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Ongame Network
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General Information

Owner/operatorAmaya Gaming
Headquarters location
Game server location
Software providerbwin Interactive Entertainment
Uncommon games offered5 Card Draw
Fast-Fold Hold'em
Real money ring game players
24 Hour Peak: 728
7 Day Average: 280
Now: 168

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Ongame Network has a weighted average rating of 2.7 out of 10 from a total of 65 reviewers

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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Wednesday, September 04, 2013 delayed payments6 out of 9 readers found this review helpful
GoalWin is a room that can not be trusted.
I have already a month pedimi withdrawal. and when I write to technical support, only replies with pretexts, but neck give solution.

I think they are just cheaters
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Saturday, January 05, 2013
Title:PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK22 out of 33 readers found this review helpful
Never EVER try and clear a bonus at Ongame. Any skin. This year I cleared 3 bonuses at Ongame on 2 different skins. From Feb-April I cleared $1000 at Betsafe and ran 35 BI below ev. After that I went on an absolutely insane turbo heater where I won 200 buyins in about 50 000 hands. Straight up, my graph looked like this \| Basically winning my money back. In the summer I cleared a $3000 bonus at Betsson and ran $3500 below ev playing 50 and 100NL. Almost 40 buyins below equity in total. No heater to follow. These extended downruns are so beyond statistically possible that something has to be up. I wish I could prove it so we could put them out of business.

I decided to give Ongame one more chance this year and cleared a $500 bonus at Betsafe again and ONCE AGAIN, went on an absolutely insane 150 000 hand dead/cooler run playing 20 and 30NL. So for the 500 000 hands I played at Ongame in 2012, I ran pathetically, absolutely dreadfully bad for roughly 400 000 of them. Either I am the worst running poker player in HISTORY, or something else is going on. I win at a decent clip up to 100NL, so in theory I should be able to destroy 20NL at one of the supposedly fishiest networks on the internet. However, not to be, most of the time I can't win a penny there.

I am absolutely positive that this network is fishy. During these extended runs, many patterns emerge. Whenever I see a flop with a big pair, it almost always contains one overcard. KK almost always an A on the flop. The amount of turned aces you see is also a little strange. I will be at a table of 75/4 fish or even worse and I will get positively no action with big pairs, or they will flop gin/3 outers. How can 2 or 3 people playing 75-85% of their hands ALWAYS fold when I have a premium pair, except if they're going to hit the nuts?

Another thing I noticed is how often these weird stat donks will shove total garbage and hit. For instance, I got it in 3 ways the other day with KK vs. AK and this fish first of all 3bet T7o and then min5bet. Here I am thinking he has AA but nope, T7o. You can guess what happened after that, him playing a hand like he has the nuts, and making the nuts, scooping a 300bb pot before returning to his limp fold style. You see this many times a day, but never see them shove trash and miss. A little odd.

The phenomena mentioned of runner runner straights flushes and boats is also a little sketchy. Runner straights and boats SHOULD happen about 5% of the time, but they are way too overly frequent here. A simple statistics analysis will prove this to be the case.

But ya the patterns definitely emerge when you take huge, absolutely impossible to win downswings on this site every time you clear a bonus. You either run like absolute dogsh--, like the worst run of cards and luck you can possibly imagine multiplied by two, or you run like god himself, winning every all in and just crushing everyone. There is no in between, and that is suspicious.
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Peak Traffic History
DateTime (Pacific)Peak Players
October 1112:59 PM524
October 1212:36 PM589
October 1312:29 PM630
October 1412:13 PM606
October 15 2:37 AM814
October 16 1:26 PM626
October 18 3:17 PM443
October 19 1:56 PM532
October 20 1:29 PM781
October 2112:04 PM692
October 22 8:16 AM890
October 23 1:24 PM658
October 24 1:16 PM728

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