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formerly PacificPoker

General Information

Owner/operator888 Holdings PLC (London exchange symbol 888)
Headquarters locationGibraltar
Game server locationGibraltar
Software provider888 Holdings
Uncommon games offeredFast-Fold Hold'em
Fast-Fold Omaha
Real money ring game players
24 Hour Peak: 3138
7 Day Average: 2000
Now: 989

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888poker has a weighted average rating of 1.5 out of 10 from a total of 659 reviewers

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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Tuesday, July 08, 2014
Title:Don't waste your money..11 out of 11 readers found this review helpful
You will not win any money on this site. I always wait for a good hand in HE, A-10 Min. and approx. 95% of all-ins was won by ridiculous calls,, 2-10 etc. and they have beat me, even with a big pocket pair I lose. This site has bots at all levels of play. It is geared to rake and have players re-deposit with a bonus (FN Joke). Even for a $10 deposit they will give you a bonus. Really bad and flagrantly cheatfull site.
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Rating:3 / 10
Date:Saturday, July 05, 2014
Title:Not real poker12 out of 12 readers found this review helpful
So I played live for 2 3 years. Always was wary of online given as many players i know live who are solid always say its a crapshoot.

Forget the RNG at first, none of the sit n gos or Mtts offered actually have anything remotely resembling a live poker game. Stack size of 1500 are useless as you pretty much end up with 1/3rd of your stack in if you decide to play a hand all the way.

Now the quality of players is atrocious, so this should be great, it should be like shooting fish in a barrel. However its not, it is impossible as you are obviously kept from winning. If a fish calls you twice, they lucked out every single time. E.g. hand I played, I have KK, flop 25K, I bet, called, turn 6, I make a bet which is 75% of his stack, he flats, river is 8. SO KK v XX ob board of 25K68. What does the fish have? 222? K6? K8? I go all in and go home as fish has 97. I literally could not explain how he was even in the hand given I raised pre, post and on turn. This is a very common occurence. You'll take most hand 3 or 4 ways, donks will limp then call any raise. This should of course be extremely profitable for the good player, but why would 888 offer a system where in their most profitable fish (who'll deposit every single time they play) get busted and quit.

I played for 2 days on here and saw enough, I only lost $20 thank god as I though I would test the site with a small deposit first.

My results

15 $1 sit n gos, 40 seaters, I lost 14 of these going out 30th or higher, every single one was a hand like: AK raises 3X, 4 callers, AK4 board, 6 turn, I bet again, 4 callers??????, I'm all in, fold, fold, long think from fish (dunno why, he clearly didnt), Call with 410 off suit, river is a 4. or: every play limps, I am on bb with 12 bigs and 99, just go all in as anything less will result in at least 5 way pot. one player ALWAYS calls. ALWAYS limp call an all in, literally the weakest play in poker. 99 V J7. Then the board comes 9 10 8. I go out again and obviously it was set up for me to get it all in on the flop anyway.

Remember they need weak players to splash the cash, play lots of games and generate rake.

Online poker is not poker, it is not shuffled by hand and dealt randomly. Every single hand is predetermined to maximise rake.

Could all these people shouting rigtards please post

A screenshot of them winning

B A verified sharkscope account

C Proof of ID that said account is their property.

Curiously, none of them can produce that, the pros also never seem to play online? And 888 also seems to be unable to attract actual pro poker players. (who you note will advertise for site, but curiously they don't play there???). You are literally just gambling against a house and your skill will not help you here as greed will not allow you to chase of the weak regularly depositing fish and thats bad for 888.

Remember theres online one real type of poker, live shuffled by hand and random. Online every site is fixed and you will never win.
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July 17 1:55 PM3204
July 18 2:41 PM3070
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July 2212:19 PM3004

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