Partypoker MILLIONS Online Returns with Huge Payouts; KO Series Main Events Wrap Up

After record-breaking prize pools in two previous editions, partypoker’s MILLIONS Online returns in February. The festival runs Feb. 13 to March 9 with 28 events and features $17.55 million guaranteed.

In recent years, the MILLIONS series has become one of partypoker LIVE’s most successful tours. The online version is designed to replicate the live poker experience as much as possible. Just like in a live tournament, real names are used at the tables.

Partypoker is also again making it easy for players of every bankroll to get in the action with numerous satellites. There should be plenty of action for all kinds of players.

“We’re extremely proud to be hosting yet another online leg of the world-renowned MILLIONS tour,” partypoker’s head of poker room management Chris Donnachie said in a news release.

“The satellite framework this year has been designed with a view to make both the Main Event and Mini Main Event even more accessible to players of all buy-in levels.”

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Highlights from partypoker MILLIONS

The $5,300 Main Event highlights the MILLIONS Online series with a $5 million guaranteed prize pool. Day 1A kicks off Feb. 21 with Day 1B on Feb. 28. There will then be three more days of play with the final table set for March 3.

On top of the first-place cash, the winner also receives a trophy to mark his or her achievement. Benjamin “frenchsniperr” Chalot walked away with the top prize of $2.3 million in the last MILLIONS Online Main Event. All four top finishers claimed seven-figure prizes.

Players with smaller bankrolls also can look forward to several smaller buy-in events. The series begins with Day 1A of the $1,100 Mini Main Event on Feb. 13 with a $1 million guarantee.

Two flights will be held on consecutive days before three more days of action. That culminates in the final table playing out on Feb. 17.

Mini Main Event qualifiers start at just one cent, with 20 seats currently offered in satellite finals on Sundays. The centrolls feed into $1.10 and $11 phases with no direct buy-in to the phase tournament finals.

Players can look forward to several other big events. A few of those on the schedule include:

  • $1,050 Opener – A two-day Progressive Knockout (PKO) event running Feb. 19-21, with a $500,000 guarantee.
  • $1,600 NLHE Six-Max Knockout – A two-day event on Feb. 17 with a $250,000 guarantee.
  • $1,050 NLHE Warmup – This two-day PKO event with $500,000 guaranteed features three starting flights beginning on Feb. 26.
  • $1,050 NLHE Closer – One of the final events with three starting flights beginning March 5. The PKO event features $500,000 guaranteed.
  • High Rollers – The series features several big buy-in events including a $102,000 Mega High Roller with a $3 million guarantee.

Here’s a look at the complete schedule.

partypoker MILLIONS Online 2021

DateEventBuy-InTournamentGuaranteeDayFormatNumber of days
Feb. 13#01$1,100Mini Main Event$1,000,000Day 1A8-Max[3-Day Event + FT Wednesday]
Feb. 14#01$1,100Mini Main Event-Day 1B8-Max[3-Day Event + FT Wednesday]
Feb. 15#01-Mini Main Event-Day 28-Max[3-Day Event + FT Wednesday]
Feb. 15#02$530Mini Second Chance$50,000-8-Max[1-Day Event]
Feb. 16#01-Mini Main Event-Day 38-Max[3-Day Event + FT Wednesday]
Feb. 16#03$10,3006-Max High Roller$500,000-6-Max[1-Day Event]
Feb. 16#04$5,2006-Max High Roller Turbo$200,000-6-Max[1-Day Event]
Feb. 17#01-Mini Main Event-Final Table8-Max-
Feb. 17#05$1,6006-Max Knockout$250,000Day 16-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
Feb. 18#06$3,200Omaha High Roller$150,000-7-Max[1-Day Event]
Feb. 19#07$1,050Opener$500,000Day 1A6-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
Feb. 20#07$1,050Opener-Day 1B6-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
Feb. 21#07$1,050Opener-Day 1C6-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
Feb. 21#07-Opener-Day 26-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
Feb. 21#08$5,300Main Event$5,000,000Day 1A8-Max[3-Day Event + FT Wednesday]
Feb. 21#09$2,100High Roller Turbo$100,000-7-Max[1-Day Event]
Feb. 22#10$2,100Omaha$200,000Day 17-Max[2-Day Event]
Feb. 23#11$25,5006-Max Super High Roller$1,000,000Day 16-Max[2-Day Event]
Feb. 23#12$5,2006-Max High Roller Turbo$200,000-6-Max[1-Day Event]
Feb. 24#13$1,600Knockout$250,000Day 18-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
Feb. 25#14$3,2006-Max$300,000Day 16-Max[2-Day Event]
Feb. 25#15$5,200Omaha High Roller$200,000-7-Max[1-Day Event]
Feb. 26#16$1,050Warm Up$500,000Day 1A8-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
Feb. 27#16$1,050Warm Up-Day 1B8-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
Feb. 28#16$1,050Warm Up-Day 1C7-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
Feb. 28#16-Warm Up-Day 28-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
Feb. 28#08$5,300Main Event-Day 1B8-Max[3-Day Event + FT Wednesday]
Feb. 28#17$2,100High Roller Turbo$100,000-7-Max[1-Day Event]
March 1#08-Main Event-Day 28-Max[3-Day Event + FT Wednesday]
March 1#18$2,600Second Chance$250,000Day 18-Max[2-Day Event]
March 2#08-Main Event-Day 38-Max[3-Day Event + FT Wednesday]
March 2#19$2,100Omaha Knockout$200,000Day 16-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
March 2#20$25,500Super High Roller$1,000,000Day 17-Max[2-Day Event]
March 2#21$5,200High Roller Turbo$200,000-7-Max[1-Day Event]
March 3#08-Main Event-Final Table8-Max-
March 3#22$1,600Turbo Knockout$200,000-7-Max PKO[1-Day Event]
March 4#23$3,200Mix-Max$300,000Day 1Mix-Max[2-Day Event]
March 4#24$5,2006-Max Omaha High Roller$200,000-6-Max[1-Day Event]
March 5#25$1,050Closer$500,000Day 1A7-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
March 6#25$1,050Closer-Day 1B7-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
March 7#25$1,050Closer-Day 1C7-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
March 7#25-Closer-Day 27-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
March 7#26$10,300High Roller$1,000,000Day 17-Max[2-Day Event]
March 7#27$5,200High Roller Turbo$200,000-7-Max[1-Day Event]
March 8#28$102,000Mega High Roller$3,000,000Day 17-Max[2-Day Event]
March 9#28$102,000Mega High Roller-Final Table7-Max-

Partypoker ramping up MILLIONS qualifying opportunities again

Once again, partypoker is hoping to provide MILLIONS opportunities to players of all levels. In 2018, “Scarmak3r” showed exactly how lower buy-ins can turn into large prizes.

Scarmak3r banked $1.4 million after qualifying for just $5.50 and then finishing third in the Main Event.

Satellites feeding into the series are ongoing with 10 Main Event seats guaranteed this Sunday. More satellites will also be added before the start of the tournament.

Players can qualify for the Main Event for as little as $0.01 with centrolls running multiple times daily. These events feed into $5.50 satellites and then a $55 phase, which leads to the Sunday final. There isn’t a direct buy-in into the final, so no player qualifying in this route will spend more than $55.

UK-based Christian Galvan has already scored big via qualifiers. After placing first in the centroll, $5.50, and $55 stages, he finished fifth in last Sunday’s final for a Main Event seat.

“One of my favorite things about poker is the zero-to-hero stories we hear on a regular basis,” Team partypoker’s Patrick Leonard said. “When I started playing, somebody would qualify for a $5,000 event from a $1,000 satellite and it was a great story when they went on to the final table.

“Recently, at partypoker, we’ve seen numerous people qualify for huge events for as little as a penny and win life-changing amounts. MILLIONS Online is always an amazing tournament and any player with a bankroll of $0.01 or more should get ready.”

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KO Series wraps up with big scores for Main Event winners

It’s been a busy time for partypoker. The KO Series concluded on Jan. 19 with three main events crowning a champion and taking home a combined $185,003.

In the $1,050 Main Event, “Kabuzzz” came out on top for $76,013. With bounties of $68,049, Kabuzzzz’s payout reached $144,062.

In the $109 Mini Main Event, “Scelevco” took the title for a total of $35,800. “Somuchfun” took down the $11 Micro Main Event for $5,141.

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