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formerly PacificPoker

General Information

Owner/operator888 Holdings PLC (London exchange symbol 888)
Headquarters locationGibraltar
Game server locationGibraltar
Software provider888 Holdings
Uncommon games offeredFast-Fold Hold'em
Fast-Fold Omaha
Real money ring game players
24 Hour Peak: 3267
7 Day Average: 2100
Now: 2299

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888poker has a weighted average rating of 1.5 out of 10 from a total of 666 reviewers

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Rating:2 / 10
Date:Thursday, August 21, 2014
Title:Way too obvious2 out of 2 readers found this review helpful
Come on guys!

If you have to cheat do it more in disguise.

First I love the software, nice and easy to see and that's why it's not just 1 star.

Play 1$ tournaments, you only have to play a few to see the pattern. I have begun to go all in with AJ and above ESPECIALLY from early position. Pots are not won by high cards or 1 pair, nooo most common is full house, the love to pop on the river if there's a flush and straights. The funny thing is that you can see them from miles away. If I call in LP with AJo and one of the blinds calls too I'm 80% sure that a J will flop, it happens more frequent than any other combo. Today I folded AJ on a J high board because I knew that the blinds would have KJo and I would suck out. UTG raised, I called and so did the blinds, J high flop nothing else. UTG cbet i called and BB went all in. UTG called I folded because of the scenario I described and VOILA BB had KJ and turn was K and river was K!!

Why was I so sure? Yesterday it happended TWICE in two different tourneys and both the times the same with the exact same KK on turn and River and I was LP and the blind called. This was just the last two days but as I said this combo is the most frequent. The problem is that people call with all kinds of crap because they know it's 50/50 even 72 against AA. Today I was VERY close to call with 72 and 73 just because I KNEW they would destroy but sadly I didn't because they would have won both BUT a lot of people play these cards because of the suckout potential.

I love playing poker but I don't do it for the money (1$ tourneys) but because I want to improve my poker game. Now some says that people suck at 1$ but 5$ is the same, people call with most crap cards and they win more than they should.

My brain loves systems and patterns that's why it's so frustrating to play on this site (I live in NJ so not so many choices) KK from EP are getting destroyed and it's not on the flop, they are on top there but then all the fun begins and here comes runner runner. Even when people go all on flop with a monster because they are afraid of the suckout other people just call and rely on luck!!!

How stupid is that!!

I moved from abroad sites when I moved here and hoped for something way better than those flush machines but....

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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Thursday, August 21, 2014
Title:888 still a joke1 out of 1 readers found this review helpful
just logged in on 888 for 1st time in years and to my surprise there are as usual heaps of tables at $100 and above SnGs with 1 player sitting just waiting for an unfortunate plyr to steal from. The names have changed but the location of the players is the same. I would bet everything they are the same dickheads.

If I was considering playing online pkr again definately not here. doin pretty well for myself without online pkr. you would be shocked how much these c---smokers take from u in a year.
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DateTime (Pacific)Peak Players
August 8 1:56 PM3231
August 9 1:35 PM2943
August 10 1:24 PM3048
August 11 1:03 PM3346
August 1212:59 PM3213
August 1312:58 PM3292
August 14 1:35 PM3161
August 15 1:57 PM3339
August 1612:56 PM3077
August 1712:36 PM3113
August 1812:58 PM3433
August 19 1:01 PM3379
August 20 1:16 PM3351
August 21 1:06 PM3267

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