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Winning Poker Network has a weighted average rating of 5.1 out of 10 from a total of 93 reviewers

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Rating:No rating
Date:Sunday, February 06, 2011
Title:Frustrated13 out of 20 readers found this review helpful
I will be quick and to the point. I am getting absolutlely no help from customer service from Doyles room with the software probs I'm having. Cant go to the tables, it tries to load then the whole app disappears. Left hanging in live chat 3 times and flat out just closed it when I kept trying to access them. At least 20 emails (so far) to support. It's funny, they keep asking what the problem is in reply emails. How sad is that. My feelings are this. They are in a different country and they know there's not a darn thing we can do about anything so they flat out dont give a sh.. All I want to do is play my poker win or lose. I will say the new 3D software is very cool I like it a lot. To bad they cant see the fact that I'm a real money player and thats their bottom line and customer service should be number freaking #1 in any business.

*Needs more MTT's
*Needs people in customer support who want to help not smart azzes who sit back and think its funny to mess with you.
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Rating:8 / 10
Date:Monday, June 27, 2016
Title:General review 0 out of 0 readers found this review helpful
Review for WPN mainly towards Truepoker,Americas cardroom,Blackchip, and ya poker

Considering last year was ok, in 2016 people should have noticed very good climbing traffic on the cash tables especially 10nl-100nl, I don't think people will complain about traffic and game selection.

VIP rewards system or can opt in for fixed rakeback of 27%.

Payouts are good, i usually see my money get processed into my neteller account within 18 hours, sometimes 12 hours so that's really solid from the skins.

I just have 1 problem with this network, and thats the 5 hour late registration periods. That is what I call retard to the max. But understandably this is because there are opposite timelines of countries of players and traffic is equally shared with USA players.

I really enjoy this network. But me personally I dont play poker for a living so I would have another site opened on another network where Late reg is normally 1 hour. So I can play cash and tourneys on 2 networks same time. And I don't play with crunching bankrolls so I would not like to play higher than $20 buy ins for long late reg. on WPN.

Negative aspects on WPN:

Drought double up SNG games
Satellites are few and pretty expensive

Score 8/10 simply because traffic is really improving at night time for players in Europe timeline .

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Rating:9 / 10
Date:Wednesday, November 09, 2011
Title:True Poker 21 out of 34 readers found this review helpful
Software- fast, smooth, they changed it a couple months ago, and I don't see any major issues. The Bad Beat Jackpot is solid, the option to straddle is unique, and the option to chop is neat.

Traffic- probably the biggest issue w this site is it does die down limiting the number of cash games you can get into. And PLO only has a couple players. But overall, there are some really bad players, and some quality house players you should avoid. It seems like lately more and more new names are showing up which could mean this site is about to grow.

Deposits/Cash out- i only do western union and money gram deposits (b/c I've gotten locked out of various checking accounts for depositing via visa) WU and Money gram are fast and convenient and usually takes about 10 minutes to go to store, 10 minutes to process and call true to confirm, and 10 minutes to wait for money to hit my account. Door to Door it takes no more than 30 minutes. I cashed out via money gram, and they emailed me the next day with confirmation number. Not sure how long a check would take, but i would venture 3-5 days if you fed-ex it overnight. They also allow player to player transfers and can usually be processed in under an hour. This is good when you reach your max cash out and you want to sell some of you online chips to a friend.

Customer Service- always answer all my concerns. Have given plenty of tournament tickets and even a couple small cash bonuses on occasion. Manager David has always reviewed my account and tried to do something for me.

Promotions- Because of the lower traffic TRUE poker hooks you up with various bonuses for depositing. If you email they will grant you rake back paid out every wed from all the money in rake you generated the week before. Free parking allows you to get cash bonuses when you play certain number off Frequent Player Points. And you can still use Frequent player points to buy into satellites for real cash tournament entries. I won $2300 on a tournament ticket won off Frequent player points that I had in my account. Then I cashed out some of it, and earned rake back and other bonuses with the rest.

Overall this site is a lot of fun, with a ton of perks. The play is weaker, but the traffic is lower. Great customer service and speedy transactions. I don't work for true, but I do play there a lot and would like the traffic increase.

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Rating:9 / 10
Date:Sunday, December 09, 2012
Title:good8 out of 14 readers found this review helpful
have not played on Americas Cardroom for a long time and took all my money off. I got back on when they had some promotions around thanksgiving and won some torney bucks. took a few week but i have got my account up from nothing to about $400. lots of weak players.
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Rating:8 / 10
Date:Saturday, March 29, 2014
Title:decent not great2 out of 4 readers found this review helpful
Traffic/ action is ok . Not as many players/ tourny choices as the larger more crooked sites (Merge, lock etc) Most of the time the rng seams fair. But right after a cashout the game seams programed to bad beat you for a while ( 75% favorites postflop losses 75%of the time) That said, this is the fairest option available to me, a U.S. player. I heard bovada is really fair but last time i tried i couldnt stand the software and lack of player names on the tables. The structures features too many L O N G tournies I'm sorry but i dont always have 7 hours to play, but this is a minor comnplaint and given my limited options I deposit here most of the time

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Rating:2 / 10
Date:Friday, March 18, 2011
Title:Doyle what have you done14 out of 23 readers found this review helpful
I play online poker for enjoyment, some play poker to earn a living.

I play 25nl short handed on Fultilt, PKR and was happy playing on the old cake network skin for Doyles Poker.

With this site forget it.

The software is the worst in the industry. It is slow, you cannot resize, it keeps freezing, even the reload button stops working.A MASSIVE STEP BACKWARDS.

The traffic is low but does seem soft, one plus point.
I tried multi-tabling, only 4 tables, but the experience was terrible.

Sorry Doyle I have every respect for you but this is a shocking poker site.
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Rating:9 / 10
Date:Tuesday, August 27, 2013
Title:US Welcome2 out of 4 readers found this review helpful
The site is quite nice, and allows US players, will grow with the time that`s for sure
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Rating:No rating
Date:Sunday, May 15, 2011
Title:Bad Move4 out of 7 readers found this review helpful
This was a bad move by Doyles Room, they should have gone solo rather..

Gambling911 claims that Doyle Brunson has “reluctantly” decided to “terminate my endorsement contract with

DoylesRoom management has decided to continue to serve US customers. Although they believe they have the right to market the name DoylesRoom and to use my name and likeness for a period of time, I have asked them not to.” Brunson also reiterated his ‘aspirations” to re-enter the online poker biz if/when the US passes pro-poker legislation. Brunson has yet to issue any confirmation of this statement on his ordinarily active Twitter feed.
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Rating:8 / 10
Date:Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Title:Great payouts and legit.23 out of 43 readers found this review helpful
Don't believe any review that gives a 1/10 score. They are bad player that think they are good and can't take bad beats when they happen. When you play online poker you will see MANY more hands and thus be victim to many more bad beats. Players tend to remember bad beats much more readily than the hands they won. This applies to all the sites reviews, not just this one. If things are rigged on Americas Card Room then I guess they are rigged in my favor because I find it easy to make money on this site. The players in the cash games are abc poker players making them very predictable. Abc poker players are the first ones to complain about bad beats, bots, collusion, or something being rigged.

Payouts from AMC are THE BEST for any poker site accepting American players. Depending on your method of cash out, you will get your money between 2 days - 2 weeks tops. And you always get run around and long waiting periods like the other American accepting sites. They even have a special debit card cash out method where you sign up for their own debit card which they put all your cash outs into...and then you can just get your $$ from most atm machines around the world. This is the method I amazingly convenient.

The software is simple and not the best, but i've seen a few sites with worse software. I'd rate the software as middle of the pack. Support is responsive. There are really only two reasons I don't give Americas Card Room (on winning poker network) a 10/10 score : player traffic and software. The player traffic is slowly getting better all the time but I'll always wish it had a huge player base like Party or Stars.....and the software could use a more modern 3D polish. Other than those two things, great site. Best for Americans no doubt. I've been waiting 5 months for a pay out from Bovada, and 2.5 months for one from Lock. That is unacceptable so I'm done with those sites.
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Rating:2 / 10
Date:Friday, February 04, 2011
Title:NO GOOD NO GOOD!4 out of 7 readers found this review helpful
Well as we all see Doyles room changed the network 4th time - they do business very bad, but here we will talk about Yatahay network.

- Software - is super bad, when you are trying to go to the table, lobby will goes in tray - WHY?
- Players - playerpool is just a disgusting - slow gameplay, no players online, and almost all of them are sharks.
- Withdrawals - haven`t tried yet, but as I know from the forums takes much longer than on usual sites.
Its sad that Doyles and other rooms on that network will dies slowly. I wanted to put mark 4, but I think 2 is fair enough.
- Bonuses - +1 to the bonuses, as Doyles had good bonus system on cake, so hopefully he will keep it the same level
- Server - no lags, as no players :)
- Support - fair enough

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