Rapido Series Set For $20K GTD Main Event Finale On Global Poker

Online poker site Global Poker is careening towards the epic conclusion of its first-ever Rapido Series.

The turbo-only Rapido Series was a first for the game-changing Global Poker with over 70 different events and a variety of different buy-in levels.

Global Poker is a social poker site that offers safe and secure cash outs for players in the USA.

The site employs a sweepstakes model, similar to the promotions what you might find at McDonalds or Pepsi, to provide real-money winnings.

Global Poker avoids the deposit structure altogether by offering Gold Coins, which have no cash value. Players do receive a bonus of $weeps Cash for buying Cold Coins, however, and $weeps Cash CAN be converted to real money (it’s 1:1 with USD) or used for tournament buy-ins.

It’s a system that is finally allowing US-based poker players to get back in on the action.

Rapido Poker Series to offer SC$20,000-GTD main event

The Rapido Poker Series began on June 18 with over 70 different events spread across two weeks with buy-ins ranging from SC$11 all the way up to SC$110. The series is mostly No-Limit Hold’em with some PLO sprinkled into the mix. Global Poker also added Crazy Pineapple to the final day of the series, which is a welcome surprise.

This last weekend of the Rapido Poker Series offers the heaviest action yet. The SC$110 buy-in Main Event on July 1 represents one of the biggest tournaments ever offered on Global Poker with an immense SC$20,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Global Poker has also increased the guarantees for its regularly-scheduled daily hyper-turbo tournaments. Lunch Money is now up to SC$400 while Eyes Wide Shut is up to SC$500. All the daily hyper turbos have a buy-in of SC$5.35.

Free-to-play players can take also take advantage of some enormous Gold Coin events with several GC33,000 buy-in tournaments on the weekend that offer a GC3,000,000 guarantee.

Here’s a complete look at all of the events for the final weekend of the Rapido Series on Global Poker:

Date Time (ET) Event Buy-in ($weeps)
Fri Jun 29 7:30 PM Rapido 34: NLHE $1,000 Guaranteed [2x-Chance, Turbo] $11
9:00 PM Rapido 35: NLHE $4,000 Guaranteed [Turbo] $55
10:30 PM Rapido 36: PLO $2,000 Guaranteed [1R1A, Turbo, 6-Max] $22
Sat Jun 30 7:30 PM Rapido 37: NLHE $1,000 Guaranteed [Turbo] $11
9:00 PM Rapido 38: NLHE $6,000 Guaranteed [1R1A, Turbo, 6-Max] $55
10:30 PM Rapido 39: NLHE $2,000 Guaranteed [2x-Chance, Turbo, 6-Max] $22
Sun Jul 1 7:30 PM Rapido 40: NLHE $1,000 Guaranteed [2x-Chance, Turbo, 4-Max] $11
9:00 PM Rapido 41: Main Event NLHE $20,000 Guaranteed [Turbo, 6-Max] $110
10:30 PM Rapido 42: NLCP $1,500 Guaranteed [Turbo] $22

How to play on Global Poker

Because Global Poker eschews the traditional deposit structure there are plenty of questions about how to get money on the site.

To put it simply: buy Gold Coins (which is the play money on the site) and you will be awarded the equivalent to your purchase in $weeps Cash.

For example, lets say you buy 30,000 Gold Coins for $100 USD. You will then be awarded a bonus $100 in $weeps Cash. $weeps Cash can be used for everything you’d normally use cash for on a poker site including tournaments and cash.

You can cash in your $weeps Cash at any point for USD using a payment processor although there is a SC$50 minimum for cash outs. In addition, your account must be verified, which requires a form of ID and proof of address.

It’s somewhat similar to the system that McDonalds uses in its famous Monopoly promotion where you buy food at the restaurant but also get a chance at winning bonus prizes. The difference is that $weeps Cash is guaranteed.

Buying Gold Coins isn’t the only way to acquire $weeps Cash, however. The site runs a number of promotions where you can win free $weeps Cash in Facebook contests or even a mail-in promotion.

Global Poker’s action-packed roster of games

Global Poker is different than traditional poker sites in more ways than one.

The site emphasis 4-Max and 6-Max tables, which cranks up the action and makes tournaments significantly faster.

Most of the Rapido Series events have clocked in at under two hours making them perfect for recreational players.

The site also includes several variants that you won’t find on many other sites including Big Ante, which includes a massive ante, and Ante Up where the blinds remain the same but the antes get bigger with every level.

As you would expect the majority of games on Global Poker are No-Limit Hold’em but the site also offers Pot-Limit Omaha and Crazy Pineapple, which is very unusual for a mid-size site.

You can register for Global Poker via Facebook and it only takes a few minutes to get playing. That’s more than enough to get in on the Rapido Series, which concludes this weekend.