Partypoker Offers Free Cash With Hot Tables, Magic Cards; More Tournament Series Ahead

Hot Tables are heating up again at partypoker. The feature now gives cash and fastforward players even more chances to win boosted prizes, up to $1,000.

With Hot Tables, players are randomly selected for prizes, adding extra fun and boosted pots to players at any possible time.

Along with Hot Tables, the site has also added another new promotion and has more tournament series in the works.

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A look at partypoker Hot Tables

More than 250,000 Hot Tables have been triggered since the feature debuted in March. Partypoker is now boosting thousands of cash games and fastforward hands every day.

Hot Tables apply to both No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha games. Those at a table receiving a boost can win an additional cash prize.

As part of the latest boost, party is adding three more stake levels, even getting more micro players involved. The new levels include: $0.01/$0.02, $0.02/$0.05, and $1/$2. 

All cash and fastforward players up to $1/$2 are now eligible to win prizes. That brings the promotion to seven stake levels included in the payouts.

Partypoker is also increasing the maximum prizes at each level. Awards now range from $10 to $1,000 – free cash just for playing.

Here’s a complete look at the stakes and prizes available:

StakesMinimum prizeMaximum prize
$0.01/$0.02 (new)$0.02$10
$0.02/$0.05 (new)$0.05$25
$1/$2 (new)$2$1,000

The promotion is popular, with more than 50% of players seeing a Hot Table at least once per playing day. Almost 30% of players have won a prize at least once per playing day.

The biggest Hot Tables prize won so far has been $490. Partypoker is now giving players the opportunity to win more than double that amount.

“It has been great to see the positive response on Hot Tables from players,” partypoker head of poker product Ross McQuater said in a news release. “Expanding to additional stakes will help ensure even more players get to experience this great new feature. There will be more updates coming soon to help make Hot Tables even more engaging for players.”

WPT Online Series gets underway

Plenty more is in store for players at partypoker. That begins today with the WPT Online Series, which runs through June 2.

Players will find a loaded schedule with something for every buy-in. The $3,200 WPT Main Event begins on May 23 and comes with a $3 million guarantee.

The WPT Online is coming to partypoker and the site released the official schedule on Tuesday with plenty of action running May 14 to June 2.

The series kicks off the WPT’s 19th season and will feature some of the perks associated with a live tour event. Some of those include:

  • Adding the winner’s name to the Mike Sexton WPT Champions Cup
  • Receiving a replica of the trophy
  • Winning a Hublot watch
  • Accumulating Player of the Year points

Friday’s action kicks off with five events, including the $33 Pro Hunt. Players who knock out one of the pros in the field win main event satellite tickets. The winner takes home a seat into the main event. Here’s a look at the complete series:

Partypoker WPT Online 2021

DateEventTournamentFormatBuy-InGuaranteeFeeDayTournament length
May 28#34Warm Up8-Max PKO$1,000$500,000$50Day 1A[2-Day Event]
May 28#34Mini Warm Up8-Max PKO$100$250,000$9Day 1A[2-Day Event]
May 28#34Micro Warm Up8-Max PKO$10$50,000$1Day 1A[2-Day Event]
May 28#24WPT5008-Max$500-$30Day 1E[2-Day Event + FT Tuesday]
May 28#25Super508-Max$50-$5Day 1E[3-Day Event]
May 28#26Super58-Max$5-$0.50Day 1E[3-Day Event]
May 287-Max Turbo Knockout7-Max, PKO$200$30,000$15-[1-Day Event]
May 29#34Warm Up8-Max PKO$1,000-$50Day 1B[2-Day Event]
May 29#34Mini Warm Up8-Max PKO$100-$9Day 1B[2-Day Event]
May 29#34Micro Warm Up8-Max PKO$10-$1Day 1B[2-Day Event]
May 29#24WPT5008-Max$500-$30Day 1F[2-Day Event + FT Tuesday]
May 29#25Super508-Max$50-$5Day 1F[3-Day Event]
May 29#26Super58-Max$5-$0.50Day 1F[3-Day Event]
May 29Mix-Max TurboMix-Max$300$30,000$20-[1-Day Event]
May 30#34Warm Up7-Max PKO$1,000-$50Day 1C[2-Day Event]
May 30#34Mini Warm Up7-Max PKO$100-$9Day 1C[2-Day Event]
May 30#34Micro Warm Up7-Max PKO$10-$1Day 1C[2-Day Event]
May 30#24WPT5008-Max$500-$30Day 1G[2-Day Event + FT Tuesday]
May 30#25Super508-Max$50-$5Day 1G[3-Day Event]
May 30#26Super58-Max$5-$0.50Day 1G[3-Day Event]
May 30#35The Big Game8-Max$500$300,000$30-[1-Day Event]
May 30#35The Mini Big Game8-Max$50$150,000$5-[1-Day Event]
May 30#34Warm Up8-Max PKO---Final Day-
May 30#34Mini Warm Up8-Max PKO---Final Day-
May 30#34Micro Warm Up8-Max PKO---Final Day-
May 30#20Main Event8-Max$3,000-$200Day 1B[3-Day Event + FT Wednesday]
May 30#367-Max7-Max PKO$1,500$500,000$75Day 1A[2-Day Event]
May 30#36Mini 7-Max7-Max PKO$150$200,000$12Day 1A[2-Day Event]
May 30#36Micro 7-Max7-Max PKO$15$50,000$1.50Day 1A[2-Day Event]
May 30#37Omaha Hi-Lo6-Max Hi-Lo PKO$1,500$250,000$75Day 1A[2-Day Event]
May 30#37Mini Omaha Hi-Lo6-Max Hi-Lo PKO$150$50,000$12Day 1A[2-Day Event]
May 30#37Micro Omaha Hi-Lo6-Max Hi-Lo PKO$15$20,000$1.50Day 1A[2-Day Event]
May 30#38High Roller7-Max$10,000$1,000,000$300Day 1[2-Day Event]
May 30#24WPT5008-Max$500-$30Day 1H[2-Day Event + FT Tuesday]
May 30#25Super508-Max$50-$5Day 1H[3-Day Event]
May 30#26Super58-Max$5-$0.50Day 1H[3-Day Event]
May 30High Roller Turbo7-Max$5,000$250,000$200-[1-Day Event]
May 306-Max Hyper Knockout6-Max PKO$300$40,000$20-[1-Day Event]
May 31#24WPT5006-Max$500-$30Day 1 Turbo[2-Day Event + FT Tuesday]
May 31#25Super506-Max$50-$5Day 1 Turbo[3-Day Event]
May 31#26Super56-Max$5-$0.50Day 1 Turbo[3-Day Event]
May 31#20Main Event8-Max---Day 2[3-Day Event + FT Wednesday]
May 31#367-Max7-Max PKO$1,500-$75Day 1B[2-Day Event]
May 31#36Mini 7-Max7-Max PKO$150-$12Day 1B[2-Day Event]
May 31#36Micro 7-Max7-Max PKO$15-$1.50Day 1B[2-Day Event]
May 31#39Closer6-Max PKO$300$200,000$20Day 1A[2-Day Event]
May 31#39Mini Closer6-Max PKO$30$50,000$3Day 1A[2-Day Event]
May 31#39Micro Closer6-Max PKO$5$15,000$0.50Day 1A[2-Day Event]
May 31#37Omaha Hi-Lo6-Max Hi-Lo PKO$1,500-$75Day 1B[2-Day Event]
May 31#37Mini Omaha Hi-Lo6-Max Hi-Lo PKO$150-$12Day 1B[2-Day Event]
May 31#37Micro Omaha Hi-Lo6-Max Hi-Lo PKO$15-$1.50Day 1B[2-Day Event]
May 31#24WPT5008-Max---Day 2[2-Day Event + FT Tuesday]
May 31#25Super508-Max---Day 2[3-Day Event]
May 31#26Super58-Max---Day 2[3-Day Event]
May 317-Max7-Max$500$50,000$30-[1-Day Event]
June 1#20Main Event8-Max---Day 3[3-Day Event + FT Wednesday]
June 1#367-Max7-Max PKO---Day 2[2-Day Event]
June 1#36Mini 7-Max7-Max PKO---Day 2[2-Day Event]
June 1#36Micro 7-Max7-Max PKO---Day 2[2-Day Event]
June 1#37Omaha Hi-Lo6-Max Hi-Lo PKO---Day 2[2-Day Event]
June 1#37Mini Omaha Hi-Lo6-Max Hi-Lo PKO---Day 2[2-Day Event]
June 1#37Micro Omaha Hi-Lo6-Max Hi-Lo PKO---Day 2[2-Day Event]
June 1#408-Max8-Max$500$150,000$30-[1-Day Event]
June 1#40Mini 8-Max8-Max$50$50,000$5-[1-Day Event]
June 1#40Micro 8-Max8-Max$5$10,000$0.50-[1-Day Event]
June 1#41Omaha High Roller6-Max PLO$5,000$200,000$200-[1-Day Event]
June 1#41Mini Omaha Knockout6-Max PLO$500$50,000$30-[1-Day Event]
June 1#41Micro Omaha Knockout6-Max PLO$50$10,000$5.00-[1-Day Event]
June 1#42Super High Roller7-Max$25,000$1,000,000$500Day 1[2-Day Event]
June 1#39Closer6-Max PKO$300-$20Day 1B[2-Day Event]
June 1#39Mini Closer6-Max PKO$30-$3Day 1B[2-Day Event]
June 1#39Micro Closer6-Max PKO$5-$0.50Day 1B[2-Day Event]
June 1#24WPT5008-Max---Final Table-
June 1#25Super508-Max---Final Day-
June 1#26Super58-Max---Final Day-
June 1High Roller Turbo7-Max$5,000$250,000$200-[1-Day Event]
June 1Mix-Max Turbo KnockoutMix-Max PKO$200$30,000$15-[1-Day Event]
June 2#20Main Event8-Max---Final Table-
June 2#39Closer6-Max PKO---Final Day-
June 2#39Mini Closer6-Max PKO---Final Day-
June 2#39Micro Closer6-Max PKO---Final Day-
June 2#43Turbo Finale6-Max$500$75,000$30-[1-Day Event]
June 2#43Mini Turbo Finale6-Max$50$25,000$5-[1-Day Event]
June 2#43Micro Turbo Finale6-Max$5$10,000$0.50-[1-Day Event]
June 2Hyper Finale7-Max PKO$250$30,000$15-[1-Day Event]

More series heading to partypoker

Even more is planned for tournament players in the coming weeks. That includes more from the WPT with the WPTDeepStacks Online set for July 9-28.

A complete schedule hasn’t been released but the $1,650 main event kicks off July 18 with three starting flights. The $330 Mini Main Event also runs July 10-14 with three starting flights.

The site’s Grand Prix Online is also set for Aug. 1-17 with a host of $55 tournaments and major prize pools. A full schedule will be released soon. The site promises a deep slate of satellites for all players to participate.

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Magic Cards make their debut

Partypoker has also added another promotion this month, promising even more free money for players. Magic Cards launched on May 12 and allow players to win a free prize every day, up to $500.

Players simply need to head to the “Promotions” tab in the poker client to find Magic Cards under the “Poker Offers’” header.

Then simply click on “Magic Cards – Free Pick” to receive four face-down cards. Click on one to flip it over and reveal a prize.

Additional Magic Cards can be earned by completing simple tasks such as earning five cashback points. The promotion offers plenty of opportunities for some free money.

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