Patch Up to Win as Part of New GGPoker Competition; Event Entries on the Line 

GGPoker announced a new contest on Tuesday, rewarding players who represent the online poker brand. The site’s “Patch Me Up” live events campaign rewards players who wear GGPoker patches in selected poker tournaments held in the United Kingdom.

Players wearing the GGPoker patch are eligible for one of several prizes. Company officials look at the contest as a way to get more players involved in brand ambassadorship.

“We’re excited to be able to offer UK players something new and rewarding at live events,” GGPoker UK/Ireland head of marketing Angela Martin said in a news release.

“The world of poker is a wonderful mix of players from all walks of life and levels of play. All too often it is the top players of the game that reap the rewards. GGPoker wants to create something that shows how much we value players of all levels with rewards, regardless of where they finish in a tournament.”

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How does GG’s ‘Patch Me Up’ work?

The contest includes some challenges for players to engage with GGPoker on social media. Participants must wear GGPoker patches and then share photos of themselves playing.

Players must use the campaign hashtag #LoveGGPoker. The site is also running several Content Challenges for players to grab some prizes. The #LoveGGPoker challenges include:

  • posting a “Photo of the Day” 
  • receiving the most social media post likes or retweets in a day 
  • having the biggest chip stack of any GGPoker community players
  • building the best card tower
  • performing the best chip trick
  • posting a photo with the highest number of players wearing GGPoker patches

What’s on the line?

Those participating in the contest are in store for some nice prizes. Some of those include tickets to GGPoker’s biggest online tournaments. Players can also win tournament dollars to  use in GG events.

Additionally, the company will choose 10 players in each selected event to represent GGPoker in the subsequent live tournament. GG will then cover those players’ complete buy-ins to the upcoming tournament.

Patches will be available to anyone interested in taking part, either in advance or from GG players participating in the tournament.

The promotion brings something new to online poker. Rather than simply using ambassadors to promote the brand, GG is asking players to get involved. 

“We’re truly passionate about poker and want to see more players creating entertaining content that celebrates poker, their experience at live events, and their love for GGPoker,” Martin said.

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