ONLINE POKER QUICK TIPS: Working on Your Game With GGPoker’s Kevin Martin

Poker streamer Kevin Martin manned the microphone for the first week of action between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk. Providing “play by play” on the GGPoker YouTube channel, he brings some nice pipes and an excellent feel for the game.

That comes after many years at the live and online tables. His resumé also includes two appearances on the Canadian version of Big Brother.

Coming out on top brought a $100,000 payday and a new car. The longtime poker streamer is now a member of the GGSquad streaming team. No stranger to online poker, he brings some big skills to the virtual tables.

Martin recently spoke with PokerScout to offer some strategy advice for the new Online Poker Quick Tips feature.

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Playing the mental game

Online poker can be a pastime that some players take part in while doing other things. A click here to call, a click there to raise – with some other things in the mix.

Players might be on social media, online shopping, or cooking dinner between hands. Martin says this isn’t a great idea and hinders a player’s focus. For best results, he suggests putting away the phone and closing all other tabs on the laptop or tablet.

“One of the best mental tips I was ever told is that when I’m in a poker tournament,” he says, “I need to treat it as if it is the most important thing happening in my life.”

Hitting the books to rake some chips

Those hoping to improve their poker game and see nice results need to take it seriously, Martin says. There are numerous online resources to check out and work on skills and situations.

Even just small articles and quick concepts (like this column) can help in that regard.

“Work on your game,” he says. “Poker, like life, will give you what you put into it. Actively seek out resources to make yourself better. That’s the attitude I always have.”

That said, Martin says players should go at their own pace and everyone’s game and situation is different. Do what works for you.

“If you want to play five tournaments a month and you don’t really care how you do I respect that as well,” he says. “Everyone is going to have a unique relationship with the game.”

Players who put in less volume can still work on some of their skills. Taking in a few new concepts here and there can pay dividends. Like everything, learning new things and studying can help.

Adjusting to online poker

Some players new to the online game may need to make a few adjustments when making the transition. Those thinking there are only loose players and “donks” online may be surprised at the experience.

There’s a good chance a new online player will find better players than he might experience in a casino. Online players have a chance to see so many more hands and can improve quickly.

“People really do not account for improvement of the quality in play,” Martin says. “Internet players are good. There is a lot of talent and determination out there.

“When I made the transition to online back in 2015, I got smoked but it was a great lesson to learn. It was a wakeup call that I had to improve myself to compete. I recommitted and because of that I transformed myself into a winning player.”

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