Feel The Rush: GGPoker Debuts Fun New Rush & Cash Game

Players who crave more action at a quicker pace or have a short attention span can find both at GGPoker.  GGPoker has introduced its players to some rapid poker action with the debut of the “Rush & Cash” poker format.

The site presents a unique take with its version of fast-fold poker.  Rush & Cash features no waiting between hands, offers plenty of fun and excitement and a shot at some big rewards.

Don’t wait! Try Rush & Cash today!

How Rush & Cash works

Rush & Cash mostly operates like a traditional Texas Hold’em game. However, things change when players fold. Players can click the “Rush” button and immediately play another hand against different opponents.

Players don’t even have to wait for the previous hand to play out to switch tables.

Cash Drops add an extra layer of appeal for Rush & Cash

GGPoker has also thrown in some added value for players as well. Special “Cash Drops” reward Rush players with the equivalent of 65 percent rakeback. So, for players who choose this format, there is a nice, extra financial incentive.

At the beginning of randomly selected hands, chips rain down onto the table and go directly into the pot. Players can win amounts from 10 to 500 big blinds.

The smaller Cash Drops will go into the pot of the current hand. GGPoker will divide the larger Drops among all players at the table and add the funds directly to each player’s stack. So, players gain an excellent chance at building that bankroll.

Get in on the Rush & Cash action

Ready to give Rush & Cash a shot? Here a few things to keep in mind:

  • A player can “Rush” to a new table any time, even if it’s not his or her turn to act, as long as that player is facing a bet.
  • GGPoker seats players randomly for each hand in Rush & Cash
  • On the other hand, all players will be seated on the button an equal number of times the more they play.
  • Rush & Cash games do come with all-in insurance.
  • Players may not run multiple boards in these poker games.
  • Traditional small and big blind rotations are not used in Rush & Cash games. Each player pays an ante, and the player on the button pays a “button blind.”
  • All Rush & Cash games are played in renminbi (¥), but players can enter the game with a US dollar balance. Dollars will be converted automatically into renminbi as players enter Rush & Cash games.

The blind/ante breakdown

Button BlindBuy-inRake Per Hand
¥0.10¥5 – ¥251/6 Button Blind per Player
¥1¥50 – ¥150
¥10¥500 – ¥1500

No rake will be taken from hands with 5 or less players!

Get in on the Rush & Cash action today!

PokerStars Is Challenging You To Hit The Golden Button

PokerStars NJ is rewarding New Jersey players who demonstrate persistence. That’s why players who hang on and complete their puzzles in the Golden Button Challenge may win $20,000 — every day.

How the Golden Button Challenge works

To get started, simply log into a valid PokerStars NJ account. Proceed to the Challenges Window, and opt into the Challenge.

Then, start playing. Make sure to sit at a table with at least four players.

Every time you get dealt an ace, pay attention. If you can win the hand, you’ll match a regular ace on the puzzle.

Pay special attention to the game if you’re dealt an ace on the button. A winning hand from that position will match one of the golden aces on your puzzle.

Complete the challenge, and you’re guaranteed a win. You will receive a random cash prize of up to $20,000.

The best part is that these prizes come with absolutely no playthrough requirement. You will be able to keep your winnings the instant you receive them.

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The fine print on the Golden Button Challenge

The Golden Button Challenge is currently running on PokerStars NJ. It will continue as an active promotion until Feb. 17.

The challenge will come with a minimum buy-in level. However, that level will be based on your historical gameplay and activity.

You must opt into the challenge before you begin playing. Any hands played before then won’t count toward the puzzle.

You can only receive a maximum of one puzzle piece per hand. The prize will only release once you complete the entire challenge.

However, there’s not much else to this promotion. Go check it out as soon as you can.

Enough about NJ; when is PokerStars heading to PA?

The question that people keep asking is about how soon PokerStars will make a move into Pennsylvania. PA poker players are hungry for the worldwide leader to open shop in the Keystone State.

So far, there is nothing to indicate a change to the previous timeframe. PokerStars has its approval from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board in hand and looks to launch sometime in the next couple of months.

Unfortunately, the recent Department of Justice opinion on the Wire Act has thrown the entire industry off its game. The prevailing wisdom right now is that all interested parties should wait to see how the DOJ instructs its prosecutors to proceed.

Until that happens, it seems unlikely that PokerStars will launch in PA, regardless of any other challenges it might have. But, for right now, there’s no reason to panic. PokerStars will be coming to PA soon enough.