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iPoker Network has a weighted average rating of 2.7 out of 10 from a total of 150 reviewers

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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Tuesday, August 23, 2016
Title:Traffic0 out of 0 readers found this review helpful
What's happening to the traffic on this site? Last Sunday evening - peak time - it was struggling to reach 2000 players!
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Monday, August 22, 2016
Title:Rake enormous0 out of 0 readers found this review helpful
The traffic is non-existant on this site and now i know why? I came back to this site after leaving 888 because of their exchange rate robbery. I came back to find if I play a €1 super turbo double or nothing if I win I gain €0.72c. On 888 as crap as it is, the same game if I win I gain $0.82c.

When last played on ipoker there was 43000 players on the site at peak times and now your lucky if there are 6000 and its sad but if you charge ridiculous rake and offer sh-- freerolls what do they expect.

888 is a better site but I will never play there again because of the currency exchange scam and I would hedge a bet that 888 will be sanctioned soon as they are clearly scamming players to be able to fund those offers and it will catch up with them.

Ipoker has great software which is more representative of real poker than the 888 jumped up joke RNG. One goes a long time without seeing AA or KK on ipoker but on 888 in a super turbo you will have one of these 2 hands at least once in nearly every game.

Ipoker is the perfect example of how 888 has ruined online poker because they suck players in with the promos and then they are hooked and no other site will do for them because they lose sight of the fact that the game of poker is dying at 888s hands.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Sunday, August 21, 2016
Title:traffic all time low0 out of 0 readers found this review helpful
well something good has come from this. traffic is all time low low low at cash games.

bright side of life is to take advantage of mtts while they running

still rate the network 1/10 but it may hit overlay city so get in lol
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Sunday, July 19, 2015
Title:A view from a former employee1 out of 4 readers found this review helpful
I used to work as a card dealer on the ipoker network and can assure everyone that the deal is 100% honest and scrupulous.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Friday, April 01, 2016
Title:All to avoid as connected to poker as well, all sorts networks0 out of 0 readers found this review helpful
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Rating:No rating
Date:Thursday, March 08, 2012
Title:olympic online poker1 out of 3 readers found this review helpful
hi does anyone know who i complain to about olympic-online poker its part of ipoker. i asked them to close my account more than ten times n not reopen as i had gambling problems n they kept reopening it even though i begged them not to.
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Rating:9 / 10
Date:Monday, February 15, 2010
Title:Rigged site29 out of 78 readers found this review helpful
I used to play on the ipoker network and i have to say coonsider the size of the network this is a very soft site. If it is so soft why would i leave well i dont play the higher stakes anymore so i have moved on to smaller networks because i have realized that i cant figure out how to use my pokertracker as well as the other players so i did a strategic move. I now play on sites that dont allow poker tracking software. Instead of blaming a site for being rigged (which is a total cop out you really sucn and are underbank rolled) i moved my business elsewhere. Poker is about making money so if you're winrate is low do your home work and find a site or limit that matches your skill level. For true improvement in your game and to eventually move on to higher stakes the problem usually is looking you in the mirror, be honest and work hard on your game and you will take your game to another level and that is the only sure bet you will ever get from any form of gambling. Good luck and good gaming
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Rating:4 / 10
Date:Thursday, March 17, 2011
Title:Ups and Downs13 out of 37 readers found this review helpful
Ok, this is not intended for those who have tons of conspirational thoughts like superusers, rigged dealers and stuff like that. For those I just say two things:

1. Those bad beats and incredible hands happen all the time, everywhere. If you don't believe it, just take a deck of cards at home and start dealing randomly, and you will see all those horrible outcomes will happen from time to time.
2. There are tons of players winning at iPoker, like any at other poker site. If you are losing consistently, try to stop blaming softwares and looking at your own actions while playing.

Apart from that, iPoker seems to be a fine network, with good traffic and a good varitety of tournaments. Cash games, I'm not sure cause I don't play them.

The downside is with the some small details, imo.
One that's nonsense for me are tournament breaks. It doesn't follow a standard rule, like FTP and PS, which coordinated all the breaks to be at the 55th minute of each hour. What that means is simple: You can't stop playing if you're multi-tabling, because each break will be at a different time.

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Rating:5 / 10
By:t&s breaker
Date:Tuesday, December 15, 2015
Title:How it should end0 out of 0 readers found this review helpful
Hello dear poker players.

Today i started a account on paddy power i did a deposit of 100 EUR and played some PLO HU. I did well doing almost 800 EUR under 30 min of play. I then took a break and after a while i tought i would login to join a couple of games again. No no, it was all locked up. I did call the support. Apparently i already had a account (truly i was unaware of this) anyway they told me i did break their t%s and all that, saying i would get my deposit back but the account would be frozen.

Fine, if i have breaked the T&S im sure to have my account suspended. Anyway just that im curious i asked where the other 800 EUR goes?

"Our security team handles that....."

Yea you mean they go back to the players i won from right????

"I cant really say, they disappear!"

But 800 EUR cant just disappear that would be like they have never existed or what do you mean?



"Yea as i said our security team handles that"

Pretty much this is the conversation between me and their support.

So if you played against a player today alias: fckPS on ipoker, just so you know i lost the winnings to the house, but i still think you who lost are entitled to get your funds back as i breaked the T&S and it would be more then unfare if the house takes cash that has been won on a somewhat unfair way and just states they just disappear, LOL. Even as my alias shows what i think of PS, i think PS have their ways to handle this kind of situations way better.

Otherwise i must say i liked the graphics and such, and if they would handle this situation better i would give them a 7 in ratings.
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Rating:5 / 10
Date:Saturday, September 05, 2015
Title:sry0 out of 0 readers found this review helpful
i feel like this data in inaccurate, ipoker has been 6months below partypoker, always less tables
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