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General Information

Owner/operatorPKR Limited
Headquarters locationAlderney
Game server locationAlderney
Software providerPKR Limited
Uncommon games offeredNone
Real money ring game players
24 Hour Peak: 600
7 Day Average: 300
Now: 239

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Games in progress
3:22 AM

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PKR has a weighted average rating of 2.1 out of 10 from a total of 198 reviewers

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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Wednesday, February 05, 2014
Title:RIP OFF PKR24 out of 24 readers found this review helpful
this site looks great BUT THATS IT, no suport ask anna what a joke that is cant answer youre question
people dont speek english pkr do nothing
ive seen players sat out 15mins come back go allin the next 4 hands and win every hand WHATS THAT ALL ABOUT
it dose have every 2 hours a freeroll if thats youre thing
DONT MAKE A DEPOSIT YOU WILL BE ROBBED it only goes to pkr pro byeins
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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Friday, March 14, 2014
Title:Nothing Changes9 out of 9 readers found this review helpful
Had a long time away from this site as terrible. Came back nothing changes, still a pile of c**p. Superusers playing lots of tables with the same people on each table. Hmmm very fishy and do not miss with their junk. Crack on!!! Not me though see why the numbers are falling.
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Table Screenshot

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Peak Traffic History
DateTime (Pacific)Peak Players
April 5 2:37 PM587
April 6 1:37 PM634
April 7 2:36 PM715
April 8 2:06 PM708
April 9 2:16 PM561
April 1012:24 PM620
April 11 2:36 PM623
April 12 2:47 PM549
April 1312:21 PM561
April 1412:29 PM622
April 15 1:00 PM591
April 16 2:40 PM558
April 17 2:29 PM630
April 18 2:38 PM600

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None (independent)

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"Big name" players
Eleanor GudgerElz442
Marc BarillierWaswini
Scott ShelleyPKR_Scott
Simon HemsworthRhymenoceros
Vladimir GeshkenbeinBeyne
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