ACTION: New PokerStars Ambassador Nick Walsh Details Plans for Site’s Twitch Channel

PokerStars recently named Nick Walsh as a new ambassador and face of the site's Twitch channel. He spoke with PokerScout this week about his pans.

Being tabbed as the face of PokerStars’ Twitch streaming efforts might seem like quite a hurdle for most poker players. But Nick Walsh is ready for the challenge.

The site recently named Walsh as a new ambassador, zeroing in on his role as a streamer for the company. He takes over the PokerStars Twitch channel and has promised plenty of new ideas for poker fans.

“I feel honored,” Walsh told PokerScout about his new role. “I’m also very excited at what this opportunity allows me to accomplish alongside the poker community. I’ve got some really cool ideas that I think the viewers are going to enjoy, and now working with PokerStars I’ve got the resources to try some of them out.”

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Big plans for PokerStars streaming

PokerStars ambassador and Twitch streamer Nick Walsh.

For the last two years, Walsh streamed as a member of OP-Poker, but now takes the microphone on the main Stars channel. PokerStars describe his personality as charismatic and he hopes to let his passion for the game come out.

Poker fans can look for traditional poker fare on the channel and he plans to stream and offer advice for events like:

Viewers can also look for more non-traditional poker content as well from Walsh.

“I am also very keen to get more guests into the weekly schedule, adding more variety to the already successful stream content,” he says. “These ‘weekly’ streams will take place most Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and we’ve already started getting guests in which the community seem to really enjoy.

“Additionally, we will be using the occasional Friday streams to experiment with larger, more complex stream formats, some of which the community may not have seen before.

Adding his own spin to Twitch

Although he’s bringing new ideas to the platform and offering different content, Walsh isn’t trying to completely reinvent the wheel.

“While I do think we’ve got a few ideas that might be completely unique to Twitch in the pipeline,” he says, “I’m more interested in taking existing ideas and improving them or perhaps tailoring them to the Twitch environment.”

For example, dual streams have become a regular part of poker streaming. Two hosts play poker and talk strategy, but one of the two hosts has his cards hidden. Walsh says that may be changing soon, allowing viewers to observe the pay of both.

“Using a new capture method we developed, this year we are now able to host very stable, high-quality, fully cards-up dual streams which immediately improves the viewer’s experience,” he says,

“While this is only one example, the same methodology invites a host of other applications for more complex and never-before-seen stream formats which we are going to implement later this year.”

Working on his game, poker commentary, and hitting the live poker tables

Much of Walsh’s early streams involve his new “back to school”’effort. He lets viewers follow along as he sharpens his online poker skills.

Some live poker is also in his future as part of the PokerStars team. He’ll attend all European Poker Tour events, serving as a commentator alongside James Hartigan, Joe Stapleton, and other PokerStars Team Pros.

Walsh, from Brighton in the United Kingdom, is also excited to see the return of Stars’ United Kingdom and Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT). The tour is currently running a series in London and Walsh is pleased to be back at the live tables. 

“I’m looking forward to getting back on the felt at these events,” he says. “Just really excited to see live poker back in the UK.”

Beyond poker, the newest PokerStars ambassador considers himself a “nerd at heart.” He enjoys gaming, photography, videography, and film. Many of his interests outside poker involve visual media, which may help in his role on the PokerStars Twitch channel.

While he plans on bringing many of his own ideas to the new role, Walsh sees streaming as a two-way street. Viewers’ ideas will definitely be considered and taken into account, he says.

For Walsh, there’s a real sense of community when battling it out on the poker tables via Twitch. And he’s hoping that comes out when the camera is on.

“I’m really passionate about this project but I really need the community to help me make this really great,” he says.

“Your feedback on the content we create will not only help us to improve our offering on the PokerStars channel, but could shape the content we create in the future too. Get in touch with me on social media and become part of the development process.”

* Photos courtesy PokerStars

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Nick Walsh Signs as PokerStars Ambassador, Becoming the Face of Site’s Twitch Streaming Channel

British poker player and online streamer Nick Walsh has officially joined the PokerStars team as the face of the site's Twitch channel.

With Twitch poker streaming continuing to grow, PokerStars added another player on the platform to its ambassador roster last week. British poker player and online streamer Nick Walsh has officially joined the PokerStars team.

Walsh will take over the PokerStars Twitch channel, the company announced. He will stream all things poker with a variety of action and entertainment.

“I am very honored and excited to rejoin PokerStars’ Team Pro Online,” Walsh said in a news release. “As a new ambassador with a focus on streaming, I aim to create fresh poker content for players of all levels and poker disciplines, with a focus on community collaboration and strategic analysis in an accessible way.”

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An expanded role at PokerStars

PokerStars ambassador Nick Walsh.

Walsh isn’t new to the world of poker streaming. He manned the microphone

previously, streamed with PokerStars for the last two years as part of “OP Poker.”

The OP Poker platform features videos, charts, strategy guides and links on playing some of the less-common PokerStars games. Stars acquired OP in 2019 and Walsh now takes on more of a prominent role with the online poker operator.

“With his charismatic personality and passion for poker, Nick is the perfect fit for Team Pro and brings a wealth of knowledge to the stream, with his particular strengths lying in Spin & Go’s and PokerStars Kick-Off,” PokerStars noted in a news release.”

Streaming platform goals

As part of his PokerStars Twitch efforts, Walsh is expected to add to the channel significantly. The signing makes him the new face of PokerStars’ streaming channel.

That begins with a new “back to school”’effort on the stream. Walsh’s plan is to work on his online poker game and improve his overall multi-table tournament (MTT) skills.

Viewers can look for plenty of fun included along the way. Walsh plays a key role in bringing engaging content to the PokerStars Twitch community throughout the year, the company notes. He hopes to develop the channel through feedback from players and poker fans alike.

“Unlike my previous role, PokerStars has given me the opportunity and the resources to help lead the development of the PokerStars Twitch channel directly,” he said. “And I’ve got some pretty ambitious concepts I would like to try out.”

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888poker Adds New Ambassador in Brazil; More Promotions, Twitch Streaming Planned as Part of Deal

Brazil's Alexandre “Cavalito” Mantovani joins the 888poker ambassador roster and will represent the team online and at live events.

Brazil has become a hotbed for online poker, with numerous recent major events seeing winners front the land of samba and sun. 888poker announced a new ambassador from this growing market on Monday.

Alexandre “Cavalito” Mantovani joins the 888 ambassador roster and will represent the team online and at live events. With $361,407 in live earnings and significant winnings online, he’s excited adding his name to the 888 ambassador ranks.

“I can’t speak for others, but ever since I’ve started my career as a poker player, I’ve always dreamed of being a professional representing a poker site,” he said in a news release. “And I’m very happy to have reached another goal in my career.”

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Joining the 888poker team

With steady cashes since 2016, Mantovani has proven to be a strong, dedicated player, 888poker officials note. He ranks 105th on the Brazilian all-time money list.

Mantovani’s best finish came in 2016, when he placed sixth place in the DeepStack Championship Series for $45,620.

Beyond his own play, 888’s newest ambassador also works as a poker coach. 888 is not only his newest team, but the Brazilian pro has some fitting history with eights. He was born in 1988 and his favorite hand is 88.

In a recent tournament, Mantovani ended Day 2 with 88 big blinds – “undoubtedly a sign that he is meant to be an 888poker ambassador,” the company notes in announcing his signing.

Catching Mantovani online

888 players can expect to see more of Mantovani in the coming months. He’s active on social media and will offer players entries into special 888poker freerolls.

His social media presence will also feature unique promotions and ticket giveaways. Poker fans can also find him regularly streaming on his Twitch poker channel.

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Contest Crusher: ‘Dare2Stream’ Winner Sebastian Huber Joins PokerStars Ambassador Team

Austrian streamer Sebastian Huber recently won the PokerStars “Dare2Stream” competition to become the site's newest ambassador.

When PokerStars launched the “Dare2Stream” competition in October, Austrian streamer Sebastian  Huber knew he had to get involved. The contest awarded a coveted site ambassador role and that made Huber want to man the microphone even more.

“Right at the moment PokerStars released the Dare2Stream challenge, I knew I wanted to participate in it,” he says. “For me, it was pretty clear that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The competition itself started well and fortunately the stream took off toward the end of the competition.”

His streaming efforts paid off and Huber (aka “Peacendloove” online) won the competition. He topped 263 entries in the contest and also secured a PokerStars Players Championship Platinum Pass.

That’s certainly a nice run for Huber, who’s been playing poker full time for the last four years. Notching a nice score with that Platinum Pass might make his run even better. He spoke this week with PokerScout about the big win and his life in poker.

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A PokerStars streaming success

After playing poker for several years, Huber decided to branch out into Twitch streaming in September 2020. His channel now has 4,400 subscribers, which will certainly grow after his new role with PokerStars.

He’d always felt like getting his game online would be fun, but never quite made the effort to start streaming. His girlfriend helped change that.

“When I was playing poker, I always felt there was a piece missing,” he says. “Therefore, I actually wanted to start streaming a long time ago. However, my girlfriend finally pushed me to start streaming and I have fallen completely in love with it.

“Obviously, the streaming itself gets more competitive from time to time, but I try my best to have some unique moments in my stream too. For example, focusing on games not many are playing or riding a bike while playing.”

PokerStars ambassadors Mason Pye and GJ Reggie announced Huber as the Dare2Stream in December live on Twitch. He then had his formal enrollment as an ambassador during the European Poker Tour (EPT) stop in Prague.

Fellow PokerStars ambassador Sam Grafton announced the news live at the event. Huber then wore his for the record-breaking €1,000 EPT Eureka event, which drew 3,155 entries.

“Before the tournament started, I was pretty nervous,” he says. “Especially because I knew that everyone would have a close look at the new ambassador. Being part of team PokerStars has a lot to say for the poker community.

“The nervousness had subsided with the beginning of the tournament and from that moment on I was just proud of being part of the team.”

Life at the poker table

Like many poker players, Huber began getting in the action just for fun. He played regularly with friends and his group even built their own poker table.

“Then I discovered Twitch poker, so I started playing online too,” he says, “Since I began to stream on Twitch, the poker community has motivated me to get better at the game and I really enjoyed every second of it.”

His Twitch community can now expect even more poker action throughout the year after adding his name to the Stars team.

After high school, studying business in college followed. But his success at online poker soon had him playing the game full time. Huber now considers himself a professional content creator as well as a poker pro.

Sticking to a regular regimen helps Huber in his efforts at successful stream and online poker.

My daily poker routine is pretty simple, but there are three important things I need to do to make it a successful working day,” he says. “Those three things are sports, good and healthy food, and motivation. If I follow these three points, I will be well-prepared to give my best every day.”

Outside of poker, sports are a huge part of his life and he’s currently training for and competing in triathlons.

“For me, endurance sport is just amazing to keep your mind clear after long poker and streaming sessions,” he says. “On the other hand, it helps you to keep your high-performance level and I also love to push myself to new limits.”

That commitment to high performance may just carry over to the poker table as well.

* Lead image courtesy PokerStars/Danny Maxwell

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Taking on Twitch: ‘CallMeLija’ Joins GGPoker After Finding New Calling as Poker Player & Streamer

Andrijana Gligoric tes her story of going from studying electrical engineering to Twitch streamer to GGPoker ambassador.

Prior to the COVID-19 lockdowns, Andrijana Gligoric was a typical college student. She studied electrical engineering, worked on her social media presence, and hung out with friends.

Those friends soon influenced a new course in life for Gligoric however. A few of them organized cash games in the Serbian city where she attended school. Poker soon overtook her interest in electrical engineering.

“I helped them with the organization of the games and that’s how I met a lot of my poker-playing friends,” says Gligoric, who is originally from Loznica, Serbia. “Then I started to get interested in the game myself. I learned the rules, started playing online, and then fell in love.”

Just a few short years later, Gligoric is the newest member of Team GGPoker and looking for big things ahead.

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Jumping into Twitch streaming

After leaving college behind, Gligoric’s love of the game led her to Malta where she met more people in the poker and casino world. She began playing more poker and even made appearances online with Twitch poker streamers.

Those interactions turned out to be fun and led her to fire up her own mic and webcam.

“I loved how they interacted with people, how they built their communities, and how entertaining it all was overall,” she says. “I was still new to the game, but I decided to try streaming.”

The new venture online came with some learning experiences at first.

“I didn’t know how hard it was until I tried, but I’m so happy that I did and met some amazing people,” Gligoric says. “I stayed consistent, dedicated and most importantly, I kept showing up.”

Social media influencer joins GGPoker; begins $10K bankroll challenge

Andrijana Gligoric is the latest member of GGPoker’s stream team.

Gligoric’s hard work eventually paid off with a gig at one of the fastest-growing online poker sites in the world. GGPoker announced in mid-February that the 23-year-old social media star was the site’s newest ambassador.

Known as “CallMeLija” on her Twitch channel, Gligoric is also the “Cash Game Queen” on the Team GG Twitch Squad. She’s now putting in the hard world, grinding six to seven days a week trying to build a bankroll.

Callmelija is currently working on a $500-to-$10,000 bankroll challenge, playing an average of five hours each day. Finishing out this type of effort isn’t easy, but Gligoric thinks she’s up to the challenge.

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that what you put into this game is what you’ll get back. You can’t sit in your chair and expect things to happen. You need to work, grind, stay consistent, and never give up. Discipline is the key.”

Gligoric wears her emotions on her sleeve while streaming as this tough bad beat illustrates.

A tight Twitch community

The Twitch streamer is building an impressive community online. Her channel has grown to almost 9,000 followers in the last year. Gligoric focuses on integrating and connecting with her community.

One reason the Callmelija community is so interactive may be due to her roots in Loznica, Serbia. She says Serbians are generally a welcoming people.

“Serbia is a lovely country, it is forever my favorite,” she says. “Serbians are among some of the most welcoming and hospitable people in the world.

“As an interesting Serbian cultural fact, locals believe that they will not receive luck or favors from the Gods if they don’t treat their guests well.”

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Heading to Las Vegas

Even though Gligoric considers herself more of an online player, she plans on testing her skills this summer at the World Series of Poker. She’s excited to connect with players and people in the industry. 

“I didn’t have many chances to play live at the start of this journey,” she says, “but that will change now. I can’t wait to start playing more live.”

The pandemic was tough for a lot of people, but some have emerged with new strengths and passions in life. Gligoric has used her discipline to grind a passion into a way of life. 

“My plans are to beat high stakes and to study and play as much as I can,” she says, “then see where poker takes me from there.”

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PokerStars MicroMillions Coming to Southern Europe, Italy; ‘True Geordie’ Brings Back Live Series

PokerStars' MicroMillions series is set for Southern Europe and Italy from Jan. 30 to Feb. 13 with €6 million in guaranteed prize pools.

The lower roller action returns to PokerStars in January and February for players in Southern Europe and Italy. The MicroMillions series is set for these two platforms from Jan. 30 to Feb. 13.

Players will find more than €6 million in guaranteed prize pools across the two series. PokerStars Southern Europe is available to players in Spain, France, and Portugal. The Italian platform is a ringed-in environment for players in that country.

The site has also announced that site ambassador, YouTube sensation, and Twitch streamer Brian “True Geordie”Davis is bringing back his live poker series.

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What to expect from PokerStars’ MicroMillions Southern Europe

The MicroMillions has become a popular series for PokerStars. The festival allows players to find some nice prize pools at bargain price points.

Players will find a packed schedule of 198 events in Southern Europe with a total guarantee of more than €4 million. The €50 Six-Max progressive knockout Main Event highlights the series on Feb. 6 with a €300,000 guarantee.

Buy-ins start at just €2 and players can win their way into the series via qualifiers starting at just €0.20. New depositors can also win an entry into a MicroMillions Depositor Freeroll. That event offers €25,000 worth of Main Event tickets up for grabs. Here’s a look at the complete series.

PokerStars’ MicroMillions Southern Europe 2022

EvDateEventBuy-in Guarantee
1Jan. 30Deep PKO 8-Max€ 30€ 75,000
2Jan. 30Deep PKO 8-Max€ 10€ 40,000
3Jan. 30SuperStack€ 5€ 17,500
4Jan. 30Total KO 6-Max€ 20€ 35,000
5Jan. 30Bounty Builder 8-Max€ 2€ 7,500
6Jan. 30Ultra KO 6-Max€ 5€ 17,500
7Jan. 30The Classic PKO€ 10€ 75,000
8Jan. 30Sunday Slam€ 30€ 125,000
9Jan. 30High Roller 6-Max - 2 Day€ 50€ 75,000
10Jan. 30Bounty Builder 8-Max€ 20€ 35,000
11Jan. 30Bounty Builder€ 5€ 10,000
12Jan. 306-Max Turbo€ 30€ 20,000
13Jan. 30Bounty Builder 8-Max Turbo€ 10€ 20,000
14Jan. 30Bounty Builder 6-Max Turbo€ 20€ 25,000
15Jan. 31Total KO 8-Max€ 5€ 10,000
16Jan. 31SuperStack 6-Max€ 10€ 17,500
17Jan. 31NLHE€ 5€ 10,000
18Jan. 31Bounty Builder€ 20€ 30,000
19Jan. 316-Max€ 5€ 10,000
20Jan. 31Bounty Builder 8-Max€ 10€ 30,000
21Jan. 31High Roller Bounty Builder 6-Max€ 50€ 40,000
22Jan. 31Bubble Rush€ 5€ 7,500
23Jan. 31PLO PKO 6-Max€ 10€ 5,000
24Jan. 31Alternating Blinds PKO Turbo€ 10€ 12,500
25Jan. 31Ultra KO 6-Max Turbo€ 20€ 17,500
26Jan. 31Bounty Builder 8-Max Turbo€ 5€ 10,000
27Jan. 31Total KO 6-Max Turbo€ 20€ 10,000
28Feb. 1Ultra KO 6-Max€ 10€ 17,500
29Feb. 1NLHE€ 5€ 10,000
30Feb. 1SuperStack PKO 8-Max€ 20€ 30,000
31Feb. 1PLO 6-Max€ 5€ 3,000
32Feb. 16-Max€ 2€ 5,000
33Feb. 1Bounty Builder 6-Max€ 30€ 40,000
34Feb. 18-Max€ 5€ 10,000
35Feb. 1SuperStack 6-Max€ 10€ 17,500
36Feb. 1Bounty Builder€ 5€ 12,500
37Feb. 1Total KO 8-Max Turbo€ 20€ 17,500
38Feb. 1Turbo€ 10€ 10,000
39Feb. 16-Max Turbo€ 5€ 7,500
40Feb. 1Bounty Builder 6-Max Turbo€ 10€ 17,500
41Feb. 26-Max€ 20€ 17,500
42Feb. 2Bounty Builder€ 5€ 15,000
43Feb. 26-Max€ 10€ 10,000
44Feb. 2Ultra KO 8-Max€ 30€ 20,000
45Feb. 2Total KO 6-Max€ 10€ 17,500
46Feb. 2Bounty Builder 8-Max€ 10€ 25,000
47Feb. 2NLHE€ 5€ 10,000
48Feb. 26-Max€ 10€ 17,500
49Feb. 2SuperStack PKO 8-Max€ 5€ 12,500
50Feb. 26-Max Turbo€ 10€ 15,000
51Feb. 2PLO PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 20€ 5,000
52Feb. 2Ultra KO 6-Max Turbo€ 5€ 10,000
53Feb. 2Ultra KO 6-Max Turbo€ 20€ 17,500
54Feb. 3Bounty Builder 8-Max€ 20€ 30,000
55Feb. 3PLO PKO 6-Max€ 10€ 4,000
56Feb. 3Bubble Rush PKO 6-Max€ 5€ 10,000
57Feb. 3NLHE€ 10€ 15,000
58Feb. 36-Max€ 5€ 10,000
59Feb. 3Bounty Builder 8-Max€ 10€ 25,000
60Feb. 3High Roller Bounty Builder 6-Max€ 50€ 40,000
61Feb. 38-Max€ 20€ 17,500
62Feb. 3Ultra KO 6-Max€ 10€ 17,500
63Feb. 3SuperStack PKO 8-Max Turbo€ 5€ 12,500
64Feb. 3Bounty Builder 6-Max Turbo€ 30€ 20,000
65Feb. 3Total KO 6-Max Turbo€ 5€ 7,500
66Feb. 3Bounty Builder 8-Max Turbo€ 10€ 15,000
67Feb. 4Total KO 6-Max€ 30€ 20,000
68Feb. 4SuperStack PKO€ 5€ 15,000
69Feb. 4SuperStack PKO 6-Max€ 10€ 20,000
70Feb. 4NLHE€ 20€ 15,000
71Feb. 4PLO 6-Max€ 5€ 3,000
72Feb. 46-Max€ 10€ 17,500
73Feb. 4Bounty Builder 6-Max€ 20€ 40,000
74Feb. 4Total KO 8-Max€ 5€ 15,000
75Feb. 48-Max€ 10€ 10,000
76Feb. 4Alternating Blinds PKO Turbo€ 20€ 20,000
77Feb. 4Bounty Builder 6-Max Turbo€ 5€ 15,000
78Feb. 48-Max Turbo€ 5€ 10,000
79Feb. 4Bounty Builder 6-Max Turbo€ 20€ 20,000
80Feb. 5Ultra KO 6-Max€ 20€ 25,000
81Feb. 58-Max€ 5€ 10,000
82Feb. 5Total KO 8-Max€ 10€ 15,000
83Feb. 56-Max€ 5€ 12,500
84Feb. 5Bounty Builder 6-Max€ 30€ 35,000
85Feb. 5Bounty Builder 8-Max€ 10€ 30,000
86Feb. 56-Max€ 20€ 12,500
87Feb. 58-Max€ 5€ 12,500
88Feb. 5Bounty Builder€ 20€ 25,000
89Feb. 5PKO 8-Max Turbo€ 5€ 15,000
90Feb. 5Ultra KO 6-Max Turbo€ 10€ 17,500
91Feb. 5Bounty Builder 6-Max Turbo€ 5€ 10,000
92Feb. 5Bounty Builder 8-Max Turbo€ 10€ 17,500
93Feb. 6Deep PKO 8-Max€ 30€ 75,000
94Feb. 6Deep PKO 8-Max€ 10€ 40,000
95Feb. 6SuperStack€ 5€ 17,500
96Feb. 6Total KO 6-Max€ 20€ 40,000
97Feb. 6Bounty Builder 8-Max€ 2€ 5,000
98Feb. 6Ultra KO 6-Max€ 5€ 17,500
99Feb. 6The Classic PKO€ 10€ 75,000
100Feb. 6Main Event PKO 6-Max€ 50€ 300,000
101Feb. 6Super High Roller Bounty Builder 6-Max€ 100€ 100,000
102Feb. 6Bounty Builder 8-Max€ 20€ 40,000
103Feb. 6NLHE€ 5€ 12,500
104Feb. 66-Max Turbo€ 30€ 20,000
105Feb. 6Bounty Builder 8-Max Turbo€ 10€ 25,000
106Feb. 6Bounty Builder 6-Max Turbo€ 20€ 25,000
107Feb. 7Total KO 8-Max€ 10€ 12,500
108Feb. 7SuperStack 6-Max€ 20€ 17,500
109Feb. 7NLHE€ 10€ 12,500
110Feb. 7Bounty Builder€ 5€ 12,500
111Feb. 76-Max€ 10€ 10,000
112Feb. 7Bounty Builder 8-Max€ 20€ 40,000
113Feb. 7High Roller Bounty Builder 6-Max€ 50€ 40,000
114Feb. 7Bubble Rush€ 5€ 10,000
115Feb. 7PLO PKO 6-Max€ 10€ 5,000
116Feb. 7Alternating Blinds PKO Turbo€ 5€ 10,000
117Feb. 7Ultra KO 6-Max Turbo€ 30€ 20,000
118Feb. 7Turbo€ 5€ 5,000
119Feb. 7Ultra KO 6-Max Turbo€ 20€ 17,500
120Feb. 8Ultra KO 6-Max€ 5€ 10,000
121Feb. 8NLHE€ 10€ 12,500
122Feb. 8SuperStack PKO 8-Max€ 20€ 30,000
123Feb. 8PLO 6-Max€ 20€ 4,000
124Feb. 86-Max€ 2€ 4,000
125Feb. 8Bounty Builder 6-Max€ 10€ 25,000
126Feb. 88-Max€ 5€ 10,000
127Feb. 8SuperStack 6-Max€ 30€ 17,500
128Feb. 8PKO€ 10€ 17,500
129Feb. 8Bounty Builder 8-Max Turbo€ 10€ 17,500
130Feb. 8Total KO 6-Max Turbo€ 20€ 12,500
131Feb. 8Bounty Builder 8-Max Turbo€ 5€ 10,000
132Feb. 86-Max Turbo€ 10€ 10,000
133Feb. 96-Max€ 30€ 17,500
134Feb. 9Bounty Builder€ 5€ 12,500
135Feb. 96-Max€ 10€ 10,000
136Feb. 9Ultra KO 8-Max€ 20€ 17,500
137Feb. 9Total KO 6-Max€ 5€ 10,000
138Feb. 9Bounty Builder 8-Max€ 20€ 30,000
139Feb. 9NLHE€ 10€ 12,500
140Feb. 96-Max€ 5€ 10,000
141Feb. 9SuperStack PKO 8-Max€ 10€ 20,000
142Feb. 96-Max Turbo€ 10€ 10,000
143Feb. 9PLO PKO 6-Max Turbo€ 30€ 5,000
144Feb. 9Ultra KO 8-Max Turbo€ 5€ 10,000
145Feb. 9Bounty Builder 6-Max Turbo€ 20€ 20,000
146Feb. 10Bounty Builder 8-Max€ 20€ 40,000
147Feb. 10PLO PKO 6-Max€ 5€ 4,000
148Feb. 10Bubble Rush PKO 6-Max€ 10€ 15,000
149Feb. 10NLHE€ 10€ 12,500
150Feb. 106-Max€ 5€ 10,000
151Feb. 10Bounty Builder 8-Max€ 20€ 35,000
152Feb. 10High Roller Bounty Builder 6-Max€ 50€ 40,000
153Feb. 108-Max€ 5€ 10,000
154Feb. 10Ultra KO 6-Max€ 10€ 17,500
155Feb. 10SuperStack PKO 8-Max Turbo€ 30€ 25,000
156Feb. 10Bounty Builder 6-Max Turbo€ 10€ 20,000
157Feb. 10Bounty Builder 6-Max Turbo€ 5€ 12,500
158Feb. 106-Max Turbo€ 10€ 10,000
159Feb. 11Total KO 6-Max€ 30€ 20,000
160Feb. 11SuperStack PKO€ 5€ 15,000
161Feb. 11SuperStack PKO 6-Max€ 10€ 20,000
162Feb. 11NLHE€ 20€ 15,000
163Feb. 11PLO 6-Max€ 5€ 3,000
164Feb. 116-Max€ 10€ 17,500
165Feb. 11Bounty Builder 6-Max€ 20€ 40,000
166Feb. 11Total KO 8-Max€ 5€ 15,000
167Feb. 11NLHE€ 10€ 10,000
168Feb. 11Alternating Blinds PKO Turbo€ 20€ 20,000
169Feb. 11Bounty Builder 6-Max Turbo€ 5€ 15,000
170Feb. 118-Max Turbo€ 5€ 10,000
171Feb. 11Bounty Builder 6-Max Turbo€ 20€ 20,000
172Feb. 12Ultra KO 6-Max€ 20€ 25,000
173Feb. 128-Max€ 5€ 10,000
174Feb. 12Total KO 8-Max€ 10€ 15,000
175Feb. 126-Max€ 5€ 12,500
176Feb. 12Bounty Builder 6-Max€ 30€ 35,000
177Feb. 12Bounty Builder 8-Max€ 10€ 30,000
178Feb. 126-Max€ 20€ 12,500
179Feb. 128-Max€ 5€ 12,500
180Feb. 12Bounty Builder€ 20€ 25,000
181Feb. 12PKO 8-Max Turbo€ 5€ 15,000
182Feb. 12Ultra KO 6-Max Turbo€ 10€ 17,500
183Feb. 12Bounty Builder 6-Max Turbo€ 5€ 10,000
184Feb. 12Bounty Builder 8-Max Turbo€ 10€ 17,500
185Feb. 13Deep PKO 8-Max€ 30€ 75,000
186Feb. 13Deep PKO 8-Max€ 10€ 40,000
187Feb. 13SuperStack€ 5€ 17,500
188Feb. 13Total KO 6-Max€ 20€ 35,000
189Feb. 13Bounty Builder 8-Max€ 2€ 7,500
190Feb. 13Ultra KO 6-Max€ 5€ 17,500
191Feb. 13The Classic PKO€ 10€ 75,000
192Feb. 13Sunday Slam€ 30€ 125,000
193Feb. 13High Roller 6-Max - 2 Day€ 50€ 75,000
194Feb. 13Bounty Builder 8-Max€ 20€ 35,000
195Feb. 136-Max€ 5€ 10,000
196Feb. 136-Max Turbo€ 30€ 20,000
197Feb. 13Bounty Builder 8-Max Turbo€ 10€ 20,000
198Feb. 13Bounty Builder 6-Max Turbo€ 20€ 10,000

MicroMillions also comes to Italy

Italian players also have a lot to look forward to with the MicroMillions series. The schedule runs on the same dates as in Southern Europe and features 140 events and €2 million guaranteed.

The €50 Main Event is set for Feb. 13 with a €200,000 guarantee. Players can qualify for the series through satellites starting at just €0.50.

A Depositor Freeroll is also planned for Italy with another €25,000 in Main Event tickets given away to players. Here’s a look at the complete series.

PokerStars’ MicroMillions Italy 2022

DateEventGuarantee (€)Buy-In (€)
Jan. 30777 THE FLEX125007
Jan. 30THE GLORIOUS200005
Jan. 30COLOSSAL STACK3000020
Jan. 30THE BIG4000010
Jan. 30ROYAL RUMBLE2500020
Jan. 30MICRO RACE1250010
Jan. 30BOUNTY HUNGER1500020
Jan. 31777 THE FLEX100007
Jan. 31THE GLORIOUS150005
Jan. 31COLOSSAL STACK2500020
Jan. 31THE BIG3000010
Jan. 31ROYAL RUMBLE2000020
Jan. 31MICRO RACE1000010
Jan. 316MAX HYPER50005
Feb. 1777 THE FLEX100007
Feb. 1THE GLORIOUS150005
Feb. 1THE BIG3000010
Feb. 1ROYAL RUMBLE2000020
Feb. 1MICRO RACE1000010
Feb. 2777 THE FLEX100007
Feb. 2THE GLORIOUS150005
Feb. 2THE BIG3000010
Feb. 2ROYAL RUMBLE2000020
Feb. 2MICRO RACE1000010
Feb. 3777 THE FLEX100007
Feb. 3THE GLORIOUS150005
Feb. 3THE BIG3000010
Feb. 3ROYAL RUMBLE2000020
Feb. 3MICRO RACE1000010
Feb. 3TRIO50005
Feb. 3ADRENALINE1000020
Feb. 4777 THE FLEX77777
Feb. 4THE GLORIOUS125005
Feb. 4THE BIG2000010
Feb. 4ROYAL RUMBLE2000020
Feb. 4MICRO RACE1000010
Feb. 4OMAHA30005
Feb. 5777 THE FLEX77777
Feb. 5THE GLORIOUS125005
Feb. 5THE BIG2000010
Feb. 5ROYAL RUMBLE2000020
Feb. 5MICRO RACE1000010
Feb. 56MAX TOTAL KO30005
Feb. 6777 THE FLEX125007
Feb. 6THE GLORIOUS200005
Feb. 6THE BIG4000010
Feb. 6ROYAL RUMBLE2500020
Feb. 6MICRO RACE1250010
Feb. 6BOUNTY HUNGER1500020
Feb. 7777 THE FLEX100007
Feb. 7THE GLORIOUS150005
Feb. 7THE BIG3000010
Feb. 7ROYAL RUMBLE2000020
Feb. 7MICRO RACE1000010
Feb. 76MAX HYPER50005
Feb. 8777 THE FLEX100007
Feb. 8THE GLORIOUS150005
Feb. 8THE BIG3000010
Feb. 8ROYAL RUMBLE2000020
Feb. 8MICRO RACE1000010
Feb. 9777 THE FLEX100007
Feb. 9THE GLORIOUS150005
Feb. 9THE BIG3000010
Feb. 9ROYAL RUMBLE2000020
Feb. 9MICRO RACE1000010
Feb. 10777 THE FLEX100007
Feb. 10THE GLORIOUS150005
Feb. 10COLOSSAL STACK2500020
Feb. 10THE BIG3000010
Feb. 10ROYAL RUMBLE2000020
Feb. 10MICRO RACE1000010
Feb. 10TRIO50005
Feb. 10ADRENALINE1000020
Feb. 11777 THE FLEX77777
Feb. 11THE GLORIOUS125005
Feb. 11COLOSSAL STACK2000020
Feb. 11THE BIG2000010
Feb. 11ROYAL RUMBLE2000020
Feb. 11MICRO RACE1000010
Feb. 11OMAHA30005
Feb. 12777 THE FLEX77777
Feb. 12THE GLORIOUS125005
Feb. 12COLOSSAL STACK2000020
Feb. 12THE BIG2000010
Feb. 12ROYAL RUMBLE2000020
Feb. 12MICRO RACE1000010
Feb. 126MAX TOTAL KO30005
Feb. 13777 THE FLEX125007
Feb. 13THE GLORIOUS200005
Feb. 13COLOSSAL STACK3000020
Feb. 13THE BIG6000010
Feb. 13MAIN EVENT20000050
Feb. 13MICRO RACE1250010
Feb. 13BOUNTY HUNGER1500020

‘True Geordie’ Showdown series returns

PokerStars ambassador True Geordie Brian “True Geordie” Davis.

In other PokerStars news, English YouTube star and site ambassador Brian True Geordie” Davis is bringing back his live-streamed poker series “The Showdown.”

The series is part of True Geordie’s journey with PokerStars to go from amateur to professional poker player. The series was set to return Jan. 27 with several more episodes planned.

The 2021 version saw 10 episodes including several special guests such as James Buckley, Spencer Owen, and Jody Morris. PokerStars ambassadors Ben “Spraggy” Spragg and Mason “Pye_Face21” Pye also made an appearance.

“We’re so excited about bringing the series back and making more and more improvements to really make it the best online poker show it can be,” Davis said in a news release. We have more big guests lined up and more shows, so people can expect to see a lot more of The Showdown.”

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Social media star to PokerStars

With 3.5 million social media followers, True Geordie’s streams regularly attract thousands of viewers. He often reaches the top spot in the Twitch “poker” category. One highlight from 2021 was cashing for more than $7,000 in a SCOOP event.

After each Showdown episode, fans can join the True Geordie Home Game Club to practice their skills in regular tournaments. Davis even drops in to play from time to time.

True Geordie fans can also improve their skills by visiting PokerStars Learn. The educational hub offers tutorials to suit players of all levels.

PokerStars’ renewed partnership with Davis follows the True Geordie x PokerStars event in October at Hippodrome Casino in London. More than 80 fans participated in a shootout tournament with finalists playing against Geordie himself at the final table.

Davis considers the event the highlight of his time working with PokerStars so far.

“We got the chance to meet loads of fans and have a proper night out with them,” he says. “The tournament was great, and we had so many messages afterwards from people saying how much they enjoyed it and asking for another event.”

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Mixed Games Festival Heads to PokerStars With Ambassador Mason Pye Hosting New Series 

PokerStars ambassador Mason “Pyefacepoker” Pye hosts his own micro stakes mini mixed game series from Nov. 5-7 with $110,000 guaranteed.

A new series coming to PokerStars seems a perfect fit for low rollers who are fans of mixed games. Brand ambassador and SCOOP (Spring Championship of Online Poker) champion Mason “Pyefacepoker” Pye bring his own micro stakes mini series to PokerStars.

Pye’s Mixed Games Series” features 20 events running from Nov. 5-7 with combined guaranteed prize pools of more than $110,000.

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Inside the PokerStars Mixed Games Festival

The new series brings the fun of mixed games to those with lower bankrolls. Players will find several poker variants to check out throughout the series.

Buy-ins for the series range from just $1.10 to $11, with the $11 Main Event offering a $20,000 guarantee. Just as in many bigger buy-in series, players can look to see some of their big runs streamed online.

Pye and fellow PokerStars ambassador GJ Reggie will stream much of the series on the PokerStars Twitch channel.

“The Mixed Games Series is the perfect opportunity for players to dabble into variants other than No Limit Hold’em,” Pye said in a news release. “Not only are mixed games fun, they help you become a better overall poker player and with tournaments aimed at those with modest bankrolls, there never has been a better time to get involved and join the movement.”

The idea for the festival actually came about during one of Pye’s streams in 2018.

PokerStars has now made that happen. Here’s a look at the complete series.

PokerStars offers opportunities to qualify for free

Beyond simply buying into an event, PokerStars is giving players other low-cost opportunities to qualify. That includes a chance to win some free tournament entries.

Viewers watching the PokerStars ambassadors’ Twitch channels can earn some free entries into the series. Players can look for PokerStars Chests with series tickets from $1.10 up to $11 randomly dropped into their accounts. 

Additionally, Pye’s Mixed Games Series takes place at the same time as PokerStars “Dare 2 Stream” competition. This new contest allows players to compete for a shot at becoming a PokerStars ambassador.

There is plenty going on at PokerStars, and that also includes the Championship of Online Poker in Southern Europe. The platform offers €7 million guaranteed for players in Spain, France, and Portugal.

Stars is offering numerous chances for players to win this fall.

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Ready to Represent? PokerStars Contest Offers Players Chance To Become Brand Ambassador

Many poker players dream of representing an online poker brand and PokerStars is giving them a shot at making that a reality.

Many poker players dream of representing an online poker brand and traveling the world playing cards. PokerStars is giving regular Joes a shot at making at least some of that a reality.

The site announced the launch of its “Dare2Stream” challenge on Monday. The promotion runs through Dec. 17, awarding a coveted one-year ambassador contract to the winner.

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How to join Team PokerStars?

PokerStars’ newest ambassador joins popular pros Lex Veldhuis, Fintan Hand, and Ben “Spraggy” Spragg. To join the team, PokerStars is looking for a top-notch Twitch streamer. Players entering the contest will need to showcase:

  • streaming skills
  • creativity
  • love for the game
  • how they engage with their community

“Supporting up-and-coming talent is a key part of our strategy, so we’re excited to launch this competition and celebrate the brilliant talent we have out there on the Twitch streets,” PokerStars associate director of communities and partnerships Scott Goodall said in a news release.

“We hope to find streamers who have lots of potential, creativity, drive to grow, and who are passionate about poker. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s entries and welcoming a new member to the team!”

To participate, players must fill out an online application form and join the PokerStars public Discord server. Competitors will also need to join “Team DareToStream” on Twitch and use the mature audience setting on the stream.

More PokerStars prizes on the line

Along with an ambassadorship up for grabs, PokerStars is offering up even more. The site is awarding numerous tournament tickets for simply streaming as part of the contest.

Tickets also go to players competing in the “Clip of the Week” challenge. This involves participants submitting their favorite clip of the week from their stream.

A panel of judges will select the two weekly winners. Here’s a look at some of what players can expect:

  • $109 Sunday Million tickets are awarded to the two winners of the Clip of the Week challenge.
  • Winners of the Clip of the Week challenge also have a $109 Sunday Million ticket bounty placed on them as part of the exclusive Dare 2 Stream weekly $5,000 guaranteed Home Game.
  • A $55 Home Game ticket is awarded weekly to entrants streaming a minimum of 10 hours in the previous week.
  • $109 Sunday Million tickets are awarded to those who complete a minimum of 50 streaming hours during the competition.
  • $11 Sunday Storm tickets are distributed to those who complete between 25-49 streaming hours during the competition.

PokerStars is looking to make one lucky streamer’s dream come true in December. PokerStars streamer Mason “pyefacepoker” Pye has experienced this kind of promotion first-hand.

“The fact that the winner of this edition of Dare2Stream will be joining Team PokerStars for a year is truly incredible and an opportunity that should not be missed,” Pye says.

“As a streamer who participated in a similar promotion before signing with PokerStars, being on the team has genuinely been a life-changing experience. I’ve had the opportunity to play, travel, and work with like-minded individuals both on and off-stream with the same goal in mind to help the growth of Twitch Poker.”

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888poker Adds Sam Abernathy, Jordan Banfield To Ambassador Ranks, Twitch StreamTeam

The 888poker player roster just expanded. The site recently announced the signing of two new ambassadors – Sam Abernathy and Jordan Banfield.

The 888poker player roster just expanded. The site recently announced the signing of two new ambassadors – Sam Abernathy and Jordan Banfield.

“I’m looking forward to growing as a player with 888poker, reconnecting with friends on the felt,” Abernathy says, “and my hope is just to inspire others to take the leap in their own journey to play this great game.”

Banfield has also become the latest member of the site’s growing StreamTeam.

“I’m very excited to work with 888poker,” he says. “I aim to provide great content through this collaboration and proud to rep the brand as one of their online pros.”

Both players spoke with PokerScout this week about their poker life and what’s ahead for them at 888.

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Sam Abernathy’s poker life in Las Vegas

888poker ambassador Sam Abernathy.

Abernathy, 30, is no stranger to success on the poker felt with more than $575,000 in live tournament winnings. Her breakout performance came in 2016, when she finished third in the Aussie Millions A$10,000 Main Event for $437,543.

Beyond the poker table, she’s also built up a considerable social media following with her fun personality. When not playing poker, her hobbies include acrobatics, art, and traveling.

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Abernathy had an affinity for strategy games from an early age. She began playing micro stakes live tournaments in 2014 and fell in love with poker. Now based in Las Vegas, Abernathy spent several years grinding the micro stakes.

“I never imagined I’d move to Vegas, but it made the most sense for me being the home of poker,” she says. “It’s crazy to think that I’ve lived here for nearly eight years now. I’m originally from a very small town in Georgia, so to me, the worst part about living in Vegas is having no grass.

“Life is pretty normal for me though. I have hobbies outside of poker to stay active and pets to take care of. I work remotely with a public relations/marketing agency. I’m not too crazy about the nightlife scene, but I do enjoy going out for dinner and a good show – we have the best circus in the world. For now, Vegas works but eventually, I hope to live somewhere tropical.”

Ready for the WSOP, happy to join 888

After a break from the Vegas tournament scene, the World Series of Poker is now on her calendar. She’s looking forward to getting back to the live tournament grind. 

That includes patching up as an 888 representative and putting the pandemic in the rearview mirror.

“I am extremely excited, honored and grateful for the opportunity to join Team 888poker,” she says. “2020 was an exceptionally tough year for us all. And I think the most important lesson I learned through slowing down is that life is too short to not follow your passions above all else.”

The new role also comes after Abernathy spent considerable time sharpening her skills and feels like a nice reward. Along with the WSOP, some 888poker online action is also in the works as well streaming on Twitch, where she has 6,600 subscribers. The 888 signing comes after putting in years at the tables.

“I’ve been working on my game off the felt with a wonderful study group, so I feel supported and excited,” she says. “I’ll be traveling back and forth to Mexico so I can play 888poker online and stream on Twitch. It’s a really exciting time, and after the crazy year we’ve just experienced with the pandemic, I’m planning to make the most of it.”

Banfield brings his Twitch game to 888

888poker’s newest StreamTeam member Jordan Banfield.

A full-time poker player from Calgary, Canada, Banfield began focusing more on his poker career in 2020 during the pandemic. A few months later, the 31-year-old began streaming on Twitch with hopes of playing full time. So far, so good, and he now has 9,300 subscribers.

“My friend is a big poker streamer and he said to give it a try, and I never looked back once I started,” he says. “I’d say what sets my stream apart is I’m very engaging, I’m always talking, and sometimes do silly things on stream and I tend to get good laughs from viewers.”

Twitch has become an even more important medium for poker sites in recent years. Banfield hopes to be even more creative in the coming months with the 888poker connection.

Along with poker, he loves competitive sports like snowboarding and football, and has a passion for health and fitness. How does it feel being part of the 888 team?

“It feels amazing, since starting Twitch my goal was to work for a company like 888poker which I respect and admire and to shift toward full-time,” he says. “Being part of the team has helped me toward that.”

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PokerStars Twitch Lineup Expands With Addition of Rapper Papo MC to Free-Play Platform

PokerStars has added rap freestyler, poker player, and Twitch streamer Papo MC as an ambassador to the site's free-to-play platform.

Twitch remains a key focus for PokerStars and the site added to its streaming roster again over the weekend. The site announced the addition of rap freestyler and poker player Papo MC (aka Alejandro Andres Lococo).

Unlike most of the site’s Twitch streamers, Lococo will be showcasing his play on the free-to-play site.

The company and the rapper have formed “an exciting new partnership focused on bringing his passion for poker to life with engaging and entertaining content,” PokerStars noted in a news release.

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Rap game to poker game

Jumping in the poker action is nothing new for Papo MC, who streams about various topics on his Twitch channel. He’ll now add online poker to that mix.

“Today is a big day for me, I feel very proud to wear the patch,” Papo said of partnering with the company. “It’s a big step in my career, a partnership that will leave its mark.

“This is the place every poker player dreams to be. We are going to work to take poker to a whole new level. See you all at the tables.”

Lococo’s love for the game began in 2016, when he started playing the live poker circuit in his home country of Argentina. In five years, his interest in the game has grown into a passion.

What I enjoy most about poker is the different emotions that you experience while playing,” Papo told PokerScout this week. “Beyond this, poker has helped me get to know wonderful people and visit wonderful places. It’s given me great friends and amazing stories.”

Since beginning his music career in 2011, Papo MC is now one of the most recognizable freestylers in Latin America. His resumé includes winning Batalla de los Gallos in Argentina.

The show is a competition among the best freestylers in the Spanish-speaking world. Lococo also represented his country in the international competition in 2016.

Along with adding another streamer, his presence allows PokerStars to reach a young Spanish-speaking demographic. The company continues to focus on expansion and reaching potential players who may be new to poker.

What to expect from the partnership

PokerStars says fans can look forward to seeing plenty of exciting content following the partnership. That includes Papo’s Talk Show, a monthly home game featuring his friends, including freestylers, influencers, and celebrities.

Plans call for Papo to also host monthly play money poker streams on Twitch. Fans and members of his community can also jump in regular freerolls he hosts on the platform.

Papo will also explore VR (virtual reality) and invite friends to participate in challenges on his YouTube channel. The free site also allows Lococo to show newer players how to play.

“We have very funny ideas that we will go live with soon, from educational content to poker games in VR with incredible guests and some other surprises,” he said.

What sets Papo’s stream apart from others?

“I think it’s the transparency in everything that is said and done,” he said. “When I start a stream, it feels like talking or playing with my friends. Instead of looking into their eyes, I look to the camera. People can tell I have a great time doing it.” isn’t a gambling site and doesn’t provide an opportunity to win real money. The games are intended for players 18 and up for amusement purposes only.

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