TEAM CANADA: Jamie Weidl Discusses Ambassador Role, Ontario Online Poker, & More

Jamie Weidl recently spoke with PokerScout about becoming a ambassador, his poker life, and online poker in Ontario, Canada.

Like many online poker players in Ontario, Canada, Jamie Weidl was disappointed when the province embraced a ringed-in market similar to US states. The days of playing on the international platforms were gone.

For years Weidl played major worldwide tournaments and seeing them disappear felt like the end of an era. However, the action available in the market has been a nice surprise for the new ambassador.

“The games have been fantastic in Ontario, with lots of recreational players taking part,” he says. “It’s kind of nice not having to play against those great Germans and Brazilians! I think Ontario has a strong poker community though and has been doing a great job of offering players an exciting experience.”

The regulated market also at least kept Weidl’s professional poker career alive. The 33-year-old from Windsor has played poker for a living for more than a decade.

In August Weidl was named as a new ambassador for and is now one of those leading the charge for Ontario poker. He recently spoke with PokerScout about his new role and life in poker.

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“It feels great to be a member of GGPoker’s Team Canada, it’s an exciting opportunity to help promote the game that I love and have been passionate about most of my life,” he says. “I grew up watching poker on TV, seeing all the great players patched up representing the poker world. So it feels pretty cool to be wearing the GGPoker and patches.

“It’s exciting to be a part of the team as GGPoker has taken the online poker world by storm the last five years. I’m grateful for the opportunity they’ve given me.”

Joining the GGPoker team

As a member of Team Canada, Weidl will work to spread the word about the The site is a partnership between GG and the World Series of Poker and launched in October.

He promotes the site at local card rooms in tournaments and cash games. On social media, the ambassador shares his own progress, interesting poker spots, funny moments, photos with other players, and his overall experience. Players can check out his poker life daily on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok as “JaimoPoker.” 

“There is a team of us across the country all with the same goal of creating a fun social experience to help get players excited about online poker again,” he says.

So far, has offered some nice action. That included a three-tournament bracelet series. The site is also currently running the WSOP Winter Circuit with 18 championship rings up for grabs and $5 million guaranteed.

“There is a lot to be excited about as continues to offer the best tournament series for Ontario players to take part in,” Weidl says. “The reaction from players has been great overall. has offered some great tournament series so far and I think having the GGPoker software and WSOP brand behind them, with the ability to offer rings and bracelets, makes it even more exciting for people that grew up watching the WSOP on ESPN.”

A non-traditional job and ‘making a quick buck’

At the tables, Weidl plays both live and online cash games and tournaments. Like many players, the 2003 Moneymaker boom played a major role in his poker life. But Weidl learned to play at an even younger age from his grandparents.

“I grew up playing lots of card games, board games, video games, and played competitive football, so games were always a big part of my life,” he says. “As a kid, I was always looking for any way to make a quick buck, so when I found poker, it was a perfect blend.”

When Weidl became old enough to play, heading to Caesars Windsor Casino for some action became a regular part of his routine. The property is near Detroit, Michigan, and attracts players from both sides of the border. Home games with friends also became part of his poker life and Weidl also began playing online.

“As soon as I found the game, I loved it and knew in the back of my mind that I found something I really wanted to pursue,” he says. “I’m fascinated by the psychology of poker and the excitement it gives me when I play.

“A traditional job was never going to be what I wanted, poker gives me the independence I like with the ability to do what I love for a living. Most people see it as gambling rather than what it is, a skill game with an element of luck to it. Anyone can be good at it if they just put their minds to it and have the passion.”

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[cta id=1470 type=cta] and GGPoker Team Canada ambassador Jamie Weidl on a recent trip to Caesars Windsor Casino.

Away from the table and looking ahead

When not mixing it up at the poker table, Weidl is a huge football fan. His father had season tickets to the University of Michigan Wolverines, so the “Big House” became like a second home while growing up.

He and his girlfriend also enjoy traveling and experiencing other cultures. Music is also a major passion and the couple like to combine both of these interests.

“We also enjoy listening and learning about music together and have a large record collection accumulated over the years,” he says. “We like to go into record shops when we visit different places.”

Since taking a recent deep dive into Netflix’s “Drive to Survive,” Formula One racing has also piqued his interest. Collecting comics and toys has also been a hobby since Weidl was young.

While Twitch streaming has become popular with many brand ambassadors, that hasn’t been part of Weidl’s poker life yet. However, he now has plans to get on board with that as well.

With his new role, Weidl is excited about where online poker is headed in Ontario and connecting with other players. His love for the game has come a long way from those games with his grandparents. But he still enjoys heading to the live and online tables.

“I still have just as much passion for the game today as I did when I first started playing, and in fact, my love for poker continues to grow every day,” he says. “At the same time, I know I still have so much to learn and so far to go that hopefully, this is just the beginning for me.”

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