddy sagi???? might as well be supporting rape, murder, theft, corruption and crime altogether, lock this guy up , any government, just lock him the f--- up and stick a cucumber up his asshole!!!

using people like samtrickkett and one time poker celebs does not justify that your gaming platform is legal, sam trickett is a fraud for supporting a rigged proven software, defending ipoker is not going to help, because the statistics, the stats dont lie, pokerstars, 888 , fulltilt, microgaming even all the down to merge passed the rigged tests and came out 100% non rigged, only ipoker , now please tell me, ex criminal for money laundering , not convicted for previous crimes yet since 10 f---ing years ago, and now this teddy sagi is operating ipoker on the london stock exchange, give me a break, like how dumb has the world come to , to allow people like this run millions for there criminal rigged activities. its not fair, as ipoker put it that they are an entertainment business, i dont a flying f--- find criminals entertaining especially when they are f---ing over 200 countries that are allowed to play on ipoker networks. lock this teddy sagi up!!!!! if hes just going to get away scot free, someones going to take him out one way or another, sh-- like this should not be tolerated by governents,just goes to show how politics they say call claim they in it for the people, all of you do jacksh-- for anyone, you;re all f---ed up like teddy sagi! The world needs a V for Vendetta to make things right, cause its a disgusting evil that would never prevail called greed. f--- all of you!
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Rating:1 / 10
By:Chinese Mafia Devil
Date:Wednesday, April 02, 2014
Title:Teddy Sagi - The rise and fall39 out of 45 readers found this review helpful
I hope this message gets through to you Teddy Sagi, because Im making video proof that will be posted on every single social networking site and will be posting numerous youtube videos with different titles, Im going to reach everyone. I have worked out exactly what you are doing with the RNG in your casino, and trues god, Im happy Im smarter than you to sniff out what fraud operation you are pulling. Im so good I can explain everything that your RNG does from features, to dud payouts and even all the way to repitition hits in the same order recorded from 300 spins back exactly. I told your support I am one person you will never want to f--- with in a lifetime. And now that I have the facilities to producing the content, Im going to nail you so hard into the ground that the Playtech industry on the London stock exchange is going to go down because Im going to wipe out every single person in your traffic. You want to be an evil greedy man, well I will show you how much of a devil I really am. And after I have finished wiping you out off the London Stock exchange, I am going to have you killed, you have no idea how bad a situation you are in, Now you are dancing with the devil, now lets play!
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Rating:1 / 10
By:Former gambler
Date:Saturday, April 19, 2014
Title:A piece of advice guys. I am a former compulsive is my story.12 out of 13 readers found this review helpful
A gambler is never happy until he loses everything. That is a fact.

I was once like most of you, on a higher level though. You deposit 1-2-3 k on stars and lose to gents who do this for a living and them come where and say it's rigged or bots etc....

You gamble, gambling is addictive. Losing and winning is also addictive. Quitting smoking or drugs or booze when you have lost everything is standard protocol. Been there gents. I know what you feel. It's all so real when I read.

Nothing I will say will help you. Nothing. I may be able to open your eyes and make you see that my story will make you feel like you are lucky to be alive and still standing.

When I was 14 years old, my late uncle left me 5.5 million is dollars. When I turned 21, 9.623,111 US dollars were deposited into my savings account. My parents were middle class people who worked 50 hours a week. When they got those share, I saw them once a month until death. This started at 14 years of age.

My 21st birthday was celebrated at the MGM grand hotel. I did not lose more than 1k if I remember. I had 10 different girls and partied until I ended up in the hospital with a serious hang over. Weeks later I started to play locally. Bars etc...

Within one year, I had lost over 7 million dollars. My biggest loss was at. Casino in Jersey. They got me for 1.2 on a week end. Baccarat.

The year after that I lost it all. That's where the fun begins.

Over the next 10 years, I spent my life scamming and conning people to get my fix. Millions and million of dollars. Just a sickness that had me near death.

It has now need 14 years that I do not even play a scratch ticket. I have turned my life around. I have no interest in gambling anymore. Ever.

Rock bottom made me stop. How. Spend 4 years in jail and believe me, you will re think life.

Gambling is a disease. It is an illness. Doctors should treat it as such. There is no law against gambling in most states becasue it is a cash cow. People have problems. Gambling is an escape. A belonging. At the end of the day, it is suicide.

I dunno what to say to all the young gents who read these posts, the only thing that should be said is that you will never be happy playing anything. You will win 5000 today and lose 10000 within the week. Reality, gambling is another word for losing.

God bless
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Rating:10 / 10
Date:Tuesday, November 05, 2013
Title:BOT HAVEN54 out of 59 readers found this review helpful
Come and play at Ipoker, the site that loves bots. Bots are allowed here. Not interested in site integrity, just earn them rake and you can use what the f--- u like. Want a game of robotic poker, then play here. BOTS RULE YEAAAAHHHHHHH!!!
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