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Site/Network:Winning Poker Network  (Read all 79 reviews for Winning Poker Network)
Rating:1 / 10
Date:Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Title:America's Cardroom SO RIGGED makes me MISS FTP0 out of 0 readers found this review helpful
ACR is complete crap as far as a fair RNG is concerned. Very predictable outcomes if you had a lot of experience on FTP. MTTs are run to eliminate short stacks by getting a lot of hands to a flop that hits multiple players. And (surprise, spoiler alert here) the big stack with BY FAR the worst hand all in pre-flop always wins, typically eliminating more than one player after the rebuy period has expired. I mean, how many of you are going to fold AK off or AQs or TT with an 8 bb stack when you have been dealt complete crap for about 3 levels? Then you get some site BOT or a house player calling you down with 97s and he flops the entire f---ing world. These MTTS are so predictable I can call out the turn and river before they even come. Only reason I'm still playing this site is that there are ZERO legit US deposit options and I have a bunch of free roll money left on this crap site. One of the things that makes me LMFAO is how people are always quick to defend these sites when everyone knows that the deal is completely rigged once you get to the point in the MTT where antes kick in. If you are not already a big stack you are just goat f---ed no matter what you do. Think about this; when was the last time (if ever) in a live game you saw AA, KK, QQ dealt on one hand and the big stack calling off with 84s wins the hand? Well of course you have never seen that in a real poker game. But online all these sites it's the same story over and over. No surprise because they are all using the same algorithms to create a very predictable timeframe for their MTTs to run. Got to bust out those players in time for them to enter the next scheduled event. Got to make as many people rebuy (which you are paying rake every time you do) as possible in each event. Let's juice the flops or get a bunch of short stacks in a position where they have to shove, then have our BOTs and site shills clean up. If you don't think there are BOTS on these sites you are a moron. Check how many "players" at your table have been "members" of the site for less than a month...seriously? For f--- sake, none of these "players" even respond to the rudest of comments. This sh-- just gets really f---ing old.

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Site/Network:Party Borgata Network (New Jersey)  (Read all 27 reviews for Party Borgata Network (New Jersey))
Rating:4 / 10
Date:Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Title:probably rigged0 out of 0 readers found this review helpful
If you dont commit all your time to this site it will definately bad beat you. Tough it out and become a "regular" and you'll find that you start catching ridiculous outs on turn and river. Its actually pretty awesome ;)
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Site/Network:PokerMIRA  (Read all 21 reviews for PokerMIRA)
Rating:10 / 10
Date:Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Title:excellent0 out of 1 readers found this review helpful
Excellent site, enjoy the game!
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Site/Network:Winning Poker Network  (Read all 79 reviews for Winning Poker Network)
Rating:2 / 10
Date:Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Title:Americas cardroom1 out of 1 readers found this review helpful
I have played here for ten months I only play free rolls and some micro when i first started I did pretty good then they set my win percentage lowI cold go 10 tourneys with make 6 sets pocket faces the rest pure garbage lot all sow down hand even when I had the best hand they would river flush hit miracle straight.This site flops way to many face cards I too samples of different tourneys and it was sad to see all the aces and kings appear on flop and at least two players opockets.

The newbies are highly favored as well as donks and big stacks the fact it is fied is so plain a five year old could see it if you are new this site will ruin your game
all I can say is beware of this site it is i no way legit I to run a forum and have done research on this site as well as talk to acr players the forum I started because of acr is bettys poker you can find it on bing and yahoo we as good poker players need to start speaking out about these issues if we don't we are guilty as they are beware of the site hacks who come on here and give great reviews its their job I know a few of them well.
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Site/Network:PokerStars  (Read all 1028 reviews for PokerStars)
Rating:1 / 10
By:people that defend pokerstars
Date:Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Title:people that defend pokerstars deserve to die, its human trash!!!4 out of 4 readers found this review helpful
MarsHill you dumb piece of sh--, i know some woman in my country working as prostitutes but looks like in usa they don't even need a street to work as whores anymore, they just need a forum.
Grab your f---ing dumb head and get the f--- lost criminal.
You never went to the pca and never flopped a full house that got beat by quads, the only thing ur doing here is trying to cheat the poor kids that know zero about that corruption site.
The only thing i ask God is for every ruined kid pokerstars create revenge will be serve in cold plate.

Poor kids don't know how dumb they are just to deposit money on that site, 99.9% will never see the color of the money again, and if they do, they will return it all back and some more after some time!!! GUARANTEED

Kids i am your friend and i don't want your money, i just want you going for the right path in life, and if you want that, avoid this site at all cost.

You like poker??? Go play in casino, go play with friends, online poker is rigged and manipulated to generate the most money and profit for the sites, not for you. that's why you see full houses quads and all that crap hand after hand after hand. Learn with poeple like me dont fall in the same hole.

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Site/Network:PokerStars  (Read all 1028 reviews for PokerStars)
Rating:10 / 10
Date:Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Title:PS is Honest and Pays off!2 out of 10 readers found this review helpful
I played PokerStars when it was in the USA. I won the steps, a trip to the PCA, won a lot of cash playing tournaments and PokerStars always paid off. When I went to the Bahamas for the PCA, they were first class people!

Now as far as you guys complaining that the game is rigged by software, you are just upset because someone sucked out on you. That is not software, that is bad players. The same thing happens in live play.

I played in the PCA, flopped a full house got beat by quads on the river. That was not on line, that was live. It happens. Another live tournament, had AJ, flop was AAJ and I still lost.

That is just the game of poker; it happens. Only one person puts your chips into the middle of the table and that person is you so play more wisely and quit blaming bad players or your bad play on PokerStars.

They are an up and up company and I for one would give anything to get them back into the USA, anything!

You guys do not know how lucky you have it.
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Site/Network:Lock Poker  (Read all 45 reviews for Lock Poker)
Rating:1 / 10
Date:Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Title:Another Kahnawake Mowhawk Rig0 out of 0 readers found this review helpful
They don't pay anybody, and they use the same BS RNG card generator that the rest of the sites licensed by the Kahnawake do that tries to control your variance so the stations and the fish stay coddled and protected, if you give those morons bad odds to chase a flush you are burning money because the worse the quality of play is from the donkey the more likely they are to hit.

Its designed to erase your edge as a good player and it knows your tendencies.

It also basis your cards on your activity. Took a break for a month or two? If you log in you will find yourself on a heater for a day or two, thats no accident.

This same RNG has made a name for itself by being run by the criminals who hang their hat in their hidden lair on the Isle of Man known as Pokerstars.

I know it sounds like a story straight out of a Bond movie except its a little more anti-climatic.

You know, the jerks who got ran out of town in the US for money laundering, by lying to the banks saying the money was for golf balls and the like.

Those guys.

Anyway, getting back to Lock, the experience has been interesting. You can still win, even when the deal is against you. Poker on there is still a game of imperfect information, for the most part. You just have to be an advanced player and not be afraid to steal pots from the knits and the stations, if the dealer thinks you are a threat you are going to have a losing session if you allow even half of the hands to make it to showdown, when in reality in that situation you should probably be close to break even.

Its comedy though when I'm are HU against a weak player, and I'm taking pots and shutting action down on the flop (the favorite tactic of the generator is to set up beats on the river) and I keep winning, and the villain is almost felted and the rng panics and just flops villain a house. Lol being a sport I say "Nice hand kind sir! :D" Knowing he won maybe 5BB's and I took 96BB's of his in close to 500 hands lol. Whats even funnier is how he probably felt he accomplished a lot.

Here is an amber alert for you though, I was in one of the MTTs one of the rebuys, don't think they have freeze-outs on Lock. But anyway, I ran into a player who said he saw all my bluffs in one of the earlier games a day earlier. He is either full of it, or he works for the site and has holecard and board information, just letting the people who still play there regularly, not too many I imagine. Because there is no way for him to know otherwise, unless he is psychic and knows I value bluff, lol. Sometimes I will over bet bluff but never against the stations on there, when I overbet against a player I know that calls, I have it, and its no bluff.

Anyway, I've won some money on there, (the RNG went apesh-- and is now trying to screw me with cooler after cooler) but its not like I expect to ever see it off this site. I suppose if I want some cash off the site, I'll just have to sell a piece of my roll on market, because I pretty much know hitting the withdraw button is as much a waste of time as trying to play the game against donkeys who flop houses with 7-2 off. There is no point. Not like I'm ever gonna be that hard up for cash anyway, I'm well compensated and rolled from my live play so I don't have to worry about it. Good thing I never made a deposit, I'd be so upset.
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Site/  (Read all 10 reviews for
Rating:1 / 10
Date:Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Title:not very good0 out of 1 readers found this review helpful
well let me tell you that duck poker is not the place to play.the software is shabby looking.the players are either to slow or they donk it all the way.the best hand rarely wins.pocket pairs are a joke.when you get pocket pairs it feels like a set up.If you get AA or KK somebody gets a 55 or a 54 boom of the flop they get three of a kind or a straight it happens fairly often too.there is no skill involved what so ever.and site traffic is basicly non existent.not to mention the people who sit out the whole game just to freeload to the final table.the best place i've played on to date is pkr poker you can actually win there.and it has decent traffic and theres almost always a tourny going on.just avoid the freerolls on pkr its a zoo.all in all duck poker is one of the worst places that calls itself a poker room.its actually quite sad how bad it is.i went for the free $5 and ended up making 6 or 7 deposits with nothing to show for it.there is definitly better places to play then duck poker.
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Site/Network:iPoker Network  (Read all 366 reviews for iPoker Network)
Rating:7 / 10
Date:Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Title:mabey fixed but for me lots of profits2 out of 3 readers found this review helpful
i know all online sites are fake, but i won over 25K ($25.000) profit at winner. i must admit i got badbeats with 98% vs 2% outers for weeks long, but in the end i made a nice 25K profit. but as we all know, if you make a cashout request u get your downswing emidiately, and as here at winer it happens. in the end id close my account cause of those downswings after another payout.
in the end i wuld say.... never play online, its all fixed .
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Site/Network:Ultimate Poker (Nevada)  (Read all 29 reviews for Ultimate Poker (Nevada))
Rating:1 / 10
Date:Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Title:stay away0 out of 0 readers found this review helpful
horrible unless you are a donk who knows nothing about poker. boards are loaded and cater to donks. 4 card str8s, 4 card flushes non stop. unless you have the absolute nuts you are screwed. No way they are using a full deck. Way too many one outers! Freeroll stinks too. not enough chips, so its and all in f%@k fest. And if you are athe king of this fantasy poker F*@K fest you win U dollars. Which you can only waste on more crappy SNGs

software stinks, I think a 5 year old wrote it. if you enjoy the excitement of constant suckouts and bad beats, by all means sign up now!

helpful hints
1) fold all AK
2) fold all KK
3) fold all QQ
4) fold all JJ
5) fold all AQ
6) fold all AJ
7) shove all 8 6 offs

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