Digital Dynamics: GGPoker Unlocks NFT Avatars; Online Poker Players Can Now Connect Token Assets

GGPoker recently announced a new feature giving players the ability to display their NFT’s as avatars at the virtual poker tables.

One of the largest online poker sites in the world is embracing the NFT scene. GGPoker recently announced a new feature giving players the ability to display their NFT’s as avatars.

NFT stands for “non-fungible tokens” and are a form of digital asset. These digital creations feature pieces of online art, video, or other media. Fans then collect the digital tokens like sports or Pokémon cards.

GG is now offering players a way to display their NFTs as part of their time at the virtual poker tables. 

“The GGPoker community is slowly, but surely, embracing our new NFT Avatars feature and showcasing their favorite NFT swag at the tables,” GGPoker head of public relations Paul Burke says. “Poker players are known for showing off on the live felt, with lots of bling and jewelry; NFT Avatars bring the same energy to the digital felt.”

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NFT popularity growing among online poker sites

GGPoker is one of several poker companies and players are getting in on the NFT game. Players can purchase a collectible and then store them in digital wallets that players own.

The owners can then display their art or sell or trade their items. GGPoker is now allowing players to display those items in their wallet as their own personal avatar

“The feature uses Wallet Connect to support NFT wallets,” Burke says. “Wallet Connect covers over 120 different wallets, including MetaMask, Trust, Argent, Rainbow, Infinito, Ledger Live, and more. We plan to integrate some more big crypto platforms in the near future.”

GGPoker NFT avatar display features

Once players connect their wallets they can display NFT art as their avatar. GG is also offering a feature so other players know the avatar they are seeing is through a verified wallet.

The GGPoker website offers step-by-step directions on setting up an NFT avatar.

“You should now be able to see a hexagonal shape throughout your profile,” the site notes, “which will be an indication to others that you indeed own a verified NFT.”

Big money NFTs head to site

So far, GGPoker reports more than 450 accounts have already connected their NFT wallets. Burke says some pricy NFTs are already appearing as avatars on the felt. 

“The most expensive NFT currently in use at GGPoker as an Avatar recently sold for 26.5 Ethereum, approximately $52,225,” he says.

Some well-known NFTs currently used as avatars at GGPoker include Otherdeed for OtherSide, Galaxy Fight Club, Pudgy Penguins, and BEANZ Official.

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How to get started in the sea of NFTs

One popular spot for people looking to get into these tokens is This site is like the ebay of the NFT world and collectors simply create a wallet to get started.

After that, users then connect their wallet to OpenSea and can purchase and sell as they please.  Collectors simply click on an NFT that interests them and can then make an offer.

OpenSea even lets users create their own NFTs on the site. Many artists currently list their works on the site.

At this time, GGPoker doesn’t sell or mint any tokens. However, numerous other operators have begun their own NFT offerings from the World Poker Tour and World Series of Poker to partypoker and even individual players.

The poker world continues seeing a future in the new world of digital collectibles.

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Partypoker Joins the NFT Craze, Collectibles Highlight Biggest Moments in Site History 

Partypoker has teamed up with Theta Labs to become the latest poker company to get in on the NFT craze.

Over the last year, poker tours and companies have launched into the world of NFTs. Partypoker now becomes the latest, giving poker fans the chance to own a piece of the site’s history .

For those new to the collectible craze, NFT stands for non-fungible token. They are unique digital files, which can include items such as artwork, music, or videos.

These can also be resold and some are fetching big bucks, depending on rarity. NFTs are a modern twist on the classic sports card and leagues have seen major success by launching their own NFTs.

Partypoker is now teaming up with Theta Labs to offer poker fans a shot to grab some of partypoker’s biggest moments.

“Partypoker has established a history across 20 years full of great hands and epic poker moments that have happened during our live and online events,” partypoker director Vadim Soloveychik said in a news release. “We are happy to give players the opportunity to own their very own piece of poker history in partnership with Theta. I am truly excited for partypoker to join the NFT space.”

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What to expect from partypoker NFTs

Theta Labs already has some experience in the poker NFT market. The company announced a partnership with the World Poker Tour last year.

The World Series of Poker also released a batch of NFTs in 2021. Players themselves, such as Phil Ivey and Antonio Esfandiari, have also released NFTs of their own big moments. Partypoker is now getting in on the act as well.

The party collection showcases iconic moments and tournament hands in the history of partypoker and partypoker LIVE. Some will also feature special PokerApes, a series of high-definition images with a partypoker twist. Some of those will feature full 3D artwork and other unique traits.

Theta Labs is a distributed video delivery pioneer, powered by blockchain technology. Theta provides end-to-end infrastructure for decentralized video and powers NFT and metaverse platforms.

A growing partnership beyond poker

The new deal brings something new to poker NFTs. For the first time, players can view available collectibles from an online poker platform.

The partypoker marketplace will feature primary sales of new NFTs and a secondary marketplace for users to trade. Much of that will be available in the partypoker software client.

The agreement may also move beyond the poker brand. Party is owned by Entain Group, a leading global sports betting, gaming, and interactive entertainment group.

The partypoker launch is the first stage of a wider partnership between Entain and Theta. Plans call for NFTs to be developed for brands across the company, incorporating video streaming, metaverse, games, and more.

Theta is one of the first partners working with Ennovate, an Innovation hub launched by Entain in London. Ennovate will invest up to £100 million in technology projects, including many with UK and global partners. The company has earmarked about £40 million specifically for the UK.

“This is an exciting, new, global collaboration,” Theta Labs CEO Mitch Liu said. “For the first time, we are licensing our integrated white-label NFT platform to one of the world’s largest sports betting,  gaming and interactive entertainment groups, and we couldn’t ask for better partners in partypoker and Entain Group.

“Being integrated into the partypoker application enables an NFT user experience as exciting and seamless as possible to customers, powered by Theta Network, Theta edge nodes to support video NFTs and TFUEL for transactions.”

The companies haven’t announced a date yet for the NFT launch, but more details are expected to be released soon.

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