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Indian Poker Network

General Information

Headquarters location
Game server location
Software providerMicrogaming
Uncommon games offeredNone
Real money ring game players
24 Hour Peak: 23
7 Day Average: 7
Now: 8

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Games in progress
10:57 PM

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Indian Poker Network has a weighted average rating of 6.0 out of 10 from a total of 3 reviewers

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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Sunday, September 17, 2017
Title:Pathetic and cheats!2 out of 2 readers found this review helpful
Look at these monkeys from going everywhere and bad-mouthing other sites from India on Pokerscout.
The idiots bad-mouth a site, even without visiting it, and then, in the same place talk about how great is. Guys, get a life! You really cannot be BETTER by sh--ting in someone else's home. Grow a pair and then run your own site ethically first! Idiots!
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Rating:10 / 10
Date:Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Title:PokerNation Promotions0 out of 0 readers found this review helpful
I started playing on with the start of the las vegas promotion which attaracted me to the website and after that i have continued to play here and won good money with fast cashout. the site is building the player base and increasing slowly but no one is stealing money and site is keeping all promotions genuine. i hope for site to remain in indian market and attract more players with their promotions.
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Peak Traffic History
DateTime (Pacific)Peak Players
September 8 3:00 AM22
September 912:24 PM24
September 10 4:48 AM26
September 11 8:34 AM21
September 1211:43 AM19
September 13 8:16 AM23
September 1412:50 AM23
September 1412:13 PM26
September 1512:15 PM23
September 1612:56 PM17
September 1812:08 AM18
September 1812:12 PM20
September 19 5:37 AM18
September 20 2:55 AM19
September 21 5:57 AM20

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