Summer Tournament Guide: A Complete Look at Major Upcoming International Poker Events

PokerScout offers players a complete summer guide to upcoming international poker tournament series.

More countries are opening up as the COVID pandemic becomes more under control. US players have several tournament series to look forward to in the coming months and not international players also have some options.

More international events are also popping up in the coming weeks. PokerScout offers players this guide to some upcoming international tournaments.

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Matchroom Poker (Adelaide)

From July 4-11, this property hosts the Matchroom Poker Challenge. The  $1,150 Main Event includes a $50,000 guaranteed first-place payout. 

Beyond the Main Event, Matchroom will host 10 other events and some highlights include:

  • $300 Opener (July 5) – $25,000 guarantee
  • $250 PLO/NLHE (July 6) – $5,000 guarantee
  • $75  Ladies Event (July 6) – $1,500 guarantee
  • $250 NLHE Freezeout (July 10) – $3,000 guaranteed for first

Here’s a look at the full series.

Matchroom Poker Challenge

July 4$200 NLHE Teams$200$10,000
July 5$150 NLHE Shot Clock Turbo$150$2,000
July 5$300 NLHE Opener$300$25,000
July 6$250 NLHE/PLO Switch$250$5,000
July 6$75 NLHE Ladies$75$1,500
July 7$300 NLHE$300$15,000
July 8$300 NLHE Six Max$300$15,000
July 8$200 NLHE Short Deck$200$2,000
July 9$1,150 NLHE Main Event$1,150$50,000 fr first
July 10$250 NLHE Freezout$250$3,000
July 11$180 NLHE Terminator$180$2,000


WPT Japan

Sammy Inc., Osaki Garden Tower Tokyo

The WPT is getting back in on the action internationally and will host an end of summer special event Sept 12-20

This event will be for invitees and qualifiers, and run by the Japan Poker Union. The Main Event guarantees a $91,500 WPT Passport to the winner.

Here’s a look at the Main Event schedule:

  • Sept. 12 – Main Event Day 1A, Tokyo
  • Sept. 12 – Main Event Day 1B, Osaka
  • Sept. 18 – Main Event Day 1C – Tokyo
  • Sept. 19 – Main Event Day 2
  • Sept. 20 – Main Event Day 3 (final day)

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Sochi Casino & Poker Club

Summer Poker Festival

The Sochi Russia Casino and Poker Club will be hosting an 888poker-sponsored series from July 17-26. The Summer Poker Festival features 18 events ranging in buy-in from $52 to $1,797.

888 promises a multi-day Main Event kicking off on July 21. Here’s a look at the championship event.

  • Starting Stack: 30,000
  • July 21 – Day 1A, 40-minute levels
  • July 22 – Day 1B, 35-minute levels
  • July 23 – Day 1C, 30-minute levels
  • July 23 – Day 1D (Turbo), 20-minute levels
  • July 24 Day 2 and beyonds, 40-minute levels and 20 minutes at heads-up

In addition to the cash, the Main Event champion wins a prize package to the next 888LIVE destination in 2021. 888poker is running Main Event satellites online starting at $33. Here’s a look at the complete schedule.

Casino Sochi 888poker Summer Poker Festival

Jul7 17₽31,080 NLHE$423
Jul 17₽35,000 NLHE Freezeout$476
Jul 17₽3,850 NLHE Ladies$52
Jul 18₽23,100 NLHE Deep Stack Bounty$314
Jul 20₽17,500 NLHE Deep Stack$238
Jul 21₽62,160 Main Event$845
Jul 21₽30,800 Pot-Limit Omaha Bounty$419
Jul 22₽132,160 NLHE$1,797
Jul 22₽23,100 NLHE Win the Button$314
Jul 23₽35,000 NLHE Bounty$476
Jul 23₽35,000 NLHE Bounty$476
Jul 24₽19,250 NLHE Turbo$262
Jul 24₽30,800 NLHE Deep Stack$419
Jul 25₽46,200 NLHE Bounty$628
Jul 25₽35,000 Pot-Limit Omaha$476
Jul 26₽62,160 NLHE Turbo$845
Jul 26₽35,000 NLHE Deep Stack Bounty$476
Jul 26₽11,550 NLHE All In or Fold Bounty$157


Sochi Casino also hosts the WPTDeepStacks tour from Aug. 9-14 in partnership with partypoker. Players will find a ₽119,000 ($1,635) championship.

Players will find four starting flights and here’s a look at the schedule for the Main Event.

  • Aug. 9 – Day 1A (registration open until Day 2)
  • Aug. 10 – Day 1B
  • Aug. 11 – Day 1C
  • Aug. 11 – Day 1D (Turbo)
  • Aug. 12 – Day 2
  • Aug. 13 – Day 3
  • Aug. 14 – Final day

United Kingdom

Grosvenor UK Poker Tour

TheGUKPT will be hosting a few events this summer. The GUKPT has three stops currently on the summer schedule along with a main event at each one.

The tour will offer qualifiers all summer long. Players can win their seats online or live at participating casinos. Here’s a look at the summer events and complete 2021 schedule.

Grosvenor UK Poker Tour 2021

DateLegLocationBuy-inMain Event guarantee
July 15-251The Poker Room London£1,350$200,00
Aug. 5-152BNR Manchester£1,350TBD
Aug. 29 – Sept. 53Edinburgh£750TBD
Sept. 16-264Leeds£750TBD
Oct. 7-175Luton£1,350TBD
Oct. 28 – Nov. 76Blackpool£1,350TBD
Nov. 21 – Dec. 5Grand FinalThe Poker Room London£2,000TBD

Ba Da Bing: Nick Binger Talks Solvers, Poker Strategy, and Becoming a Better Player

LearnWPT lead instructor recently spoke with PokerScout about solvers, strategy, and some of his current projects.

The poker film The Cincinnati Kid features a quick scene where the main character is preparing for the big game. Steve McQueen’s character Eric Stoner is studying a handwritten statistical chart and packs it in his bag.

Advanced knowledge like this was held close to the vest among top players of the time. However, today information, data, and charts flow freely online. There are countless YouTube videos, articles, and books to help poker players better their skills.

Poker strategies are constantly changing as the game continues to evolve. Top players currently use programs called “solvers” to help figure out the best optimal outcomes when in certain difficult spots. 

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Poker pro Nick Binger knows the ins and outs of solvers and the evolution of poker strategy firsthand. He’s currently the lead instructor at LearnWPT, the official training site of the World Poker Tour. Binger recently spoke with PokerScout about solvers, strategy, and some of his current projects.

Learning the online poker ropes in Europe

A graduate of the University of North Carolina, Binger first jumped into poker while traveling through Europe after college. He began his instruction background by teaching English in a small town in Austria.

However, Binger later needed extra ways to make money after he couldn’t secure a work visa. His brother introduced him to online poker and the game seemed like a nice way to score some funds. Binger found some success and never looked back.

“My brother convinced me that I should get into online poker even though I had never really played poker before, since the boom was just starting,” he says. “This was the end of 2004, so the timing was perfect.” 

Since the days of teaching in Austria, Binger has more than $2.3 million in live tournament winnings. This includes multiple final tables and two World Series of Poker bracelets. He’s one of only a handful of players to win a bracelet online and live. 

Those early days teaching have served him well. Binger now creates content for LearnWPT, helping to instruct the site’s students.

LearnWPT lead instructor Nick Binger with WPT commentator Vince Van Patten.

Growing the world of poker education

LearnWPT works to bring quality training content for online and live players. The subscription-based service offers content to those of all levels.

The platform also partners with the partypoker US Network. Players on the network in New Jersey and Michigan can access exclusive content to work on their skills.

The site sponsored the partypoker Online Series Main Event in NJ on March 28. The final table streamed live on the new LearnWPT Twitch channel.

That included offering strategy advice and commentary from bracelet winners Tony Dunst (also a WPT commentator)  and Andrew Lichtenberger. Both also coach at LearnWPT. The training site tries to be a one-stop shop for becoming a better player.

“You can watch strategy episodes from top players, get coaching, play on the WPT GTO Trainer, and can run your own simulations on a solver,” Binger says.

As far as solvers go, Binger puts the GTO Trainer against any on the market.

“Learn WPT has the largest database of solved hands in the world,” he says. “Students can simply play through hands on the trainer and get instant feedback on every decision they make. We’ve done the work of building the game trees, ranges, and processing the solutions for over four billion decision points.

Binger uses solvers for his own skills and has seen his own gains. These high-tech programs have become a major part of poker education.

“Solvers have absolutely improved my game and the way we teach poker at LearnWPT,” he says. “They allow you to explore strategy at a level not possible before solvers. This is especially true for the concept of range versus range play.”

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Perfecting the game via technology

Players have been trying to put opponents “on hands” since the game’s early days. But Binger explains how solvers took a large network of hands and put them into ranges.

“A long time ago, people played poker hand versus hand, meaning they knew their hand and guessed their opponent’s hand, then played accordingly,” he says. “That’s a very basic way to play and will result in you losing to more advanced players.”

All this also applies to online poker players as well. An online rounder can gauge an opponent’s strength by taking into consideration what that player is likely to have.

“After the beginning of the Moneymaker era, the idea of playing your specific hand against an opponent’s range of hands became prevalent among professionals,” Binger says. “This improved play significantly and good players had a significant edge simply by applying this concept.

“After the advent of solvers a few years ago, tough players now consider their range against the range of the other player and how the board interacts with both in every hand they play. This would not have been possible to truly explore without solvers.

Binger continues to study the game and produce content to help teach up-and-coming players. He considers solvers and GTO as musts for players looking to get to the next level. 

“I think learning the concepts and principles that underpin GTO strategy are a must for any serious poker player that wants to win in the long term.“

* photos courtesy WPT

Geolocation Bug Could Leave Some WSOP Players Out of Action 

A geolocation bug may leave some Mac users out of action at

Players on may want to put that new Macbook purchase or software upgrade on hold. The latest operating system is causing geolocation issues where some players may not be able to play.

Some New Jersey and Nevada residents received an email on Oct. 8 from the WSOP Support Operations Management Team. The message read:

You have been identified as having accessed from a MAC device within the last 6 months. Please be advised that the release of the latest version of Mac OS, Catalina (10.15) was recently deployed and may affect your accessibility to our platform. If you upgrade or upgraded to Catalina (10.15) you may be unable to be geo-located even if you are located within the jurisdiction that allows online gaming due to a Mac OS bug.” 

Mac OS Catalina (10.15), the operating system for Apple desktop and Macbooks, was released Oct. 7.  This is the 16th major release for the platform. 

What’s the problem affecting poker players?

The geolocation technology issue isn’t just a problem. Other online casinos have reported similar issues.

On Oct. 9, a similar email was sent to NJ customers from Golden Nugget Casino identifying the same bug. Even though the site doesn’t have a poker site, this may affect online casino players. The Golden Nugget noted to customers: 

“The market wide geolocation technology partner is currently working as quickly as possible on a fix to work around Apple’s handling of geolocation information through a browser, which abruptly caused this bug to manifest.”

Golden Nugget offered these recommendations for users:

  • Refrain from updating to Mac OS 10.15 Catalina until the issue can be resolved.
  • For those who have already updated, the company advised using mobile or Windows OS devices to play.

Those don’t leave a lot of options for NJ players with the software upgrade.

A poorly timed, unexpected frustration

Geolocation allows online betting platforms to make sure a player is within the state. New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada sites use a company called GeoComply for this service.

Geolocation is similar to GPS that can pinpoint a player’s coordinates using an IP address and nearby wifi signals.

NJ recreational poker player Ross Gottlieb plays on a Mac and is planning accordingly so he can keep playing.

“I’m just not going to do the update for as long as possible,” he said. 

The timing is not great for many players. is currently running its Fall Online Poker Championships through Oct. 20. The event features a total of $1 million in guarantees.

Macs make up about 10% of the PC market share.  It remains to be seen what effect this bug will have on the series’ player pool.

partypoker POWERFEST Crushing Guarantees With Another Big Week Ahead

2019 partypoker POWERFEST

The 10th edition of the partypoker POWERFEST began last week, and the tournament is putting up some impressive numbers.

The series kicked off by running 25 tournaments on the first day with buy-ins ranging from $5.50 to $5,200.

Just about every guarantee was crushed as players came out in droves trying to score big. “DaslstMirWurst” and “UniqueDNA” were among the big winners of the day.

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partypoker POWERFEST week-one highlights

“DaslstMirWurst” took down partypoker POWERFEST #04-HR, $2,100 $400,000 Guaranteed PKO. He collected $32,728 for his win. The real feat, however, is the $50,000 in bounties he added to his winnings for a total score of over $82k.

“DaslstMirWurst” battled “vaueffell” heads up to collect the last bounty of the day. Team partypoker pro Roberto Romanello also hit a nice payday when he won $17,237 + $3,281 in bounties for his fourth-place finish.

“UniqueDNA” dominated play in Event #02-HR, $1,050 $300,000 Guaranteed Deep. He pocketed $73,332 for his efforts after surviving a heads-up battle with “bybyblyat.”

However, it was ‘PauliBet’ who took home the biggest prize of the day after winning Event #03-SHR, $5,200 NLH $500,000 Guaranteed. He earned a $154,000 paycheck for his efforts after outlasting a field of 163 players.

It wasn’t an easy road for “PauliBet” as he battled the likes of Team partypoker members Sam Trickett and Renato Nomura to become the last man standing.

partypoker pros represented on the leaderboard as well. “Patrick_Leonard” came out on top in Event #14-H, $150,000 Guaranteed Big Antes PKO. After making a deal with eventual runner-up “TJQKAKQJT,” he pocketed $24,000, $10,000 for first place and $14,000 in bounties.

More partypoker POWERFEST to come

After an impressive week one, the party is just getting started. There are still over 125 events on the partypoker POWERFEST schedule spread out over four levels of play:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High Roller
  • Super High Roller

Mark your calendars for Aug. 8 when the biggest tournament of the series takes place. partypoker POWERFEST Event #57-SHR, $25,500 NLH $2 Million Guaranteed will include the biggest names in poker.

If $25,000 is above your paygrade, partypoker has several low buy-ins during the day, so you can grind and watch the best of the best do their thing.

partypoker POWERFEST Championship Sunday

The series concludes on Aug. 11, Championship Sunday with eight major events on the schedule. Buy-ins range from $11 to $2,100 for the Main Events in both PKO and PLO.

DateTime (ET)Event nameGuaranteeBuy-in
Sunday, Aug. 112:00 p.m.Powerfest #74-HR: $750K Gtd
[Championship Event, PKO]
Sunday, Aug. 112:00 p.m.Powerfest #74-H: $500K Gtd
[Championship Event, PKO]
Sunday, Aug. 112:00 p.m.Powerfest #74-M: $150K Gtd
[Championship Event, PKO]
Sunday, Aug. 112:00 p.m.Powerfest #74-L: $50K Gtd
[Championship Event, PKO]
Sunday, Aug. 112:30 p.m.Powerfest #75-HR: $250K Gtd
[PLO Championship Event]
Sunday, Aug. 112:30 p.m.Powerfest #75-H: $100K Gtd
[PLO Championship Event]
Sunday, Aug. 112:30 p.m.Powerfest #75-M: $25K Gtd
[PLO Championship Event]
Sunday, Aug. 112:30 p.m.Powerfest #75-L: $10K Gtd
[PLO Championship Event]

Looking for somewhere to brag or to get that bad-beat story off your chest? Tell partypoker your POWERFEST story on social media using the hashtag #POWERFEST.

Image courtesy of partypoker.

partypoker POWERFEST: 275 Events With $28 Million Guaranteed

2019 partypoker POWERFEST

The biggest online summer poker tournament series is here.

The 10th edition of partypoker POWERFEST began on July 28 and has a full schedule of events through Sunday, Aug. 11.

The series includes 275 online tournaments events and has over $28 million in guarantees.

This online poker tournament is special because it includes buy-ins for every level of player. There are four levels of buy-ins ranging from as low as $5.50 up to the $25,500.00 for the Super High Roller Event.

There’s a party going on right here

Coming off the summer grind in Las Vegas, poker players find comfort settling back into their online routines. And with two weeks of non-stop action, partypoker is the place to be.

partypoker POWERFEST hosts both No-Limit Hold’Em and Pot-Limit Omaha events. In fact, there are 1.9 million dollars in guarantees on PLO events alone.

Every day there are 77 unique tournaments that include:

  • Low buy-ins
  • Medium buy-ins
  • High buy-ins
  • Super High Roller events

Additionally, players are flocking to the daily $320 buy-in POWERFEST event that has a guaranteed prize pool of at least $75,000.

If $320 is above your bankroll, don’t worry partypoker is running daily satellites into the event.

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partypoker POWERFEST Championship Sunday

It wouldn’t be a major poker series if we didn’t have a Championship Sunday.

Of the 275 tournaments, eight are Championship Events scheduled for Aug. 11. Each POWERFEST Championship Event sports big guarantees and awards a custom trophy to show off to family and friends.

Buy-ins for the Championship events range from $11 to $2,100. Below is the Championship Event schedule.

DateTime (ET)Event nameGuaranteeBuy-in
Sunday, Aug. 112:00 p.m.Powerfest #74-HR: $750K Gtd
[Championship Event, PKO]
Sunday, Aug. 112:00 p.m.Powerfest #74-H: $500K Gtd
[Championship Event, PKO]
Sunday, Aug. 112:00 p.m.Powerfest #74-M: $150K Gtd
[Championship Event, PKO]
Sunday, Aug. 112:00 p.m.Powerfest #74-L: $50K Gtd
[Championship Event, PKO]
Sunday, Aug. 112:30 p.m.Powerfest #75-HR: $250K Gtd
[PLO Championship Event]
Sunday, Aug. 112:30 p.m.Powerfest #75-H: $100K Gtd
[PLO Championship Event]
Sunday, Aug. 112:30 p.m.Powerfest #75-M: $25K Gtd
[PLO Championship Event]
Sunday, Aug. 112:30 p.m.Powerfest #75-L: $10K Gtd
[PLO Championship Event]

partypoker POWERFEST Super High Rollers

What online poker tournament series is complete these days without a Super High Roller event?

Well, partypoker POWERFEST puts the super in Super High Roller with 10 events guaranteeing $7.8 million in prize money.

Four of these events alone have over $1 million guaranteed.

Look for the ultimate Super High Roller on Aug. 8th. partypoker POWERFEST Event #57, $25,500 Super High Roller Event kicks off at noon ET and will set the standard for big buy-in online tournaments going forward.

partypoker is putting up a $2.5 million guarantee on this prestigious event. Even if you don’t have the bankroll to take a seat, watching the best of the best battle it out on the virtual felt will surely provide quality entertainment.

DateTime (ET)Event nameGuaranteeBuy-in
Sunday, July 28NoonPowerfest #03-SHR: $500K Gtd$500,000$5,200
Tuesday, July 302:00 p.m.Powerfest #13-SHR: $500K Gtd [PKO]$500,000$5,200
Thursday, Aug. 1NoonPowerfest #22-SHR: $1M Gtd$1,000,000$10,300
Thursday, Aug. 12:00 p.m.Powerfest #23-SHR: $400K Gtd [PLO, 6-Max]$400,000$5,200
Sunday, Aug. 4NoonPowerfest #38-SHR: $500K Gtd$500,000$5,200
Tuesday, Aug. 62:00 p.m.Powerfest #48-SHR: $500K Gtd [PKO]$500,000$5,200
Thursday, Aug. 8NoonPowerfest #57-SHR: $2M Gtd$2,000,000$25,500
Thursday, Aug. 82:00 p.m.Powerfest #58-SHR: $400K Gtd [PLO, 6-Max]$400,000$5,200
Sunday, Aug. 11NoonPowerfest #73-SHR: $1M Gtd$1,000,000$10,300
Sunday, Aug. 111:00 p.m.Powerfest Phased #04-SHR: $1M Gtd [Final]$1,000,000$5,200

Spin it to win it

One thing partypoker does well is providing opportunities for online poker players to build their bankroll and earn tournament tickets through unique ways.

That is true for the POWERFEST series with SPINS.

SPINS are fast-paced, three-handed Sit & Go tournaments. The prize pool is determined by the SPINS multiplier, giving players a chance to turn $5 into a POWERFEST ticket worth up to $1,050.

SPINS are running through the end of the series.

Here is the breakdown of SPINS multipliers and prizes.

Multiplier1st Place PrizeFrequency in 1M Games
2$10 Cash754285
4.4$22 Powerfest Ticket187015
6.6$33 Powerfest Ticket54540
11$55 Powerfest Ticket3000
21.8$109 Powerfest Ticket1000
64$320 Powerfest Ticket100
106$530 Powerfest Ticket50
210$1,050 Powerfest Ticket10

As you can see, there is something for everyone at partypoker POWERFEST. Right now, there is no better place to be poker trophy hunting.

Time to Prove You GOAT What It Takes at Global Poker

GOAT Tournament on Global Poker

It’s probably no surprise that Global Poker is one of the fastest growing online sites in America.

One way the company has grown its audience is by introducing several big online tournament series with solid guarantees.

Previous tournament series include:

  • Eagle Cup
  • Grizzly Games
  • Rattlesnake Open

Well, the team from Global Poker is at it again with its newest series: The GOAT.

Do you have what it takes to be the GOAT?

So what makes this series bold enough to use the word GOAT?  Well, for starters the poker series comes out boasting a guarantee of over SC$1,000,000 in real cash prizes.

Besides winning hard-cold cash for taking down some of these tournaments, all winners get some swag and hardware as well.

Both Gold Coin and $weeps Cash™ winners will take home a Champion Pack in addition to their prize money.

The pack includes:

  • Exclusive Global Poker t-shirt
  • Global Poker hat
  • Inscribed GOAT trophy

Overall, 156 trophies will be handed out. Be honest, who doesn’t want a Goat trophy on their mantle place?

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Texas Hold'em Ring Games, Tourneys, and SNGs
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GOAT tournament details

The Goat Global series runs from July 28 until Aug. 18, 2019. It has multiple events each day and is designed to capture everyone’s attention, regardless of their bankroll.

The Goat tournament series has low, medium and high buy-ins ranging from SC$3.30 all the way up to SC$218.

The Main Event shuffle up and deals on Sunday, Aug. 18, 2019, at 5:30 p.m. The Main Event High is an SC$218 buy-in deep stack with an SC$100,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Click here for the full GOAT tournament series schedule on Global Poker.

Win your way to the GOAT title

If your bankroll took a hit after Las Vegas this year, don’t worry Global Poker has you covered.

They will have satellites to each event, some starting for as little as SC$0.55. Furthermore, Global Poker has play money, known as Gold Coins, and freerolls will be running there as well.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 3 at noon EST. Global will be running random freerolls through 8 p.m., including an SC$2,500 guaranteed and three SC $500 freerolls.

They will post registration information one hour prior to the tournament, so pay attention.

Altogether, the tournament series will have GC180,000,000 in guarantees.

When signing up through our link, you will get 5000 practice coins for free to try and win your own GOAT trophy.

Global gold coins can not be cashed out for real money but can be used in all poker tournament games on the site.

Global Poker’s GOAT Tournament of Champions

Now there is only one question left. When the tournament series ends, who will be the real GOAT?

That question will be answered on the felt at The GOAT Tournament of Champions.

On Sunday, Aug. 25, 2019, 2 p.m. EST, Global Poker will offer an exclusive tournament for all Global Goat winners and runner ups.

There will be SC$10,000 guaranteed in prizes and a grand prize that includes a buy-in of your choice to a live event representing Global Poker worth up to $5,000!

It wouldn’t be a tournament series without a few prop bets. A couple of notorious online Global Poker grinders have already taken to the twitter streets to flaunt their future victories.

Poker Jermz” in a tweet below has challenged the “Golden Blazer” to a bet that will include who can rack up the most trophies.

Jermz will be streaming GOAT tournaments live on PlayUSA’s twitch channel. Follow along. Who knows you may be watching the GOAT.

Get 5000 practice coins for free and earn start earning your GOAT trophy.

How Global Poker Heads-Up SnGs Could Mean More Money In Your Pocket

One of the most crucial moments in a poker tournament is the heads-up battle at the end. In that spirit, Global Poker has unveiled a new game variant – Heads-Up Sit N’ Gos, or heads-up SnGs.

The update comes due to the fact that Global Poker has been receiving multiple requests for heads-up poker from its player pool. Heads-up poker exists in a sort of limbo for many tournament players.

On the one hand, tournament players often spend the least amount of time practicing their heads-up poker play. Ironically, however, heads-up play can often generate positive expected value with regard to pay jumps at the end of the tournament. 

So, Global Poker’s addition of heads-up poker play is a welcome addition. It will allow players to develop an often overlooked part of their game.

How to play Global Poker’s Heads-up SnGs

Heads-up SnGs are the purest form of 1-on-1 battles for poker players. Each player begins with the same amount of chips, and play proceeds like a normal tournament.

Blinds increase every few minutes, and the game continues until one player has all the chips in play. Unsurprisingly, the payouts are for the victors only.

So, Global Poker’s Heads-Up Sit N’ Gos afford players the option to learn how to play mano e mano from the comfort of their living rooms. As a result, players can develop the skills to make that big pay day jump and take down the hardware.

Find these new tournaments by visiting Global Poker’s Sit-n-Go tab. A quick search should display all the available game options.

Players can choose from a wide variety of buy-in options. Heads-up battles with buy-ins as high as SC$53.50 are available.

For those who might still feel a bit nervous, Global Poker is also offering heads-up SnGs for Gold Coins players. This second currency costs nothing, but will allow players to test their games in a safe environment. 

Eat a hoagie with me

For the rest of July, I will be testing my own skills in the heads-up arena. Every Wednesday night, I will be streaming heads up battles on Global Poker through my Twitch stream.

Tune in to watch and learn how the site works. Feel free to ask any questions in chat about the site and games.

As a bonus, I will be giving away free $weeps Cash prizes to followers of the channel that are valid for play on Global Poker’s sister site, Chumba Casino.

Or, if you are brazen enough, you can challenge “ EataHoagie “ to an online heads-up match. Of course, I will stream your eventual defeat, too. See you then!

What PartyPoker NJ’s Click And Win Means For Your Sunday Plans

Online poker players around the world know that Sunday means hours of grinding for the week’s best prize pools. Now, Party Poker NJ is adding a little bonus to the first day of the week. Every Sunday, you can “Click and Win.”

How Click and WIn works

After you log in, proceed to the promotions section to opt in. From there, click your card to reveal your personal prize.

Prizes include casino bonuses, poker reload bonuses, and slot prizes for selected players. Each click card is a winner.

After you win, the bonus will appear in your account. Claim it within three days or it goes away.

One other thing to bear in mind about Click and Win is the playthrough requirement. Players must wager 35 times the amount of the prize in order to release it.

Furthermore, they will only have 3 days to do it. So, make sure to set aside some time if you plan to redeem this bonus.

Nevertheless, it’s free money that PartyPoker is leaving on the ground for you. Make sure to pick it up, if you can.

Partypoker NJ is the place to be on Sundays

Sundays in New Jersey are quite underrated. However, on Partypoker NJ, there is always something to do.

For one thing, the site offers a $55 buy-in no-limit hold’em tournament at 4 p.m. This tournament, dubbed the Sunday Starter, carries a $3,000 guarantee.

The Sunday Starter is a nice warm up tournament for the big event. Each Sunday, PartyPoker NJ hosts a weekly $215 clash that guarantees a prizepool of $35,000. 

Finally, Party Poker NJ is offering a $400 super satellite to the Borgata Summer Open Championship. Each Sunday, this 7:40 p.m. satellite will send lucky winners to the big dance in Atlantic City.

The Borgata Summer Open Championship is a $2,700 buy-in tournament with a $1 million guaranteed prizepool. That kind of guarantee means that lifechanging money is going in someone’s pocket at Borgata. 

Play on Sundays at PartyPoker NJ, and it could be yours!

Why 888Poker Should Grab Your Attention Right Now

888Poker is going all-out this year. The entire 888Poker Squad will be coming to Las Vegas to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the WSOP, and there are some great WSOP packages up for grabs. 

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is the most recognizable poker event in the entire world. Hundreds of thousands of players make a summer pilgrimage to the Rio in order to hunt for the famous gold bracelets.

888Poker has an existing connection to WSOP, in that the two sites share a network in New Jersey. So, it’s probably not a surprise that 888Poker is piggybacking onto the tremendous wave of interest that follows the annual tournament series.

However, this year marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the World Series of Poker. So, the site is bringing its entire 888Poker Squad to Las Vegas to celebrate.

The Squad is a group of top notch 888 ambassadors. Its members include:

  • 2014 Main Event Winner Martin Jacobson
  • Poker announcer Kara Scott
  • Online poker legend Chris Moorman
  • Dominik Nitsche
  • Vivian Saliba
  • Ana Marquez
  • Sofia Lovgren

888Poker is offering exclusive qualifiers online to give players a shot at hanging out with this group of poker celebrities. There’s no doubt that the winners will receive a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

With a Verified Account. PLUS get a $40 Gold Coin Package for $20 on purchase
US Players Accepted
Daily FREE Sweeps Coins Just For Logging In
Texas Hold'em Ring Games, Tourneys, and SNGs
Redeemable For Cash Prizes

888Poker Main Event Packages

888Poker is a WSOP Main Event sponsor again this year. So, the site is going to offer an exclusive Main Event package on its site.

The Squad package is worth $12,600 in terms of a cash value. It includes:

  • Main Event $10,000 buy in
  • 6 free nights at the luxurious Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas
  • $1000 for travel and expenses
  • Shuttle service back and forth to the Rio
  • Dinner on the first night of the Main Event
  • Vdara welcome session
  • 888Poker Live Kit
  • Meet and Greet with some of the top players in the world.

Some of the elite squad members will also host private training sessions as a cherry on top of the deal. The squad member prize winner that lasts the longest in the 2019 Main Event will also win a $12,600 package to the 2020 WSOP Main Event.

How to Qualify for the 888Poker Squad Packages

888Poker is awarding packages through the Sunday $1050 Main Event Package Qualifier tournament. This qualifier runs every Sunday at 20:30 GMT.

If $1050 is a little too much for your bankroll, don’t worry. There are multiple lower buy in events that can help get you on the road to the Sunday Qualifier. Some are even available for just 1 cent!

For instance, each day at 20:01 GMT there is a $16.50 satellite that can get you into the Sunday $109. In turn, the Sunday $109 event runs every Sunday at 17:12 GMT and guarantees 5 seats directly to the $1050 Main Event Qualifier.

The WSOP is back at the Rio and bigger than ever

After earlier speculation to the contrary, the WSOP will be back at the Rio again this year. The 50th WSOP begins on May 28 and runs until July 16.

A few new additions have been added to the WSOP lineup this year, including an event called the Big 50, which will commemorate the WSOP’s anniversary.

The Big 50 is a $500 buy-in no-limit event with a $5 million dollar guaranteed prize pool. First prize for this tournament will be a cool $1 million.

Even better, every player’s initial entry is rake free. The first flight for the Big 50 will occur on May 31. 

The WSOP expects record numbers again this year, due in part to sites like 888Poker running these great package deals. Make sure not to miss out and get into the action with 888Poker.