PokerStars CardHunt Could Put Five Grand In Your Pocket Today

How does an extra $5,000 sound? For most people, that sounds pretty good. As it happens, PokerStars NJ is offering players a chance to put that amount in their pockets each day with CardHunt.

CardHunt is exactly what its name implies. It’s a daily scavenger hunt that requires players to collect certain cards each day.

How to play PokerStars CardHunt

Each morning, PokerStars will send players a new puzzle board in their Challenge Window. Each board will have 16 – 20 cards listed on it.

Players will then attempt to collect their cards by playing Hold’em cash games. A card is collected when the player wins a hand with that card as one of their pocket cards.

So, let’s say that the king of diamonds is one of Paul Pokerplayer’s cards on his puzzle board. Paul gets dealt pocket kings, and the king of diamonds is one of his cards.

If he manages to win the hand, he will scratch the king of diamonds off his puzzle board. However, should he lose the hand, Paul will have to find the king of diamonds again.

If a player happens to pick up pocket cards that are both on his or her list, that’s no problem. Win that hand, and the player will be credited for collecting both list items in one fell swoop.

Collect all the list items, and the player is guaranteed a cash prize. PokerStars will randomly determine the prize amounts for each card.

Best of all, there’s no playthrough requirement for CardHunt. The money is yours to keep from the moment it hits your account.

The fine print

However, it is necessary to opt into the promotion each day to receive that day’s card. Cards reset at 11:59 p.m. Eastern each day.

Make sure to play games with blinds $0.05/$0.10 or higher. Any play below that level or using play money will not be eligible for CardHunt.

Players must also make sure to play full ring or 6-max games. Heads-up play does not qualify for the redemption of cards on puzzle boards.

This promotion is active right now – there’s no reason to wait. It will be available until July 14.