Triton Names Players for $200K Coin Rivet; GGPoker Qualifiers for Mediterranean Poker Party

Tournament organizers recently announced some of the players for the upcoming Coin Rivet Invitational, a major tournament with a mixture of high-stakes poker pros and recreational players.

A few big names expected to play in the event include recent World Series of Poker Main Event winner Espen Jorstad and poker legend Phil Ivey. The $200,000 No Limit Hold’em single re-entry event is part of the Luxon Pay Mediterranean Poker Party and the Triton Poker Series Cyprus.

The Coin Rivet runs Sept. 10-12 at the Merit Royal Diamond in North Cyprus, with the overall Triton Poker festival running  from Sept. 5-19.

“Every player that plays a Triton Poker Series event is a VIP and we are looking forward to this new event in the schedule and returning to Merit Resorts for the opening of their brand new poker room and hotel,” Triton CEO Andy Wong said in a news release. “All the action will be live streamed in true Triton Series style by our great team.”

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How does the $200K invitational work?

Those tuning in to check out the Coin Rivet on Triton YouTube channel will find a different kind of tournament, teaming rec players with pros. On Day 1, poker pros and recreational players are separated before the fields are merged on Day 2.

While pairs aren’t playing as teams, each pro needs a rec player to also take part. The event is capped at 32 recreational and 32 professionals. Triton officials have already released some names who will join the action.

Jorstad will partner with Rob Yong and Paul Phua is linked with Phil Ivey. Las Vegas casino executive and Poker Hall of Famer Bobby Baldwin will also join the action. The 1978 WSOP Main Event winner will partner with Ben Lamb, 2011 WSOP Player of the Year.

UK businessman Paul Newey is also among the confirmations, playing with reigning Irish Open champion Steve O’Dwyer.

“The pairings of the recreational players with the professionals is generating interest in the poker community and the early confirmations for the event look encouraging – people are interested in who pairs up and which pairing might be considered the favorites to win,” Luxon Pay business development director Neil Barrett said.

A few more pairings for the event include:

  • Wai Kin Yong and poker pro  Linus Loeliger
  • Elton Tsang and poker pro  Mustapha Kanit
  • Sosia Jiang and GGPoker ambassador Jason Koon
  • Zhenglong Zhou and high stakes regular Stephen Chidwick
  • Phachara Wongwichit and online poker star Mikita Badziakouski

Other Triton Cyprus highlights & qualifying online

Beyond the Coin Rivet Invitational, players will find numerous other major tournaments. That includes $100,000 main events in NLHE and Short Deck. The full schedule includes other Hold’em, Short Deck, and Pot Limit Omaha tournaments as well, with buy-ins beginning at $25,000.

Beyond the well-heeled pros in the action, Triton’s GGPoker partnership is allowing online players a shot at entering the field. Players can attempt to qualify for as little as $25.

Having more online qualifiers may bring even more to the series and offers a chance to expand prize pools.

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More on tap with Mediterranean Poker Party

The Mediterranean Poker Party also features events for players who may not be high rollers. Organizers also recently added two more events.

That includes a $550 tournament with a $250,000 guarantee running Aug. 29 – Sept. 1. The $5,000 Beasts of Poker PLO event gets rolling Aug. 24 with another $10,000 PLO tournament on Aug. 25.

The main schedule gets underway with the $1,100 MPP Open with $1 million guaranteed, running Aug. 19-23. Next up is the MPP Warm Up, a $2,200 event with $2 million guaranteed and scheduled for Aug. 25-29.

The $5,300 Main Event runs Aug 29 – Sept. 3 with $5 million guaranteed. There are also a number of other series partners with events on the schedule including

  • Eurasian Poker Tour
  • Imperium Italian live poker brands La Notte Degli Assi and La Casa Delle Carte
  • Malta Poker Festival
  • Ladies First
  • Irish Open on Tour

Organizers also recently added a $10,000 charity event to the schedule. The tournament runs Aug. 28-29 and benefits the One Drop Foundation, which provides fresh water services to third-world countries. The tournament features unlimited re-entries.

Players making an additional $1,111 donation to One Drop will see their starting chip stack double from 20,000 to 40,000. Here’s a look at all the action in Cyprus.

Luxon Pay Mediterranean Poker Party, Triton Poker Series Cyprus 2022

DateEventBuy-InReg FeeGuarantee
Aug. 19#1 MPP Open Day 1A$1,000$100$1,000,000
Aug. 20#1 MPP Open Day 1B$1,000$100$1,000,000
Aug. 21#1 MPP Open Day 1C$1,000$100$1,000,000
Aug. 22#1 MPP Open Day 2$1,000$100$1,000,000
Aug. 22#2 EAPT Day 1A$1,000$100$500,000
Aug. 22#3 MPP PLO Day 1$2,500$250$200,000
Aug. 22#2 EAPT Day 1B$1,000$100$500,000
Aug. 23#1 MPP Open Final Day$1,000$100$1,000,000
Aug. 23#2 EAPT Day 1C$1,000$100$500,000
Aug. 23#3 MPP PLO Final Day$2,500$250$200,000
Aug. 23#2 EAPT Day 1D$1,000$100$500,000
Aug. 24#2 EAPT Day 1 Turbo$1,000$100$500,000
Aug. 24#4 Beasts of Poker PLO 4/5$5,000$300$200,000
Aug. 24#2 EAPT Day 2$1,000$100$500,000
Aug. 24#5 La Notte Degli Assi Day 1A$500$50$250,000
Aug. 25#2 EAPT Day 3$1,000$100$500,000
Aug. 25#5 La Notte Degli Assi Day 1B$500$50$250,000
Aug. 25#7 MPP Warm Up Day 1A$2,000$200$2,000,000
Aug. 25#6 Beasts of Poker PLO$10,000$400$200,000
Aug. 25#5 La Notte Degli Assi Day 1C$500$50$250,000
Aug. 26#5 La Notte Degli Assi Day 1 Turbo$500$50$250,000
Aug. 26#2 EAPT Final Day$1,000$100$500,000
Aug. 26#7 MPP Warm Up Day 1B$2,000$200$2,000,000
Aug. 26#5 La Notte Degli Assi Day 2$500$50$250,000
Aug. 27#5 La Notte Degli Assi Final Day$500$50$250,000
Aug. 27#7 MPP Warm Up Day 1C$2,000$200$2,000,000
Aug. 27#8 Ladies First$90$10-
Aug. 27#9 La Casa Delle Carte Day 1$300$30-
Aug. 28#7 MPP Warm Up Day 2$2,000$200$2,000,000
Aug. 28#9 La Casa Delle Carte Final Day$300$30-
Aug. 28#10 The One Drop Day 1$10,000$1,111-
Aug. 28#11 Malta Poker Festival Day 1$500$50-
Aug. 29#7 MPP Warm Up Final Day$2,000$200$2,000,000
Aug. 29#10 The One Drop Final Day$10,000$1,111-
Aug. 29#11 Malta Poker Festival Final Day$500$50-
Aug. 29#12 MPP Main Event Day 1A$5,000$300$5,000,000
Aug. 29#13 PokerNews Cup Day 1A$500$50$250,000
Aug. 30#12 MPP Main Event Day 1B$5,000$300$5,000,000
Aug. 30#13 PokerNews Cup Day 1B$500$50$250,000
Aug. 30#13 PokerNews Cup Day 1 Turbo$500$50$250,000
Aug. 31#12 MPP Main Event Day 1C$5,000$300$5,000,000
Aug. 31#13 PokerNews Cup Day 2$500$50$250,000
Sept. 1#12 MPP Main Event Day 2$5,000$300$5,000,000
Sept. 1#13 PokerNews Cup Final Day$500$50$250,000
Sept. 1#14 Irish Open Mediterranean Day 1A$1,000$100$500,000
Sept. 1#15 MPP 7-Max Day 1$5,000$300$500,000
Sept. 2#12 MPP Main Event Day 3$5,000$300$5,000,000
Sept. 2#14 Irish Open Mediterranean Day 1B$1,000$100$500,000
Sept. 2#15 MPP 7-Max Final Day$5,000$300$500,000
Sept. 2#16 MPP 6-Max Day 1$5,000$300$500,000
Sept. 2#14 Irish Open Mediterranean Day 1 Turbo$1,000$100$500,000
Sept. 3#12 MPP Main Event Final Day$5,000$300$5,000,000
Sept. 3#14 Irish Open Mediterranean Day 2$1,000$100$500,000
Sept. 3#16 MPP 6-Max Final Day$5,000$300$500,000
Sept. 3#17 Irish 6-Max Mediterranean Day 1$500$50-
Sept. 3#18 PLO 4/5/6$1,000$100-
Sept. 3#19 MPP High Roller Day 1$10,000$400$1,000,000
Sept. 4#14 Irish Open Mediterranean Day 3$1,000$100$500,000
Sept. 4#17 Irish 6-Max Mediterranean Final Day$500$50-
Sept. 4#19 MPP High Roller Final Day$10,000$400$1,000,000
Sept. 4#20 H.O.R.S.E$500$50-
Sept. 4#21 MPP 6-Max High Roller Turbo$10,000$400$500,000
Sept. 5#14 Irish Open Mediterranean Final Day$1,000$100$500,000
Sept. 5#1 Triton NLH- 8 Handed Day 1$25,000$1,500-
Sept. 6#1 Triton NLH- 8 Handed Day 2$25,000$1,500-
Sept. 6#2 Triton NLH- 6 Handed Day 1$30,000$1,800-
Sept. 7#2 Triton NLH- 6 Handed Day 2$30,000$1,800-
Sept. 7#3 Triton NLH- 6Handed Day 1$50,000$3,000-
Sept. 8#3 Triton NLH- 6Handed Day 2$50,000$3,000-
Sept. 8#5 Triton NLH- 8 Handed Day 1$75,000$4,500-
Sept. 9#5 Triton NLH- 8 Handed Day 2$75,000$4,500-
Sept. 10#6 Coin Rivet Invitational by Triton Day 1$200,000$10,000-
Sept. 11#6 Coin Rivet Invitational by Triton Day 2$200,000$10,000-
Sept. 11#7 Triton Pot Limit Omaha Day 1$25,000$1,000-
Sept. 12#6 Coin Rivet Invitational by Triton Day Final Table$200,000$10,000-
Sept. 12#7 Triton Pot Limit Omaha Day 2$25,000$1,000-
Sept. 12#8 Triton NLH Main Event Day 1$100,000$6,000-
Sept. 13#8 Triton NLH Main Event Day 2$100,000$6,000-
Sept. 13#9 Triton NLH- Turbo$50,000$2,000-
Sept. 14#8 Triton NLH Main Event Day Final Table$100,000$6,000-
Sept. 14#10 Triton SD Ante-Only Day 1$30,000$1,800-
Sept. 15#10 Triton SD Ante-Only Day 2$30,000$1,800-
Sept. 15#11 Triton SD Ante-Only - 1 Bullet (PL PF) Day 1$40,000$2,400-
Sept. 16#11 Triton SD Ante-Only - 1 Bullet (PL PF) Day 2$40,000$2,400-
Sept. 16#12 Triton Short Deck Ante-Only Day 1$50,000$2,500-
Sept. 17#12 Triton Short Deck Ante-Only Day 2$50,000$2,500-
Sept. 17#13 Triton SD- Main Event Day 1$100,000$5,000-
Sept. 18#13 Triton SD- Main Event Day 2$100,000$5,000-
Sept. 18#14 Triton Short Deck Ante-Only$25,000$1,500-
Sept. 19#13 Triton SD- Main Event Day Final Table$100,000$5,000-
Sept. 19#14 Triton Short Deck Ante-Only Day 2$25,000$1,500-

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