Unibet Poker Review

What’s interesting about this platform is that its owners are absolutely adamant about prioritizing the needs of recreational players over the expectations of hardened cash game veterans.

In an attempt to level the playing field for all poker enthusiasts, Unibet issued a blanket ban on the use of poker tracking software. What’s more, all Unibet players can change their names three times a day, which is supposed to prevent grinders from singling out the fish. Needless to say, poker vets haven’t exactly been enthusiastic about these changes, but there’s no denying the fact that you’d be really hard-pressed to find a more newbie-friendly site.

How to sign up for Unibet

In order to sign up for an Unibet account, you have to be at least 18 years of age. You must also provide staff with your date of birth, your first and last name, and your place of residence.

Restricted countries include:

    • Afghanistan
    • Australia
    • Ethiopia

Unibet sign-up bonuses

Unibet’s welcome offer is absolutely amazing if you want to casually enjoy the game without making a substantial investment. However, if you’re looking to load up your account with $300 or more and all you care about is getting the highest possible rakeback percentage, you probably won’t be impressed.

$24 extra

Once you deposit, you get $24 for free in the form of five tickets:

  • One $8 cash game ticket
  • Four $4 Unibet UK Tour tournament tickets

Keep in mind that money included in the cash game ticket can be used exclusively at the $0.02/$0.04 tables. Tournament tickets, on the other hand, have to be spent on UK Tour qualifier games. It’s not a very flexible offer, but hey – it’s completely free.

$500 playthrough bonus

The playthrough bonus activates as soon as you deposit on the site for the first time. The rules are simple: You have 60 days to grind through six levels of this promotion and win as much money as you can. Completing each level requires you to pay a specific amount of rake and tournament fees:

  • Level 1 – pay $2 in rake – earn a $1 cash reward (50% rakeback)
  • Level 2 – pay $10 in rake – earn a $4 cash reward (40% rakeback)
  • Level 3 – pay $50 in rake – earn a $15 cash reward (30% rakeback)
  • Level 4 – pay $150 in rake – earn a $40 cash reward (27% rakeback)
  • Level 5 – pay $550 in rake – earn a $140 cash reward (25% rakeback)
  • Level 6 – pay $1,238 in rake – earn a $300 cash reward (24% rakeback)

What you get here is a simple rakeback system with diminishing returns. Its biggest advantage lies in the fact that you don’t have to invest a massive amount in order to earn some additional cash.

Four $500 Welcome Freeroll tickets

These tickets allow you to participate in four $500 Sunday freerolls. They expire after 35 days, which means that if you skip more than one tournament, you will forfeit some of your tickets.

Unibet traffic overview

Unibet is a niche site for inexperienced players, so the traffic isn’t as high as on PokerStars, 888poker, or even partypoker. That being said, the player pool is big enough to sustain 24/7 cash game action, especially considering the game selection is essentially limited to Hold’em and Omaha. If you’re looking for a reference point, we’d say that the numbers are somewhat comparable to what you’d find on the iPoker network.

Cash traffic

The weekly average for real money ring game players usually falls within the 550-650 range. The traffic usually reaches its peak between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, or 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time. During that time,  you should expect between 1,100 and 1,300 cash game players. That’s about 90 percent of the traffic on iPoker, or 10 percent of the traffic on PokerStars.

Tournament traffic

Even for a network of its size, Unibet doesn’t attract a whole lot of tournament traffic. Really, if you think about it, it wouldn’t make sense if it did. Recurring tournaments are usually attended by people who play poker on a regular basis, and Unibet is more appealing to casual players.

Despite the low buy-ins, most events attract between 40 and 200 contestants, which is something you’d expect to see on networks which generate three times less cash-game traffic.

Unibet games

Unibet uses proprietary software which supports the two most popular poker variants, Hold’em and Omaha. It also features one additional gimmicky poker game that does a decent job at spicing up the overall gameplay experience.

All things considered, keeping things that focused isn’t a bad move when you’re working with such a relatively small player pool. Players don’t get frustrated over empty Stud tables, meanwhile, the games run 24/7 without any hiccups.

Unibet cash games

Unibet cash games are all about low-stakes Hold’em, with a touch of Omaha on the side. As mentioned above, niche poker variants simply aren’t represented here. Instead, you get Banzai poker, which is essentially a short-stacked NLHE cash game.

It’s also worth noting that despite the lack of any poker HUD support, Unibet software is actually quite multi-tabling friendly.


NLHE is the only Texas Hold’em variant offered by Unibet. Stakes range from $0.02/$0.04 to $4/$8.

The lack of $0.01/$0.02 tables is a rather big drawback for a site that’s supposed to be all about recreational play. However, the low one-percent rake at the micros makes this omission easier to swallow. Both 6-max and 9-max tables are available, but keep in mind that finding full-ring action during off-peak hours might be problematic at the higher stakes.


Pot-Limit Omaha is the only available format. Just like in the case of Hold’em, stakes range from $0.02/$0.04 to $4/$8. Since Omaha is considerably less popular than NLHE, you should generally stick to the 6-max tables. That is unless you’re willing to limit your sessions to peak traffic hours exclusively.


Banzai is a variation of classic Texas Hold’em invented by Unibet. The rules are the same as in standard NLHE, but players are only allowed to buy-in with ten big blinds.

Since the maximum stakes are $0.10/$0.20, the maximum amount of money you can bring to a Banzai table is $2. As you’d expect, the games are very random due to shallow stacks, so the few skilled players who play on Unibet tend to avoid this mode.

Unibet multi-table tournaments

As mentioned above, multi-table tournaments definitely aren’t Unibet’s forte. The amount of traffic they get is pretty disheartening. After all, low traffic tends to result in low prize pools. Nevertheless, the fact that their MTTs are smaller than tournaments hosted on other global networks doesn’t mean that they aren’t fun.

Below is an overview of Unibet’s more popular MTTs:

Unibet Open Qualifiers

These tourneys will give you plenty of opportunities to qualify for high-profile live poker events. Buy-ins are very affordable. You can actually get in on the action for as little as $2. Obviously, if you start that low, you’ll face a long and difficult battle to go up against the pros in a land-based casino setting, but hey – even if you don’t win, you’re essentially guaranteed to improve your MTT skills along the way.

Wednesday Omaha

Unibet’s weekly Omaha tournaments usually come with a $1,500 guarantee. The action starts at 7 p.m. CET and the tickets cost $25.

Saturday Deepstack

These recurring deep-stack tournaments come with a $100 buy-in and a $10,000 guarantee. Players start with 5,000 chips, so there’s plenty of room to reduce variance. Each event kicks off at 7 p.m. CET.

Sunday Sundown

Sunday Sundown tournaments are the perfect opportunity to close your weekend with some MTT No-Limit Hold’em action. Entering this contest costs only $10. Each event sports a nice $3,000 guarantee. Cards go in the air at 7 p.m.

Other poker offerings on Unibet

Aside from cash games, freerolls, and standard MTTs, Unibet customers can also enjoy classic Sit & Go tournaments with a small twist.

Sit & Go tournaments

S&Gs on Unibet run in heads-up and 5-max formats. Unlike fun gimmicks on this platform, the 5-max tourneys actually do serve a practical purpose. The smaller number of players reduces variance and speeds the game up. If you’re a serious grinder, this will allow you to play more tournaments per gaming session. The 2-seat STT buy-ins range from $1 to $200, while 5-seat buy-ins are from $1 to $100.

Unibet rewards program

Unibet’s rewards program is quite unique, as it uses a trophy system commonly employed in modern video games. Don’t expect it to be consistent though. Like everything on this platform, it’s supposed to entertain players rather than giving them options to work on their playback percentages.

Forget grinding for volume and advancing up the loyalty ladder. Instead, you’re here to do monthly missions, which are conveniently displayed at the top of every open table. If you’d like to know what you’re supposed to do, simply click the appropriate icon and read the description.

In order to progress to the harder missions, you must complete the easier ones first. Objectives for entry-level missions range from changing your table background to playing a bounty tournament.

When you get to the hardest missions, things become highly random. For example, one of the tasks in February 2018 was to be dealt 20 cards with a value of 10 or higher at a Pot-Limit Omaha game. Rewards for completing those missions usually consist of STT or freeroll tickets.

All things considered, this system certainly isn’t boring, but its unpredictability makes it impossible to assess overall value, which is guaranteed to discourage serious players from participating.

Unibet deposit/withdrawal options

Like most Europe-facing poker sites, Unibet gives you access to a wide range of reliable banking options. If you’d like to see which of the supported methods are available in your country, simply go to My Account and click Deposits or Withdrawals.


In most countries, you can make your first deposit using a credit card, from your bank, or via a prepaid card, such as PaySafeCard or Ukash. The only gripe we have with Unibet’s rules is the fact that e-wallet services such as Neteller or Skrill are not available to new customers.You must make at least one successful deposit first.


When it comes to cashing-out, Unibet provides two options: either a withdrawal to the bank account or credit card used to make the deposit, or a withdrawal to an e-wallet such as Neteller or Skrill.

On average, you will have to wait:

  • Up to 12 hours for an e-wallet withdrawal
  • 1-3 business days for a bank transfer
  • 3-5 business days for an e-wallet withdrawal

The site does not charge patrons any fees for requesting a cash-out but takes no responsibility for external fees.

Unibet support

Customers can reach Unibet customer support using the following methods:

  • Phone (toll-free): 0800 329 393
  • Phone (international, operator charges apply): 0207 257 8701
  • E-mail: info-uk@unibetsupport.com
  • 24/7 chat

The average response times are eight seconds for phone support, 11 seconds for chat support, and about 45 minutes for e-mail messages.

Apart from their live customer service, Unibet also gives you access to a comprehensive Help section, which contains excellent articles and video tutorials that will guide you through the registration process, tell you everything you need to know about their software, and even teach you the basics of Hold’em and Omaha.

Overall, we found Unibet’s support to be one of the best in the business.

Other Unibet promotions

Unibet isn’t big on promotions, but it’s really big on freerolls.

If you’re a paying customer, you’ll get about a dozen opportunities to participate in free Hold’em and Omaha events. You’ll also get opportunities to enter Unibet Open qualifiers for $0.01.

Aside from standard freerolls, Unibet also hosts special freerolls that are supposed to introduce you to its other iGaming services, such as casino, bingo, and sports betting. For example, in February 2018, Unibet’s customers could earn $500 freeroll tickets by placing a $10 bet via the Unibet Sportsbook.


Unibet offers you a different take on online poker. It’s a real-money platform that often feels like a play-money social game, which makes it extremely polarizing.

If poker to you is more of a casino game and you go in expecting to spend some money and have a lot of fun, you’re going to find plenty of genuine enjoyment over at Unibet. On the other hand, if you treat poker like a second job, you’ll probably hate it. Yes, the competition may be extremely soft, but are you willing to give up on Poker Tracker to exploit it.

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