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PaiWangLuo Poker Network has a weighted average rating of 5.1 out of 10 from a total of 106 reviewers

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Rating:7 / 10
Date:Saturday, January 23, 2010
Title:Bodog Poker Review10 out of 50 readers found this review helpful
I have been playing at bodog for about 2 and a half years. I would say that there are a lot of great things about this site that many others can't beat, but there are also a lot of things about this site that are hugely inferior to others. For one, what initially attracted to me to the site was the sharp and slick table graphics. Although very simplistic with little bells and whisltes to it, I still believe bodog has the sickest graphics of any poker site out there, although I liked how Pokerstars has added some new themes to their backgrounds in recent years. Everyone always compliments Bodog for having some of the weakest players of all the sites. I have had great success here, and while I haven't spent that much time at any other site, from the time I spent there, I didn't feel that the competition at pokerstars or full tilt was really any nittier or better. One of my favorite and least favorite aspects about bodog is its small player volume. The benefit for me playing at a small site is that you often run into the same players all the time. On many occasions I find myself seated at a table of 5-6 players I have played against numerous times in the past and have solid notations about their tendencies. While playing about 6 people I feel I have good reads on from previous experiences, I believe gives me a great advantage. The negative thing about their small player volume is that it's hard to find many full tables at whatever stakes you want at any given time of the day. If you play the micro stakes from $0.25 BB or lower, you should have no problem, but any higher especially in $1-2 or higher, you see almost nothing but tumbleweeds if you want to play between 6am and 12 pm. Plus they never have more than 1 or maybe 2 $2-4 NL full ring table going on. I would say, once you get a bank roll where you can play higher than $1-2 NL, you need to think about moving to a bigger site. The site does offer some pretty cool bonuses like a royal flush and a bad beat bonus, which aren't as good as some other sites, but it's still better than nothing and some sites offer nothing. Not to mention a great 100% reload bonus. The one thing that really disappoints me about the sites are the lack of options that other sites provide. For example, if you cash out, you can only choose to by check by courier. Every other site has various options like bank wire transfer or online wallet. Another thing, not that I would really take much advantage of, but would be nice to have would be the opportunity to play games outside of holdem. Yes they have Omaha and stud and 5 card draw, but other sites offer razz, lowball, badugi and others. I figure there's nothing wrong with giving us some extra options. Plus, bodog must be the only site that doesn't have a poker store where you can redeem some prizes or merchandise. You can only exchange your reward points for cash or entries in tourneys. I think it would be cool to be able to buy some bodog gear or other items, but bodog i....
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Rating:8 / 10
By:industry guy
Date:Sunday, November 7, 2010
Title:Some of you guys are not playing on bodog based on these comments7 out of 40 readers found this review helpful
They pay out as fast or faster than anyone in the US, their software is WAY better than it used to be and they have lots of other channels. They clearly are not for pros, but they also don't say they are. They are the best in the industry for sports guys who want to play some poker easily from the same account with a bunch of guys who are not that sharp.

downside is only for guys who think they need tons of liquidity...everyone knows you need to go to the big two for that so why even bother commenting on that, just go there and be done with it.

Rest of you guys don't know what you are talking about or are just making sh-- up for some reason.
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Rating:10 / 10
Date:Friday, November 19, 2010
Title:Only site that works for me6 out of 38 readers found this review helpful

This is the best site left for me. FT and PS pulled out the rest is shady.

STAY Please!
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Monday, March 2, 2015
Title:total scam0 out of 3 readers found this review helpful
sites terrible any review u see above saying its great is 1 of the scam artist working there
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Rating:7 / 10
Date:Friday, May 13, 2011
Title:Bodog1 out of 7 readers found this review helpful
If you use the USEMYWALLET service.. cashouts are FAST.. Software is the best option for US players right now (Merge = kiddy/BUGGY software, Cake is just a joke i think there old software was better)

The only knock i have is bodog traffic for tourneys.. its looks worse then what it is.. If you look at the running games you see games running at most buyins..
Support is great, LIVE CHAT,email, AND PHONE..

If you compare live chat support to merge live chat support it is WAY BETTER...

Bodog would be one of the best just needs more traffic.. i think that day will come soon.. seeing that merge has gain alot.. its only a matter of time before those players look else where merge is a horriable network... Merge is a rake collector and really cares about nothing else...

Also dont let merge freeroll traffic fool you.. Look at players online and then look how many are playing freerolls..

bodog i think will rise above merge and cake in the near future... They seem to care more about the players then a network like MERGE..
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Rating:5 / 10
Date:Sunday, January 25, 2015
Title:Cannot see player names0 out of 1 readers found this review helpful
Bovada no longer displays player names so you cannot keep track of your opponents.
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Rating:10 / 10
Date:Tuesday, June 14, 2011
Title:not bad 1 out of 8 readers found this review helpful
the traffic is full of fish and I think they should have rakeback. checks come within 11 days not to bad. if you want to play online poker in usa I pick bodog.
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Rating:7 / 10
By:Formally firetiger @ PS
Date:Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Title:Whoa ! Bodog is not that bad. Money to be made there!0 out of 0 readers found this review helpful
I played at PS for years & yes did get all my money out at the sad sad end. I have been at
Bodog ever since. NO, the traffic is not the same as at PS, but there is good
And bad. The good is the site is full of juicy fish, ESP on Sat afternoons. They
Just line up to give you money. The no names thing is not that big a deal. After
5 minutes at a table you should be able to figure out if player 1 is tight &
If player 4 is speeding etc. PLUS did u know since all names are not displayed
That after 30 minutes you can request hand history even if it didnt go to
Show down. This is nice to use if you think 2 players are ganging up on
You. The bad is I agree, the limits are a little low with the 50 cent &1
cash tables seeming to be the most profitable. The pots don't really get bigger
& harder to get action much above that. I cashed out once & am about
to again. They sent me a check via curier & I had no problems. One last
Thought, they do alot of sports betting & these donkeys come over to
Poker & get eating alive by good players.
I may look at some other sites soon, but for now I feel good about Bovada.
PS I did have to fax them my DL & COPY of card I used to fund account.
I had no problems from this ...
Good luck all & come see me at ( not .com)
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Rating:6 / 10
Date:Monday, June 18, 2012
Title:Payouts!0 out of 0 readers found this review helpful
I'm just starting to get concerned with this site about their payouts. I always got my checks in 5 to 7 business days with no problems. Then it changed to about 15 business days. Then it went to 20 business days, and now it is at 25 business days. I have been waiting for my recent check since May 6 and it is over the 25 business days and now they are saying that it's just a estimated time frame. I just think why is the payouts taking longer and longer. Playing poker is good though, the players are soft and I don't mind the anymous tables. But then again the Cake network also has soft players, but good luck getting your money from them. It just concerns me about the payouts and I hope they don't get worse or end up not paying everyone like the other US sites.
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Rating:8 / 10
Date:Wednesday, May 4, 2011
Title:all this bashing1 out of 8 readers found this review helpful
Just got a check recently -- they did what they said they would do... no, not that much traffic, but hey they DO pay.
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