GGPoker Promo Offering $200K For Cash Grinders At Every Omaha Stake

Ever experience No-Limit Hold’em fatigue?

Apparently, people behind the GGPoker Network are familiar with the feeling. The network is loading up a huge $200,000 guaranteed Omaha points race for May.

The $200,000 GGPoker Omaha Festival will run from May 1-30, 2018, with a variety of different prizes up for grabs.

The promo will reward players at four different buy-in levels including low, medium, high and the very special “featured” category that offers stakes up to $100/$200.

The points will be added up for each different category. There will be cash prizes for the players who finish in the upper echelon for their respective category.

For every $.01 of rake that players generate while playing Omaha on GGPoker they will receive one point towards the race in that respective buy-in level.

Over 100 players will win prizes

You don’t have to finish first in the GGPoker Omaha Festival to win some cash. In fact, over 100 players on GGPoker will receive something.

It breaks down as follows:

  • Low: Top 50 players receive their share of $10,000
  • Medium: Top 50 players receive their share of $20,000
  • High: Top 30 players receive their share of $70,000
  • Featured: Top 15 players receive their share of $100,000

That’s a total of $200,000 in prizes. Players could conceivably hit the leaderboard in several different buy-in levels if they decided to put in some serious volume.

It also means that dedicated PLO players can simply play the stakes where they usually play and still get in on the action. Even players who never play Omaha will likely want to try playing for a few days just to see if they can get an early lead in the race.

Bonus points available on Saturday, Sunday, Monday

GGPoker is giving players a little extra incentive to get busy around the weekend.

The network will multiply points by:

  • 2.5X on Saturday
  • 2X on Sunday
  • 1.5X on Monday

The points multipliers mean that weekend warriors won’t be completely locked out of the challenge as they can put in some serious time on Saturday and Sunday to receive more than double their usual amount of points.

Players will have until May 30 to earn points. At the end of the month, all the points will be tallied up. Then the respective winners will be able to claim their share of the prize pool.

GGPoker Bolsters Pro Roster with Bryn Kenney

GGPoker, which has always been a popular poker portal for Asian players, seems to be set on expanding its market share.

The network’s traffic has been steadily growing over the last couple years (it’s currently a top 10 ranked site on PokerScout). Last month it added noted high-stakes pro Bryn Kenney to its pro team.

Kenney will serve as an ambassador for GGPoker around the world in addition to acting as a consultant for the player experience on the site.

You can even buy some of Kenney’s action through the site if you’ve always wanted to sweat one of the most successful high-stakes pros in poker.