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Ongame Network
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General Information

Owner/operatorAmaya Gaming
Headquarters location
Game server location
Software providerbwin Interactive Entertainment
Uncommon games offered5 Card Draw
Fast-Fold Hold'em
Real money ring game players
24 Hour Peak: 821
7 Day Average: 325
Now: 550

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Ongame Network has a weighted average rating of 2.8 out of 10 from a total of 35 reviewers

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Rating:2 / 10
Date:Thursday, July 09, 2009
Title:Yep, the software sucks25 out of 32 readers found this review helpful
Already in the previous software the CPU load was way too high on some computers, it took VERY long to fix some old bugs, and every update beetween made something worse. I can't understand why they didn't fire the software developers then, and now it seems they've even made a new software with the same crew. At least the quality of the software supports that belief.

I loved some things in the old software. I liked the looks of it, it was quite fast in a sense of hands dealt per hour, and there was 10 seats to sit in even in HU and 3 handed games. There was some annoyances in the functionality but in the end it came out pretty good. Just lobby still annoyed the hell out of me. (Used to be pretty good but they f***** the lobby up in one of their updates and left it that way.)

Now the new software ruined the looks and clarity for me and there's so much bugs and downtimes I've been too afraid to play a single real money hand on it. They've also f***** the lobby up even further, and I've read that money you have on tables when the software crashes vanishes from your account for several days. Who wants to worry if you're ever going to get your money back or not. Also the CPU load has gotten even higher compared to the old software.
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Monday, July 06, 2009
Title:I have no clue why anyone even bothers playing there anymore82 out of 107 readers found this review helpful
Since the introduction of the P5 engine, ongame sites have become unplayable. The software has been glitchy to say the least from the very first day and it's just gotten worse and worse. Only today, all running tournaments crashed simultaneously. Just this past weekend one of their major tournaments, The ChampionChip, froze a few minutes into it. Not to be re-started. It then takes 24-48 hours minimum to get refunded. And some must email the site and wait until they investigate before getting refunded, which can take much longer. Sitting at a cash game is a crap shoot, half the time you'll get booted and lose your buy-in. If you don't have exact details of how much you had and which table you were one, it will take forever to get your money back. The relative quality of players at ongame is irrelevant, you'd be lucky to make it through a tournament without either their servers crashing or the software freezing up your computer. I'm done with them, they clearly didn't bother doing sufficient beta testing. And clearly don't care about their poker clients.

The software had such promise, but their lack of foresight and lack of due diligence has negated that promise. I suspect they will lose at least half their customer base before any of the problems are addressed. It's been a sad ride for me since the P5's introduction having been a very loyal ongame user, but no more.
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Table Screenshot

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Peak Traffic History
DateTime (Pacific)Peak Players
December 1110:59 AM685
December 12 2:02 PM713
December 13 2:07 PM709
December 14 1:15 PM646
December 15 1:39 PM716
December 17 1:51 PM679
December 18 1:20 PM757
December 19 2:13 PM777
December 20 2:14 AM774
December 20 2:15 PM667
December 21 2:01 PM621
December 22 1:37 PM693
December 23 2:29 PM818
December 24 5:58 AM443

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