PokerStars Carnaval Series Celebrated in Southern Europe, Italy with €15 Million Guaranteed

The Carnaval Series is back in February and March at PokerStars in Southern Europe and Italy with a combined prize pool of €15 million.

Online poker players in Southern Europe and Italy have a lot to look forward to in February and March at PokerStars. The Carnaval Series is back with a combined prize pool of more than €15 million.

In Southern Europe, the series is set for Feb. 21 to March 11 and in Italy from Feb. 21 to March 7. These are just a few of the big events planned on PokerStars over the next two months.

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PokerStars Carnaval in Southern Europe

Players on the PokerStars Southern Europe platform there can expect more than 270 events with buy-ins starting at just €5. The entire series guarantees more than €10 million for players in France, Spain, and Portugal.

The €250 Main Event highlights the series on March 7 with €500,000 guaranteed. The €50 Phase Event also should interest players with a guarantee of €150,000.

A phase tournament is a bit different than a traditional tournament with satellite entries. Phase tournament allowed players to get in qualifying “phases” to qualify for the main tournament.

Unlike a satellite tournament, players who advance actually can carry their ship stack over to the target event.

Beyond the Main Event, the €10 Classic Carnaval Special PKO is planned for Feb. 21 with €300,000 guaranteed. This event becomes the largest €10 event ever in Southern Europe.

Players can win entry to the series through satellites starting at €0.50. Main Event entries can also be won in €12.50 Spin & Go’s. A Depositor Freeroll on March 6 also awards €25,000 worth of Main Event tickets. Here’s a look at the complete schedule.

PokerStars Carnival Series Southern Europe

21-Feb4€ 10Deep PKO 8-Max€ 50,000
21-Feb5€ 50Deep PKO 8-Max€ 100,000
21-Feb6€ 250Deep PKO 8-Max€ 75,000
21-Feb7€ 30PKO€ 100,000
21-Feb8€ 50Warm Up€ 100,000
21-Feb9€ 10The Classic Carnaval Special PKO€ 300,000
21-Feb10€ 50PKO 6-Max€ 100,000
21-Feb11€ 1006-Max€ 40,000
21-Feb12€ 250Sunday Special PKO€ 175,000
21-Feb13€ 206-Max€ 30,000
21-Feb14€ 30SuperStack€ 30,000
21-Feb15€ 100PKO 8-Max 2 Day€ 75,000
21-Feb16€ 10PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 40,000
21-Feb17€ 50Ultra KO 6-Max Turbo€ 30,000
21-Feb18€ 20PKO 6-Max Hyper€ 30,000
22-Feb19€ 30PKO€ 40,000
22-Feb20€ 106-Max€ 25,000
22-Feb21€ 58-Max€ 17,500
22-Feb22€ 20Ultra KO 6-Max€ 35,000
22-Feb23€ 10PKO€ 35,000
22-Feb24€ 20SuperStack€ 20,000
22-Feb25€ 50NLHE€ 35,000
22-Feb26€ 100Super Monday PKO 6-Max€ 75,000
22-Feb27€ 250SuperStack 6-Max€ 40,000
22-Feb1N/A€10 Phase 6-Max Phase 2€ 150,000
22-Feb28€ 30Total KO 6-Max€ 25,000
22-Feb29€ 50Ultra KO 6-Max€ 30,000
22-Feb30€ 50PLO PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 10,000
22-Feb31€ 30Turbo€ 20,000
22-Feb32€ 10PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 25,000
23-Feb33€ 50PKO 6-Max€ 35,000
23-Feb34€ 20SuperStack€ 17,500
23-Feb35€ 10Rebuy 6-Max€ 12,500
23-Feb36€ 30Ultra KO 8-Max€ 25,000
23-Feb37€ 5PKO€ 17,500
23-Feb38€ 106-Max€ 20,000
23-Feb39€ 30PKO 8-Max€ 35,000
23-Feb40€ 50SuperStack€ 25,000
23-Feb41€ 250PKO 6-Max€ 35,000
23-Feb42€ 20SuperStack PKO 6-Max€ 25,000
23-Feb43€ 100PKO€ 25,000
23-Feb44€ 30Turbo€ 17,500
23-Feb45€ 10Total KO 6-Max Turbo€ 17,500
23-Feb46€ 100Ultra KO 6-Max Turbo€ 17,500
24-Feb47€ 30SuperStack PKO 6-Max€ 30,000
24-Feb48€ 10NLHE€ 20,000
24-Feb49€ 100PKO€ 35,000
24-Feb50€ 208-Max€ 17,500
24-Feb51€ 5SuperStack PKO€ 17,500
24-Feb52€ 10PKO€ 30,000
24-Feb53€ 30SuperStack 6-Max€ 17,500
24-Feb54€ 50PKO 6-Max€ 40,000
24-Feb55€ 250PKO 8-Max€ 30,000
24-Feb56€ 20Ultra KO 8-Max€ 20,000
24-Feb57€ 30Total KO 6-Max€ 17,500
24-Feb58€ 20Total KO Heads UP Zoom Turbo€ 10,000
24-Feb59€ 50PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 20,000
24-Feb60€ 10PLO PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 7,500
25-Feb61€ 100PKO 6-Max€ 40,000
25-Feb62€ 10NLHE€ 20,000
25-Feb63€ 30NLHE€ 20,000
25-Feb64€ 50PKO€ 40,000
25-Feb65€ 10SuperStack 6-Max€ 20,000
25-Feb66€ 20PKO€ 40,000
25-Feb67€ 50Ultra KO 8-Max€ 40,000
25-Feb68€ 1006-Max€ 30,000
25-Feb69€ 250Super Thursday PKO 6-Max€ 75,000
25-Feb70€ 206-Max€ 20,000
25-Feb71€ 30PKO€ 30,000
25-Feb72€ 250PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 25,000
25-Feb73€ 20SuperStack PKO Turbo€ 20,000
25-Feb74€ 10Rebuy 6-Max Turbo€ 15,000
26-Feb75€ 508-Max€ 25,000
26-Feb76€ 10SuperStack PKO 6-Max€ 25,000
26-Feb77€ 306-Max€ 17,500
26-Feb78€ 20Total KO 8-Max€ 20,000
26-Feb79€ 5NLHE€ 15,000
26-Feb80€ 10Ultra KO 6-Max€ 30,000
26-Feb81€ 20PKO 8-Max€ 35,000
26-Feb82€ 50SuperStack 6-Max€ 25,000
26-Feb83€ 100PKO 6-Max€ 30,000
26-Feb84€ 108-Max€ 20,000
26-Feb85€ 20PLO PKO 6-Max€ 7,500
26-Feb86€ 100PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 20,000
26-Feb87€ 10PKO 4-Max Turbo€ 15,000
26-Feb88€ 30SuperStack Turbo€ 20,000
27-Feb89€ 1006-Max€ 25,000
27-Feb90€ 10Ultra KO 8-Max€ 25,000
27-Feb91€ 30PKO 6-Max€ 40,000
27-Feb92€ 20NLHE€ 20,000
27-Feb93€ 5Rebuy 6-Max€ 15,000
27-Feb94€ 108-Max€ 20,000
27-Feb95€ 306-Max€ 20,000
27-Feb96€ 50SuperStack PKO 6-Max€ 40,000
27-Feb97€ 250SuperStack PKO 6-Max€ 30,000
27-Feb98€ 30NLHE€ 20,000
27-Feb99€ 506-Max€ 25,000
27-Feb100€ 10PKO Turbo€ 25,000
27-Feb101€ 20Total KO 6-Max Turbo€ 17,500
27-Feb102€ 100PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 20,000
28-Feb103€ 10Deep PKO 8-Max€ 50,000
28-Feb104€ 50Deep PKO 8-Max€ 100,000
28-Feb105€ 250Deep PKO 8-Max€ 75,000
28-Feb106€ 30PKO€ 100,000
28-Feb107€ 50Warm Up€ 100,000
28-Feb108€ 10The Classic€ 100,000
28-Feb109€ 5050 Special PKO 6-Max€ 175,000
28-Feb110€ 1006-Max€ 40,000
28-Feb111€ 2506-Max€ 50,000
28-Feb112€ 208-Max€ 30,000
28-Feb113€ 30SuperStack€ 30,000
28-Feb114€ 100PKO 8-Max 2 Day€ 75,000
28-Feb115€ 10PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 40,000
28-Feb116€ 30Ultra KO 6-Max Turbo€ 25,000
28-Feb117€ 50PKO 6-Max Hyper€ 30,000
1-Mar118€ 50PKO€ 50,000
1-Mar119€ 56-Max€ 15,000
1-Mar120€ 208-Max€ 20,000
1-Mar121€ 30Ultra KO 6-Max€ 30,000
1-Mar122€ 10NLHE€ 25,000
1-Mar123€ 20PKO€ 40,000
1-Mar124€ 50SuperStack 6-Max€ 30,000
1-Mar125€ 100Super Monday PKO 6-Max€ 75,000
1-Mar126€ 250PKO 8-Max€ 40,000
1-Mar127€ 20Total KO 6-Max€ 25,000
1-Mar128€ 10Ultra KO 6-Max€ 20,000
1-Mar129€ 30PLO PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 7,500
1-Mar130€ 10Total KO Heads UP Zoom Turbo€ 10,000
1-Mar131€ 100PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 20,000
2-Mar132€ 100PKO 6-Max€ 40,000
2-Mar133€ 10SuperStack€ 25,000
2-Mar134€ 5Rebuy 6-Max€ 15,000
2-Mar135€ 30Ultra KO 8-Max€ 30,000
2-Mar136€ 56-Max€ 15,000
2-Mar137€ 10PKO€ 30,000
2-Mar138€ 30SuperStack€ 20,000
2-Mar139€ 50PKO 6-Max€ 50,000
2-Mar140€ 250PKO 8-Max€ 30,000
2-Mar141€ 30SuperStack PKO 6-Max€ 30,000
2-Mar142€ 20PKO€ 40,000
2-Mar143€ 20Turbo€ 20,000
2-Mar144€ 10Total KO 6-Max Turbo€ 20,000
2-Mar145€ 50Ultra KO 6-Max Turbo€ 25,000
3-Mar146€ 50SuperStack PKO 6-Max€ 40,000
3-Mar147€ 10NLHE€ 25,000
3-Mar148€ 30PKO 6-Max€ 40,000
3-Mar149€ 208-Max€ 20,000
3-Mar150€ 5NLHE€ 15,000
3-Mar151€ 10PKO 6-Max€ 35,000
3-Mar152€ 30PKO€ 40,000
3-Mar153€ 50SuperStack 6-Max€ 30,000
3-Mar154€ 250SuperStack PKO€ 30,000
3-Mar155€ 100Ultra KO 8-Max€ 25,000
3-Mar156€ 20Total KO 6-Max€ 20,000
3-Mar157€ 108-Max Turbo€ 20,000
3-Mar158€ 50PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 25,000
3-Mar159€ 20PLO PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 7,500
4-Mar160€ 50PKO 6-Max€ 50,000
4-Mar161€ 20NLHE€ 25,000
4-Mar162€ 10NLHE€ 20,000
4-Mar163€ 30PKO€ 40,000
4-Mar164€ 10PKO 8-Max€ 35,000
4-Mar165€ 20SuperStack€ 25,000
4-Mar166€ 50PKO 6-Max€ 50,000
4-Mar167€ 1008-Max€ 30,000
4-Mar168€ 250Super Thursday PKO 6-Max€ 75,000
4-Mar169€ 250PLO PKO 6-Max€ 20,000
4-Mar170€ 30PKO€ 30,000
4-Mar171€ 20PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 30,000
4-Mar172€ 250SuperStack PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 25,000
4-Mar173€ 5Total KO Heads UP Zoom Turbo€ 7,500
5-Mar174€ 308-Max€ 20,000
5-Mar175€ 20SuperStack PKO 6-Max€ 35,000
5-Mar176€ 506-Max€ 20,000
5-Mar177€ 10Total KO 8-Max€ 20,000
5-Mar178€ 5Ultra KO 6-Max€ 15,000
5-Mar179€ 108-Max€ 20,000
5-Mar180€ 20SuperStack€ 20,000
5-Mar181€ 50PKO 6-Max€ 40,000
5-Mar182€ 100PKO 8-Max€ 30,000
5-Mar183€ 308-Max€ 20,000
5-Mar184€ 100PLO PKO 6-Max€ 10,000
5-Mar185€ 50PKO 4-Max Turbo€ 15,000
5-Mar186€ 10PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 25,000
5-Mar187€ 30SuperStack Turbo€ 20,000
6-Mar188€ 106-Max€ 20,000
6-Mar189€ 20Ultra KO 8-Max€ 25,000
6-Mar190€ 50PKO 6-Max€ 35,000
6-Mar191€ 30NLHE€ 20,000
6-Mar192€ 58-Max€ 15,000
6-Mar193€ 10Rebuy 6-Max€ 15,000
6-Mar194€ 30SuperStack PKO€ 40,000
6-Mar195€ 506-Max€ 25,000
6-Mar196€ 250PKO 8-Max€ 30,000
6-Mar197€ 106-Max€ 15,000
6-Mar198€ 20PLO PKO 6-Max€ 7,500
6-Mar199€ 10PKO Turbo€ 20,000
6-Mar200€ 30Total KO 6-Max Turbo€ 20,000
6-Mar201€ 100PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 15,000
7-Mar202€ 10Deep PKO 8-Max€ 50,000
7-Mar203€ 50Deep PKO 8-Max€ 100,000
7-Mar204€ 250Deep PKO 8-Max€ 75,000
7-Mar205€ 30PKO€ 100,000
7-Mar206€ 50Warm Up€ 100,000
7-Mar207€ 10The Classic€ 100,000
7-Mar208€ 50PKO 6-Max€ 100,000
7-Mar209€ 1006-Max€ 40,000
7-Mar210€ 250Main Event PKO 6-Max€ 500,000
7-Mar211€ 206-Max€ 30,000
7-Mar212€ 30SuperStack€ 30,000
7-Mar213€ 100PKO 8-Max 2 Day€ 75,000
7-Mar214€ 10PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 40,000
7-Mar215€ 20Ultra KO 6-Max Turbo€ 25,000
7-Mar216€ 30PKO 6-Max Hyper€ 30,000
8-Mar217€ 30PKO€ 40,000
8-Mar218€ 106-Max€ 25,000
8-Mar219€ 508-Max€ 20,000
8-Mar220€ 5Ultra KO 6-Max€ 15,000
8-Mar221€ 108-Max€ 25,000
8-Mar222€ 20NLHE€ 25,000
8-Mar223€ 50PKO€ 50,000
8-Mar224€ 100Super Monday PKO 6-Max€ 75,000
8-Mar225€ 250PKO 6-Max€ 40,000
8-Mar226€ 5Total KO 6-Max€ 15,000
8-Mar227€ 10Ultra KO 6-Max€ 20,000
8-Mar228€ 10PLO PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 7,500
8-Mar229€ 30Total KO Heads UP Zoom Turbo€ 10,000
8-Mar230€ 100PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 20,000
9-Mar231€ 50PKO 6-Max€ 35,000
9-Mar232€ 10SuperStack€ 20,000
9-Mar233€ 10Rebuy 6-Max€ 15,000
9-Mar234€ 50Ultra KO 8-Max€ 30,000
9-Mar235€ 5PKO€ 20,000
9-Mar236€ 10PKO 8-Max€ 30,000
9-Mar237€ 306-Max€ 20,000
9-Mar238€ 50SuperStack€ 25,000
9-Mar239€ 250PKO 6-Max€ 30,000
9-Mar240€ 20SuperStack PKO 6-Max€ 30,000
9-Mar241€ 30PKO€ 30,000
9-Mar242€ 50Total KO Heads UP Zoom Turbo€ 10,000
9-Mar243€ 20Total KO 4-Max Turbo€ 15,000
9-Mar244€ 10Ultra KO 6-Max Turbo€ 20,000
10-Mar245€ 100SuperStack PKO 6-Max€ 20,000
10-Mar246€ 10NLHE€ 15,000
10-Mar247€ 20PKO€ 20,000
10-Mar248€ 508-Max€ 15,000
10-Mar249€ 5Ultra KO 8-Max€ 10,000
10-Mar250€ 108-Max€ 15,000
10-Mar251€ 30SuperStack PKO 6-Max€ 20,000
10-Mar252€ 50PKO 6-Max€ 30,000
10-Mar253€ 250SuperStack PKO 6-Max€ 20,000
10-Mar254€ 30Ultra KO 8-Max€ 15,000
10-Mar255€ 10Total KO 6-Max€ 10,000
10-Mar256€ 508-Max Turbo€ 10,000
10-Mar257€ 20PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 15,000
10-Mar258€ 10PLO PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 7,500
11-Mar259€ 100PKO 6-Max€ 40,000
11-Mar260€ 10NLHE€ 20,000
11-Mar261€ 20NLHE€ 20,000
11-Mar262€ 30PKO€ 40,000
11-Mar263€ 10PKO 8-Max€ 30,000
11-Mar264€ 20SuperStack 6-Max€ 25,000
11-Mar265€ 508-Max€ 25,000
11-Mar266€ 100PKO 6-Max€ 30,000
11-Mar267€ 250Super Thursday PKO 6-Max€ 75,000
11-Mar2N/A€50 Phase 6-Max Phase 2 Day 1€ 500,000
11-Mar3N/A€5 Phase 6-Max Phase 2€ 150,000
11-Mar268€ 106-Max€ 15,000
11-Mar269€ 50PKO€ 40,000
11-Mar270€ 10PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 25,000
11-Mar271€ 250SuperStack PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 25,000
11-Mar272€ 5PKO 4-Max Turbo€ 7,500

PokerStars Carnival Series in Italy

At PokerStars Italy, the Carnival Series has over €5 million guaranteed across 105 events. The Main Event takes place on March 7 with a €500,000 guarantee.

Players can win entry into that event through €12.50 Spin & Go’s. Italian players can also take advantage of a €25,000 Depositor Freeroll on March 6.

Those winners also earn a Main Event entry.The schedule also includes several events in the progressive knockout (PKO) format.

In this type of bounty tournament, players only win a portion of an opponent’s bounty. A portion of that is also added to the winning player’s bounty.

That means each player’s bounty can increase throughout the tournament. This adds an interesting twist to bounty tournaments and means more bounty loot the deeper a player goes.

Here’s a look at the complete schedule.

PokerStars Carnival Series Italy

21-Feb€ 5.00SuperStack PKO $ 40,000
21-Feb€ 50.0050 GigaStack $ 100,000
21-Feb€ 10.00Carnival Opener $ 100,000
21-Feb€ 100.00Sunday Special PKO $ 200,000
21-Feb€ 250.00High Roller PKO $ 100,000
21-Feb€ 50.00Deep-Turbo $ 50,000
21-Feb€ 20.00Deep Hyper PKO $ 30,000
22-Feb€ 5.00Early Micro $ 30,000
22-Feb€ 50.00Deep WTB PKO $ 50,000
22-Feb€ 10.00Classic-10 $ 50,000
22-Feb€ 100.00Monday Carousel $ 100,000
22-Feb€ 100.00Omaha PKO $ 20,000
22-Feb€ 50.00Big Ante $ 30,000
22-Feb€ 20.00ZOOM 6-Max PKO $ 20,000
23-Feb€ 5.00Early Micro $ 25,000
23-Feb€ 50.00Deep PKO $ 40,000
23-Feb€ 10.00Classic-10 $ 40,000
23-Feb€ 100.00Tuesday Circus PKO $ 60,000
23-Feb€ 50.00Ultra KO PKO $ 30,000
23-Feb€ 30.00Deep-Turbo $ 25,000
23-Feb€ 20.00ZOOM 4-Max PKO $ 20,000
24-Feb€ 5.00Early Micro $ 25,000
24-Feb€ 50.00Deep PKO $ 40,000
24-Feb€ 10.00Classic-10 $ 40,000
24-Feb€ 100.00Wednesday Parade $ 60,000
24-Feb€ 30.00Bubble Rush $ 30,000
24-Feb€ 50.00Deep-Turbo PKO $ 40,000
24-Feb€ 20.00ZOOM 3-Max PKO $ 20,000
25-Feb€ 5.00Early Micro PKO $ 30,000
25-Feb€ 50.003-Stacks $ 40,000
25-Feb€ 10.00Classic-10 PKO $ 50,000
25-Feb€ 250.00Tuesday Festival PKO $ 100,000
25-Feb€ 50.00Giga-Turbo $ 40,000
25-Feb€ 30.00WTB PKO $ 30,000
25-Feb€ 20.00Deep Hyper $ 30,000
26-Feb€ 5.00Early Micro PKO $ 20,000
26-Feb€ 30.00Deep $ 30,000
26-Feb€ 10.00Classic-10 $ 40,000
26-Feb€ 100.00Friday Extravaganza PKO $ 50,000
26-Feb€ 50.00Big Ante $ 30,000
26-Feb€ 30.00Deep-Turbo $ 30,000
26-Feb€ 20.00ZOOM 6-Max PKO $ 20,000
27-Feb€ 5.00Early Micro $ 20,000
27-Feb€ 30.00Deep PKO $ 40,000
27-Feb€ 10.00Classic-10 $ 40,000
27-Feb€ 100.003-Stacks $ 50,000
27-Feb€ 50.00Bubble Rush PKO $ 30,000
27-Feb€ 30.00Deep-Turbo $ 30,000
27-Feb€ 20.00ZOOM 4-Max PKO $ 20,000
28-Feb€ 30.00Early Deep $ 50,000
28-Feb€ 50.0050 Special PKO $ 100,000
28-Feb€ 10.00Classic-10 $ 75,000
28-Feb€ 100.00UltraDeep $ 200,000
28-Feb€ 250.00High Roller PKO $ 100,000
28-Feb€ 50.00Ultra PKO $ 50,000
28-Feb€ 20.00Deep Hyper $ 30,000
1-Mar€ 5.00Early Micro $ 30,000
1-Mar€ 50.003-Stacks $ 50,000
1-Mar€ 10.00Classic-10 $ 50,000
1-Mar€ 100.00Monday Carousel PKO $ 100,000
1-Mar€ 50.00Giga-Turbo $ 40,000
1-Mar€ 30.00Omaha PKO $ 10,000
1-Mar€ 20.00ZOOM 3-Max PKO $ 20,000
2-Mar€ 5.00Early Micro $ 25,000
2-Mar€ 50.00Deep PKO $ 40,000
2-Mar€ 10.00Classic-10 $ 40,000
2-Mar€ 100.00Tuesday Circus PKO $ 70,000
2-Mar€ 30.00Giga-Turbo $ 40,000
2-Mar€ 50.00Ultra PKO $ 40,000
2-Mar€ 20.00ZOOM 6-Max PKO $ 20,000
3-Mar€ 5.00Early Micro PKO $ 25,000
3-Mar€ 50.00Deep $ 40,000
3-Mar€ 10.00Classic-10 $ 40,000
3-Mar€ 100.00Wednesday Parade PKO $ 60,000
3-Mar€ 50.00Deep-Turbo $ 40,000
3-Mar€ 30.00WTB $ 30,000
3-Mar€ 20.00ZOOM 4-Max PKO $ 20,000
4-Mar€ 5.00Early Micro $ 30,000
4-Mar€ 50.00Deep WTB PKO $ 40,000
4-Mar€ 10.00Classic-10 PKO $ 50,000
4-Mar€ 250.00Thursday Festival $ 100,000
4-Mar€ 30.00Giga-Turbo $ 40,000
4-Mar€ 50.00Big Ante $ 40,000
4-Mar€ 25.00Deep Hyper PKO $ 30,000
5-Mar€ 5.00Early Micro $ 20,000
5-Mar€ 30.00Deep PKO $ 40,000
5-Mar€ 10.00Classic-10 $ 40,000
5-Mar€ 100.003-Stacks $ 50,000
5-Mar€ 50.00Omaha PKO $ 10,000
5-Mar€ 30.00Giga-Turbo $ 30,000
5-Mar€ 20.00ZOOM 3-Max PKO $ 20,000
6-Mar€ 5.00Early Micro $ 20,000
6-Mar€ 30.00Deep PKO $ 30,000
6-Mar€ 10.00Classic-10 $ 40,000
6-Mar€ 100.00Saturday Extravaganza PKO $ 50,000
6-Mar€ 30.00WTB PKO $ 30,000
6-Mar€ 50.00Deep-Turbo $ 30,000
6-Mar€ 20.00ZOOM 6-Max PKO $ 20,000
7-Mar€ 30.00Early Deep $ 50,000
7-Mar€ 10.00MINI Main $ 150,000
7-Mar€ 50.0050 Special PKO $ 100,000
7-Mar€ 250.00Main Event PKO $ 500,000
7-Mar€ 100.00Last Chance $ 100,000
7-Mar€ 50.00Ultra PKO $ 50,000
7-Mar€ 20.00Deep Hyper $ 30,000

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PokerStars Shapes Up Spin & Go Experience By Adding Tetris

The classic game of Tetris is coming to

The classic game of Tetris is coming to PokerStars. The site recently announced the launch of a new twist on its Spin & Go tournaments involving the classic video game.

Players will find all the frantic action of a game of Tetris and the thrill of Spin & Go’s in one epic experience. The new promotion comes with more than $1.5 million in prizes.

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Stacking blocks and big bucks at PokerStars

The Tetris + Spin & Go tournaments run from Feb. 15 to March 28. Players can participate for a share of $33,000 in daily leaderboard prizes.

To participate, players can simply opt in to the Tetris + Spin & Go leaderboard at each buy-in level they desire. Players can get in on as many leaderboards as they want.

The objective is to earn points and post as high a score as possible on the daily leaderboards. How do the Tetris games work?

Players accumulate points by winning line clears from playing Tetris + Spin & Go’s. Every five lines cleared increases a competitor’s level.

The higher the level, the more points players receive for clearing lines and the higher their score will be.

Other PokerStars prizes on the line

Even those who don’t notch a win in a Tetris Spin & Go have something to look forward to. For every game players don’t win, the Tetris playing field begins filling up.

Players can track the status of their playing field at the table with scores posted daily. Additional prizes are also up for grabs for those who don’t make the leaderboard payouts. 

The top 500 players in each leaderboard earn entry into an exclusive daily prize draw. That includes $5,000 in prizes up for grabs every day.

Another medium for Tetris

PokerStars becomes just another medium to feature Tetris. The game was created by Russian software engineer Alexey Pajitnov in 1984.

Tetris has been featured on Nintendo video game systems as well as other devices. The game involves a player manipulating various shapes as they descend down the screen (this area is also known as the “matrix” or field”).

These shapes are fit together to complete lines across the screen, which are then eliminated. The gameplay is simple but takes strategy and has attracted fans around the world.

The game has sold more than 200 million copies – 70 million physical copies and more than 130 million downloads.

What might PokerStars get out of this unique partnership? The Tetris link again shows how online operators are reaching out to players beyond the traditional poker market. That includes players more accustomed to gaming on a mobile device.

The company also made news recently by signing international soccer star Neymar. Gaming fans who enjoy Tetris now may find a unique way to combine the game with some poker.

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PokerStars Celebrates International Bluff Day on Feb. 7 – No Bluffing

PokerStars has designated Sunday, Feb. 7, as “International Bluff Day” to celebrate all things bluffing.

The bluff is a critical part of poker – whether live in the online game. Some might say it’s what makes poker so unique – the ability to win with an inferior hand.

What poker fan could forget Chris Moneymaker’s “bluff of the century” in the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event? With K♠7♥ and no pair on a board of 9♠2♦6♠8♠, Moneymaker made a huge raise with Sammy Farha holding Q♠9♥.

Moneymaker missed his straight and flush draws when the 3♥ fell on the river Rather than slow down, he made a bold move – an all-in bluff. Farha ultimately folded and Moneymaker would go on to make poker history.

In the spirit of the bluff, PokerStars has designated Sunday, Feb. 7, as “International Bluff Day.” The hoopla is meant to celebrate all things bluffing and the site has plenty of fun in the works.

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What’s planned for PokerStars Bluff Day?

Why was Feb. 7 picked as the day to celebrate Bluff Day? Because 7-2 is the worst hand in poker, and also a specific date on the calendar, Feb. 7.

American players may note that date as 2/7, but the point is the same. The day seemed appropriate to get bullish on bluffing.

“You may get a bad hand like 7-2, but it’s up to you what you do with it,” PokerStars noted in a news release announcing the promotion. “You can make that bad hand, a great hand. It’s the way you play that makes a difference. And bluffing sits at the heart of this.”

“Bluffing can be applied to many aspects of our lives outside of poker and it happens in a variety of different situations, and the talent to successfully execute a bluff is respected.

To celebrate this fine art, PokerStars is dedicating the day to the bluff. No doubt every poker player has bluffed at some point – whether successful or not.

And PokerStars is inviting players to share their stories and experiences about their own epic bluffs. Players can simply use the hashtag #internationalbluffday to provide some light-hearted tales for others to read.

Additionally, the PokerStars social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) will host videos and activities to celebrate the occasion.

A look at some amazing poker bluffs

To commemorate the day, PokerStars has even put together a special video with some great bluffs. Some of those flexing their bluffing muscles include poker superstars Liv Boeree and Daniel Negreanu.

The top bluff includes a seven-bet with KJ♥. It’s quite an assortment of rounder fearlessness.

As if that weren’t enough, the PokerStars creative team also got in the act. The animated “Legend of the Bluff” offers a unique take on the beginnings of this poker concept.

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Three more great poker bluffs to check out

Moneymaker’s Main Event bluff may be the best-known in poker. However, plenty of other big card-playing fake-outs have left victims frustrated. Here are a look at a few more.

1 – Bluffing Ivey

In the 2000s, Brad Booth was a regular in televised poker shows like High Stakes Poker and Poker After Dark. Booth had no problem moving some chips around the table.

That includes this amazing bluff against poker star Phil Ivey. Amazingly, his 24♠ got the job done and Ivey got rid of his pocket Kings.

2 – Miss Finland earns her crown

The Shark Cage welcomed Miss Finland to the pool and she ran an unexpected huge bluff. Her opponent eventually folded a monster hand. Not only did the victim lose the hand, but also got sent to solitary confinement.


3 – Scott Seiver ships it

Longtime pro Scott Seiver is no stranger to raking big pots. In this hand from the WSOP Big One for One Drop, he takes a massive pot from Marvin Reinkemeier.

This comes with an all-in shove and Reinkemeier folding Aces.

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MicroMillions Runs a Marathon at PokerStars With $1 Million Valentine’s Day Main Event

The MicroMillions Marathon runs at PokerStars Feb. 11-14 with 107 tournaments, $3 million guaranteed, and events running every 30 minutes.

Get ready low rollers. PokerStars’ MicroMillions series is back, but this time with a twist.

The popular low-stakes tournament series returns Feb. 11-14. This year, the MicroMillions Marathon features 107 tournaments with more than $3 million guaranteed.

What makes this series different from some of those micro series in the past?  The “marathon” aspect means a tournament starts every half hour for most of the schedule.

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Low stakes, big money payouts at PokerStars

The MicroMillions Marathon promises a blitz of action for online poker players for four straight days. Players will find big prizes for small stakes.

Buy-ins range from $1.10 to $11 with qualifiers starting at just $0.11. There are plenty of events for every taste and bankroll.

A few of the tournament styles include: Six-Max, Turbo, Zoom, Progressive Knockout, Bubble Rush, Win the Button, Deepstacks, Heads-up, and more.

For those new to some of these, Bubble Rush is a fast-paced tournament designed to get players into the money in an hour. After that the hyper turbo format slows down and plays like a traditional tournament.

A Progressive Knockout (PKO) is a bounty tournament with some interesting twists. When a player knocks out another, part of that player’s bounty is added to the winning player’s bounty. The events make for some fun, interesting dynamics as player’s bounty increases throughout the tournament.

In a Win the Button tournament, the player who wins the pot also gets the dealer button.

Players looking for more than just Texas Hold’em are also in luck. Some of the games featured include Pot Limit Omaha, Fusion, Omaha Hi/Lo, and more.

For those new to Fusion, this is a game PokerStars introduced in 2019. The games combined Hold’em and Omaha. Players are dealt two cards and play is like Hold’em before the flop.

After that, players receive another card on the flop and then another on the turn. Players have plenty of options in this MicroMillions series.

PokerStars MicroMillions Marathon highlights

Valentine’s Day will be a big deal this year for PokerStars players. The site is showing some love on Feb. 14 to MicroMillions players.

The $22 Main Event comes with a $1 million guarantee – some nice value for such a small buy-in.

Beyond that, players have numerous other nice tournaments worth checking out including:

  • $5.50 NLHE (Event 3, Feb. 11) – $12,500 guarantee
  • $11 NLHE 8-max (Event 11, Feb. 11) – $80,000 guarantee
  • $1.10 Hyper-Turbo 8-max rebuy (Event 14, Feb. 11) – $40,000 guarantee
  • $5.50 PKO, Turbo 8-max (Event 32, Feb. 12) – $35,000 guarantee
  • $11 PKO 8-max (Event 37, Feb. 12) – $100,000 guarantee
  • $5.50 PKO Turbo Zoom 8-max (Event 40, Feb. 12) – $50,000 guarantee
  • $9.80 Big PKO 8-max (Event 62, Feb. 13) – $125,000 guarantee
  • $3.30 Turbo 7-max (Event 66, Feb. 13) – $35,000 guarantee
  • $5.50 PKO (Event 91, Feb. 14) – $60,000 guarantee
  • $3.30 NLHE 6-max (Event 92, Feb. 14) $40,000 guarantee
  • $11 NLHE (Event 95, Feb. 14) – $100,000 guarantee
  • $1.10 PKO (Event 98, Feb. 14) – $20,000 guarantee

Here’s a look at the complete schedule:

2021 PokerStars MicroMillions Marathon

Feb. 11001: $3.30 3-Stack, Turbo (6-max)$3.30$5,000
Feb. 11002: $1.10 PKO, Hyper-Turbo (4-max)$1.10$3,500
Feb. 11003: $5.50 NLHE$5.50$12,500
Feb. 11004: $1.10 PLO (8-max)$1.10$3,500
Feb. 11005: $3.30 PKO Zoom, Turbo (6-max)$3.30$10,000
Feb. 11006 $5.50 Heads-Up, Total PKO, Hyper-Turbo$5.50$5,000
Feb. 11007: $3.30 NLHE$3.30$12,500
Feb. 11008: $1.10 PKO, Turbo (8-max)$1.10$8,000
Feb. 11009: $3.30 Win The Button$3.30$12,500
Feb. 11010: $5.50 PLO, Turbo (6-max)$5.50$8,000
Feb. 11011: $11 (8-max)$11$80,000
Feb. 11012 $3.30 PKO$3.30$40,000
Feb. 11013: $5.50 NLHE$5.50$35,000
Feb. 11014: $1.10+R, Hyper-Turbo (8-max)$1.10$40,000
Feb. 11015: $3.30 PLO-H/L, PKO, Turbo (8-max)$3.30$10,000
Feb. 11016: $5.50 PKO, Turbo$5.50$40,000
Feb. 11017: $1.10 NLHE$1.10$8,000
Feb. 11018: $5.50 Limit 8-Game (6-max)$5.50$3,500
Feb. 11019: $1.10 NLHE (6-max)$1.10$5,000
Feb. 11020: $3.30 Hyper-Turbo, Bubble Rush (8-max)$3.30$12,500
Feb. 11021: $5.50 PKO (8-max)$5.50$20,000
Feb. 11022: $3.30 NLHE$3.30$15,000
Feb. 11023: $1.10 PKO$1.10$7,500
Feb. 11024: $3.30 4-max, Turbo, Shootout$3.30$3,500
Feb. 11025: $1.10 Big PKO, Turbo$1.10$3,500
Feb. 12026: $1.10 Zoom, Turbo (8-max)$1.10$3,000
Feb. 12027: $3.30 PKO, Turbo (6-max)$3.30$10,000
Feb. 12028: $1.10 NLHE (6-max)$1.10$5,000
Feb. 12029: $5.50 NLHE$5.50$10,000
Feb. 12030: $1.10 NLHE$1.10$8,000
Feb. 12031: $3.30 NLHE (8-max)$3.30$10,000
Feb. 12032: $5.50 PKO, Turbo (8-max)$5.50$35,000
Feb. 12033: $1.10 PKO, Hyper-Turbo, Zoom$1.10$10,000
Feb. 12034: $3.30 NLHE (8-max)$3.30$30,000
Feb. 12035: $5.50 NLO, Turbo (6-max)$5.50$12,500
Feb. 12036: $3.30 PKO$3.30$20,000
Feb. 12037: $11 PKO (8-max)$11$100,000
Feb. 12038 $5.50 NLHE$5.50$40,000
Feb. 12039: $3.30+R, Hyper-Turbo (8-max)$3.30$40,000
Feb. 12040: $5.50 PKO, Turbo, Zoom (8-max)$5.50$50,000
Feb. 12041: $1.10 PKO$1.10$10,000
Feb. 12042: $3.30 6+ Hold’em (6-max)$3.30$7,500
Feb. 12043: $5.50 (8-max)$5.50$15,000
Feb. 12044: $1.10 PKO, Turbo, Win the Button$1.10$5,000
Feb. 12045: $3.30 PKO, Turbo$3.30$20,000
Feb. 12046: $1.10 Omaha H/L, PKO (8-max)$1.10$3,500
Feb. 12047 $5.50 PKO, Hyper-Turbo, Bubble Rush$5.50$10,000
Feb. 12048 $1.10 Turbo (6-max)$1.10$5,000
Feb. 12049: $3.30 Deep Stacks, Hyper-Turbo$3.30$5,000
Feb. 12050: $1.10 Hyper Turbo$1.10$3,500
Feb. 13051: $5.50 PKO, Turbo (7-max)$5.50$8,000
Feb. 13052 $3.30 NLHE (8-max)$3.30$5,000
Feb. 13053: $1.10 NLHE$1.10$5,000
Feb. 13054: $3.30 PKO$3.30$10,000
Feb. 13055: $1.10 Hyper-Turbo (6-max)$1.10$5,000
Feb. 13056: $5.50 PKO (8-max)$5.50$12,500
Feb. 13057: $1.10 NLHE$1.10$5,000
Feb. 13058: $3.3o0 PL Fusion (6-max)$3.30$3,500
Feb. 13059: $5.50 PKO, Turbo (7-max)$5.50$20,000
Feb. 13060: $1.10 NLHE$1.10$7,500
Feb. 13061: $3.30 PLO, PKO (6-max)$3.30$5,000
Feb. 13062: $9.80 Big PKO (8-max)$9.80$125,000
Feb. 13063: $3.30 NLHE$3.30$40,000
Feb. 13064: $1.10+R Splash (8-max)$1.10$50,000
Feb. 13065: $5.50 PKO$5.50$40,000
Feb. 13066: $3.30 Turbo (7-max)$3.30$35,000
Feb. 13067: $1.10 NLHE (8-max)$1.10$10,000
Feb. 13068: $5.50 NL Omaha H/L, PKO (6-max)$5.50$12,500
Feb. 13069: $3.30 Heads-Up, Total PKO, Turbo, Zoom$3.30$10,000
Feb. 13070: $1.10 Win the Button (4-max)$1.10$7,500
Feb. 13071: $3.30 NL 6+ Hold’em, PK (6-max)$3.30$7,500
Feb. 13072: $5.50 Hyper-Turbo, Bubble Rush (8-max)$5.50$5,000
Feb. 13073: $1.10 Turbo (7-max)$1.10$3,500
Feb. 13074: $5.50 PKO$5.50$10,000
Feb. 13075: $3.30 NLHE$3.30$7,500
Feb. 13076: $5.50 Big PKO, Hyper-Turbo (6-max)$5.50$5,000
Feb. 13077: $1.10 Turbo (6-max)$1.10$3,500
Feb. 14078: $1.10 Total PKO, Turbo (6-max)$1.10$3,500
Feb. 14079: $3.30 Zoom (8-max)$3.30$10,000
Feb. 14080: $5.50 PKO, Turbo (8-max)$5.50$25,000
Feb. 14081: $3.30 Big PKO$3.30$10,000
Feb. 14082: $1.10 PKO, Deep Stacks, Hyper-Turbo (8-max)$1.10$5,000
Feb. 14083: $5.50 NLHE$5.50$15,000
Feb. 14084: $1.10 NLHE$1.10$5,000
Feb. 14085: $3.30 PKO, Turbo$3.30$15,000
Feb. 14086: $5.50 Win the Button (8-max)$5.50$10,000
Feb. 14087: $1.10 NL Omaha (6-max)$1.10$3,500
Feb. 14088: $3.30 NLHE$3.30$15,000
Feb. 14089: $5.50 NLHE$5.50$25,000
Feb. 14090: $1.10 Turbo (8-max)$1.10$15,000
Feb. 14091: $5.50 PKO$5.50$60,000
Feb. 14092: $3.30 (6-max)$3.30$40,000
Feb. 14093: $22 Main Event, PKO$22$1,000,000
Feb. 14094 $5.50 PKO (8-max)$5.50$75,000
Feb. 14095: $11 NLHE$11$100,000
Feb. 14096: $3.30 PKO$3.30$60,000
Feb. 14097: $5.50 Turbo (8-max)$5.50$50,000
Feb. 14098: $1.10 PKO$1.10$20,000
Feb. 14099: $3.30 Limit Horse (6-max)$3.30$7,500
Feb. 14100: $1.10 NLHE$1.10$5,000
Feb. 14101: $5.50 6+ Hold’em (6-max)$5.50$15,000
Feb. 14102: $3.30 Total PKO, Turbo (8-max)$3.30$20,000
Feb. 14103: $5.50 PL Omaha H/L, PKO (6-max)$5.50$12,500
Feb. 14104: $1.10 Hyper-Turbo, Bubble Rush (8-max)$1.10$7,500
Feb. 14105: $3.30 NLHE (8-max)$3.30$20,000
Feb. 14106: $5.50 Turbo$5.50$30,000
Feb. 14107: $1.10 Turbo (8-max)$1.10$10,000

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Hank Azaria Gathers Celebrity Friends for New PokerStars Home Game Charity Series

In conjunction with PokerStars, actor and poker player Hank Azaria debuted the new Hank’s Home Game series on the site’s YouTube channel.

Online poker once again became home to a charity celebrity poker game on Sunday. In conjunction with PokerStars, actor and poker player Hank Azaria debuted the new Hank’s Home Game series on the site’s YouTube channel.

The star-studded game will regularly feature six celebrities interacting and competing on camera. Players can win their share of a $50,000 donation to the charities closest to their hearts.

“Hank’s Home Game is all about great company and good conversation,” Azaria said in a news release. “While we hope our home game will keep everyone entertained during testing times, it has also been a chance to continue raising money for charity.

“I am delighted that I have been able to work with PokerStars on this fun series, and I hope people enjoy it as much as we enjoyed playing each game.”

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Hijinks via the PokerStars Home Game feature

Azaria, the famous voice behind the Simpsons, plays host to the series. Along with him, the first episode also featured Don Cheadle, Jon Hamm, Michael Ian Black, Josh Charles, and Michael Cera.

Each celebrity goes home knowing his chosen charity will receive a donation from PokerStars. However, the amount is determined by the play money chips won by each player.

James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton provided commentary for the first episode. In the first episode, Cera won a big hand late to end in the top spot.

His $20,000 top prize is going to First Responders First. The organization helps front line health care workers get supplies they need.

“I’m very excited,” he said after the win. “This was so cool.”

More home games with Hank in the works

PokerStars and Azaria have more episodes already planned. A few upcoming guests include Amy Schumer and Jack Black.

Hank’s Home Game piggybacks on the Stars CALL for Action the company produced in May 2020. That event featured $1 million donated to charities with more than 90 celebrities playing the free money site.

Actor David Costabile took down the tournament with $100,000 donated to his charity, World Central Kitchen. The group supplies food to those who need it most.

“Providing entertainment for our community is at the heart of everything we do at PokerStars, and Hank’s Home Game is a great reflection of this,” PokerStars group public relations associate director Rebecca McAdam Willetts said. 

“Our Home Games are a great way for people to connect and compete from home, and they can do so for free. Hank and many of his talented guests’ natural passion for poker has made bringing them together for good causes a real pleasure. We hope it also provides much-needed entertainment for viewers at home.”

How do PokerStars Home Games work?

For players new to the option, PokerStars Home Games allow players to create their own club with friends. The feature allows for numerous tournament and cash game options.

Home Games allow for easy customization including club name, leaderboards, regular games, and other features. Players can connect from locations all around the world.

For those outside regulated real money jurisdictions, also allows players to utilize Home Games. These won’t be for real money, but can make for some fun action and bragging rights.

For a complete review  on PokerStars Home Games, click here.

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PokerStars Celebrates 15 Years of Sunday Million with $12.5 Million; $500K in Free Tickets Planned

PokerStars celebrates 15 years of the Sunday Million on March 21 with a $12.5 million guarantee.

Since 2006, PokerStarsSunday Million has been one of the biggest tournaments in online poker. The weekly event is soon celebrating 15 years of million-dollar prize pools on March 21.

To mark the occasion, the site has some bg plans including a $12.5 million guaranteed prize pool. That’s quite a step up from that first event, which paid out $1.2 million.

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Huge prize pool for anniversary Sunday Millions

For many, the Sunday Million has become synonymous with online poker. When the tournament debuted, PokerStars became the first site to offer a regularly featured tournament with a $1 million guarantee.

Players had a shot each Sunday at a massive payday for only $215. The tournament has continued to grow through the years and still remains extremely popular.

All players on the PokerStars international site can buy in for the usual $215. However, qualifiers are already underway. Players can also win their way into the anniversary tournament for free.

PokerStars will be giving away more than $500,000 in tournament tickets beginning March 8. Final details on those plans haven’t been announced yet, but will be soon.

Looking back at a huge 2020 Sunday Million win

Last year’s 14th anniversary event also featured a $12.5 million guarantee and proved to be quite a story. Brazil’s Alex “AAAArthur” Brito came out on top and scored $1.1 million after a four-way deal.

That event attracted 60,897 players and 93,015 total entries for a final prize pool of $18.6 million. That became the biggest Sunday Million ever.

The 38-year-old married father of two from São Paulo lost his job about six months before the tournament. The win was perfect timing.

What made Brito’s win even more amazing was that he qualified for only $4. A recreational player who usually enjoys microstakes, he’s been playing on PokerStars since 2011.

After winning the $4 qualifier, he went on to win an $11 satellite to earn his spot in the tournament. After that, he just kept progressing through the tournament, surprising himself a bit but gaining confidence.

“Each pay jump I got, I felt more and more confident in my game,” he says. “At the same time, I was nervous to know that I was close to changing my family life completely.”

Winning the tournament became an ultimate dream come true. He worked as a business manager before losing his job and the win was great timing. It didn’t even seem real at first, he says.

“To be honest, it took me a little time to really understand what happened,” he says. “I can only say that it’s a dream that I’m living. I got the big hit that every poker player wants.

“I’m an example of an aspiring poker player, a recreational player who could change his own life and his family’s life thanks to poker.”

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Plenty of action underway at PokerStars

Players have a big event to look forward to with the anniversary Sunday Million. However, three has been plenty of big tournament action recently at PokerStars.

The Blowout Series paid out $93.6 million in January, topping the guarantee of $60 million. More big events are also planned throughout February.

The 50/50 Series began Sunday, running through Feb. 7 and featuring $6.2 million in total guarantees. All events feature a buy-in of only $50 and the Main Event comes with a $1 million guarantee.

Players on the PokerStars Southern Europe platform (France, Spain, and Portugal) also can get in on the action with the MicroMillions running through Feb. 11. That series features a $3 million guarantee.

MicroMillions also runs on PokerStars Italy at the same time with a €2 million guarantee. For a preview and schedules of all these series, click here.

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PokerStars Becomes First Site to Launch in Michigan; FOX Bet and Stars Casino Also Go Live

PokerStars officially launched in Michigan on Jan. 29.

A week after online gaming went live in Michigan, on Friday PokerStars became the first online poker site to launch in the state.

Along with PokerStars, the site’s sister brand FOX Bet also went live with sports betting and Stars Casino gaming. For poker players, the launch means the fifth legal, regulated state in the US.

PokerStars brings world-class gaming product to Michigan players

As the world’s largest and most popular online poker product, players in Michigan can now jump in the action at PokerStars. The company remains the only operator in Pennsylvania and also operates in New Jersey.

All three sites are “fenced-in” markets, meaning players only play others within each state. For example, players in Michigan can only play others within the state.

However, a recent federal court ruling could pave the way for interstate gaming compacts. The case clarified the Wire Act only applies to sports betting, making iGaming shared liquidity a possibility.

Michiganders now have access to PokerStars cash games, daily tournaments, and popular regular festivals like COOP-branded (Championship of Online Poker) series. It’s a good bet a Michigan COOP is already in the works.

PokerStars is recognized in the industry for its technology, security, and excellent software experience. From fast-paced cash games to major Sunday tournaments, real and play money games are available around the clock.

The company has dealt more than 200 billion hands and hosted more than 1.85 billion poker tournaments globally. The brand also connects customers to their local poker community of players and friends through app features like “Home Games.”

Players in Michigan can now take advantage of their own PokerStars platform as well.

PokerStars, FOX Bet launch also includes other gaming options

Along with the launch of PokerStars’ award-winning platform, the announcement includes other gaming options. The FOX Bet Sportsbook and Stars Casino round out a powerful gaming Michigan trifecta.

At Stars Casino, players will find numerous real money online gaming options beginning Friday. That includes sports betting, poker, blackjack, and more.

The in-app experience and shared wallet provides a seamless transition between differing gaming modes.

“The key differentiators for us have always been our valued partnership with the FOX Corporation and the strength of our industry leading FOX Bet Super 6 product combined with the PokerStars business and we plan to lean into these unique assets as we launch in Michigan,” FOX Bet CEO Kip Levin said in a news release.

“Behind FOX Bet Sportsbook, PokerStars, and Stars Casino, customers create one account for all three apps, unlocking a wide variety of exciting and entertaining options to supercharge the experience for our Michigan audience.”

FOX Bet Sportsbook offers traditional bets as well as in-play and futures wagering opportunities. Bettors will find a wide range of sports betting markets on national and international events.

Michigan marks the fourth state for FOX Bet, which is also available in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Colorado. As in Pennsylvania, FOX Bet Michigan will leverage poker and activate a strong local FOX presence in the state.

These online gaming brands have an agreement with the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians Gaming Authority for  market access in the State of Michigan.

Blowout Series Crushes Guarantee for PokerStars with $93.6 Million Paid Out to Winners

The new PokerStars Blow Out Series closes out 2020 with $60 million guaranteed.

PokerStars first Blowout Series wrapped up recently with $93.6 million paid out to players around the world. That was quite a number – easily topping the festival guarantee of $60 million.

The series closed out the year, running from Dec. 27 to Jan. 19. The Blowout Series attracted more than 300,000 players across 266 events. Additionally, PokerStars also awarded $2 million worth of free tickets for the series.

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Big Blowouts go huge at PokerStars

As part of this series, PokerStars ran four signature “Big Blowout” tournaments each Sunday. These events came with a different buy-in each week and a total of $24.8 million was awarded to players.

The $1,050 version drew a prize pool of $6.9 million with “Arbaarba” topping the field. Arbaarba earned a seat in the field for a fraction of the price in a $109 qualifier. That run brought a $739,976 payout, the biggest profit of the series.

The $530 Big Blowout awarded $6.5 million and $721,691 for the winner. That prize went togwolde” after winning a seat through a $22 satellite.

The $215 NLHE version, “UnHuman3” won the title for $456,346. The tournament produced a prize pool of $6.4 million.

The $109 Blowout awarded $5 million with “pilaa” crowned the winner for $381,174.

The $11 buy-in New Year’s Bash event also proved to be a big hit. The event attracted 219,967 entries, the most of the series. The tournament awarded $2.2 million overall, with “NetoGamboa” earning the top spot for $92,745 after a four-way deal.

Multiple players turned small buy-ins into big wins. Three players – ”flynthehouse,” “r4fuel,” and “katarina1011” – all turned $2.85 into $19,623, $14,690, and $9,721, respectively.

PokerStars ambassadors find success

On the final event of the series PokerStars ambassador Lex Veldhuis won his biggest prize ever live on his Twitch stream. He placed fourth in the $5,200 Blowout Series Side Event for $97,256.

That run helped Veldhuis break his own Twitch record for number of viewers.

Arlie Shaban also broke personal records after he turned $22 into $19,707 in a $22 Mini Sunday Cooldown. That became the biggest score ever for the Twitch streamer.

More on tap at PokerStars

With online poker seeing massive series after massive series, a new festival debuts on Sunday at PokerStars. The 50/50 Series runs Jan. 31 – Feb. 7 with $6.2 million guaranteed. 

The series features 50 events with lower-priced versions of some of PokerStars’ popular regular tournaments. As the series name implies, each event comes with a $50 buy-in and huge guarantees.

The PokerStars 50/50 Series runs Jan. 31 – Feb. 7 and features $6.2 million in total guarantees. 

The 50/50 brings 50 tournaments all at 50 bucks. The Main Event highlights the series on Feb. 7 with $1 million guaranteed.

For more on this series as well as the MicroMillions set for Southern Europe and Italy, click here.

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FULL HOUSE FEBRUARY: Major PokerStars Festivals Unveiled for .com, Southern Europe, Italy

The PokerStars 50/50 Series runs Jan. 31 – Feb. 7 and features $6.2 million in total guarantees. 

PokerStars is debuting a new poker festival beginning Sunday. The 50/50 Series runs Jan. 31 – Feb. 7 and features $6.2 million in total guarantees. 

Online poker players will find 50 events including reduced-price versions of some of PokerStars’ most popular regular tournaments. Each event comes with a $50 buy-in and huge guarantees.

In essence, the 50/50 means 50 tournaments all priced at 50 bucks. The Main Event, also priced at $50, highlights the series on Feb. 7 with $1 million guaranteed.

The site also has some big plans for PokerStars players in Southern Europe and Italy as well as Italy.

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Inside the PokerStars 50/50 Series

The series allows players to take part in their favorite tournaments or try something new – all for less. Players also have a chance at competing for increased prize pools.

Players can qualify for 50/50 tournaments via satellites beginning Jan. 25. These start at just $1.10 and a few highlights from the series include:

  • $50 PKO Sunday Million SE (Event 3, Jan. 31) – $1 million guaranteed
  • $50 PKO, Mini Bounty Builder (Event 22, Feb. 3) – $250,000 guaranteed
  • $50 Pot Limit Omaha 6-Max (Event 30, Feb. 3) – $30,000 guaranteed
  • $50 HORSE 6-Max (Event 36, Feb. 5) – $15,000 guaranteed
  • $50 8-Max, Sunday Marathon (Event 44, Feb. 6) – $100,000 guaranteed

Here’s a look at the complete schedule.

PokerStars 50/50 Series 2021

Jan. 3101: $50 NLHE [8-Max, Sunday Marathon SE], $100K Gtd$50$100,000
Jan. 3102: $50 NLHE [Heads-Up, Progressive Total KO, Zoom], $75K Gtd$50$75,000
Jan. 3103: $50 NLHE [Progressive KO, Sunday Million SE], $1M Gtd$50$1,000,000
Jan. 3104: $50 NLHE [6-Max], $50K Gtd$50$50,000
Jan. 3105: $50 NLHE [6-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO], $150K Gtd$50$150,000
Jan. 3106: $50 PLO [6-Max], $40K Gtd$50$40,000
Jan. 3107: $50 NLHE [Sunday Wrap-Up SE], $50K Gtd$50$50,000
Feb. 108: $50 NLHE [8-Max, Daily Marathon SE], $50K Gtd$50$50,000
Feb. 109: $50 NLHE [Heads-Up, Progressive Total KO, Zoom], $50K Gtd$50$50,000
Feb. 110: $50 NLHE [Progressive KO, Mini Bounty Builder SE], $250K Gtd$50$250,000
Feb. 111: $50 NLHE [6-Max, Turbo], $100K Gtd$50$100,000
Feb. 112: $50 NLO8 [6-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO], $25K Gtd$50$25,000
Feb. 113: $50 NLHE [6-Max, Monday 6-Max Late Edition SE], $50K Gtd$50$50,000
Feb. 214: $50 NLHE [8-Max, Daily Marathon SE], $50K Gtd$50$50,000
Feb. 215: $50 NLHE [Heads-Up, Progressive Total KO, Zoom], $50K Gtd$50$50,000
Feb. 216: $50 NLHE [Progressive KO, Mini Bounty Builder SE], $250K Gtd$50$250,000
Feb. 217: $50 NLHE [6-Max, Turbo, Zoom], $75K Gtd$50$75,000
Feb. 218: $50 8-Game, $15K Gtd$50$15,000
Feb. 219: $50 NLHE [8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO], $75K Gtd$50$75,000
Feb. 320: $50 NLHE [8-Max, Daily Marathon SE], $50K Gtd$50$50,000
Feb. 321: $50 NLHE [Heads-Up, Progressive Total KO, Zoom], $50K Gtd$50$50,000
Feb. 322: $50 NLHE [Progressive KO, Mini Bounty Builder SE], $250K Gtd$50$250,000
Feb. 323: $50 NLHE [6-Max, Turbo], $100K Gtd$50$100,000
Feb. 324: $50 PLO [6-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO], $30K Gtd$50$30,000
Feb. 325: $50 NLHE [Progressive KO, Battle Royale Late Edition SE], $75K Gtd$50$75,000
Feb. 426: $50 NLHE [8-Max, Daily Marathon SE], $50K Gtd$50$50,000
Feb. 427: $50 NLHE [Heads-Up, Progressive Total KO, Zoom], $50K Gtd$50$50,000
Feb. 428: $50 NLHE [Progressive KO, Mini Bounty Builder SE], $250K Gtd$50$250,000
Feb. 429: $50 NLHE [6-Max, Turbo, Zoom], $75K Gtd$50$75,000
Feb. 430: $50 PLO [6-Max], $25K Gtd$50$25,000
Feb. 431: $50 NLHE [8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO], $75K Gtd$50$75,000
Feb. 532: $50 NLHE [8-Max, Daily Marathon SE], $50K Gtd$50$50,000
Feb. 533: $50 NLHE [Heads-Up, Progressive Total KO, Zoom], $50K Gtd$50$50,000
Feb. 534: $50 NLHE [Progressive KO, Mini Bounty Builder SE], $250K Gtd$50$250,000
Feb. 535: $50 NLHE [6-Max, Turbo], $100K Gtd$50$100,000
Feb. 536: $50 HORSE [6-Max], $15K Gtd$50$15,000
Feb. 537: $50 NLHE [8-Max, Turbo, Fast Friday Late Edition SE], $50K Gtd$50$50,000
Feb. 638: $50 NLHE [8-Max, Daily Marathon SE], $50K Gtd$50$50,000
Feb. 639: $50 NLHE [Heads-Up, Progressive Total KO, Zoom], $50K Gtd$50$50,000
Feb. 640: $50 NLHE [Progressive KO, Mini Bounty Builder SE], $250K Gtd$50$250,000
Feb. 641: $50 NLHE [6-Max, Turbo, Zoom], $75K Gtd$50$75,000
Feb. 642: $50 NLO8 [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO], $25K Gtd$50$25,000
Feb. 643: $50 NLHE [Progressive KO, Saturday KO Late Edition SE], $75K Gtd$50$75,000
Feb. 644: $50 NLHE [8-Max, Sunday Marathon SE], $100K Gtd$50$100,000
Feb. 745: $50 NLHE [Heads-Up, Progressive Total KO, Zoom], $75K Gtd$50$75,000
Feb. 746: $50 NLHE [8-Max, Main Event], $1M Gtd$50$1,000,000
Feb. 747: $50 NLHE [6-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO], $175K Gtd$50$175,000
Feb. 748: $50 PLO [6-Max], $40K Gtd$50$40,000
Feb. 749: $50 NLHE [Turbo], $100K Gtd$50$100,000
Feb. 750: $50 NLHE [8-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Series Wrap-Up], $75K Gtd$50$75,000

PokerStars MicroMillions to Southern Europe

Players in Southern Europe and Italy also have some nice tournament action to look forward to in February. The MicroMillions kicks off Jan. 31 and runs through Feb. 11 with a €5 million guarantee between the two platforms.

In Southern Europe, the $3 million guarantee marks the biggest MicroMillions prize pool ever on that series. That total doubles the 2020 version.

The popular low-stakes series features 161 tournaments for players in France, Spain, and Portugal. Buy-ins start at only €2.

Players can qualify for as little as €0.50 and highlights include:

  • €50 Progressive Knockout Main Event on Feb. 7 – €300,000 guaranteed.
  • €30 Thirty Special PKO on Jan. 31 – €125,000 guaranteed
  • Three Phase events with buy-ins of €1, €3 and €10 and guarantees of €50,000, €100,000 and €200,000, respectively. Phase 1 gets underway prior to the start of the series on Jan. 23 and Phase 2 starts on Feb. 11.

Here’s a look at the complete schedule:

PokerStars Southern Europe MicroMillions 2021

Jan. 314€ 30Deep PKO 8-Max€ 100,000
Jan. 315€ 10Deep PKO 8-Max€ 40,000
Jan. 316€ 5SuperStack€ 20,000
Jan. 317€ 20Total KO 6-Max€ 50,000
Jan. 318€ 2PKO 8-Max€ 10,000
Jan. 319€ 5Ultra KO 6-Max€ 30,000
Jan. 3110€ 10The Classic€ 100,000
Jan. 3111€ 3030 Special PKO - 2 Day€ 125,000
Jan. 3112€ 50High Roller 6-Max - 2 Day€ 75,000
Jan. 3113€ 20PKO 8-Max€ 50,000
Jan. 3114€ 5Rebuy€ 20,000
Jan. 3115€ 306-Max Turbo€ 30,000
Jan. 3116€ 10PKO 8-Max Turbo€ 30,000
Jan. 3117€ 20PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 30,000
Feb. 118€ 5Total KO 8-Max€ 20,000
Feb. 119€ 10SuperStack 6-Max€ 25,000
Feb. 220€ 5NLHE€ 15,000
Feb. 321€ 20PKO€ 40,000
Feb. 422€ 5Rebuy 6-Max€ 15,000
Feb. 523€ 10PKO 8-Max€ 50,000
Feb. 124€ 50High Roller PKO 6-Max€ 50,000
Feb. 125€ 5Bubble Rush€ 15,000
Feb. 126€ 10PLO PKO 6-Max€ 10,000
Feb. 127€ 10Alternating Blinds PKO Turbo€ 20,000
Feb. 128€ 20Ultra KO 6-Max Turbo€ 30,000
Feb. 129€ 5PKO 8-Max Turbo€ 15,000
Feb. 130€ 20Total KO 4-Max Turbo€ 15,000
Feb. 231€ 10Ultra KO 6-Max€ 30,000
Feb. 232€ 5NLHE€ 15,000
Feb. 233€ 20SuperStack PKO 8-Max€ 40,000
Feb. 234€ 5PLO 6-Max€ 5,000
Feb. 235€ 2Rebuy€ 10,000
Feb. 236€ 30PKO 6-Max€ 60,000
Feb. 237€ 58-Max€ 20,000
Feb. 238€ 10SuperStack 6-Max€ 25,000
Feb. 239€ 5PKO€ 20,000
Feb. 240€ 20Total KO 8-Max Turbo€ 25,000
Feb. 241€ 104-Max Turbo€ 15,000
Feb. 242€ 56-Max Turbo€ 10,000
Feb. 243€ 10PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 25,000
Feb. 344€ 206-Max€ 20,000
Feb. 345€ 5PKO€ 20,000
Feb. 346€ 10Rebuy 6-Max€ 15,000
Feb. 347€ 30Ultra KO 8-Max€ 30,000
Feb. 348€ 10Total KO 6-Max€ 30,000
Feb. 349€ 10PKO 8-Max€ 40,000
Feb. 350€ 5NLHE€ 20,000
Feb. 351€ 106-Max€ 25,000
Feb. 352€ 5SuperStack PKO 8-Max€ 20,000
Feb. 353€ 106-Max Turbo€ 20,000
Feb. 354€ 20PLO PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 10,000
Feb. 355€ 5Ultra KO 6-Max Turbo€ 15,000
Feb. 356€ 20Ultra KO 6-Max Turbo€ 25,000
Feb. 457€ 20PKO 8-Max€ 30,000
Feb. 458€ 10PLO PKO 6-Max€ 5,000
Feb. 459€ 5Bubble Rush PKO 6-Max€ 15,000
Feb. 460€ 10NLHE€ 25,000
Feb. 461€ 5Rebuy€ 15,000
Feb. 462€ 10PKO 8-Max€ 40,000
Feb. 463€ 50High Roller PKO 6-Max€ 50,000
Feb. 464€ 208-Max€ 30,000
Feb. 465€ 10Ultra KO 6-Max€ 30,000
Feb. 466€ 5SuperStack PKO 8-Max Turbo€ 20,000
Feb. 467€ 30PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 30,000
Feb. 468€ 5Total KO 4-Max Turbo€ 10,000
Feb. 469€ 10PKO 8-Max Turbo€ 25,000
Feb. 570€ 30Total KO 6-Max€ 30,000
Feb. 571€ 5SuperStack PKO€ 20,000
Feb. 572€ 10SuperStack PKO 6-Max€ 30,000
Feb. 573€ 20NLHE€ 20,000
Feb. 574€ 5PLO 6-Max€ 5,000
Feb. 575€ 106-Max€ 30,000
Feb. 576€ 20PKO 6-Max€ 50,000
Feb. 577€ 5Total KO 8-Max€ 20,000
Feb. 578€ 104-Max€ 15,000
Feb. 579€ 20Alternating Blinds PKO Turbo€ 20,000
Feb. 580€ 5PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 15,000
Feb. 581€ 58-Max Turbo€ 10,000
Feb. 582€ 20PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 25,000
Feb. 683€ 20Ultra KO 6-Max€ 30,000
Feb. 684€ 5Rebuy 6-Max€ 15,000
Feb. 685€ 10Total KO 8-Max€ 20,000
Feb. 686€ 56-Max€ 15,000
Feb. 687€ 30PKO 6-Max€ 50,000
Feb. 688€ 10PKO 8-Max€ 40,000
Feb. 689€ 206-Max€ 20,000
Feb. 690€ 58-Max€ 15,000
Feb. 691€ 20PKO€ 40,000
Feb. 692€ 5PKO 8-Max Turbo€ 20,000
Feb. 693€ 10Ultra KO 6-Max Turbo€ 25,000
Feb. 694€ 5PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 15,000
Feb. 695€ 10PKO 8-Max Turbo€ 25,000
Feb. 796€ 30Deep PKO 8-Max€ 75,000
Feb. 797€ 10Deep PKO 8-Max€ 40,000
Feb. 798€ 5SuperStack€ 20,000
Feb. 799€ 20Total KO 6-Max€ 50,000
Feb. 7100€ 2PKO 8-Max€ 10,000
Feb. 7101€ 5Ultra KO 6-Max€ 25,000
Feb. 7102€ 10The Classic€ 100,000
Feb. 7103€ 50Main Event PKO 6-Max€ 300,000
Feb. 7104€ 100Super High Roller PKO 6-Max - 2 Day€ 100,000
Feb. 7105€ 20PKO 8-Max€ 50,000
Feb. 7106€ 5Rebuy€ 20,000
Feb. 7107€ 306-Max Turbo€ 30,000
Feb. 7108€ 10PKO 8-Max Turbo€ 30,000
Feb. 7109€ 20PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 30,000
Feb. 8110€ 10Total KO 8-Max€ 20,000
Feb. 8111€ 20SuperStack 6-Max€ 20,000
Feb. 8112€ 10NLHE€ 25,000
Feb. 8113€ 5PKO€ 20,000
Feb. 8114€ 10Rebuy 6-Max€ 20,000
Feb. 8115€ 20PKO 8-Max€ 50,000
Feb. 8116€ 50High Roller PKO 6-Max€ 50,000
Feb. 8117€ 5Bubble Rush€ 15,000
Feb. 8118€ 10PLO PKO 6-Max€ 10,000
Feb. 8119€ 5Alternating Blinds PKO Turbo€ 15,000
Feb. 8120€ 30Ultra KO 6-Max Turbo€ 25,000
Feb. 8121€ 5Turbo€ 10,000
Feb. 8122€ 20Ultra KO 6-Max Turbo€ 25,000
Feb. 9123€ 5Ultra KO 6-Max€ 20,000
Feb. 9124€ 10NLHE€ 20,000
Feb. 9125€ 20SuperStack PKO 8-Max€ 40,000
Feb. 9126€ 20PLO 6-Max€ 7,500
Feb. 9127€ 2Rebuy€ 10,000
Feb. 9128€ 10PKO 6-Max€ 40,000
Feb. 9129€ 58-Max€ 20,000
Feb. 9130€ 30SuperStack 6-Max€ 25,000
Feb. 9131€ 10PKO€ 30,000
Feb. 9132€ 10PKO 8-Max Turbo€ 30,000
Feb. 9133€ 20Total KO 4-Max Turbo€ 20,000
Feb. 9134€ 5PKO 8-Max Turbo€ 15,000
Feb. 9135€ 106-Max Turbo€ 20,000
Feb. 10136€ 306-Max€ 20,000
Feb. 10137€ 5PKO€ 20,000
Feb. 10138€ 10Rebuy 6-Max€ 15,000
Feb. 10139€ 20Ultra KO 8-Max€ 30,000
Feb. 10140€ 5Total KO 6-Max€ 20,000
Feb. 10141€ 20PKO 8-Max€ 40,000
Feb. 10142€ 10NLHE€ 25,000
Feb. 10143€ 56-Max€ 15,000
Feb. 10144€ 10SuperStack PKO 8-Max€ 30,000
Feb. 10145€ 106-Max Turbo€ 25,000
Feb. 10146€ 30PLO PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 10,000
Feb. 10147€ 5Ultra KO 8-Max Turbo€ 15,000
Feb. 10148€ 20PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 25,000
Feb. 11149€ 20PKO 8-Max€ 50,000
Feb. 11150€ 5PLO PKO 6-Max€ 5,000
Feb. 11151€ 10Bubble Rush PKO 6-Max€ 20,000
Feb. 11152€ 10NLHE€ 20,000
Feb. 11153€ 5Rebuy€ 15,000
Feb. 11154€ 20PKO 8-Max€ 50,000
Feb. 11155€ 50High Roller PKO 6-Max€ 50,000
Feb. 11156€ 58-Max€ 15,000
Feb. 11157€ 10Ultra KO 6-Max€ 30,000
Feb. 111€ 1€1 6-Max Phase 2 Single Day€ 50,000
Feb. 112€ 3€3 6-Max Phase 2 Single Day€ 100,000
Feb. 113€ 10€10 6-Max Phase 2 Single Day€ 200,000
Feb. 11158€ 30SuperStack PKO 8-Max Turbo€ 25,000
Feb. 11159€ 10PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 30,000
Feb. 11160€ 5PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 15,000
Feb. 11161€ 106-Max Turbo€ 20,000

Previewing the MicroMillions Italy

In Italy, MicroMillions takes place over the same dates with over €2 million guaranteed across 95 events. This is also the biggest MicroMillions guarantee to date in Italy.

The €50 Main Event on Feb. 7 features a €200,000 guarantee. Italian PokerStars players can qualify for the series via €1 satellites. Here’s a look at the complete schedule:

PokerStars Italy MicroMillions 2021

Jan. 31€ 2.00Opening Event€ 5,000.00
Jan. 31€ 5.006-Max Deep€ 15,000.00
Jan. 31€ 50.00GigaStack PKO€ 150,000.00
Jan. 31€ 10.00Classic-10€ 50,000.00
Jan. 31€ 100.00Super HR PKO€ 150,000.00
Jan. 31€ 5.00Deep Turbo€ 15,000.00
Jan. 31€ 20.00SuperSonic€ 20,000.00
Jan. 31€ 10.00Speedy Hyper PKO€ 10,000.00
Feb. 1€ 7.77777 Early Start€ 10,000.00
Feb. 1€ 5.00Deep PKO€ 15,000.00
Feb. 1€ 10.00Classic-10€ 40,000.00
Feb. 1€ 20.00Micro Daily MAIN PKO€ 30,000.00
Feb. 1€ 15.00HugeStack€ 20,000.00
Feb. 1€ 10.00Speedy Classic-10€ 10,000.00
Feb. 1€ 5.00ZOOM PKO€ 5,000.00
Feb. 1€ 3.00Slug Blinds€ 3,000.00
Feb. 2€ 7.77777 Early Start PKO€ 10,000.00
Feb. 2€ 5.008-Max Deep€ 15,000.00
Feb. 2€ 10.00Classic-10€ 40,000.00
Feb. 2€ 20.00Micro Daily MAIN PKO€ 30,000.00
Feb. 2€ 15.00HugeStack€ 20,000.00
Feb. 2€ 3.00Alternative Blinds€ 3,000.00
Feb. 2€ 5.00Omaha H/L€ 3,000.00
Feb. 2€ 10.00Speedy Hyper PKO€ 7,500.00
Feb. 3€ 7.77777 Early Start€ 10,000.00
Feb. 3€ 5.00Deep PKO€ 15,000.00
Feb. 3€ 10.00Classic-10€ 40,000.00
Feb. 3€ 20.00Micro Daily MAIN€ 30,000.00
Feb. 3€ 15.00HugeStack PKO€ 20,000.00
Feb. 3€ 3.004-Max PKO€ 3,000.00
Feb. 3€ 5.00Deep Turbo€ 5,000.00
Feb. 3€ 10.00Speedy Hyper€ 7,500.00
Feb. 4€ 7.77777 Early Start PKO€ 10,000.00
Feb. 4€ 5.004-Max Deep€ 10,000.00
Feb. 4€ 10.00Classic-10€ 40,000.00
Feb. 4€ 20.00Micro Daily MAIN PKO€ 30,000.00
Feb. 4€ 15.00HugeStack€ 20,000.00
Feb. 4€ 10.00Omaha€ 5,000.00
Feb. 4€ 3.00HU DUEL KO€ 3,000.00
Feb. 4€ 5.00Super KO€ 5,000.00
Feb. 5€ 7.77777 Early Start€ 10,000.00
Feb. 5€ 5.00Deep PKO€ 10,000.00
Feb. 5€ 10.00Classic-10€ 30,000.00
Feb. 5€ 20.00Micro Daily MAIN€ 25,000.00
Feb. 5€ 15.00HugeStack PKO€ 15,000.00
Feb. 5€ 3.00Alternative Blinds€ 3,000.00
Feb. 5€ 5.003-Stack Turbo€ 5,000.00
Feb. 5€ 10.00Speedy Hyper PKO€ 7,500.00
Feb. 6€ 7.77777 Early Start€ 10,000.00
Feb. 6€ 5.00Deep PKO€ 7,500.00
Feb. 6€ 10.00Classic-10€ 30,000.00
Feb. 6€ 20.00Micro Daily MAIN€ 25,000.00
Feb. 6€ 15.00HugeStack€ 15,000.00
Feb. 6€ 5.00SuperStack Turbo PKO€ 7,500.00
Feb. 6€ 2.00Slug Blinds€ 2,500.00
Feb. 6€ 10.00Speedy Hyper€ 7,500.00
Feb. 7€ 7.77777 Early Start PKO€ 20,000.00
Feb. 7€ 5.00NLHE€ 20,000.00
Feb. 7€ 10.00Classic-10€ 50,000.00
Feb. 7€ 50.00MAIN EVENT PKO€ 200,000.00
Feb. 7€ 100.00Super HR€ 150,000.00
Feb. 7€ 10.00Speedy Classic-10 PKO€ 20,000.00
Feb. 7€ 5.00Super KO€ 10,000.00
Feb. 8€ 7.77777 Early Start PKO€ 10,000.00
Feb. 8€ 5.006-Max Deep€ 10,000.00
Feb. 8€ 10.00Classic-10€ 50,000.00
Feb. 8€ 20.00Micro Daily MAIN€ 30,000.00
Feb. 8€ 15.00HugeStack PKO€ 20,000.00
Feb. 8€ 3.00Alternative Blinds€ 3,000.00
Feb. 8€ 5.00Deep Turbo€ 5,000.00
Feb. 8€ 10.00Speedy Hyper PKO€ 10,000.00
Feb. 9€ 7.77777 Early Start€ 10,000.00
Feb. 9€ 5.00Deep PKO€ 10,000.00
Feb. 9€ 10.00Classic-10€ 40,000.00
Feb. 9€ 20.00Micro Daily MAIN PKO€ 30,000.00
Feb. 9€ 15.00HugeStack€ 20,000.00
Feb. 9€ 5.00Omaha PKO€ 3,000.00
Feb. 9€ 5.003-Stack Turbo€ 5,000.00
Feb. 9€ 10.00Speedy Hyper€ 10,000.00
Feb. 10€ 7.77777 Early Start PKO€ 10,000.00
Feb. 10€ 5.008-Max Deep€ 10,000.00
Feb. 10€ 10.00Classic-10€ 40,000.00
Feb. 10€ 20.00Micro Daily MAIN€ 30,000.00
Feb. 10€ 15.00HugeStack PKO€ 20,000.00
Feb. 10€ 3.00ZOOM PKO€ 5,000.00
Feb. 10€ 5.00Deep Turbo€ 5,000.00
Feb. 10€ 10.00Speedy Hyper PKO€ 7,500.00
Feb. 11€ 7.77777 Early Start€ 10,000.00
Feb. 11€ 5.00Deep PKO€ 15,000.00
Feb. 11€ 10.00Classic-10€ 50,000.00
Feb. 11€ 20.00Last Chance PKO€ 30,000.00
Feb. 11€ 15.00HugeStack€ 20,000.00
Feb. 11€ 5.00DeepStack€ 5,000.00
Feb. 11€ 2.00Slug Blinds€ 3,000.00
Feb. 11€ 10.00Super KO€ 10,000.00

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BRANCHING OUT: YouTube Star ‘True Geordie’ Brings His Game to PokerStars in Ambassador Role

PokerStars recently added English YouTuber Brian “True Geordie” Davis to its ambassador lineup.

PokerStars continues adding to its ambassador lineup with some players appealing to wider audiences. After recently announcing a deal with soccer star Neymar, the site has also added English YouTuber Brian “True Geordie” Davis.

True Geordie is no stranger to poker and the game has been a regular focus of his channel. The new deal follows a trend of adding ambassadors not seen as traditional poker pros.

Davis has almost 2 million subscribers on YouTube and 113,000 on Twitch. Those platforms are a major part of his role with the company as he charts his progress improving his skills.

“I’m delighted to bring a massive passion of mine to my audience,” he said in a news release. “People who know me well know that I give 100% to anything I enjoy and poker is no different. I’ve even drafted in some experts to train me up with the hope that one day I might be able to face the best in the game.”

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Growing his presence with PokerStars

Adding True Geordie gives PokerStars a social media star who has a deep connection with his audience. Along with poker, Davis also streams about his love of soccer, mixed martial arts, and other topics.

That mix has the potential to bring new players into the PokerStars universe. Playing at the site won’t be a new experience for Davis and he’s partnered with PokerStars in the past. That included playing in the Stadium Series over the summer.

As part of that promotion, True Geordie played against other well-known YouTubers. He also participated in the Stars Call for Action COVID relief event.

Reaching a wide audience

Davis now joins the PokerStars fold with content geared toward poker fans and his regular viewers alike. Fans can follow his journey to improve his poker skills.

The ultimate goal is to transition from a recreational player to a professional with viewers along for the ride.

“PokerStars are the best at what they do and becoming a member of the team really is a proud moment for me,” Davis said. “I have to say a big thank you to PokerStars, who are ahead of the game in supporting digital creators and their content.”

As part of his new ambassador announcement, Geordie released a short film last week. The Showdown documents a cash game between Davis and some friends.

Fans can look forward to live streams of True Geordie playing home games and freerolls. They’ll have a shot to even get in on the action and play along with him.

“Over the next twelve months,” he said, “I hope to improve my game, play with my audience and against some of the best players in the world to show just how entertaining, fun and mentally challenging poker can be.”

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