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General Information

Owner/operatorRational Group, a subsidiary of Amaya
Headquarters locationIsle of Man
Game server locationIsle of Man
Software providerRational Group, a subsidiary of Amaya
Uncommon games offered5 Card Draw
5 Card Omaha
5 Card Omaha Hi/Lo
Courchevel Hi/Lo
Fast-Fold Hold'em
Fast-Fold Omaha
Fast-Fold Omaha Hi/Lo
Other Mixed Games
Single Draw Lowball 2-7
Triple Draw Lowball 2-7
Real money ring game players
24 Hour Peak: 16523
7 Day Average: 10500
Now: 15215

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PokerStars has a weighted average rating of 3.2 out of 10 from a total of 335 reviewers

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Rating:1 / 10
Date:Tuesday, August 15, 2017
Title:Going Downhill at terminal velocity25 out of 25 readers found this review helpful
The Stars Group (Amaya) are ruining this once industry leading site. Be it bad reviews from disgruntled ex employees on employer review sites for the declining working environment and hoping to be in the next round of redundancies. To literally all of the value being taken away from players and syphoned off to shareholders demanding a profit.

The Halcyon days of what this site used to offer in terms of giving back to the players has all but disappeared. Unfortunately this place is now squeezed dry. Every game has been scrutinized by analysts looking to maximise profits, the worst part is they put a patronising spin on it and tell you whatever change is made (usually resulting in more rake) is in some way good for you.

It simply is not what it used to be and I look forward to other sites stepping up to the plate and surpassing this complacent shadow of what it used to be. Pokerstars has had its day :(


A recreational player
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Rating:No opinion
By:Daniel Deilgat
Date:Monday, July 24, 2017
Title:Is Cheating legal in the Isle of Man for Pokerstars?22 out of 24 readers found this review helpful
One way to catch cheaters is to cheat them.

Pokerstars protects the identity of all their players, including those they suspect of cheating.

In the Isle of Man, the gaming commission doesn't require a full audit of every shuffle be kept in the servers of Pokerstars or any other sites. What this should mean is that once the shuffle is done and before cards are distributed, a number from 1 to 52 is assigned to every single card. That numbers indicates the order of cards in any given deck after the random shuffle is finished but before the distribution at any given virtual table.

What that number does is it tells auditors when and where the cards were used. For example if you are the button on a nine player table, you first card would be #9 and your second card would be number 18. The next card would be burnt as #19 and the flop would be cards 20-21-22. Another burnt card- #23, the turn card would be #24 and finally, another burnt card- #25 and the river card and final card would be card #26.

Any cards after #26 should never come into play and should be inventoried and quarantined from the hand before the first bet is on the record.

According to sources at the Isle of Man Gaming Commission, it is impossible for the commission to ascertain if the cards that are not slated to be in play have been quarantined, and/or if a security mechanism exists to prevent anyone from using these cards to build a winning hand during play.

Furthermore, sources from Pokerstars claim there is no dedications of card per player before a hand is dealt but rather after the hand is completed, an inventory of whom got what card is generated only after the virtual hand is confirmed as closed.

So what that means is that Pokerstars can use any cards in the deck that hasn't been distributed to fabricate a winning hand against any cheaters or, any players.

There is no evidence of the inventory, assignment and distribution of cards before the hand is dealt.

Is Pokerstars using such methods to protect itself and to cheat cheaters? It is alleged they do.

Does the IoM Gaming Commission allow such security techniques? They have no clue that its taking place.

Is there evidence available that Pokerstars has done so? There is at least one individual that we know of, that claims to have the scripts of the software designed by Pokerstars employees.

A process is underway- we are told, to analyze the evidence with the goal of making it public since Pokerstars operates illegally in several jurisdictions and that therefore the public interest is best served through public declaration rather than selective and political judicial jurisdictions.

Until then, anyone playing at any poker sites should not gamble on any of these sites.

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September 1812:30 PM18402
September 1912:33 PM17875
September 2012:43 PM17498
September 2112:33 PM17752
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September 2312:49 PM16523

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