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Owner/operator888 Holdings PLC (London exchange symbol 888)
Headquarters locationGibraltar
Game server locationGibraltar
Software provider888 Holdings
Uncommon games offeredFast-Fold Hold'em
Fast-Fold Omaha
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24 Hour Peak: 3674
7 Day Average: 2300
Now: 3016

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888poker has a weighted average rating of 1.6 out of 10 from a total of 641 reviewers

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Rating:1 / 10
By:running me fold free
Date:Thursday, May 22, 2014
Title:GOLD STATUS player * 888 Poker RNG is a funny thing; explicit version71 out of 74 readers found this review helpful
Does not matter what you have studied from e-books , poker books, EV, HM2 , the card generator is running rigged with flushes and sets. I can be certain for the fact that theres a abnormal amount of running numerical and flush cards from flop to river makes online poker a joke : at least 888 poker. Theres not one extremely good player tournament pool payout structure given the average traffic at the site. Besides , I dont see colluding and dont believe in a thing for the most part that the RNG is sophisticated enough to score otherwise to manipulate a so called random community deal.

Past results . looking at any player that you lose to majority of the time when you bubble or get knocked out is percentagely high that the player has not cashed recently in a few games or is just losing player, and this is no coincidence that the gods with the other player because I have a structered pattern of this which makes thus a proven theory. You as a player may even try, just deliberately lose 10 tournaments and then jump to a higher buyin tournament and you will see how god mode you actually run. Again this is absolutely no coincidence. I have witnessed losing players that are calling station fish to river with pairs and turn and river nothing but runners, if you pot the flop and the fish jams with third pair and you have a set or paired nut flush draw those fish will run you off to the river. Please, yes miraculous things do happen in poker, but to see a constant strain of pattern that I have seen makes the entire term 'luck' an illusion.

Now comes the funny part of 888 poker, 'rebuy tournaments' vs 'guaranteed', again it is no coincidence that in a rebuy tournament that there are way more premium deals from AK - 88 from early position right through to the button. Players are going to play on average 10% tighter in a guaranteed tourney, but this does not change the fact that there are still the very same fish in these very same tournaments not changing their styles because you know they are fish with minimal brain power. And better yet those tournaments still end roughly around the same time as a rebuy tournament. Difference is if you like me that play 6 tournaments at once both rebuys and guaranteed you will see a alarming increase in action boards whether it be two players or 5 players in a hand. The tournament speed difference in comparison with the number of players and taking into account the player prize pools is entirely juiced up to marginal prize payouts, hand orcestrated, expected tournament ending time , and handicapping of who and where roughly according to statistics a player should roughly finish.

You can shear a sheep many times but you can only skin him once (Rounders)

For one, me personally , other suspecting players and even excuse me in saying tools or fish not to sound too attacking, that sense there's something is amiss at 888 poker and its not all random but rather the belief that the site itself wants you to believe. Peace out

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Rating:1 / 10
By:The Truth
Date:Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Title:888 profit number generator !134 out of 140 readers found this review helpful
All this sites are rigged, some more some less.
Why? -because they can.
Why? -how else would they make a profit.
Everybody knows this sites are nothing more then a big scam and money laundering factories, well almost everybody...
Promise of easy money will always cloud your judgment.

Only one who benefits from this sites (sponsored whores, employees, feeble minded) can claim that this "companies" operate legit and fairly, please...

Through the history gambling has always been associated with?... think for yourself.

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