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Winning Poker Network has a weighted average rating of 5.1 out of 10 from a total of 93 reviewers

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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Thursday, May 24, 2012
Title:Tourney Lobby/Stat info misinformation16 out of 30 readers found this review helpful
I was playing the $200 50 k gtd., it was my first week on the site. Blinds where getting big, but still showed 9 tables/63 players remaining. Paid top 36, anyways I made a call pf all in, which I would've never made if I knew it was bubble position. I lose the hand and it says I took 37th place, but still showed 9 tables/63 players remaining in the info and lobby. Along with many players listed after me without a finish position. Tables didn't play hand for hand, and I'm always paying close attention to bubble position especially in higher buy in tournies. I've played over 100 k tournies on different sites in my life, and never witnessed an issue like this. I instantly email support and take screen shots of how messed up their lobby was. I know my connection was legit as players that finished after me would be placed correctly, but still gaps and some players without a finish position.

I emailed support, talk about support with no common sense about poker. It took me 5 emails and a few chat sessions for them to even understand what tourney I was talking about. I mean how many $200 50 K gtd events did you run on May 20th? Is it that hard to figure out, but they insisted I send more details such as tourney ID. I clear as day sent them the tourney ID 2 times, received responses "Sorry sir, but we need the tourney ID" I'm like wow check your previous email, but here it is again. I will never play another hand or tourney on this site. Software shouldn't be trusted on a $5 table despite a $200 50 k gtd. I don't see this site last too long. Where's the DOJ to protect us when a site is actually a joke?
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Thursday, May 19, 2011
Title:Ripped off by Doyles Room5 out of 9 readers found this review helpful
I played a satellite on Doyles Room and after I won,I unregistered assuming I'd get cash,tourny dollars or a tourny ticket. After nothing showed up in my account,I emailed support with no response. Two days after not receiving a response, I asked a friend with an account there to email them and ask about deposit options. It took them a day to reply to him and I still hadn't received a reply. After hearing this,I emailed them again and again no response. The next day I get on live chat,after about 30 minutes I got angry and told them to close my account and they could keep my money as a donation. Still not even bothering to try to solve the issue,they simply say email doylesroom security for that. Security responds in 30 minutes telling me my account was closed per my request.

Any reputable company would've responded with-
I'm sorry you wish to close your account,however you still have an unused satellite ticket and I will issue you a credit(in some form). If after you finish that,you still want to close your account,I can assist you with that.

Also search forums such as 2+2,pocketfives,etc about all the issues with DoylesRoom. Including them leaving the Cake network and not compensating players for Gold chips,etc. If you still don't believe me try their live chat or better yet call them.
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Rating:8 / 10
Date:Sunday, March 05, 2017
Title:Good option for Americans, esp those in NY and other Ignition restricted st0 out of 1 readers found this review helpful
This is a great options for Americans overall. Good rakeback/reward programs in addition to a tournament schedule that seems to constantly be growing. I don't play cash games, but it seems as though there are always games running from $.01/.02 all the way up to $5/10 or so. Sit and go traffic, meanwhile, is lower, although games still run regularly.
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Rating:10 / 10
Date:Friday, February 24, 2017
Title:Very good cash games, very good MTT schedule0 out of 1 readers found this review helpful
I am new to the network and play cash and tournaments. There are always a selection of cash games to play and the MTT schedule is constantly growing. The guarantees are big in terms of other what other sites offer. I see that they just recently updated the tournaments aswell.

I have cashed out once using bitcoin and it took less than 48 hours so for the people that have problems i think you should look at using bitcoin. I have had the site crash on me once and got a refund with the ICM that i deserved so i didnt mind too much.

All in all excited to see what the future brings from this site and almost all my play is now on americas cardroom.
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Rating:9 / 10
Date:Tuesday, January 31, 2017
Title:Great site0 out of 2 readers found this review helpful
Hi, playing on ACR. In my opinion its the best site for caribbean online player. They offer fair games, Rakeback and Bonus. The customer service is fast and very helpfull. Had at the beginning problems to make deposits and cashouts. After several mails its now working very well. Playing mostly SNGs and Jackpot poker and dobbelt up within 3 weeks my bankroll(100 buyins). Nothing more to say.
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Rating:9 / 10
By:Mr Nice Guy
Date:Thursday, January 12, 2017
Title:Game selection is terrific 0 out of 1 readers found this review helpful
Good variety of both NLH & Omaha h/l Cash stakes, SnG's, MTT's, etc. BUT, I mostly avoid the higher stakes cash tables because I suspect there's some collusion going on. Only issue I have with the MTT's is late registration can go on for 4-5hrs, so, with several hundred players in the game can drag out for a looooong time.

Had issues with WD's at first, but are fine now that I've figured out the best method for my situation.

All in all, pretty good site & traffic seems to have grown steadily over the past couple of years.

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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Sunday, July 03, 2016
Title:WPN HORRIBLE!!!!!!!0 out of 1 readers found this review helpful
WPN is nothing but crooks!! once you deposit you will never hear from their support again! it is absolutely HORRIBLE!!! DO NOT PLAY THERE!!!!!
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Rating:9 / 10
Date:Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Title:My second review, rating 'em higher1 out of 2 readers found this review helpful
I reviewed this site (america's card room) a few months back and gave it an 8. Thought i'd chime in once more with an updated review. Giving it a 9/10. cash out speed as held steady (they are #1 in terms of speed and reliability if you believe the payment processing reports that are linked to on poker scout). and.... i'm LOVING the beast. if you haven't seen it yet, check it out its awesome. they basically took the bad beat jackpot thing and separated it into three jackpots so you have the regular bbj and you have a monthly jackpot that;;s more like a rake race.

i am holding back one point in my review because their traffic isn't quite there. but they are getting more and more players everyday according to poker scout, so it's just a matter of time before the cash player count hits 4 figures.

i should warn you that my review is probably a little biased because i'm really excited, just won my punta cana poker package a few weeks back and still on a high. i went last year, but had to buy in directly because i sucked at online poker but now i'm awesome. excited to keep my money this year.
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Rating:8 / 10
Date:Saturday, January 03, 2015
Title:Good software, good cashouts, good games!1 out of 3 readers found this review helpful
What more could you ask for. The software is decent, the cashouts are reliable and there is a good amount of games running. Thanks WPN!
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Rating:8 / 10
Date:Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Title:good small room for USA players3 out of 6 readers found this review helpful
started playing at AMERICASCARDROOM 2011 10 13 after DOYLES ROOM was closed and my acount from doyles was transfered to AMERICAS..
Depositing for Europe players possible only with NETELLER, withdraw also(usa playres have more options for depositing and withdrawing). Withdraw after verifying my ID took 48 hours- no problems .
TRAFIC about 500 players .
freerols -about 1000 players
Main MTT: dayly deepstack(5000chips, 15min levels) 5K guranteed-- about 350 players.
freerols -about 1000 players
Saturday -55usd + 1rebuy +add on 7.5k GT (5000 start, 7500rubuy, 10000 addon)-350-450 players
Sunday-137 usd 12500GT .

Sng trafic is very low
Cash mostly regulars(at medium and high stakes)- was dificult to take money from them :),cash trafic-sufficient.
Sofware in my opinion is better than IPOKER- there was no disconecting.
table filters dont have memory-- ewery timeafter starting u must put filters settings on.
once 2 of my tournaments were canceled-and buy in dint return. After reporting to support- my buyins returns after 24 hours.
If u have tournaments dollars- u cant register to tournaments by your self-- only support can do registration, also u cant rebuy and add on with torney dollars.
Support is very helpfull(rating 10)

65000 usd rake race(MTT players gets aditional points in the race)
5 usd cash back for ewery 5000 points colected
also u can use points for sng ar mtt satelites.

if u in cash in rake race+cash back +sng buy ins--u get sme value us 30%rake back.

90 % of playres are from USA, no tournaments for European players- main mtt starts 4am euro time.
GOOD SMALL ROOM FOR USA. You may feel small town pub atmosphere there- ewery one knows each other. :)

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