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Winning Poker Network has a weighted average rating of 5.6 out of 10 from a total of 87 reviewers

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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Wednesday, January 11, 2017
Title:8 to 10 hours for a Tournament???4 out of 4 readers found this review helpful
I like to play tournaments compared to cash tables and on WPN their late registration period is ridiculous. I understand that the longer the late registration period remains open there will be more money in the pool, however 3 to 5 hours of late registration is absurd. An online tournament should take 5 to 6 hours tops unless it is a "Major" tournament. Playing in an online tournament for 8 to 10 hours is just not feasible. Do they think we don't have lives, jobs, or responsibilities to attend to???
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Rating:1 / 10
By:Horrible people
Date:Friday, October 07, 2016
Title:Total ripoff scam4 out of 4 readers found this review helpful
house players run rampant, they can see your cards. one time i was at a table, every single player sat out at the exact same time, musta been house bots that glitched. it was hysterical, they are very very heavily cheating players, avoid.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Monday, July 18, 2016
Title:those good reviews can't be real players6 out of 6 readers found this review helpful
Sites full of house bots imo of 4 years playing on it that bad beat you non stop. I play midstakes on other online poker sites. I am so afraid of the site i only play once in awhile to detour depositers showing how the opponents always have the nuts. You go all in against these guys in other countries it doesn't matter if your ahead or behind you lose 90% of the time they figured out the rng algorithm. I ran a filter on full houses and it was double the amount of normal full houses over 1 million hands. Its not even following the proper texas holdem odds. I checked itech labs to see if they really were certified by them and i went through their client list they are not listed. Enjoy a site that has no gaming commission on top of it. The other sites i play on i believe the rng is fine but not wpn. Any acr, black chip poker, true poker, ya poker whatever connected to wpn stay away from you are warned.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Sunday, August 28, 2016
Title:Rigged2 out of 2 readers found this review helpful
I am certain this site is taking advantage of player.
I have returned to this site 2 times.
the first time ,after I sent them a message about how often I have gone all in. with a statistical advantage. I was ahead, over 70% of the time in these positions. and was bad beat.
furthermore. I noticed how when I would fold a marginal hand. it would hit. attempting to condition me to play loose. I sent them a message accusing them.
they waited a couple of months and offered me 5$ to come back. I laughed and said yes.
i entered one tournament. I Won! interesting. then began the bad beat train again.
stopped playing there and cashed on another site and came in 10th in a live 50k event.
I am not a pro and nor do I believe I am a great player. I know when I play well and I know when I make poor decisions. and when I'm simply getting screwed
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Thursday, October 20, 2016
Title:STRANGE THINGS HAPPEN HERE.5 out of 7 readers found this review helpful
I'll keep it short and sweet.There is some suspect playing going on at black chip.I see
all types of things from bots to collusion.I have never made a withdrawal so I cant say
anything on that but I always stack up until I get close to the end of a tournament.Its
just when I'm close to the money I get sucked out every time from some magical b,s.Its a constant thing.I mean every game is like this on black chip.The only time I win is when I type in the chat phrases like action hands and house player or bots then I mysteriously get magical runs and I am unstoppable until I stop typing.Dont believe me try it for yourself.Its quite disgusting.In my opinion online poker will be dead in a matter of two years because there is no type of regulation on these sites.They take all the fun out of the game.So you decide for yourself but either I'm a prophet and can predict the cards or something isn't adding up.I dont know how this place gets good reviews on here.
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Rating:1 / 10
By:wpn sucks
Date:Monday, June 08, 2015
Title:boarder line scam site4 out of 4 readers found this review helpful
Dont play the beast. I believe they have workers playing that can see the cards. I play 6 max on full flush, bovada, betonline and they dont' 3b me non stop like they do on acr and the beast. Its like the regs are taking turns going after me barely letting me steal blinds. They are cold calling 4b which is very odd its not something normal people do they usually push or fold and then fold when I have it and jam when I don't. I lost with several pots with boats flushes straights they seem to have a better one quite often. I think its a very fishy site and I dont' recommend anyone playing on it especially acr. Try it and watch how the regs are going soft on each other but if your a new reg there even if your super tight they are 3b non stop so you can't steal blinds its extremely fishy. And your constantly coolered in pots vs them. I just dont play on it anymore its the most odd site I ever played on it. And i tried it for last 2 years and I just don't believe those are real players playing the beast. But man if it is a scam they are makiing millions putting workers on all the tables going up against regs all day long.
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Rating:10 / 10
Date:Tuesday, March 29, 2016
Title:A+5 out of 7 readers found this review helpful
The live support is the best they help you about anything 24/7 and rarely if ever leave you hanging and they are nice and professional. The cash game traffic has been going up and the games have been getting softer. The site is growing fast the Beast total pool I have never seen so high. Easy to use software. I have the debit card option as well and the money shows up on the card within a couple days then cash in hand and never an issuue with cashouts. Best site ever
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Title:very fake. cannot see past this3 out of 4 readers found this review helpful
board texture + coordination
new account aggression , 10 min of play, who needs 1 million hands?

thats enough to close the account - this is not poker
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Rating:9 / 10
By:Mr Nice Guy
Date:Thursday, January 12, 2017
Title:Game selection is terrific 0 out of 0 readers found this review helpful
Good variety of both NLH & Omaha h/l Cash stakes, SnG's, MTT's, etc. BUT, I mostly avoid the higher stakes cash tables because I suspect there's some collusion going on. Only issue I have with the MTT's is late registration can go on for 4-5hrs, so, with several hundred players in the game can drag out for a looooong time.

Had issues with WD's at first, but are fine now that I've figured out the best method for my situation.

All in all, pretty good site & traffic seems to have grown steadily over the past couple of years.

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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Saturday, July 25, 2015
Title:Vanishing deposits13 out of 18 readers found this review helpful
I've seen some very good reviews about WPN, so my jury is still out.

So far this has been my experience with them:

They sent an e-mail saying that they now accepts "UseMyFunds" as a deposit method for Canadians....and presented a video on how to do it.

In actuality, the video bears little resemblance to what you actually have to do to make a deposit.

After going through a number of attempts to use the system, I finally got through, but the bank declined to accept the it got rejected twice.

I tried again, today, and the bank finally accepted the charge, and forwarded it Adria Angle, Ltd., via "UseMyFunds". I have the receipt, and my bank statement showing it paid.

The deposit still doesn't show in my WPN account, and this is a day later. Customer Service says that they have no record of a deposit from me...just the rejections.

I explained to them that I had a copy of the receipt in my hands. When I did, they said that they would need a copy of it, along with a copy of my bank statement!

I deposit $100.00US into that account (verified by the bank), and it's vanished into thin air. Would I really send a copy of my bank statement to someone who's 8,000 miles away, that says that they don't have a record of a valid deposit? I don't think so. They said that the receipt wasn't proof! Really??

Anyway, I'm sure this will get straightened out, but so far, I'm very unimpressed, and I haven't even played a game there, yet.
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