Sunday Marks The Start Of Coin Poker’s First-Ever CSOP

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The Crypto Series of Poker (CSOP) will debut on CoinPoker on Sunday, May 27 at 4:00 PM EST. This tournament series is the first major cryptocurrency tournament available to players around the world.

To celebrate, CoinPoker is adding 10,000,000 CHP to the series to reward players for their loyalty. The series will feature 17 tournaments with added CHP prizes worth between 200,000 and 1 million CHP.

The series will run from May 27 until June 3. The event will culminate in a massive main event on June 3 with 2,500,000 CHP added to the pot.

Coinpoker wants this series to serve as a coming-out party for the crypto website as a major player in the poker constellation.

“The Crypto Series of Poker is the first event of its kind,” said Paulius Mikaliunas, head of poker operations. “As a cryptocurrency-powered poker room, we are [excited] to match and exceed prize pools offered by mainstream poker events.”

CSOP an opportunity to calm nervous newcomers

Mikaliunas went on to tout the benefits of blockchain technology that underlies the website. He cited increased security and the ability to make instant transactions as major benefits of the platform.

These sorts of benefits are important for attracting new players who might be daunted by the exchange of actual currency for the site’s token, CHP. However, CoinPoker has recently streamlined that process by linking and allowing transfers with Ethereum, one of the major cryptocurrencies in the market.

CoinPoker is also sweetening the deal for new players who join for the upcoming CSOP. New CoinPoker players can play in the first CSOP event free and can walk away with their share of 250,000 added CHP. All you have to do is sign up.

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CSOP will lead to Tony G and the WSOP

For players in the Main Event, they will find an added challenge. Well-known poker professional Antanas Guoga, or Tony G, will be playing for the championship alongside the rest of the field.

Tony G will also carry a bounty on his head. Whoever knocks him out of the tournament will find themselves 20,000 CHP richer.

Players will also have an opportunity for some sweet Tony G money in the Mini Main Event. The Mini will run with an attractive 1,000,000 CHP prize pool earlier in the day on June 3.

Alongside the CSOP events themselves, Coinpoker will also run a CSOP Leaderboard. Players will earn points based upon their performance in series events, and the top 50 will play in a special freeroll.

That freeroll leads to the grand stage of poker. Coinpoker is putting three WSOP packages up for grabs.

So, even if you don’t ship one of these events, a strong performance could punch your ticket to the Rio. Even if you can’t make it, the mere chance of taking down Tony G is a good reason to sign up.