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Vevo Gaming

formerly PacificPoker

General Information

Owner/operator888 Holdings PLC (London exchange symbol 888)
Headquarters locationGibraltar
Game server locationGibraltar
Software provider888 Holdings
Uncommon games offeredFast-Fold Hold'em
Fast-Fold Omaha
Real money ring game players
24 Hour Peak: 1762
7 Day Average: 1450
Now: 1735

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Games in progress
8:43 AM

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888poker has a weighted average rating of 1.9 out of 10 from a total of 445 reviewers

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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Thursday, June 22, 2017
Title:Crap10 out of 10 readers found this review helpful
Terrible site they make it nearly impossible to withdraw money and when they do they take majority..1 withdrew 100 american and recieved only 60 canadian ..biggest joke of a site there is
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Rating:No opinion
Date:Saturday, August 19, 2017
Title:Blast is a scam3 out of 3 readers found this review helpful
This blast poker is a scam. Go to the games that have been played and see how many of the players you recognize from your time playing on 888. Yes that's right very very few. Ive been playing here for nearly 9 years and I play a lot and watch a lot of poker on this site and only recognize a few of these players and I never see them play any other games on the site. A bit odd don't you think, who the f--- signs up to a site just to play blast at stakes of $10 or $30. Trouble with exposing this in a way where 888 are held accountable is difficult as its hard to prove and the so called regulator is always sleeping on the job.

Scams are never going to stop with these sites even when they get caught because all they do is try to figure out how to make a more undetectable scam. Its sad really as I love poker but this is the sh-- that happens when sites get greedy because of their need to keep greedy shareholders happy.
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Peak Traffic History
DateTime (Pacific)Peak Players
August 912:45 PM2349
August 10 1:03 PM2636
August 11 2:04 PM2487
August 12 1:03 PM2275
August 1312:50 PM2474
August 14 1:09 PM2516
August 1512:33 PM2640
August 16 1:03 PM2728
August 1712:29 PM2641
August 18 1:50 PM2531
August 1912:24 PM2611
August 2012:24 PM2220
August 2211:50 PM1216

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