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Merge Gaming Network has a weighted average rating of 3.5 out of 10 from a total of 197 reviewers

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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Monday, February 17, 2014
Title:go see for yourself25 out of 31 readers found this review helpful
This review has nothing to do with mtt, sng or cash but it's about the site itself. I'm no pro but I'm not stupid either. I'm far from an expert but I know when things are wrong.

I posted one before to state how awful the site is. I want to change that statement to worst ever site! I started playing there because of the high number of players but I got so sick and tired of it that I changed site (read on to find out what is wrong with it) and you know what, I'm now winning. Yesterday i went back after some weeks away from it because I had some dollars left at Carbon Poker. Because they take more than 2 month to send your money hell it takes them 6 weeks just to send it to the right department HAHA, I canceled the transfer so I could try and see if the site really was so bad and guess what IT IS! Straights, flushes and trips in almost every hand and the weird part is that with trips the other one has two pair or worse trips how are that for odds. Other site I triple my first deposit in 4 days and on carbon I lost almost the same in one day! I was amazed when I moved how hard it was to get trips and flushes, it was just like I have read in books and I love that because I play poker,I don't gamble poker. If you are a terrible player then carbon is just the place to go, just don't put money in that you want to withdraw because that takes forever.

Don't believe? Try open 4 random tables and see what amazing flops there are and how many goes to the end with strong hands.

If you want to learn and improve your poker game, don't go there because it has nothing to do with poker.

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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Tuesday, February 4, 2014
Title:THIS SITE IS A JOKE8 out of 11 readers found this review helpful
You can make a little money playing poker mainly sit and go..but you can tell how many set ups there are. THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME:Go all in with AK and some one with a much worse hand will beat you..then you are obviously pissed off and what do you know the very next hand is something just as good like AQ or JJ so of course you push all in with what little stack that you have and you get beat once again with and inferior hand and knocked out of the tourney. I have multiple friends who play on this and can concur. What is even worse is how slow the cash out process is. I cashed out 400 bucks just to get the f--- out of this site and it has been over 10 days and it still says that the cashout is processing..OH BUT THERE IS THE OPTION OF CANCELING YOUR CASHOUT..which is exactly what they want you to you can just lose your money. Still waiting for this cashout then I am never coming back. STAY AWAY STAY AWAY I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH
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Rating:3 / 10
By:Detective John Kimble
Date:Friday, May 21, 2010
Title:Rigged26 out of 39 readers found this review helpful
Most rigged site with bad traffic and slow cashouts. Stay away.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Title:Stay away from this joker site!44 out of 66 readers found this review helpful
LOL, what a f---ing joke! This site is for drunk weekend donkeys looking to gamble a little after coming home from the bars. If you are serious about poker, then stay far away from this network! Oh, good luck cashing out...LOL
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Monday, October 21, 2013
Title:By far the worst sites/networks in online poker history.2 out of 3 readers found this review helpful
This is the worst poker sites/poker networks that I have ever encountered in an online setting. The software is completely rigged, and there are absolutely no winners at these sites (Carbon, Aced, PokerHost, Belmont, Sportsbook etc.) I am sure of that. For example, 8 times out of 10, a flop will go like this: J 10 7, and about 99.9% of the time there will be an 8, Q, or 6 to follow on turn or river. EVERY TIME. So if you have trip J's you will almost ALWAYS lose to a bogus straight. DO. NOT. PLAY. ON. THE. MERGE. GAMING. NETWORK. PERIOD. You WILL lose your money to another "player" which is most likely someone who works for the site and is cheating people out of their money. Try it for yourself, if you dare.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Friday, August 2, 2013
Title:obvious rigging9 out of 14 readers found this review helpful
OK ill start with an example.

I have AQ and raise pre. 56os calls. flop QJ4 rainbow. Guy make a small bet I go allin. there is maybe 500 in pot after his bet and my match, so my allin is an additional 1200 on top of a 500 pot. He calls with 56 and no draw at all. Turn 7 river 3. This is just one example. i dont need to play 2 million hands to know that there is some cheating going on here. Not sure the nature of the cheating. Could be an exploit found by players, house bots, or just rigged rng. This site is so rigged its painfully obvious. 17 to 1 rivers hit 3 to 1. Stay away. Period.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Monday, January 13, 2014
Title:set up after set up15 out of 24 readers found this review helpful
Site is a joke. Save your time. From a player who still profited over 2k off of $50 I'm telling you site is rigged. I've played over 1200 tournaments in 2013 and it is just action flops all day and set up after set up. Site rewards big stack WAY too much especially while dominated. Even if you know your percentages, they don't mean sh-- here. They are a bunch of greedy assholes who don't care about their players at all. There is a reason only a few players from outside the US play here and I'm sure the site hires a lot of them. Their traffic is declining so the setups happen a lot more frequently. They re trying to make as much money as possible before they are eventually shut down. I was up over 3k playing $1-$11 dollar tournaments. Then I cashed out 1500 and went on an unbelievable losing streak losing over 1k( still not playing anything higher than 11 dollar buyin and mostly 1-5 dollar buyins) and this was over about 6 months and hundreds of tournaments. I could still run deep on occasion but I would just get set up and bust in between 10 and 20th place which doesn't show much Roi. A friend and I would play on here almost everyday with decent results (setups would still happen like crazy) but we could show profit in long run so we kept playing. That changed for both of us and we haven't been able to profit a dime. He had about 4kin profit for the first half of the year playing same limits in about 700 tournanents. And for the second half he was over -1000 Roi in 600 plus tournamnets. A winning player just doesn't run that bad for that long. He hasnt played jn over two months now and i dont blame him. I won't ever play on here again. F*** you merge. I hope you all burn in hell for your shady business ethics.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Tuesday, October 29, 2013
Title:Carbon is not Trustworthy anymore! SHADY SITE STAY AWAY!8 out of 13 readers found this review helpful
I have played at Carbon and live for 6 years now. I have done my work to learn and become a good recreational player and I have made a good amount of money until this year really. October 1st, 2013 CP has a new tournament schedule. It's on the web(google it)it says that Merge does let the new guys win so they'll come back and also hit the casino and sports betting. They know us poker players don't stray much if we are serious about poker.Poker makes less than those other "donation" sites like the Casino. The RNG is shady. No one can get bad beat so much in one game and then win with every bad hand (which I usually fold but most are now playing as they see how the software works). This is beyond regular and expected variance. This is set ups and suck outs and cheating basically.You are playing against the software here and not the other players so much or your cards. I see great online players get beat by the worst ones as they are playing very badly, and I see players who win no matter what/how they play. I watch the patterns and document the stats and not to be too conspiracy theory here but something is FISHY. And it didn't used to be. I do still win here. I just don't want to play here anymore because I feel it is not honest. I want to play a game of skill with some luck and variance. Not something that is basically predetermined. People say "they make so much money why would they cheat?" Ask them. Greediness I believe or money troubles? I cashed out 2k and it took 3 months.a month of it was them saying it was "pending processing" and blocking me from depositing anymore money in case I lost the few hundred i left on there (which I usually do after a cash out BTW) and it's usually I don't catch one hand in one game that holds up for days.They are hoping we will cancel the withdrawal and lose the rest of the cash. no one I know has made more cash by cancelling a W/D.They always lose it. Coincidence? Most every good player I used to play with is gone for these reasons. Bummer for US players. The NEW OCT 1st tourney schedule is fewer MTTs available w/ higher buy-ins, less prize money and it's so diluted to be not worth the time. And NEW re-entries for 3-4 hours with the full FEE each time going to Carbon so that they get paid every time someone gets sucked out, set up and reenters, with the crazy forced action. A good player will re enter if they are playing well, not tilting, and just getting "bad luck". Merge also admits online to hiding some of the MTT's in the lobby from the "more skilled players" to give the new people a better chance to win. WHAT? Google it- really. Also, they are no longer accountable to Kahnawake Gaming Comm or ANY governing body. I was able to settle a payment dispute a few yrs back by contacting the KGC. Carbon website says they are under a Maldese license now, they are not look it up. After all these years I am done with this site and I WARN you! I am a good an profitable player but CARBON POKER MERGE is SHADY.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Thursday, January 16, 2014
Title:IMHO something is wrong here12 out of 20 readers found this review helpful
I agree with the posting of 01/13/2014. On 01/16/2014 I deposited $100 on Sportsbook. I could not believe the bad beats.

A couple of examples:

I was playing on a 6 person hyper turbo sit & go. I got a pair of pocket 8s. The flop was 10 8 J. I go all in. Another player calls. He turns over a J 2. The turn is another J. The river is another J. He ends up with four Js.

On another hyper turbo sit & go I hit pocket Aces. I go all in. Another player calls. He turns over a 2 7. Yes, he went all in with a 2 7!! He ends up with trip 7s.

Just about every game that I went all in on I got beat by a weaker hand. Something is wrong here. It's been a few years since I took statistics in college and I can't quantify it, but what happened to me seems highly statically improbable.

Is it possible that these bad beats happen when playing against a house bot? If the house is doing something like that they can make money on the rake and on the take. I'm not flat out accusing them of cheating but nothing surprises me anymore.

I'm going to continue to play at Bovada. Yes, bad beats happen there too, but that's just part of the game. I use to play on pokerstars and full tilt when U.S. players could do so. I've never seen anything in the bad beat department like I saw on Sportsbook. I would stay away from merge altogether.
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Rating:3 / 10
By:U.S. Bound & Screwed
Date:Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Title:Nothing Random about Carbon Poker, it's all well thought out & executed24 out of 39 readers found this review helpful
In 1999 I started playing online poker on PlanetPoker. I've played on ParadisePoker, PartyPoker, PokerChamp, HollywoodPoker, BetPoker, Absolute/UltimateBet, CakePoker,, DoylesRoom/AmCard Room, PokerStars, Fulltilt, BoDog, Bovada. I can't remember them all... So many Poker sites have come & gone. Some were absorbed by conglomerates, like Merge Gaming Network who purchased & began leasing the PDC/software to different poker skins like... 888poker,, Carbon Poker/LockPoker... Like I said, I've played online-poker for almost 14yrs and I'm not a "Whining Newbie" who can't handle bad beats or long losing streaks.

In the early days, Most poker sites were so eager for your business, they offered $15 bucks, just to sign-up. The table action was lose & profitable. Bad Beats & Suck Outs were common back in the day & players complained. But as Poker-sites matured, Poker-sites started taking away perks. They made it harder to accumulate VIP points & eliminated rakebacks. Since Black Friday & Black Monday, the remaining few U.S. Poker-site have become "Greedy Poker Dictators" ... charging 4.9% deposit fees, charging $25.00-$150.00 to withdraw your winnings & charging higher rakes on the poker tables. Overseas Poker-sites catering to the U.S. market have the U.S. players by the nuts & they know it.

I've never deposited money w/Carbon Poker. But over the last 3 years, playing freerolls & Fun Steps. I grew a small bankroll. When I earned $10.00 bucks, I played $1.10 Sit/Go's and so on... Once my bankroll grew over $100.00, I started playing more MMT's.

Last night, I played two MMTs on Carbon Poker. I placed 7th/$11+1 buy-in and 10th/$5.50 buy-in. During these games, I was dealt "Pocket Aces", 5-times. My Pocket Aces were against A9o, JQs, 99s, AQo & KAo & I LOST every showdown, too low-percentage running-flushes & running-straights, that always hit on the river. Last night during my 4-hours of play, I also saw QUADS flop 3-times, saw a Straight-Flush & 12 Full-Houses. Not to mention, the Flushes, Straights & Trips were more common than Two-pairs.

The flops on Carbon Poker are over-sensationalized & not credible. These pre-programmed Action-Flops would make any experienced poker players suspicion. Low-percentage unmade-hands are winning more often against made-hands. Set-Up-hands like... AA, QQ & 99 are being dealt too often, forcing players to go all-ins & Trip-9's are sucking-out the majority of the time.

When playing at Carbon Poker, it's not Player vs Player. It's Player vs Carbon Poker & Carbon Poker definitely has the upper-hand. It's like playing Video Poker in a Casino. (HOUSE ADVANTAGE) The Poker site's RNG's are no different than the RNG's in a Slot Machine. A new RNG cost less than 1k, programming a RNG with Mathematical Values cost about 15k & RNG's can be programmed to the buyers expectations... The Canadian Kahnawake Gaming Commissions doesn't protect the players, THEY PROTECT THE POKER SITES
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