GGPoker Unveils New Flip & Go Multi Phase Events With Fast Action, Bigger Guarantees

As part of GGPoker’s monthly software update completed on Monday, players will now find something new. The site has launched Flip & Go Renewal tournaments, an addition to the already popular feature.

This new offering ramps up the Flip & Go concept even more in a with multi-phase version. These tournaments offer a fun and fast event with plenty of opportunities to get in the action.

$50 Bonus OR 100% up to $600 On Deposit
$50 Bonus
On a $20 Deposit
Deposit $20 & Get $50 Bonus OR
100% up to $600 On Deposit
Rewards program with attainable milestones
To Claim: Click Get Started

How do Flip & Go Multi Phase tournaments work?

After jumping in a Flip & Go, players are dealt three cards. Each competitor then picks two and are all in.

The tournaments get players into the money faster and have become quite popular on the site. GG is even sponsoring a version of the tournament this fall at the World Series of Poker.

In the new Multi Phase version, players will find two stages. Here’s a look at each of those.

Flip Stage

Players start with a Flip & Go and can buy in for multiple stacks (up to five). The stage runs in a standard Flip & Go format.

One player for each table advances to the Go Stage, with their chip stacks brought over.

Some tables will have multiple players buying in many times for multiple stacks at their tables. Survivors of these will have an advantage over those who win a table with fewer buy-ins.

Additionally, players can join multiple Flip Stage tournaments. If they survive more than one of these, their chip stacks are combined for the Go Stage.

Along with moving on to the Go Stage, the Flip step also promises some bonuses. Those players who make these hands will win the corresponding bonuses:

  • Straight flush – 4x starting stack
  • Three of a kind – 3x starting stack
  • Flush – 2x starting stack
  • Straight – 2x starting stack

Go Stage

This section of the tournament runs more like a standard tournament. All players who reach this point have made it into the money.

This stage doesn’t start until all Flip Stages are complete. Multi Stage Flip & Go events are scheduled every hour.

The events feature three buy-in levels: $0.05, $0.50, $3, and $20. Here’s a look at the expected guarantee for each event:

$20$5,000 ~ $6,000
$3$1,500 ~ $3,000
$0.50$500 ~ $1,000
$0.05$100 ~ $200

Flip & Go Multi Stage adds some fast fun to a traditional tournament. The events reward players with greater guarantees and more chances to win.

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