Virgin Online Casino is the sibling of the Tropicana Online Casino. Parent company Gamseys decided that offering two different online casinos was far better than giving players only one choice.

The firstborn, Tropicana’s Online Casino was brought to players more than a year before Virgin Online Casino. Virgin Online was released on Jan. 24, 2014, and it has been going strong ever since.

Looking at the two, there are different play styles inherent throughout both. Both are by design since the company was keen to reveal two separate online casinos.

Virgin Online Casino is simplistically satisfying and intriguing. The online casino’s desktop and app versions are easy to navigate and visually appealing.

Virgin Online Casino has more than 225 games available to play, with many of the games being unique to the brand. Highlights of this creativity include 90 Ball Bingo, as well as Bubbly Wild and Family Feud slot games.

Virgin Online Casino is fully licensed, legal and certified. The Gamsys license has been active for about five years. Therefore, there is no question about the legitimacy of this online casino.

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Virgin Casino NJ Promo Offer – May 2024

Virgin Casino always has offers running on the site. New players receive especially generous deals just for signing up.

Those deals include both a no-deposit promo and cashback on first deposit losses.

Virgin NJ 2024 Promo Code & Details

No deposit promo: New players can use Virgin Casino promo code 30BUCKS when they register to receive $30 – absolutely free! However, there are two minor catches with this deal.

The first caveat is that players must use this $30 within 30 days or it will expire. The second caution is that the $30 is subject to a 1x playthrough requirement, meaning that players must wager through the entire bonus before they can withdraw the funds.

1st Deposit Cashback: Virgin Casino handles its first deposit bonus a bit differently. Instead of matching the player’s deposit, Virgin chooses to issue cashback on losses from the first deposit.

In other words, new Virgin players can play without worrying that they’re losing right away. The cashback offer is good up to $100.

Three areas where Virgin Online Casino exceeds the competition

There are many ways in which an online casino can exceed. The digital aspect of an online casino makes creativity nearly limitless. For Virgin Online Casino, though, it is more the core of what is done right that sets this casino apart.

Here are three of the top exceptional features of the Virgin Online Casino.

Simplistic design

Virgin Online Casino has a knack for simplistic power. Neither its app or the desktop version is flashy or overly intrusive. It provides all the information a player might want to know in a clear and concise manner.

While the graphics of this online casino are as expected, there is no overindulgence. Often, online casinos get flashy and offer too much at once. While it is important to catch and hold the player’s attention, going over the top can be displeasing.

For players planning on gambling for extended periods, this can be especially true. Thus, the simple design of Virgin Online Casino is complimentary.


Online casinos as an industry, much like their physical predecessors, are fueled by momentum and excitement. The fast-paced world of gambling is exciting.

Therefore, if the loading time of the GPS or the game is lacking, the excitement will fade. Once it’s gone, players start to think about everything else they could be doing. The urgency is forgotten.

Fortunately, Virgin Online Casino does not have this problem. The speed of both the games and the GPS locator is quick and easy. Both the desktop and the mobile versions are fast to load and to log in a player.

While this might sound like a simple, obvious asset, players are surprised at how often this experience is absent. Many online casinos have yet to master the same speed as the Virgin Online Casino. Therefore, this is an attribute that is highly valuable and respected in the online casino community.


Having the assurance that there is a team to answer questions, especially when the real money is involved, is essential. The avenues of support for Virgin Online Casino are easy to find and quick to respond.

There is an area where players can chat online and garner an answer to their question in minutes. Having the option to seek help quickly and efficiently can instantly transform an aggravating situation into a positive experience. Whether it is a player’s first experience, or they are a pro, the benefit of reliable support is obvious.

Three areas where Virgin Online Casino could improve

There is always room for improvement. While Virgin Online Casino is a good system, it is no exception. This online casino is easy to connect with and to navigate.

Here are a few ways where Virgin Online Casino can improve, especially for the online poker community:

New player bonuses

Virgin Online Casino has paved its way when it comes to bonuses. The path, in many ways, has served well. With the amounts offered by competitors, both in incentives and first-deposit bonuses at Virgin are weak.

For new players, registration will yield $30 in bonus money to try out the site. Use Virgin Casino promo code 30BUCKS to receive this bonus when registering.

The only catch about this bonus is that it must be used within 30 days of registration. There is also a 1x playthrough requirement, meaning that new players must wager the equivalent of $30 before they can withdraw their funds.

Only losers win

When a players play at a casino, online or otherwise, they do not expect to win. There are the professional gamblers, but average players enjoy the games first. However, when it comes to Virgin Online Casino bonuses and prizes, you must lose to win.

The reimbursement is nice, but it is playing to the expectations of the players, not the dream. It is telling players that they are going to lose, but that’s OK because they can drop $100 and Virgin will pay them back. Most people play casino games with the hope of winning.

Bonuses and other aspects of the online casino world should play to that strength, instead of complying with the perceived mediocracy.

Poker games

There is a good selection of games available on Virgin Online Casino. However, this selection is not nearly as abundant as other online casinos.

Plus, about 95 percent of the games available are slots. This is not abnormal for online casinos. There are only eight poker games available on the desktop version and four available on the mobile version. That is likely to drive poker players away.

There is a large selection of poker games available; thus, it is strange that there is such a minimal amount available on Virgin Online Casino.

Poker games available at Virgin Online Casino

Poker has transformed from a simple game, made up to pass the time, into the bedrock of American gambling. There are a plethora of poker variations available, both in the physical casino and online. Thus, the modern poker player has their pick of the table.

While Virgin Online Casino does not boast the largest selection of poker games, here is what the casino has available:

On desktop and mobile

There is little difference between the appearance of the desktop version and the app version of Virgin Online Casino. However, there is a notable difference in the number of poker games available on each medium.

‘Casino’ tab

The simple design for the Virgin Online Casino only houses a simple, but effective “Casino” tab, where players will find the table games.

Here is the desktop selection of the poker games:

      • Three card poker
      • Pai gow poker
      • Jacks or better
      • Five play draw poker
      • Triple play draw poker
      • Bonus poker
      • Double bonus poker
      • Double, double bonus poker

Mobile App

The desktop version of Virgin Online Casino is simplistic and sheer on poker games. Unfriendly for poker enthusiasts, this online casino’s mobile selection is nearly nonexistent.

Here are the mobile poker games available through Virgin Online Casino:

  • Jacks or better
  • Bonus poker
  • Double bonus poker
  • Double, double bonus poker

Mobile experience for Virgin Online Casino

Admittedly, the selection for the mobile Virgin Online Casino is disheartening. There are a few classic renditions of the game, but nothing particularly special is available.

The saving grace for this online casino is that the mobile experience is smooth and easy. The mobile version is simplified further than the desktop version. However, for this app, this means that the games are all on the home page.

Despite a little bit of scrolling, this makes for a convenient display of the mobile app’s selection. The unfortunate part is the poker games are listed at the bottom. Although, the scrolling does not take too much time.

Virgin Online Casino mobile system requirements

Gamesys is a well-respected software. Although, is the only other current online gambling site for American players to use Gamesys software.

Fortunately, Gamseys, which has been around since 2001, doesn’t disappoint. Internationally, it is a larger entity, which indicates it has a viable future in America.

Gamseys is a stable provider, which offers Americans both an iOS and Android app that works well with current systems.

Additionally, the Virgin Online Casino offers different games from a host of different providers. Since the array of games are not overly abundant, it is encouraging that it has different avenues of companies from to choose.

Again, this is another smart move that indicates a healthy sense of expansion potential. There is a good possibility that Gamesys is setting itself up to add more games from future hosts.

Is Virgin a stable online casino?

Yes, the Virgin Online Casino is stable on the desktop and the mobile app platforms.

Additionally, it is abundantly secure. Given the parent company of this online casino, there is little reason why the platforms would not be safe and stable. It is a relief to players to know that their games and their transactions will not be interrupted.

Installing the Virgin Online Casino mobile app

For players who enjoy playing on the go, the Virgin Online Casino app is available on both Android and Apple mobile devices. The download process is simple. Go to the Virgin Online Casino website on your mobile device. There will be a prompt that loads with the screen. Follow the directions on the screen to download the app.

Once the app is downloaded, it allows players to do everything the desktop version allows players to do. Players can set up their account, deposit and withdraw funds, as well as access bonuses.

Virgin Online Casino cashier

Virgin Online Casino tries to make it easy for players to deposit and withdraw funds from many different sources. With all the different financial avenues available, it makes sense for an online casino to offer an array of methods.

Deposits to Virgin Online Casino can be made through Visa, MasterCard, ACH (or instant e-check), online bank transfer and PayPal.

Players are also able to utilize other unique methods of deposits. Here are the other financial partners that Virgin Online Casino entrusts:

  • Skrill: Skrill is trusted internationally with funds, inside and outside of the casino industry. It is a great option for someone who wants to keep their play money and their bill money in separate places. Virgin Online Casino is one of the few places that accept both deposits and withdraws from a Skrill account.
  • Neteller: This option is popular and trusted throughout many different online casinos. Backed by Discover, the funds available can be accessed through a prepaid card.
  • Cash at 7-Eleven: Entering or receiving cash at the 7-Eleven makes life much easier for the unexpected, or as a convenience. People who do not wish to deal with prepaid cards and would instead use cash can do this at any of the 7-Eleven convenient stores throughout New Jersey.

Cashing out made easy

Cashing out from the Virgin Online Casino is also convenient and straightforward. This online casino tries to make the money exchange, either in or out as simple as possible.

Here are the abundantly easy methods of cashing out that are available to players through the desktop version and the app:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • ACH
  • Online bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • Neteller*
  • PayNearMe*
  • Skrill*

*Withdrawing funds with Neteller, PayNearMe or Skrill can only be done if the player makes their last deposit through this platform.

Additionally, if a player is uncomfortable utilizing these financial means,  Tropicana Casino allows players to use their Cage. This way, players can interact with a real person. Plus, there is no minimum for either deposit or withdraw with this option. The other options require a minimum of $10 for either financial transaction.

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