Old School: 888poker celebrates 20th Anniversary with Retro Week

As  888poker celebrates its 20-year anniversary, some big tournament action is coming to the site again. The Retro Week series runs from March 20-27 with 25 events and more than $888,000 in total guaranteed prize pools.

The  series boasts buy-ins for all player levels and a $215 Mega Deep Main Event featuring a $300,000 guarantee. 888 is promising plenty of fun “old school” action for online poker players in March.

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Highlights from 888poker Retro Week 

The series offers a wide variety of events and buy-ins. Price points range from $11 to $525 with all events in No Limit Hold’em format.

888 is boasting several “Fish ‘n Chips Tournaments” featuring “small buy-ins, high guarantees, and a whole lot of fun.” All these events have fun fish-themed names as the category implies.

The $33 Big Fish is one of those and kicks off the series with a $25,000 guarantee. On March 25, players can check out the $33 Big Fish PKO with a $20,000 guarantee.

PKO stands for progressive knockout. In this type of bounty tournament, when a player knocks out an opponent, a portion of that player’s bounty is placed on the winner’s head.

This makes a player’s total bounty increase throughout the series. The further a player advances, the bigger his bounty gets and the bigger bounties he can win from others.

Another nice tournament comes on the series’ closing day, March 27. Those who may be priced out of the Main Event may want to check out the alternative version, the $33 Mini Mega Deep with $50,000 guaranteed.

High Roller action and mid-tier events

Beyond the “Fish ‘n Chips” platter, there is also plenty of action for players with bigger bankrolls. The $525 Whale gets underway on the first day of the series with $50,000 guaranteed.

The $109 Hurricane PKO also comes with a $20,000 guarantee and kicks off on March 24. Another $525 Whale event closes out the series on March 27 with a $50,000 guarantee.

The $215 Mega Deep Main Event closes out the series on March 27 with a big guarantee, large starting chip stacks, and slow-rising blind levels.

Those players in the mid-tier bankroll range will also find numerous tournaments to check out.  The $109 Friday Challenge KO guarantees a $30,000 prize pool on March 25 and should attract a nice player pool.

Daily Challenge Tournaments, March freerolls

Beyond those events, players can check out the weekly Sunday Challenge tournaments, adding something extra to poker’s biggest day of the week. The $109 Sunday Challenge on the series’ opening day comes with a $100,000 guarantee.

Players looking to snag a seat into the series can already get in the action. Daily Retro Week freerolls started on Monday and offer players a chance to win Main Event seats without spending a dime.

Here’s a look at the complete schedule.

2022 888poker Retro Week series

March 20#1 - $25,000 Big Fish$33$25,000
March 20#2 - $100,000 Sunday Challenge$90$100,000
March 20#3 - $15,000 Catfish$16.50$15,000
March 20#4 - $50,000 Whale$525$50,000
March 21#5 - $15,000 Lightning PKO 6-Max$109$15,000
March 21#6 - $10,000 Monday Twins #1$22$10,000
March 21#7 - $10,000 Monday Twins #2$22$10,000
March 21#8 - $10,000 Breeze PKO$55$10,000
March 22#9 - $30,000 Tuesday Challenge Freezout$109$30,000
March 22#10 - $20,000 Monsoon 8-Max$55$20,000
March 22#11 - $10,000 Catfish PKO$16.50$10,000
March 23#12 - $7,000 Blowfish$11$7,000
March 23#13 - $20,000 Wednesday Challenge$33$20,000
March 23#14 - $15,000 Monsoon PKO$55$15,000
March 24#15 - $20,000 Hurricane PKO$109$20,000
March 24#16 - $20,000 Thursday Challenge R&A$22$20,000
March 24#17 - $10,000 Breeze 6-Max$55$10,000
March 25#18 - $30,000 Friday Challenge KO$109$30,000
March 25#19 - $20,000 Big Fish PKO$33$20,000
March 25#20 - $10,000 Catfish 6-Max$16.50$10,000
March 26#21 - $12,000 Swordfish 6-Max$33$12,000
March 26#22 - $30,000 Saturday Challenge PKO 8-Max$55$30,000
March 26#23 - $15,000 Tornado PKO$88$15,000
March 27Main Event - $300,000 Mega Deep$215$300,000
March 27#25 - $50,000 Mini Mega Deep$33$50,000
March 27#26 - $50,000 Whale$525$50,000

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David Gibson celebrates his win in the Christ Eubank Jr. Knockout Challenge,

888 Live London winners

In other news, the 888poker Live Weekend London headed to Grosvenor’s The Vic casino in mid-February. 888 ambassador and boxing champion Chris Eubank Jr. hosted much of the action.

The £444 Main Event highlighted the weekend and brought in 602 entries for a £240,800 prize pool. In the end, London’s Joe Hindry scored the win and a £60,000 payday.

In another major event, the Chris Eubank Jr. Knockout Challenge saw online qualifiers, site ambassadors, and 888 StreamTeam members compete for a £10,000 bounty on Eubank and a share of the £10,000 prize pool.

Salvatore Sciarotta knocked out Eubank and went on to finish runner-up to StreamTeam member David Gibson. However, Gibson came on top for the win in the Eubank event.

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