POWERFEST Week 2 Recap: Patrick Leonard Earns Second Title Of Series


Major prize pools and major payouts were on hand as the $60 million guaranteed partypoker POWERFEST continued over the weekend. The festivities were highlighted by some big scores by some big names including Ben Tollerene with a huge six-figure win and Bertrand “ElkY_” Grospellier taking a runner-up finish in a $500,000 guarantee.

With 461 events in the books and $45.4 million awarded, the series continues to reward players looking to get in on the action – with buy-ins ranging from from  $1.10 to $25,500. The events run through Sept. 23 and feature nice payouts for even low and medium rollers.

ElkY And Tollerene score big; ‘IEatBears’ attacks

As POWERFEST played into the weekend, Bertrand “ElkY_” Grospellier highlighted Thursday’s play as he bagged a runner-up finish in the $1,050 buy-in $500,000 Guaranteed Mix-Max event with “MoNddLeR” taking the title and $96,997 top prize. Another well-known partypoker team member, Kristen “Krissyb24” Bicknell, finished 15th for $4,500.

Another team member scored big on Friday, Sept. 14, with Patrick Leonard earning his second win of the series. Leonard shIpped the $300,000 Guaranteed for $34,796 and $34,315 in bounties in an event that featured 305 entries. Leonard also took down a $200,000 Guaranteed 6-Max PKO event last week for $41,000.

Also on Friday, the $540 buy-in $200,000 Guaranteed PKO Mix-Max produced a nice 423 entries for an extra $16,787 for the prize pool. “Alien_Army” came out with guns blazing and finished on top for $20,515 plus $5,434 in bounty cash.

The festival reached its 14th day of action on Saturday, Sept. 15, and there was plenty of big money awarded. The day was highlighted by the $200,000 Guaranteed PKO, featuring a $1,050 buy-in The tournament attracted 272 entries for an extra $77,440 above the guarantee. In the end, it was “b0b_z00m” zooming to the title – taking home $27,064 and $29,079 in bounty bucks.

Saturday’s events also included two $530 events. The $200,000 Guaranteed 6-Max PKO attracted 368 entries with “IEatBears” gulping down the $20,680 top prize and $20,042 in bounties. In the $100,000 Guaranteed, “FairPlay373” came out on top for $12,328 and a bounty total of $12,202. IEatBears made another deep run in this one, finishing fifth for $2,970 plus $1,296 in bounties.

Sunday was highlighted by another nice score from poker pro Ben “CowEyed” Tollerene, who took down the $1 Million Guaranteed Championship, which featured a buy-in of $5,200. Tollerene took home $310,400 for the title. He’s no stranger to winning in the series, and won the $25,500 Super High Roller in the 2017 POWERFEST for $850,000. The event featured 312 entries with an extra $560,000 above the guarantee. Also on Sunday, Canada’s “nolet20” emerged as the winner of the $1,050 buy-in $1 Million Guaranteed Championship PKO for $102,214 and $88,328 in bounties.

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This week’s action

A total of 209 tournaments remain for partypoker players this week. There is still $27 million up for grabs as the third and final week gets underway, culminating in the final day on Sunday. In total, 247 tournaments remain.

On Monday, players are treated to another $1,50 buy-in event, $300,000 Guaranteed 6-Max PKO as well as another $530 event, $200,000 PKO. Tuesday brings another $1,050 event ($500,000 Guaranteed) and also the $2 million Guaranteed Championship with a $10,300 buy-in. There’s also another event at the same buy-in with a $500,000 guarantee.

The rest of the week brings more big guarantees including the massive $3 million Super High Roller on Wednesday, which should attract plenty of big names with sizable bankrolls. Here are some other highlights to look forward to in Week 3:

  • Wednesday, Sept. 19 – $300,000 Guaranteed 6-Max ($1,050 buy-in)
  • Thursday, Sept. 20 – $3 Million Guaranteed Super High Roller ($25,500 buy-in)
  • Thursday, Sept. 20 – $500,000 Guaranteed Mix-Max ($1,050 buy-in)
  • Thursday, Sept. 20 – $200,000 Guaranteed 6-Max PLO  ($1,050 buy-in)

Along with those big buy-in events, there are also several $530 buy-in events with guarantees ranging from $50,000 to $300,000. Lower rollers also have numerous options, including events such as a $16.50 buy-in with a $30,000 guarantee.

For the complete POWERFEST schedule, click here.

Chris Moorman, Kristen Bicknell Shine In partypoker POWERFEST Weekend Action

It was another big few days with millions of dollars awarded as the $60 million guaranteed partypoker POWERFEST played out its first full weekend. Some big names had big paydays including British poker pro Chris Moorman and Canadian Kristen Bicknell.

The entire tournament series features 635 events for players of every bankroll – ranging from  $1.10 to $25,500 and running through Sept. 23. Through Sunday’s action, 249 events had been completed with $25.3 million awarded.

Bicknell and big buy-ins

The weekend offered plenty of high-buy-in action for those looking for a nice score. Saturday’s action brought the $1,020 buy-in $300,000 Guaranteed PKO. The event attracted 316 entries for an extra $22,320 in the prize pool. In the end, it was “DOnt_DO-iT” who did it – taking home $36,051 and $38,528 in bounties.

In Saturday’s $1,050 buy-in $200,000 Guaranteed PKO Team partypoker’s Kristen “Krissyb24” Bicknell came up just short of a title, finishing second for $18,500 and $4,850 in bounty winnings. It was benderbei1” who came out on top, collecting $25,487 and an astonishing bounty total of $35,059.

Sunday brought the $5,200 buy-in $1 Million Championship POWERFEST PKO event. After 203 entries, $35,300 was added to the prize pool, It was “BackDoorMat” kicking in the door for the title – $103,479 in first-place prize money and $123,698 in bounty cash.

Another $1,050 buy-in event brought the second $1million guarantee of the day with 1,001 entries adding an extra $21,020 to the prize pool. Paul_Folders” came out on top for $86,086 in first-place prize money and $62,745 in bounties. It’s been a great start to the POWERFEST for Paul, who also won a $530 event last week for $24,906.

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Moorman and the mid-stakes

A great example of POWERFEST big money at a low price, Friday $215 Six-Max PKO featured a $200,000 guarantee and attracted 932 entries. It also featured a big-name winner with Chris “Therealmoorm” Moorman topping the field for a $16,420 score and $13,472 in bounty money after eliminating 15 players.

There was another nice payout on Friday in the $530 buy-in $200,000 Guaranteed PKO Mix-Max. The event brought in 376 entries with another British player, Chris “C12SLY” Sly, ending up on the top spot for $20,260.

Saturday brought another big finish from an English player. In the $200,000 Guarantee 6-Max PKO, Patrick “Patrick_Leonard” Leonard turned his $530 buy-in into first-place money of $20,102 and a whopping $21,650 in bounties. Bicknell also made another deep run after his big runner-up finish, final tabling the $100,000 Guaranteed Fast 6-Max and ultimately fifth for $6,000 in the $530 buy-in event. Andreas “daskalos20” Christoforou took the top spot for $24,905.

On Sunday, there was plenty of action for every bankroll size. In a $530 event, $500,000 Guaranteed, the 136 entries helped grow the prize pool to $538,000. Brazil’s Igor “IgorFederal” Trafane came out on top for the $92,536 top prize.

The week ahead

While there has been a ton awarded so far, there is much more yet to be won. Beginning Monday, 421 events remain with several big events planned for the week ahead.

A few big events kick off the action on Monday with a $1,050 buy-in event with a $300,000 guarantee and a $530 event with a $100,000 guarantee. There are also numerous other events throughout the schedule for a shot at some nice money for only a few bucks.

The action really heats up on Tuesday with the $5,200 buy-in $1Million Guaranteed Championship event and another $1,050 event with a $500,000 guarantee. Wednesday brings more $1,050 and $530 events ($300,000 and $200,000 guarantees).

Thursday and Friday’s action brings even more major events:

  • $5,200 buy-in – $1 Million Guaranteed (Sept. 13)
  • $1,050 buy-in – $500,000 Guaranteed Mix Max (Sept. 13)
  • $1,050 buy-in – $300,000 Guaranteed 6-Max PKO (Sept. 14)

Along with plenty of action, partypoker announced a new promotion over the weekend. Players who knock at a team pro in some events can earn a free $1,050 entry into Event #44-HR $1 Million Guaranteed Championship, which is set for Sept. 23. An eligible tournament was scheduled each day this week at several different buy-ins. For the complete POWERFEST schedule, click here.