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People's Network has a weighted average rating of 7.2 out of 10 from a total of 11 reviewers

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Rating:6 / 10
Date:Monday, January 22, 2018
Title:Still good... poor players0 out of 0 readers found this review helpful
It's the soft network to play poker. I still can make good money here (I,m Italian). If you wish to try it need to be Italian or to know a friend that can give you a verified account. Add me to sky-pe if interest in this
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Rating:8 / 10
Date:Saturday, November 20, 2010
Title:At the end of the day, still the best room in Italy32 out of 41 readers found this review helpful
After having tried the various rooms, Peoples ranks still the best in terms of liquidity and traffic, variety of tournaments, ease of use ... and fish!

Customer support, at times, could be better, yet still plenty acceptable

Of the other rooms, I just did not like the elaborate, hard-to-understand VIP Systems, Rakebacks, Promotions, chase the rake. They were all designed to trap me into a vicious circle of ever increasing playing volumes, like a turkey with forced feeding. At the end of the day, not much remained in my hands, like sand slipping through my fingers. They were all basically marketing gymmicks.

Now it is back to basics for me with Peoples. Compared to the first time I used it, Peoples has greatly improved its offering. It now has, by far, the most tournaments with the most guaranteed prizes throughout the week and the month. More than PStars, than Sisalpoker, Snaipoker, than Pokerclub and Bwin.

Easy to understand, easy to enjoy.

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Rating:8 / 10
Date:Thursday, July 1, 2010
Title:People's Network 24 out of 31 readers found this review helpful
I personally can play sit&gos on the network at anytime without having to wait (even late at night). Great player availability. There are a lot of online tournaments with a guaranteed jackpot... the network offers a "community" environment and feel to it through its blog and its tour with live poker events (PPT - People's Poker Tour).
See you on the network :)
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Rating:9 / 10
Date:Friday, July 2, 2010
Title:Excellent traffic and easy to use software36 out of 50 readers found this review helpful
The software is simple to understand and easy to use.

I like the fact that I sit down and I can immediately play. I don't waste any time. No distractions.

Excellent traffic and good game selection. Lots and lots and lots of players round the clock.

The support is efficient and makes the whole experience quite pleasant.

Just wish they would do more local live tournaments.
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Rating:5 / 10
Date:Saturday, January 15, 2011
Title:my rev5 out of 6 readers found this review helpful
1 bad customer support there is a number to call but noone answer u can and by mails u wont get helped
3 u can't play a decent tournaments without getting lagged or kicked out
4 u can just play NL HOLD EM
10 there are a lot of fish :D
8 various type of tournaments but not a good traffic at SNG
8 good traffic
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Rating:8 / 10
Date:Thursday, May 30, 2013
Title:Great super soft action4 out of 6 readers found this review helpful
Funny to see someone writes the BIGGER SKIN is grindaland... they just opened :D

And there got kicked out before :D
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Rating:9 / 10
Date:Sunday, July 4, 2010
Title:Rock 'n roll !16 out of 25 readers found this review helpful
Fun, young and easy. This site is cool and rocking! Rock 'n roll.
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Rating:9 / 10
Date:Friday, February 22, 2013
Title:bad software soft field2 out of 4 readers found this review helpful
The field is insanely soft but there's action just till nl200 while over there's nothing.
The software is hud compatible via a tool.
Max 6 tables multitabling.
Rake is 5% 5€ capped.
The mtts there are really bad cause are turbos and really unplayable.
There's some plo action aswell.
It's a good network where to make profits.
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Rating:10 / 10
Date:Monday, June 14, 2010
Title:congratulations!9 out of 17 readers found this review helpful
very happy to see people's network increasing its positions here :)

best regards from Jane
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Rating:1 / 10
By:An Italian People's user
Date:Tuesday, June 29, 2010
Title:An Italian People's user3 out of 13 readers found this review helpful
People's runs in Italy a controversial and border line business model.

A lot of the people's players plays in physical stores, creating a non fair and safe gaming environment.

In any case it is the biggest italian poker room.
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