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iPoker Network Spain has a weighted average rating of 9.0 out of 10 from a total of 3 reviewers

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Rating:3 / 10
Date:Sunday, February 2, 2014
Title:i Sh## You knot2 out of 2 readers found this review helpful
Lets get down to bizznizz folksss

I am a 99% satisfied UNHAPPY player at Willyhill, Titan, and Bet365, Willyhill support is good i must say, but Titan, for the flagship site, I will give you guys a 0/10. Really you are pathetic with responses and queries. And I must admit, all these 3 sites, the card generator is pure BS , I speak for anyone out there, when you are playing Speed/Sprint etc. How many times can a player get the BB post, FFS! Its ridiculous man. I'm telling everyone, these 3 sites are absolute frauds, there is no ways that I can be a winning player at Pokerstars, Party and 888, and I am down $4000 across these 3 sites over a period that I have been on iPoker, its just not possible, the Sng rakes are high, those cards and software feels uncomfy, I don't know if I just can't relate to those 3 sites but I am a comfortable winning player on Winner Poker (iPoKER) I don't know why that is, maybe its just the real deal, and I have had the best service at any poker site online at Winner, they phone you instantly when your query needs it, email responses within 15min, the traffic is even higher and they deliver it good, I Sh## You Knot , Those other 3 sites are a complete balls up in my opinion compared to Winner, Maybe Winner is the only certified RNG in that network, because the game plays and things I see from those other 3 sites compared to Winner is absurd!

If you agree with the above please respond, I am having a hard time figuring this out.

I have touched on Winner, I think the site is 10/10 not because I clean profits there but as a whole, if the service makes you feel good, you have every reason to stay.

Hows Titan? Everyday you login, and theres some idiot asking you hows your day, how much do you want to deposit? Can these bots not see you have a healthy playing balance? for pete sakes, way to irritate a player before he hits the tables.

Bet 365, your customer support is darn rude, you don't care about the players, you cannot wait to say "Thank you for contacting Bet365 today", Too many departments/transfers for help, its out of control I feel, and your rewards structure is the worst on the entire iPoker network - 100% shocking!

Willyhill - Willys support is superb 9/10, but as for your RNG and dealing over Speed Holdem , and cash tables, and rebuy tourneys, I see the same thing between you guys , Titan and Bet 365, I suppose all the rake you spend adds up ok for your multiplier reward system, but its not ok, its easy to the eye, rebuy tourneys, JESUS!Do players Big hands have to get cracked so they can rebuy 8x just so they can get to add-on and then still bubble, I see so many players and their stats on Pokerprolabs, I feel sorry for these people, these 3 sites are atrocious. Even your casinos are pure BS, including Winner, stay away from that iPoker casino folks, your pennies for fun playing is pure BS and easy scamming money, Casinos is for losers fullstop.

I am left at Winner, the others can go fly a kite folkss
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Rating:No rating
Date:Wednesday, July 4, 2012
Title:Beware Spanish Poker sites9 out of 17 readers found this review helpful
Right now there is a corrupt government that is set on taxing players on their winnings.... Boooo you say, but listen more closely, tax on every winning hand, losing hands not taken into consideration! Seriously, its mental but true.. Do not play on .es until rules have changed.. Peace
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Rating:9 / 10
Date:Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Title:770 EN EL MERCADO PUNTOES4 out of 15 readers found this review helpful
En este momento de incertidumbre para el jugador español tengo que decir que la web me da confianza.

Conocí 770 por la organización de torneos, y he comprobado que sigue trabajando como hasta la fecha, ofreciendo la red iPoker.

Las promociones siguen estando en el mercado, pero con una ventaja, puedes jugar casino y poker desde la misma página y tienes una oferta de bienvenida de 10 € para casino y 7,7 € para jugar al poker.

Lo mejor de esta página los torneos, los jugadores, un equipo propio y con un software de calidad, buenas promociones... sobretodo para los pro, ya que patrocinan la asistencia a los torneos más importantes.

Personalmente me siento cómodo en esta red, por lo que no puedo ser totalmente objetivo, por lo tanto me alegro de haberla encontrado en las puntoes, con dos sites... y
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Rating:9 / 10
Date:Sunday, June 24, 2012
Title:SpeedHoldem and soft villains3 out of 12 readers found this review helpful
iPoker is a well known network, now with traffic liquidity restricted to .es players as per the new regulation.
So you get all the advantanges of known software, and a very soft field, even some recreational player with basic know how can play here for real profit.

It also features some very interesting freerolls to help them build up their traffic, plus the awesome satellites to the "Circuito Nacional de Poker 770", one of the best live tournament series in Spain.

Of course Holdem Manager, and the other regular helper software works like a charm. And with their side bets and the newly introduced Speed Hold'em you can have fun at its best.

All in all my favorite place to play in Spain
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Rating:9 / 10
Date:Thursday, December 6, 2012 MUY recomendable4 out of 17 readers found this review helpful
El casino más importante de España ahora también online.

He jugado NL50 y NL100 en varios .es y sin duda las mejores partidas se juegan en Ipoker.

El programa VIP de lo hace todavía más atractivo. Los puntos que consigues jugando los puedes utilizar para los mejores torneos del circuito español como el ESPT, CNP, CEP, etc. y en vivo.

Ofrecen el mejor bono de bienvenida del mercado 250%, hasta 1500€ y además te recompensan si eres jugador del casino en vivo y del casino online.

También tienen un programa de T.V. En marca a través del cual puedes jugar a una ruleta real. Y la clasica oferta de playtech para juegos de casino y máquinas de azar.

Un último detalle puedes depositar y cobrar desde el propio casino, sin necesidad de cuentas y tarjetas. Así que sin vives en Madrid o su alrededores, y ganas una buena cantidad de dinero podrás disponer del dinero al instante. Sino en 72 horas se comprometen a pagarte. Lo que proporciona una gran seguridad.

Los sitúes son:
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