Heads or Tails: Partypoker Coin Flip Promotion Boosts SPINS Games with Prizes Up to $500

Online poker players have a chance at some free cash at partypoker. The site’s popular SPINS tournaments now offer instant prizes worth up to $500 with the launch of the Coin Flip promotion.

The promotion is meant to add some extra fun to these events and are available over the next three weeks.

“At partypoker, we want to engage poker players and give them great experiences,” partypoker associate director of marketing Liam Casey said.

“This year, we have challenged ourselves to present promotions in new ways that we haven’t done before, and Coin Flip is the perfect example of that.”

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How does partypoker’s Coin Flip work?

Players will find bonus cash awarded across four different SPINS game tiers: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Buy-ins across the tiers range from $3 (bronze) to $20 (platinum).

Coin flips are possible for any player participating in five SPINS games within one of the tiers in one day. Anyone can use a flip by heading to the promo section of the software client or mobile app.

Players then click on their dedicated tier to play a Coin Flip game for prizes. Players can join as many tiers as they like.

All users will also have the chance at a Coin Flip, whether they play a SPINS game or not. Partypoker is giving all players one free flip each day in the bronze tier throughout the promotion.

“What makes these prizes unique is that they can be received by any player instantly,” partypoker notes in a news release, “and players will not have to win them through a leaderboard or by waiting for a leaderboard to play out.”

More prizes added in partypoker promotion

There are even more potential prizes available to players on top of the Coin Flip cash prizes. Players may also win SPINS tickets, casino free spins, and special freerolls. The special freerolls include:

  • Double Barrel – Players have the option to re-enter the tournament with additional tickets.
  • Winner Takes All – The winning player is the only one to cash.
  • Everyone Wins – These allow all players to cash with no late registration.

Here’s a look at the full list of prizes across each tier: 

PRIZESBronze – $3Silver – $5Gold – $10Platinum – $20
Daily cash prizes:$50, $25, $15$150, $100, $50$300, $150, $75$500 $250, $125
Poker SPINS Tickets:$5 SPINS$10 SPINS$20 SPINS$20 SPINS
Casino free spins5 free spins8 free spins10 free spins20 free spins
Tournament dollarsT$1, T$0.50T$2, T$1
Coin Flip - Double Barrel$250 prize pool
Coin Flip - Winner Takes All$50 prize pool$100 prize pool
Coin Flip - Everyone Wins$500 prize pool

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