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PokerStars New Jersey has a weighted average rating of 2.1 out of 10 from a total of 17 reviewers

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Rating:7 / 10
Date:Thursday, March 23, 2017
Title:Not bad2 out of 6 readers found this review helpful
Seems to have location detection issues when I'm smack in the middle of North Jersey. Did get a software update yesterday (3/22/2017) and played a solid 2 hours and no issues.

Now as for the games. I play fairly low stakes 0.05/0.10 NL so it's taking forever to earn the bonus. I could play higher stakes but am honing my chops after years(2008) of not playing real cash online. Plenty of fish at all levels I've played. I've made many bone head moves myself as well.

For those complaining about the cards. Stop comparing it to live games. Even if you are playing high stakes you'll get people in an online game that would never set foot in a casino. People make bad calls and as anyone would with half a brain love it when people make stupid calls.

Online you get dealt up to 60+ hands per hour. Live you're lucky to hit 1/3 of that. You're getting 3 hours of hands at a live table in 1 hour online. If you multi-table(4), you could be getting up to 12 hours of hands at a live table in only 1 hour online. Play for 3 hours and you're up to 36 hours of hands. That's like sitting 8 hours a day for 4.5 days at a live table. You're bound to see some weird stuff happen in that many hands.

Now the other thing to consider is that when you can't see someones face they are more likely to do something stupid because they won't be embarrassed the same way as they could in a live casino. Depending on the time of day you could be dealing with someone that is wasted and will make even dumber calls.

This site is regulated by the state. I spent 5 years in the casino industry in a corp environment so have seen the first hand impact regs have on the casinos. They have to prove games are real, the random number generator is exactly that, $ is 100% accounted for, etc.

The game is far from being rigged.

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Rating:10 / 10
Date:Monday, March 21, 2016
Title:Sleek and robust software just like the good old times!!18 out of 31 readers found this review helpful
Sleek and robust software just like the good old times!! But wish the big pool of players came along with it.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Thursday, February 9, 2017
Title:Lets get this petition going guys1 out of 3 readers found this review helpful
Every one in, its time for pokerstars to go in general, i dont want to see a sports figure anymore, hairloss negreanu with anything with regards to poker, boycott the lot.

Its time!!! Action against Amaya!
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Wednesday, March 23, 2016
Title:Poker Stars Horrible9 out of 21 readers found this review helpful
WOW!!! I can't believe how anyone would want to play on this stupid site. Traffic is horrible, deals are a scam and you WON'T get your withdrawal!! Especially now that the CEO is going to jail for insider trading!!
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Rating:1 / 10
By:Sad Jew
Date:Thursday, July 21, 2016
Title:Zion has not been perfect2 out of 6 readers found this review helpful
Ice this site, it's terrible.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Monday, March 21, 2016
Title:Horrible10 out of 33 readers found this review helpful
UGGGGHHHH this is NOT the PS of old.... Horrible site, horrible deals and I have a sense that all my sign up information is going straight to the Feds!! NO thank you you crooks!! Stay AWAY!!!!
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Rating:10 / 10
Date:Saturday, March 26, 2016
Title:Now just more states please.3 out of 16 readers found this review helpful
Pokerstars is the best, please more states please!!!
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