Contest Crusher: ‘Dare2Stream’ Winner Sebastian Huber Joins PokerStars Ambassador Team

When PokerStars launched the “Dare2Stream” competition in October, Austrian streamer Sebastian  Huber knew he had to get involved. The contest awarded a coveted site ambassador role and that made Huber want to man the microphone even more.

“Right at the moment PokerStars released the Dare2Stream challenge, I knew I wanted to participate in it,” he says. “For me, it was pretty clear that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The competition itself started well and fortunately the stream took off toward the end of the competition.”

His streaming efforts paid off and Huber (aka “Peacendloove” online) won the competition. He topped 263 entries in the contest and also secured a PokerStars Players Championship Platinum Pass.

That’s certainly a nice run for Huber, who’s been playing poker full time for the last four years. Notching a nice score with that Platinum Pass might make his run even better. He spoke this week with PokerScout about the big win and his life in poker.

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A PokerStars streaming success

After playing poker for several years, Huber decided to branch out into Twitch streaming in September 2020. His channel now has 4,400 subscribers, which will certainly grow after his new role with PokerStars.

He’d always felt like getting his game online would be fun, but never quite made the effort to start streaming. His girlfriend helped change that.

“When I was playing poker, I always felt there was a piece missing,” he says. “Therefore, I actually wanted to start streaming a long time ago. However, my girlfriend finally pushed me to start streaming and I have fallen completely in love with it.

“Obviously, the streaming itself gets more competitive from time to time, but I try my best to have some unique moments in my stream too. For example, focusing on games not many are playing or riding a bike while playing.”

PokerStars ambassadors Mason Pye and GJ Reggie announced Huber as the Dare2Stream in December live on Twitch. He then had his formal enrollment as an ambassador during the European Poker Tour (EPT) stop in Prague.

Fellow PokerStars ambassador Sam Grafton announced the news live at the event. Huber then wore his for the record-breaking €1,000 EPT Eureka event, which drew 3,155 entries.

“Before the tournament started, I was pretty nervous,” he says. “Especially because I knew that everyone would have a close look at the new ambassador. Being part of team PokerStars has a lot to say for the poker community.

“The nervousness had subsided with the beginning of the tournament and from that moment on I was just proud of being part of the team.”

Life at the poker table

Like many poker players, Huber began getting in the action just for fun. He played regularly with friends and his group even built their own poker table.

“Then I discovered Twitch poker, so I started playing online too,” he says, “Since I began to stream on Twitch, the poker community has motivated me to get better at the game and I really enjoyed every second of it.”

His Twitch community can now expect even more poker action throughout the year after adding his name to the Stars team.

After high school, studying business in college followed. But his success at online poker soon had him playing the game full time. Huber now considers himself a professional content creator as well as a poker pro.

Sticking to a regular regimen helps Huber in his efforts at successful stream and online poker.

My daily poker routine is pretty simple, but there are three important things I need to do to make it a successful working day,” he says. “Those three things are sports, good and healthy food, and motivation. If I follow these three points, I will be well-prepared to give my best every day.”

Outside of poker, sports are a huge part of his life and he’s currently training for and competing in triathlons.

“For me, endurance sport is just amazing to keep your mind clear after long poker and streaming sessions,” he says. “On the other hand, it helps you to keep your high-performance level and I also love to push myself to new limits.”

That commitment to high performance may just carry over to the poker table as well.

* Lead image courtesy PokerStars/Danny Maxwell

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