Living near a casino is no longer the only way to spend an hour or two playing some poker. Americans can scratch that poker itch with Global Poker. When you sign up with Global Poker and use the Global Poker promo code FLUSH you’ll get 150,000 Gold Coins, plus 30 FREE Sweeps Coins for just $10.

Launched in 2017, Global now offers those in American a chance to play, bluff, and have some fun. The innovative online poker room is licensed by Malta’s Gaming Authority, and features a social poker platform which allows players to redeem their winnings as cash prizes.

How to sign up for Global Poker

Creating a new Global Poker account is easy to do.  In fact, you can even use your Facebook account during the registration process. Make sure you use the Global Poker promo code FLUSH.

It boils down to filling out a simple form and confirming your email address. You’ll be required to provide some basic personal information, including your name, address, and date of birth. You’ll only be asked to verify your account when you first try to redeem Sweeps Coins winnings as cash prizes. What’s more, Global Poker doesn’t require customers to download any poker software because the client app is 100% browser-based. All in all, the unique legal status of Global Poker makes it the most accessible platform available to Americans these days.

Starting Up

Global Poker doesn’t require players to download any software.  The game is 100% browser-based. Getting in on the action is as simple as opening a new tab or window in Chrome, Safari, or any other commonly-used browser.  Because of this ease, Global Poker is the most accessible platform available to Americans.

Signing Up

Creating a new account at Global Poker is pretty simple. Players must fill in their name, address, and date of birth. They can even use their Facebook accounts to speed up the process. Global Poker will not ask players to verify their accounts until they first try to redeem Sweeps Coins winnings as cash prizes. So, getting started on Global Poker is a rather painless affair.

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Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins

Global Poker operates on a unique two-token system. The two tokens are known as Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins. Gold Coins are available for purchase from the site in various increments. Players around the world can take part in the social gaming aspects of the site through Gold Coin play. Playing with Gold Coins is a fun way to brush up on skills and work on strategy for those new to the game.

In addition, Global Poker also offers players from the United States and Canada the chance to play for Sweeps Coins. What are Sweeps Coins? They are tokens players can use to play additional tournaments. Global Poker rewards players with FREE Sweeps Coins at times when they purchase Gold Coins. Players can also earn Sweeps Coins in certain tournaments. The two tokens are kept separate on the site and never cross paths. However, winners can redeem Sweeps Coins for cash prizes. In this way, Global Poker operates in a manner similar to sweepstakes promotions offered by numerous companies around the world.


Purchasing Gold Coins on Global Poker is simple also. The Gold Coins purchased come with FREE Sweeps Coins at times. Players can use a variety of methods to transfer money back and forth. Those methods include:

  • Visa (through WorldPay)
  • MasterCard (through WorldPay)
  • Skrill

Game Selection

In terms of game selection, there are four games that Global Poker offers to players. The following games appear on Global Poker:

  • No-limit Hold’em
  • Fixed limit Hold’em
  • Pot-limit Omaha
  • No-limit Crazy Pineapple

There are games, SnGs, or tournaments for every interest, skill level, and bankroll. On the Sweeps Coins side, entry fees range from SC1 to SC1000, and everyone who sits must be between 25x and 100x the big blind amount. Needless to say, Gold Coin play has its own magnitudes, with minimum entry fees at the highest tables reaching into the millions. Nevertheless, the 25x to 100x ratio for entries remains consistent across the site.

Global Poker Jackpot Sit’n’Gos

Global Poker recently added a new wrinkle to its game portfolio. The site is now offering Jackpot Sit’n’Gos (JPs) Essentially, JPs are three-person hyper turbos. The prize pool for each JP is randomly chosen prior to the beginning of the match. The prize pools are multiples of the players’ entries. They range from 2x to 2000x, the latter of which is known as the “jackpot level.” Except for the jackpot level, each JP is a winner-take-all match. However, for the jackpot level, each player will receive either 75%, 15%, or 10% of the pool, based upon their finishing position. Needless to say, it is far more likely that the random prize pool will be on the lower end of the spectrum. Only 2 out of every 100,000 games will be at the jackpot level. Still, it’s a cheap chance at big winnings. Considering that blind levels are only 3 minutes, it could boost a player’s bankroll by leaps and bounds in less than 10 minutes.

Global Poker rake

Global Poker’s rake is 5% across both types of its tokens. Each blind level maintains its own series of rake caps. The number of players seated at a table determines the amount of the cap. The caps start at SC 1 for the smallest limits available on the site. At most, Global Poker will rake SC 5.50 out of any game.

Global Poker traffic overview

While detailed traffic data is unavailable, a brief inspection of the poker room tells us Global Poker is a medium-sized platform when it comes to Sweeps ring games. The number of active ring games is significantly higher than in the case of smaller sites operating on fenced state markets in New Jersey or Nevada. In fact, the numbers are comparable with casual Europe-facing platforms, such as iPoker or Unibet, which see between 350 and 1,100 active players, depending on the day and hour. Unlike many other poker rooms, Global Poker is also consistently expanding its player base. So, there should be even better traffic in 2019.

Ring game traffic

The average number of ring game tables exceeds 120 throughout most of the day and rises considerably during peak traffic hours. Most of them are six-max tables, but finding a full nine-max game shouldn’t be much of an issue, even during odd hours. Texas Hold’em makes up about two thirds of the overall ring game traffic on Global Poker, and Pot-Limit Omaha accounts for the rest. As one might expect from a predominantly social platform, the level of competition is very soft. If you’re a PokerStars veteran, you’ll be surprised by the number of fish sitting at most tables.

Tournament traffic

Global Poker is still undergoing rapid expansion, so any new major tournament tends to attract more players than the previous one. For example, the March 2018 Global Poker Madness drew a field of 419 players, who put up the SC 540 entry. This created a final prize pool of SC 209,500, exceeding the  200,000 guaranteed. The winner went home with SC 40,194. Standard weekly tournaments are significantly less popular, but you should still expect about 200 players for tournaments like the Sunday Teaser or Sunday Scrimmage.

Global Poker games

Global Poker’s software isn’t as polished as others offered by well-established poker rooms, such as PokerStars, 888, or even PartyPoker. However, it’s definitely serviceable, and the table interface is as convenient as any. The site does support multi-tabling, but because the client is browser-based, there is no use of professional tracking software such as PokerTracker or Hold’em Manager.

Global Poker ring games

As mentioned earlier, ring games on Global Poker are all about Hold’em and Omaha. The software also supports Crazy Pineapple poker, but this variant isn’t available for Sweeps Coins play and can be accessed only in play money (Gold Coins) mode.


Both No-Limit and Fixed-Limit tables are available, with stakes ranging from SC 0.02/SC 0.04 to SC 10/SC 20. Full-ring play is supported, but players tend to congregate around six-max tables because they offer faster gameplay. The competition is very soft, and all stakes are populated most of the time. You won’t have problems finding SC 10/SC 20 NLHE tables here, which is a big advantage Global Poker holds over local, state-regulated poker rooms, such as 888 NJ or WSOP NV. Fixed-Limit games are a different story, as the number of active tables rarely exceeds 10, even during peak traffic hours.


PLO is the only Omaha variant offered by Global Poker, and the player base is big enough to sustain 24/7 action. Just like in the case of Hold’em, the stakes range from SC 0.02/SC 0.04 to SC 10/SC 20. Finding a table during peak traffic hours shouldn’t be an issue regardless of your preferred stakes, especially on the weekends. It should be noted that Omaha players seem to have an even stronger preference for six-max tables on Global Poker, as finding a full nine-max game is borderline impossible for anything beyond the micros.

Global Poker multi-table tournaments

Global Poker doesn’t host massive tournament series constantly, but it does host a few big events throughout the year. These events generally have smaller entries, ranging  SC 0.11 to SC 33. For example, the Grizzly Games featured three levels of entries, with guaranteed prize pools ranging from SC 15,000 to SC 100,000 guaranteed. On the weekends, you’ll get to play a few bigger events, such as the aforementioned SC 218 Sunday Scrimmage (SC 50,000 guaranteed) or SC 110 Sunday Teaser (SC 20,000 guaranteed). It is possible to win a seat in one of those tournaments via satellite qualifiers, but the tickets aren’t cheap. They range from SC 22 to SC 33. Most of the tournament action on Global Poker is all about No-Limit Hold’em, but Pot-Limit Omaha and Fixed-Limit Omaha fans get to enjoy a few smaller events each week.

Other poker offerings on Global Poker

Aside from ring games and MTTs, Global Poker also gives you access to classic single-table tournaments for both NLHE and PLO.

Sit & Go tournaments

NLHE S&Gs are available in both six-max and nine-max formats, and some support up to 27 players. Ticket prices start at SC 0.5+SC 0.05 and go all the way up to SC 200+SC 18. Turbo and Hyper-Turbo games are also available, and tournaments with the lower ticket prices tend to start quickly. PLO S&Gs are always played in a six-max format. Ticket prices range from SC 1+SC 0.1 to SC 6+SC 0.6. Omaha S&Gs aren’t popular on Global Poker, so we recommend playing them exclusively during peak traffic hours.

Global Poker promotions

Global Poker offers the following generous welcome bonus: Sign up using the No. 1 Global Poker promo code FLUSH. Then for $10 you’ll get 150,000, plus 30 FREE Sweeps Coins.

You also have the opportunity to purchase $40 worth of Gold Coins for $20. With this purchase, you’ll receive 200,000 Gold Coins and 40 FREE Sweeps Coins.

Furthermore, ongoing challenges and leaderboards  allow the best performers to earn additional Sweeps Coins and other awards.

Global Poker support

Global Poker support is always available and can be reached at [email protected], usually with a response within 12 hours. New players should check out the “How to Play” section to learn more about the rules of Hold’em, Omaha, and Crazy Pineapple.


Global Poker is a great alternative for U.S.-based poker players who want to work on their skills, have some fun, and hopefully Sweep in some extra cash prizes. The player pool is significantly larger than local poker sites licensed in Nevada or New Jersey, which guarantees a better experience for mid- and high-stakes players. It’s overall an easy and extremely fun experience. The browser-based client makes playing easy – including using a browser via mobile device. If the cards are calling and you’re craving a little action, sign up and give Global Poker a try.