TUNING IN: Five Great Poker Podcasts to Check Out for 2022

Whether working in the office, hitting the treadmill, or on the drive to the local casino, these podcasts are worth a listen in 2022.

Poker podcasts continue to grow in popularity. Players can get their fix of news, strategy discussions, and player interviews from anywhere in the world. 

Some of these shows offer real insight, are available for free, and are generally updated often. Here’s a look at five podcasts players may want to add to their daily repertoire.

Whether working in the office, hitting the treadmill, or on the drive to the local casino, these productions are worth a listen. 

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1 – Red Chip Poker Podcast 

The Red Chip Poker Podcast is hosted by James “Splitsuit” Sweeney and boasts over 3.5 million downloads. Sweeney offers strategy coaching sessions and also conducts interviews with some of today’s biggest pros.

The host also throws out a mix of online and live poker strategy. The show, currently in its fifth season, is geared to new and more experienced players alike.

2 – Thinking Poker Podcast 

This podcast is hosted by poker crushers Andrew Brokos and Nate Meyvis. The podcast runs weekly and includes poker lifestyle topics, industry news, and pro interviews.

A unique part of the show is how Brokos and Meyvis bring top-notch strategy to the podcast. However, the hosts break these concepts down in simple terms. They also review new poker books for listeners.

3 – Sessions DGAF 

Listeners don’t have to be high rollers to get the gist of this podcast. This show is set in motion by high stakes regular “DGAF.” The podcast follows along on his latest table adventures.

Players can hear some interesting true tales from the felt on the monthly show. DGAF also interviews some of today’s top players. 

4 – The Chip Race

The Chip Race is hosted by poker pros and Unibet ambassadors David Lappin and Dara O’Kearney. Between live and online the two hosts from Ireland account for over $6 million in winnings.

That means both players bring plenty of poker success to the show, which now has over 150 episodes.

The show runs a special segment called “The Lock-In” featuring interviews with players like Jennifer Tilly, Barry Carter, and Jared Tendler. It’s an interesting listen and worth tuning into each week.

5 – Smart Poker Study Podcast 

The name says it all. Sky Matsuhashi hosts the show and focuses on a full range of topics including:

  • poker HUD breakdowns
  • beginner strategy
  • player interviews

SPSP puts out weekly episodes with over 250 produced to date. This is a great podcast for players looking to break into the poker world.