Partypoker player wins $1 million; Site launches WSOPC Passports, Cash Boom promotion

A million bucks. That might be a goal for many poker players and one on partypoker recently made it a reality.

OdwaznyKot,” from St. Petersburg, Russia, became the newest player to win a $1 million prize through the site’s SPINS games. Playing a $250 buy-in game, he hit a jackpot multiplier boosting the payouts by 4,800 times the buy-in.

A poker pro for 10 years, OdwaznyKot couldn’t quite believe he’d triggered such a massive opportunity.

“Has this really happened to me?” he recalls after seeing the jackpot show up on screen. It turned out to be quite a February for this player.

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Playing a partypoker SPINS for a mega win

When all the chips were in, OdwaznyKot’s [Qh9h] held up against his opponent’s [10c8h] for the massive pot. He becomes partypoker’s latest SPINS millionaire.

 OdwaznyKot plans to use some winnings for a vacation and devote time to self development and improving his poker game. Away from poker, he enjoys chess, practicing Muay Thai boxing, traveling, and exploring other cultures.

The big winner started out as a successful StarCraft player. He even won his city championships during his youth.

OdwaznyKot later moved into poker, which looks to have been a wise decision. What does he enjoy about playing at partypoker?

“I like partypoker’s attitude towards professional players who love this game and devote their lives to it,” he says. “Bonuses, promotions, leaderboards, and the rakeback systems are really amazing.

 “It’s great to see that party remains the platform where poker skills and mastery still dominate.”

He follows in the footsteps of James “James23C” Carmichael, who made history on June 11. He became the first partypoker SPINS $1 million jackpot winner.

Big payouts all around for partypoker SPINS jackpot players

Partypoker SPINS are three-handed jackpot-style tournaments ranging in buy-ins of $0.25 to $500 in a fast-action format.

The SPINS are part of the site’s recent efforts to redesign and improve the partyoker mobile platform. With a small field, they are easy to play on a mobile device.

As OdwaznyKot shows, they can pay off in a big way. That includes the other two players at the table for the ultimate jackpot multiplier.

Second and third-place finishers in the tournament won $100,000 each for their efforts. That’s certainly a nice result as well.

Partypoker Passports expand to WSOP Circuit international events

Partypoker also recently announced a new MILLIONS Passport promotion for 2020. Players can win a Passport online, which can be used at the site’s MILLIONS events.

A Passport includes a complete event entry and much more.  Each MILLIONS event is held at a luxury destination where MILLIONS Passport holders will experience VIP treatment. They’ll enjoy luxury hotels and exclusive extras off the felt with a value of at least $11,000 per event. 

In February, Partypoker also introduced Passport for the World Series of Poker Circuit in 2020. A WSOPC Passport is a flexible satellite package, allowing winners to use them for selected international events within 12 months of winning it. 

Exclusive WSOPC Passport satellites will be held on partypoker with $16.50 Phase 1 events running daily into a weekly final every Sunday.

Players won’t be able to buy in to the Sunday final. All $1,500 packages are won by $16.50 Phase 1 players. WSOPC Passport events include:

Barcelona€1 millionJune 11-21€1,100
Russia (Sochi)NAJuly 16-2677,000 RUB
Montreal (Playground Poker Club)CAD$2 millionAug. 27 – Sept. 7CAD$1,100
BrazilNAOct. 21-28$1,100

Partypoker Daily Cash Boom promotion pays $8,000 in daily prizes 

Partypoker is offering yet another major promotion for players. The new “Daily Cash Boom” promotion was launched Feb. 25 in conjunction with the release of its most popular games on mobile.

The campaign offers players the chance to win a share of $8,000 every day through two separate “All-In or Fold” tournaments.

With tournaments usually complete in 15-20 minutes, this lightning-quick format allows players to win some quick free cash. With only two options – all in or fold – these tournaments are fast and furious. 

To qualify, players must opt in and earn the minimum points requirements each day. Two tournaments are offered daily including:

  • $5,000 Daily Cash Boom – Simply earn 5 points by playing regular cash or fastforward games.

– $3,000 Daily Cash Boom – Earn 2 points playing SPINS games each day.

Tickets expire after 48 hours and players can qualify for both tournaments each day. To locate any valid tickets, visit the “Promotions” section and then look in the “Tickets” section.

“We’re rewarding players of all levels with some extra cash for hitting the tables at some of our most popular games through the Daily Cash Boom promotion,” partypoker managing director Tom Waters said.

“There’s $8,000 in tournament prizes to be won every day and the low daily points requirements mean everyone has a chance to win some free money.”