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Owner/operator888 Holdings PLC
Headquarters locationGibraltar
Game server locationGibraltar
Software provider888 Holdings PLC
Uncommon games offeredNone
Real money ring game players
24 Hour Peak: 649
7 Day Average: 300
Now: 94

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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Title:888 and the BS i must go through, sickening displays and scenarios1 out of 1 readers found this review helpful
How many times can me get outflopped with a set on the most dry flops, its got tothe point where im just sick of it. I flat in position with 33/44/66/77/88/1010/JJ and I never hit that set once, but when I open AA , KK , QQ, I get outflopped by the most raw sets, when they lead, I reraise on those dry ass flops, they shove, have a tight VPIP, and its always a Nit or a 25VPIP player crushing my hands, sometimes you fold because you know from your notes they have it,Float a 3bet out of position, Hit top pair, just float once to see if the player bets again so you know they have a strong over, you hit top 2 pair on the turn, you Min/2.5x Reraise, and the fish they are just instant overshove allin with there overpair and the board pairs . I never the f--- hold up like that, but little donkey will pair that mother f---er board. Dont care what you have to say about variance , swings, I play long sessions without getting worn out and dont tilt after losing 4 buy ins. But its a f---cin joke the way I cant hold up. Players that buy in 1/2 table stack, they either play really bad and get crushed from 45vpip plays and easy pickings, or they slightly passive and land that board. couldnt care, moving to another network, this is not a cool RNG to play on. Seen more realistic boards and less action hands, not 100% of action, but when theres a drought for about 20 hands, just folding, the hands just roll for an hour after that. And to top it off, Im not even getting rakeback, so why the f--- do I even carry on playing if I cant get anything back, I dont want merchandise, what the f--- must I do with merchandise? Wear that sh-- and smile from ear to ear getting the eye from people like "OOOOOOO 888 poker", type it in on google. Oh get $8 free when you sign up, get f---ed like a kangaroo , f--- no. This is bull crap. Im not saying its rigged, Im saying ive seen enough to make me leave and not come back, lose and no rakeback. WTF must i do, try win my money back multitabling 9 and 10 max and rake some more. Lots of fish but Id rather be a fish on 888 and have a big clue as to whats going on in poker and playing hands in certain positions. Cant open in Early position because theres just stations trying to flop monsters, you open your monsters from late position and everyone folds. Like WTFFFF Do you do if you in my eyes. IM NOT TILTED, JUST SICK OF FISH. I JUST WANT TO PLAY NITS FROM NOW ON.!
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Rating:7 / 10
Date:Thursday, November 08, 2012
Title:NO SIT&GOES TRAFFIC AT ALL4 out of 4 readers found this review helpful
You must wait like 10 minutes to get started. Impossible for grinders
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DateTime (Pacific)Peak Players
August 15 4:19 PM527
August 16 3:42 PM538
August 17 3:00 PM558
August 18 2:44 PM601
August 19 9:07 AM535
August 20 2:50 PM626
August 21 2:45 PM525
August 22 8:05 AM525
August 23 7:53 AM491
August 24 2:41 PM544
August 25 4:12 PM539
August 26 2:30 PM588
August 27 2:41 PM557
August 28 3:18 PM649

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